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   1. ProntoPass® QUICKCARD® Summary   

The QUICKCARD® Summary is over 150 cards, summarizing all of the ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS® with Memoronics®.


   2. ProntoPass® Math Practice   

We believe that you can't pass NAPLEX® unless you are really good with Pharmacy Math and we feel that our Math Practice is the best on the market. There are about 250 math problems that are broken down into 24 specific areas with the questions on the left front and 5 tricky answers on the right front. On the reverse of each card is a step-by-step solution.


      3. 1 Month FREE Online Testing

Once you purchase this package with us, you will have FREE 30 Day access to our online testing at www.prontotesting.com. When you are ready, give us a call and we will activate your online testing.


   4. ProntoPass® Top 200 Poster

We feel this covers the Top 200 drugs you need to know....but not necessarily the best selling drugs. NAPLEX® study should begin and end with the information on this NAPLEX® Review poster. Months and months in the making, this is a visual summary with lots of information! Printed on both sides and scored for easy folding and drilled for easy hanging.


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This is what we suggest:
Take a sample NAPLEX® test and see what your score is. These are timed tests, just like NAPLEX®. The only difference is that they are shorter and more easy to schedule and get done in limited time. Most importantly, after your test, you need to review not just the answer but also our explanation. Hopefully you will learn a lot from our explanation. You can stay on the test to review your answers and the explanations as long as you want, but once you leave the test, it's gone and can't be reviewed again.
If you do not do well on our sample tests, please, please do NOT take the real NAPLEX® test. If you fail NAPLEX®, bad things happen. Depression and a feeling of failure are common. These negative emotions adversely affect your ability to study and prepare to take it again. It is much better to make the decision to study more and prepare better and then take the test at a later date when you're ready!
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