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I loved all your charts [the ProntoPass Posters] for my Naplex studying such an excellent and beautiful summary! Thank you,
V T, Miami FL

I passed. 85. :)
H W, Raymond NH

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I recently passed the Maryland MPJE and had successfully passed the MI,KY and TN MPJE last year using your study materials. I passed each state the first time around and found your materials to be the most helpful. Thanks again
M L, North Canton OH

I Passed with an 86. [MPJE MA] Thank you.
A G, East Lyme CT

Hi Colin, Sorry for contacting you so late regarding my success using your products. I ordered study materials on 11/17/2018 for TX and AK. I was delayed taking my tests, but I passed my TX MPJE in January and my AK MPJE in February, both on the first go! My new job requires me to get four more licenses, so I will let y’all know when I pass them using your study materials! Thank you for producing such a great product!
J B, Corpus Christi TX
Editors Note: Nothing pleases us more than successful students returning with another order. Many mail order pharmacies want pharmacists that work in the office to be licensed in 5 or more states so they can have a PIC in every state. There are a lot of mail order pharmacies that cover a lot of different areas like insurance companies that provide Rx filling options, ointment specialists, IV specialists, veterinary specialists, dialysis specialists just to name a few. ProntoPass is blessed to have so many use our ProntoPass study material to meet their MPJE needs.

This feedback would not allow a picture. So we posted it to our facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/ProntoPassSolutions/posts/633759773730554
J , Cassville MO
Editors Note: Congratulation. ProntoPass was just what you needed for Naplex.

Hi Colin I passed the WI MPJE. I’m happy. I studied only 2 weeks. Took the exam last Wed 4/10 and WI BOP just notified me Today 4/17. Thanks
T O, Waterville OH

I passed my AZ MPJE. Thank you!
T T, Lawrenceville GA

It’s my pleasure to let you know that I passed the Virginia board MPJE. Thank you for all your advice. I also thankful to Montana for answering my last minute questions. I will definitely let other know about your program. Have a great day.
P S, Louisville KY
Editors Note: Congratulation P S. Job well done. Thank you for your kind words. Note to others: After studying you can always call us if you are confused on something. We are real people with real names and a published phone number. There are too many people selling things on the internet with no names and no phone numbers!

Results of the Oregon MPJE. I passed with a score of 81%. Thank you for your help.
L D, Walla Walla WA
Editors Note: Ordered Jan 25 and notice of passing on March 11. Good job.

Congratulations to RR on passing his Naplex. He sent a note back saying "Best Study Material" Thanks for your kind words. May God bless you in your career. Buzz
R R, West Bloomfield MI

Hi just wanted to let you know that I took the VA MPJE 3/2/19 and passed! Thank you for your materials.
L F, Fredricksburg VA

I passed with an 81. Thank you. [MPJE CO]
A H, Scottsdale AZ

Dear Colin, I passed the Utah MPJE on the first take. I'm just waiting for licensure transfer at this point. I also used your ProntoPass about 3 years ago for the Florida MPJE. Was able to pass it the first time, as well. Thanks!
S B, Draper UT

I passed! Thanks again! [MPJE CO] Sincerely,
K P, Cordova TN

Congratulations on passing NAPLEX with a 111 score. Great job.
J H, Morganville, NJ

Dear Colin, I took the AZ test a little over a week ago. I passed with a score of 86, which I’m very pleased about. The study materials and suggested method for studying was very helpful. Happy Holidays, Melissa
M G, Flagstaff AZ

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test when I took it. [MPJE - OK] Thank you,
H F, Talihina OK

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I recently took the MI MPJE and passed!! Thank you so much for your materials.
P L, Fond du Lac WI

I wanted to let you know that I passed! [MPJE for Alaska] Thank you!
E D, Fairbanks AK

I Passed:) (MPJE NH)
A R, Gorham ME

I passed the SC MPJE! Thanks so much!
J M, Morgantown NC

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your material! It helped me tremendously! I passed the naplex and couldn’t thank you enough for your help and prompt emails answering any and all questions! Thank you,
K P, Huntsville AL

Colin, I passed the MPJE with flying colors! Thanks Best, David
D A, New Milford CT

Package has arrived. Thank you for the excellent customer service.
A C, Phoenix AZ

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I did pass SC exam about a month ago! Thank you for everything!
A Z, Greenville SC

Mary commented about her Naplex Study material: "Loved it! Thanks so much!" Congratulations to Mary on passing her Naplex with a 104.
M K, Boswell PA

Congratulations to Claire on passing Naplex. Her note of thanks "The posters were so helpful in remembering the information. The colors and layout were excellent.
C T, Pittsburgh PA

R J wrote a note regarding passing her Naplex: Thank you so much for all the help! The system was amazing and I couldn’t imagine taking the exam without it!
R J , Lebanon OH

Congratulation E J on passing her Naplex with a score of 94. She wrote "Thank you for all the great resources."
E J, Fort Lee NJ

I passed. Thanks so much for the helpful study material. [SC MPJE]
C H, Kingsport TN

July 30th email: Thank you for the reply. I took Maryland this past Friday and it was pretty awful. August 2nd email: I passed! Thank you so much.
A Z, Greenville SC

Hello, THANK YOU. I took my Naplex test on July 11th and passed with a 106! Again, thank you for everything!
N K, East Palestine, OH

Thank you. Just to let you know I passed Arizona Boards
M L, Brentwood TN

Congratulations to A R on passing Naplex with a 95 score. What they liked best were our Compounding Quickcards
A R, Fort Worth TX

I received feedback on their Naplex test. The score was 100 and the comment was: "Thank you for making it easy!"
H K, Oakwood VA
Editors Note: I am not sure most students would say it was easy to study for Naplex, LOL. With our memoronics and a good memory I think many would say easier, but not easy.

A special congratulations to HB on using our Naplex Combo study package to pass with a score of 96
H B, Pensacola Beach Fl

Hi Colin, I passed the Michigan MPJE. Thanks!
J L, St Joseph MI

Hello Mr. Colin, Thanks for your help and guidance. I passed the MI MPJE test and I am now licensed in the state of Michigan. Once again, thanks.
C A, Fayetteville NC

Colin, I passed my Kansas MPJE! Thank you for the materials!
A L, Ackworth IA

This student passed her Naplex and when I asked her what part of our Naplex Combo package she like best she said the ProntoPass Posters because they gave a "Big Picture Review" Congratulations to ET on her success.
E T, Bellevue WA

Dear Mr. Bayliss, I am emailing to inform you that I have passed the TX MPJE! Thank you so much for the study information that assisted me in this process. Sincerely, TC
T C, Flowood MS

I passed the law! Thanks! [TX]
K C, Carrollton TX
Editors Note: Short and sweet. Thanks for the feedback

Hi Colin, I passed the IN MPJE with an 81. Thanks for your help! Thanks, Sarah
S D, Pittsburgh PA
Editors Note: Why do we have a money back guarantee? Because almost everyone passes when they use our MPJE study material and use it as intended. Not always the highest score, LOL, but a pass. As there are more and more pharmacists getting licensed, the MPJE tests are getting harder and harder.

Hi, Wow I love the naplex cards I bought from Prontopass a few months ago and was overjoyed that you are all over MJPE cards also. God bless you
N S, Cincinnati OH

Hello I passed my Florida MPJE with a score of 83. The notes really helped my preparation. Thanks
N C, Land O Lakes FL

Hello, I lost my return card that you all sent; however, I wanted to report that I passed TN and MS MPJE the first time around within a couple weeks of each other. Thank you for improving the way candidates gain knowledge and access their careers. I will be recommending your products to others. Thank you,
J W, Hoover AL

Aloha Colin! I passed🙌 Just wanted to thank you and as a little token of my appreciation I am enclosing a link to my on-line organic superfood store. So, please accept this $50 gift code that can be used toward any purchase of $75 or more. I have built a solid residual income with this company over the past 5 years from simply sharing and helping people become healthier.
M M, Kailua, HI
Editors Note: A new entrepreneurial pharmacist in the great state of Hawaii. But, I would miss the OHIO winters. And, OHIO has no geckos hanging from the ceiling and walls!

Hello, Just and FYI, I did pass the CO MPJE after using your flashcards! Thanks so much,
T N, Charlotte, NC
Editors Note: I am happy that this student passed her test. I think the bigger test will come moving from NC to Colorado, LOL.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know I have passed both NJ and NY exams. Thank you!
P S, Billerica, MA

Thank you Buzz. Your material was very helpful. I tried a bunch of different material but yours was the best. Thank you very much... Sent from my iPhone
S S, Charleston WV

Wanted to let you know that I passed the VA MJPE earlier this month. Thank you!
E M, Keller TX

Hi Colin, Thanks for all help and prompt replies. After failing my mpje for mass 2 times and was under immense stress. Was thinking I would not be able to do it in one year and would have to give naplex again as well. But the prontopass became real game changer for me. The technic and material helped a lot and I passed finally with score 80. Thank you again to your team and u. Regards
C G, Lowell MA

Passed! Great stuff. 2 for 2 MPJE from states I didn't even study in. Thanks!
A R, Blaine MN

Hard test, but I passed with an 87! Thanks
J G, Medford OR

Hi Buzz, Thank you for your timely response. I’m so glad to have been of help. I can say that my husband has found the posters to be very concise and easy to navigate when refreshing his memory on drug treatments for various disease states. They are a very good consolidated collection of information. FYI, back in 2008, when I took the NAPLEX I scored a 139. I’m sure I would not have gone into the exam with the confidence I had, or had the resulting high score I did, without your review materials. So thank you. They were bright, clear, consolidated and non-intimidating. Kind regards,
M B, Sacramento CA

Hi Colin, I took the Georgia MPJE on Jan 29 and found out my score on Feb 1. I passed with a score of 83. The compounding flashcards were very helpful as I would have not known to study for that topic. Thank you!
T P, San Diego CA

Hello! I passed the Colorado MPJE! Thank you for the review materials. I found the test to be pretty easy after studying what was sent. Thank you so much!
H Q , Edwards CO
Editors Note: Nothing beats suggested study of the actual statutes on paper. Job well done.

I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam..thank you so much for your help. .. Regards
R J, Altamonte Springs, FL
Editors Note: Short and sweet. Makes my day.

Good Morning, I just spoke to Mr. Colin, first I thanked him for his materials in helping me pass my Naplex!!! so very happy about that, now I want to dive in and study the materials for MPJE, I bought two MPJE law MD and DC. Wish me luck. Thanks again
J I, Beltsville, MD

Just wanted to let you know I passed with the help of your study material. Thank you so much! :)
S P, Schaumburg IL

Thank you for your MPJE study materials. I just got notified that I passed my Texas MPJE with a score of 82!
P L, Oshkosh WI

Thanks for all your help. Also, I can't say enough about how pleased I am with your materials. I have already referred several students in their last year of school. I'll let you know how things go after completing NAPLEX. As suggested, I will NOT be taking it at the end of this year. Thanks again!
A M, Henrietta, NY
Editors Note: We never suggest taking Naplex at the end of the year.

Thank you Colin for picking up the phone this evening. I felt so much better after talking to you. Thank you so much for inventing pronto pass. Its the best review on the market.
P J B, Chowchilla CA

Colin, Just found out today I passed the NC MPJE on the first attempt. Thanks so much for the info and study material.
J B, Crawley, WV
Editors Note: Congratulations, job well done

Hi Colin! I am deeply grateful to say that I HAVE PASSED my MPJE on the third attempt! My score jumped from a 73 to an 80 after studying your materials. I would say that you were right about having the laws printed out in front of you for studying. On this third attempt at studying I realized how much that helped considering how frustrating it was to navigate the TN statutes on their website. Your notecards were helpful but nothing compared to having the printed statutes. Thank you so much you were such a great help in me passing. God bless
withheld, withheld withheld
Editors Note: Congratulations. Almost everyone passes using our study material....you memorize our stuff then you scan the actual statutes.

Very helpful. I passed the SC MPJE. Couldn't have done it without this package. Thanks A H
A H, Lexington SC

I received the following feedback form: Colin I failed the first time. Then I bought ProntoPass. I am happy to report that I passed. Thank you so much. unsigned
unknown, unknown unknown

On August 5th I sat for my Naplex. I am please to let you know that I passed with a score of over 100! Thank you for such a detailed, and yet so simplistic review. As of today I'm a fully licensed pharmacist in MS. I.V
I V, Corinth MS

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the resources that you provide for the MPJE! I was so worried about the GA MPJE because I am from and went to school in a different state and relocated to GA upon graduation. I just found out today that I passed! I received an 84! Thank you again! ​Best,​
J C, Warner Robins, GA

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the resources that you provide for the MPJE! I was so worried about the GA MPJE because I am from and went to school in a different state and relocated to GA upon graduation. I just found out today that I passed! I received an 84! Thank you again! ​Best,​
J C, Warner Robins, GA

Thanks so much and just found out I passed this time with an81!
withheld, withheld withheld

Hi, I must admit, the folding and answering out loud felt goofy at first, but really does help to recall the information .......
P F, Ponce P R

Hi! I just wanted to email saying that I passed my MPJE for Massachusetts and really appreciate the information you supplied. Thanks,
L C, Boston, MA

Hey Colin. This is XXX. I passed my Naplex today and now I am to the MPJE. Thank you so much!
J R, Newark DE

Dear Colin Bayliss, I just found out that I passed the NAPLEX with a great score, and I want to thank you for all of the helpful study material! I don't think I could've done it without it. Not discrediting the RxPrep book or anything, but it just wasn't for me. I enjoyed the breakdown of your flashcards, posters, and the audio. Thanks again! Best Regards,
R G, Myrtle Beach, SC

Hi! Just to let everyone know I passed the Alabama MPJE!! - thanks a lot for your support!! I will also spread good word around about your team . Cheers!
U I, Macon GA

Hi Buzz, I passed the exam. Thank you for your assistance. big help. Have a nice day.
Q N, Stockton, CA

I passed the MPJE [Iowa]. Thanks,
K H, Lorimor IA

Thank you You are the best
L A, Newton MA

I got my score back from the NAPLEX, and I passed! Thanks for the help!
D B, Basehor KS

Hello Colin a great news. I passed the Wisconsin MPJE. I am working on my LA exam next. Thanks for the great notes. Vivian
V Y, Richmond, TX

Dear Colin, Thank you for your help and the very prompt service. I appreciate it. Sincerely,
V A, Tampa FL

Colin, I passed the Minnesota MPJE!! The Federal quickcards were very helpful, but the compounding/ USP 795 and 797 cards saved the day. Thanks for your help. New Mexico MPJE in 2 weeks. I'll keep you posted.
T G, Hoover AL

I received back the following comment card: Got all the material promptly and got everything in 2 days after ordering. The material looks very promising and I am eagerly waiting to go through it. I convey my congratulations to the entire ProntoPass team for making good material.
A M, Sugarland TX

Colin, I passed the MPJE for Nebraska with a score of 80. Not too bad for an old guy who hasn’t filled a prescription in about 10 years. Thanks for the help.
T G, Owatonna, MN

Hi Colin, I passed the Maine MPJE! Thanks for the service Pronto Pass provides! Kind regards,
A J, Waldorf MD

I received an MPJE order today for the state of Washington and there was a note. Special Order Instructions "Please send ASAP your company is amazing I bought the NAPLEX prep package in 2008 and it was the best study material."
F T, woodland hills, CA

I received the following feedback card: My first attempt had a score of 71 [MPJE NC] but after purchasing ProntoPass I passed with a 76. I highly recommend ProntoPass for anyone struggling to pass an MPJE. Thank you Buzz so much for all your help!!!!
withheld, Cary NC
Editors Note: Some students struggle to pass MPJE. Maybe it is the legal jargon or maybe it is something else, but there is no doubt that some have a very hard time with it. Our study product does require some work but you will pass. I would prefer a higher score than 76 and most students using our study material do score higher, but 76 does get the job done. We are not studying to be lawyers, LOL.

Hi Colin, I did pass the exam! Thanks 4 everything. Best Regards J S
J S, Kingman AZ
Editors Note: LOVE IT. Short and sweat!

I passed my exam! MPJE for Alabama. Thank you!
M R, Athens, GA

I received back a comment card that said the following: Thank you for the concise MPJE Study package for NY They helped me increase my score above passing! The study tips were great!
A J, Waldorf MD

Dear Mr. Bayliss, I passed the NY MPJE! Thanks for the condensed materials, quick cards, and paper regulations. I think having the paper regulations, taking notes and reading x 2 based on your recommendations made a difference. One suggestion to improve the quick cards would be to put each federal law and quick point on one card per law; therefore it could assist with compartmentalizing the law as some of them blend i.e. FDCA and FDCA of 1938. Overall your material was great and helped boost my confidence going into the examHope the information helps. Thanks again! Kind regards,
A J, Waladorf MD
Editors Note: We always appreciate suggestions for improvement! Job well done.

Hi Colin, After failing the MPJE Massachusetts pharmacy exam twice, I stumbled upon Prontopass and figured, well, at least if I fail again I can get my money back. I passed with the highest score I've ever had on a pharmacy law exam. Thank you thank you! I don't know why or how it works, but it does! Sincerely, E
E D, Charlestown, RI

Good evening. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I passed the MA MPJE. I found your product particularly helpful. I already have, and will continue to, recommend it to others.
M T, Schenectady NY

I PASSED! Wasn't sure after I took the test but got a 78. Thank You!
J S, Bradenton, FL
Editors Note: A Pass is a Pass!

Hi there, Just wanted you to know that I retook my MPJE [HI] test on 1/28 and passed. Could not have done it without your study guide. Thanks, Lance
L C, Kahului, HI

Today I received back a comment card: Dear ProntoPass I am so happy to share that I passed my Hawaii MPJE on the first try. I relied solely on your materials and used them exactly the way you recommended. I would highly recommend ProntoPass to anyone taking the MPJE! Thanks for the opportunity to give my feedback. MP
M P, Wilson, NY

Hello Mr. Bayliss! I just wanted to write a quick message to let you know how things are going. Also, I have some questions/concerns regarding the poster quizzes. Firstly, the studying, although not moving as quickly as I'd hoped, is going very well. I have indeed been folding the cards and self-testing as instructed. I also utilize the posters + quiz CD to proactively learn the material. I can't get over how well my recall has become! Even on material I haven't reviewed in weeks, the long-term retention is still there! I'm a longtime user of mnemonics and various memory techniques (phonetic alphabet, peg words, etc.), so your "memoranics" are much appreciated! I must say that your program suits me very well, as I am an audio/visual learner. I've been telling my fiancé that these are the cards and posters I would've made for myself during pharmacy school had I the time & energy to do so. Well done! You'll likely be pleased to know that I have closely read all the instructions and have made note of your pearls of wisdom. I especially liked your discouragement of taking the exam early due to feeling overwhelmed & wanting to just get it over with. I was once in that boat, but have decided not to take the exam until I am good and ready. I plan on following your program to the letter, including quickcard summaries, math practice, and the 1 month of online testing. On a side note, I was tickled pink to see that you encourage your students to walk at least 30 minutes a day! I started the habit of daily walking during the craziness of pharmacy school and have since permanently incorporated it into my daily routine. 3 years later and I am now walking 5-6 miles a day.
A M, Henrietta NY

Hi, Mr. Bayliss, I am emailing you to let you know that I passed my WV MPJE and that I haven't taken my MD MPJE yet. Thanks for you help.
F D, Maidsville WV

I had a call today from someone who did not give her name. She told me she used an online testing site with questions written by a physician and failed her Naplex and then used our ProntoPass study material from a friend and passed. She was happy but upset with what she used previously because it said "guaranteed....what can you loose?" and she lost 3 months of pharmacist income and the cost for signing up for Naplex again. I was happy for her for passing using our study material.
unknown, unknown unknown
Editors Note: I suggest that a student use study material where a phone number is given in case you want to call them. I also suggest only using study material where there is history and feedback I also suggest that you never study OLD Naplex study material. This test is too important to trust to study material that is not time tested or is not current.

Hello Mr. Bayliss, So here is my feedback: I first took the Florida MPJE without the help of Prontopass and got a 72 (failed). However I bought the Prontopass and two weeks later took that Florida MPJE exam and passed with a 77. Thank you Prontopass for helping me pass the Florida MPJE. I will definitely recommend Prontopass to other people and also use it again in the future for other MPJE exams. Thank you again for the help, Prontopass!
S P, Mechanicsburg, PA

Hey buzz you prob don't remember me but I just wanted to share with you that I just about doubled my score from last time, 61 to 119 AND the 119 was on the new Naplex test. So there you go, anything is possible in three months.
A M, Pittsburgh PA
Editors Note: Follow directions and devote yourself to study and expect good results. You have to believe in yourself and love the study of pharmacy. You have to let your self confidence overcome the fear of taking Naplex.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam! The study kit was very helpful and I am very glad I ordered it! Sent from my iPhone
Z G, Potosi, MO

I did pass the Florida MPJE! Thank you so much for your help! S P
S P, Mechanicsburg, PA

Dear Mr Bayliss, We ordered your materials after my son had failed the Naplex the first time. We wanted to let you know that he received notification today that he passed. Your material was exceptional and he utilized it to achieve success. Thank you, L D
L D, Homosassa, FL

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing good. I wanted to let you know that I have passed NAPLEX. Your resource was definitely the key though i thought there were some chapters i could not memorize to dot. So, I wanted to thank you for the materials Regards A K
A K, Sandy Springs GA

Hey Colin! I just received my Arizona MPJE results today 11/14/2016! I passed!!! Thank you for the extra boost!!! You filled in the gaps for me! I will be sending you the post card, as requested.
C H, Aurora CO

My Texas ProntoPass I got in 2010 worked great. Thanks,
B Y, San Angelo TX
Editors Note: [Bill just ordered the MPJE for two additional states.] Thanks for the vote of confidence. Our best customers are returning customers! Buzz

Colin – I killed the CO MPJE exam – thanks for your help!
M P,

Dear Buzz - I just wanted to share some great news with you. I passed my NAPLEX examination after seeing the results online this morning. What a blessing. Thank you so much for putting together a great course. My wife Mxxxxxx and I both greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,
C M, Gilbert AZ

Hi Mr. Bayliss, This is xxx xx. I just wanted to say thank you again for giving me a call to verify the order before shipping it to me. Not many companies actually call their customers to make sure their order was correct. So I am very grateful and simply amazed by the quality of customer care your company puts forth. Sincerely,
M T, Slidell, LA
Editors Note: It looked like a duplicate order. I called to verify and void the duplicate

Passed test. Thank you!
W W, Granby, CO
Editors Note: After a long hard study isn't it great to hear such a short sweet message?

Hello Colin, I used pronto pass study materials for the KS MPJE that I took last week and passed with an 85. I took MO yesterday and am confident I passed. I will update you with my MO score once received. Thanks
C K, Platte Woods, MO

Hello, I am officially a licensed pharmacist in the state of Michigan. My first score was a 71. I then bought Prontopass and received a score of 76. Thank you
R V, n/a n/a
Editors Note: That is what our MPJE study material and study method is all about.....a fast pass but not perhaps a great score. With our Naplex study material we hope for a great score because we are aiming to become licensed pharmacists, but with MPJE a low score will work because we are not studying to become lawyers!

Buzz Just passed Maryland with a 78. Your method works! The 78 is not on my license Thanks again
J F, Chester NY
Editors Note: Congratulations John. Our method does seem to work. Hard, fast study doing it our way seems to work almost always. Thanks you for your feedback.

Good Evening! I have taken my MPJE and passed. [NY] Thank you.
W A, Brooklyn, NY

Hello Colin I just wanted to let you know that I passed my DE MPJE! Thanks for the study material. It helped a lot!
C B, Worcester, MA

I just received this feedback on Google+ I have used prontopass mpje study materials to pass the mpje in 3 different states. The study material was very easy ...
J F, larned, KS

This student at the University of Connecticut received a pronunciation CD that was not working properly. We replaced it promptly upon notification. He wrote back as follows: "I have received the new CD you sent me. All of the tracks are working! I'm very happy with the overall product and customer service." Thank you,
R P, Pomfret Center, CT

thanks! Passed low 80’s [MPJE RI]
E C, Upton, MA
Editors Note: Short and to the point. Job well done. We are not studying to be lawyers!

Colin, I just want to let you know that I passed the Texas MPJE. Thank you for the study guides it was a big help. Good stuff! I actually spent less than a week on that material. Regards,
P C, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Pete. Job well done.

Thanks very much for the follow up. Your tools have been very very helpful. I scoured a lot a places on the Internet and yours is the best that I have found
L B, Oldsmar, FL
Editors Note: Thanks for the kind words. We work hard to do what we can to simplify and minimize.

We received the following Comment Card: Dear ProntoPass; I ordered your material for the Wisconsin MPJE exam that I ended up taking this Past July 16th. The outline for your method of studying is fantastic. It helped me to focus my strategy and use my time most effectively. I wold recommend your product to anyone who is seeking licensure and will use it again in the future if need be. And, Yes, I passed my exam!!! Thanks again and all the best to you and your staff. SFS
J S, Wausau WI

My preparation is going really well !!! I don't know how often you get some one who took it used another system and then came to you, I can tell you I was woefully unprepared using another system as I may have told you I can see the questions That I've missed already Ill let you all know when I pass it !!!!
A K, Millville NJ

I passed my Naplex with a three digit score. I wrote a review on facebook and I give credit to you on my message to my colleagues. I recommend the ProntoPass Naplex combo to everyone who asks. I hope they get the same benefit! Thanks!!! It is a great system.. Thanks!!! Thanks!!!
Editors Note: Marisol purchased the ProntoPass Naplex combo with Quizzing and testing and I believe it made all the difference in the world. At the end of you studies I has her take on line timed tests and then I quizzed her on the phone on diseases. After doing well I turned on our testing site for testing without additional charge so that on test day it was just another day in front of a computer. Marisol did everything I asked and followed the directions completely with great results. This is not an easy task but it does work.

Passed on 1st attempt [MPJE GA]. Thanks
L H, Newport News, VA
Editors Note: Short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks Lakisha for being a good student!

Colin, Just wanted to let you know I passed the WY law exam on the first attempt. Thank you for publishing your study guide. -Jim
J E, Lehi, UT

Good evening, I passed the VA law exam! Thank you for all of the study material it was perfect! M
M B, Downingtown, PA
Editors Note: Our directions are easy to follow. Memorize our questions and answers then scan the actual statutes on paper to expand your knowledge on each subject. The method, and studying on paper, makes goal of passing MPJE very doable....and we guarantee it!

I had a call from someone considering whether or not to buy our Naplex Combo deal and he asked why here was a lot of feedback on MPJE but not so much on the Naplex study material. I explained to him that students buy ONE Naplex combo but often buy multiple times for the MPJE because jobs are hard to get and being licensed in multiple states may help secure the job they want. Also, I explained that pharmacies that sell to multiple states are now required in many states to have someone on staff licensed in that state. We sell to many such pharmacies that sell IVs, vet meds, dialysis prescription and regular mail order Rx pharmacies. These are often big name companies that trust of MPJE study product and study methods. Nothing beats studying on paper!
unknown, unknown unknown

Prontopass- I Passed! I took the Florida MPJE on Thursday 6/2 and found out today I passed. Thank you for all your help.
M Y, Poughkeepsie, NY

Buzz Thanks alot. Your method works great. 35 years out of school and I nailed Viginia with an 82. Maryland next Regards
J F, Chester NY

Colin I had talked to you previously about not passing the KY MPJE [with RxExam material] but then I ordered your study guides and passed! So thanks for that! Is there anyway to just order the state specific info this time since i already have the federal items from a previous order? Just let me know
C S, withheld withheld
Editors Note: Congratulations on your success. After your initial order you can order individual states for just $75 plus shipping. On our website, on the homepage, click on the big MPJE button and then scroll all the way down to the bottom. Please note there is a total 5 state limit and it must be within one year of the original order.

Hello Mr Bayliss, I wanted to let you know I passed the Washington MPJE with an 85. Your flash cards and study guide were extremely helpful. Thanks for the help. L L
L L, Vancouver, WA

I received back a comment card with the following: This was a help for the MPJE. I passed with a great score. Great service and program. I have another one coming up in a few months. I assume that I will do just as well on that one. Thanks again!
K B, Fairfield OH
Editors Note: Follow our directions, study hard and fast, and, God willing, you will do just as well on your next state. [Both states that he ordered, KY and IN, are fairly "normal" states in regards to MPJE]



I took the MPJE for the state of Michigan on 4/4/16 and passed with a score of 81 (cutoff of 75). Thanks, Jess

I received back a comment card with the following: I used ProntoPass to help study for the Nevada MPJE. I studied a little each day, to my test on 4-15-16 and passed with an 89! The last time I took this test was for Indiana in 1992!! Thanks A S
A S, Las Vegas NV

Passed fla law!! 57 y.o. outside of acpe credits I haven't taken a formal exam in 34yrs. I was pressed for time and took the exam 4/9/16. That was the last day before the new updated exam came out. Ordered your course 3/27/16 not knowing this by my own fault. Never had time to scan the fla. Statutes binder like the course recommends. Studied flash cards and federal and state handouts for 6 days and still passed the exam. The amount of info in your course for the price is worth every penny. Thank you so much!
Editors Note: Do not do what this student did. He got lucky. Please follow our directions!

Hi Colin! I passed the Colorado MPJE! How many ways can I say that using Prontopass has made a huge difference! I took 4 states in 2 months and passed them all! Florida, Maryland, Colorado and New York! I took an exam every other weekend with the last one, CO, taken on April 10th, 2016. My deliveries from Prontopass were fast! And you know I had less than a week to study for Colorado and I am grateful! I appreciate all of your help, your personal concern and I will continue to use Prontopass in the future! Thanks again!!!
M B, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Colin, I just received the package you mailed to me. I am like a little kid now, can't wait to get home and open the box up. Will keep u posted and please let's stay in touch.
L F, New Orleans LA
Editors Note: Enthusiasm is the first step to a great learning experience.

Good morning Colin, Thank you sooooooooo much!! Prontopass has been my mainstay for passing my multiple MPJE's. I am now licensed in 9 states, 7 of them I used Prontopass for my source of study and have passed them. thank you so much!!
M B, Philadelphia PA

This note was posted to the ProntoPass Linkedin account. Thanks! I appreciated all of your help along the way and direct my students to your product. I still have my flash cards and posters in my office!
M P, Peoria IL
Editors Note: I love it when a student then becomes a teacher! Thanks Matt for the kind words. I invite all pharmacists to join ProntoPass on LinkedIn.

Good evening, I wanted to make you aware that I passed the MD MPJE with an 80! Thank you again for an excellent product, M
M B, Downingtown, PA PA

Colin I took MPJE for NC and KY. NC 80 KY 88 Glad to pass both! Thank you
C C, Baton Rouge, LA

I passed my MPJE [DC] Thank you.
F H, Columbia MD

Hello Buzz It was good speaking with you today. I know it has been a long time since the last time we spoke to each other but, I would like to thank you for all that you have done to help me become a licensed pharmacist. When I was a new graduate and preparing for the NAPLEX and MPJE getting ProntoPass was one of the best investment for me at the time, and I really did not now much about its program in fact I didn't know anything about it at all. Which make me think how some things come as a blessing when you least expect it. I say this because one day a good friend of mind approached me and was like hey I was told about this study program that prepares you for the NAPLEX he then goes on to say that his mentor went to a conference and had seen a presentation on ProntoPass and that he thought that he should invest in it to prepare for the NAPLEX, he said his mentor felt that it offered all the tool he would need to prepare for the exam, my friend goes on and says he looked into it on line and that he was going to purchase it and that I should check it out. So I did and I thought it was a good system but I'm not going to lie at the time when I first saw the price I was shocked and had to think about if I was going to buy it or not because of course I was a new graduate of pharmacy school and money was a bit tight at the time. So I did not get it immediately but the next day my friend who told me about ProntoPass had just gotten his and came directly over to my house to show it to me I was sold on it right then and there and I purchased ProntoPass for myself and I must say IT WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT ON MYSELF I HAd MADE AT THAT TIME IN MY LIFE!!! to become a registered pharmacist, besides the knowledge I received from the University I attended which was great ProntoPass help me to see things from the prospective of understanding and applying that knowledge I learned in pharmacy school and applying it to the NAPLEX. I never was a good standardized test taker but ProntoPass help me to get over that because of its system you not only are getting material that helps you prepare but you also get good customer service meaning that you always have someone to talk to if you have any questions about a subject your not sure about that you may be studying, or if you just need someone to drill you because you do not have a study buddy at the time. So Buz I am writing this to you and your team because I have been practicing for some years now and and am license in three states. Also just the other day me and a few friends were talking about ProntoPass and how it helped us to pass the NAPLEX and get our license and how glad we were to have invested in it. So I would like to take the time so say Thank You to ProntoPass and its team for all of your hard work and effort you put into helping new graduate pharmacy students become licensed pharmacist.
cory, withheld withheld
Editors Note: I love to hear back from students who used our study material year ago to become licensed pharmacists. There are times when I think 50% of our business is referrals from existing pharmacists when used our material with good results.

Good afternoon, I wanted to let you guys know that I passed my NY MPJE with an 80! I will continue to use ProntoPass in the future!!! thanks again,

I want to thank ProntoPass for the amazing material that you guys provided me. I have passed with a strong score and will be licensed. Thank you so much!
J P, Oldsmar, FL
Editors Note: Purchased Naplex Combo on 10-31-15

Hello Buzz, I want to first start by saying a big THANK YOU! I recently wrote my Naplex Exam and I passed BIG!! The study materials were awesome. You made the difference. Thank you once again and God bless you. Sincerely, Esther N.
E N, Lanham, MD

Hey Buzz, I recently attempted the Naplex and was able to pass. The flash cards and disease posters were a lot of help. I appreciate all the help pronto pass gave me in this success.
withheld, withheld withheld
Editors Note: This student had studied RxPrep and failed Naplex three times with scores of 51, 65, and 64. RxPrep is a great product but like all textbooks it is passive learning. Vik had purchased the Naplex Combo deal on 7/20/15 and notified me of passing on 2/16/16. I had told Vik that it would take about 6 months of hard study and that is about what it took. Vik stuck with it and studied hard and passed. I am really happy for this students life changing experience. Feedback like this makes my day!

ProntoPass- Just wanted to let you know that I passed! I scored 93 on the PA Law. Thanks for the great study materials!
S D, Erie, PA

To Colin & the folks at ProntoPass, Thank you for putting together the system you have making a "Cliff Notes" to study through. The flashcards were helpful as they were laid out in "bullet" or list form. Interesting you said to study from "hardcopies" of law versus online with a computer screen. What's your insight on that? Curious. I can't remember if I dropped y'all a note after I passed or not (took end of July, found out in August)...so making sure. You were right, didn't get an "A" but am fine with passing & very grateful it's over. Keep up the good work encouraging and assisting others,
A B, Calhoun, TN
Editors Note: Amber, thanks for your feedback. Congratulations on passing your MPJE. We believe that studying hardcopy on paper is better than trying to study from a computer screen. I think that when you study from a computer screen you keep your one hand on the scroll thing while you read. I think it embeds deeper and stays longer when you focus completely on what your reading....like on paper. I also underline and make marks and highlight when it is on paper and then can review easily later when I review for just the high points.

Hello Eric and team at ProntoPass! I just wanted to let you know I passed my KY law exam! Thank you for all your help!
I C, Florham Park, NJ
Editors Note: This was IC's second state after being successful with here first. Repeat customers are best form of compliment.

Hello Dr. Bayliss, I just want to take this moment to thank you for the job well done on the MPJE materials sent to me . They were helpful. I passed my DC MPJE with a score of 80. I wish I had registered with you for my Naplex exam earlier but I believe it is not too late. Thanks and God bless. Sincerely,
E N, Lanham, MD MD

Dear Colin, Would like to inform you that I have passed my MPJE for Vermont. Thanks for all your help. I may be moving with the military to Arizona come the new year though so I may need your services again soon! Thanks again,
S B, Milton, VT

Good evening, I wanted to make you aware that I got an 84 on my SC MPJE! I am very happy and pleased with Pronto Pass yet again! thanks for all of the help!
M B, Downingtown, PA

Hi Buzz, Thank you for taking the time to read the Blueprint and writing back to me. I am studying only your materials...I will CONQUER this exam. Will talk to you again soon... Have a wonderful day. Sincerely,
T V, La Habra, CA
Editors Note: This is the attitude I like to see: "I will CONQUER this exam." This student will be successful.

Hi Colin, I passed my MPJE DC with a score of 82. Thank you for your great resource.
H K, Washington, DC DC

I passed my MPJE for TX. The study material proved valuable and I would use them again and recommend them to others. Very pleased.
unknown, unknown unknown
Editors Note: This feedback came back from a comment card and the name was not legible.

Thank you so much for aiding me with the quick cards, posters, online and phone testing! I was able to pass my NAPLEX with a 94! After failing the NAPLEX two previous times with other study material/programs, I heard about ProntoPass and gave it a shot. It was worth every penny and minute. I definitely recommend ProntoPass to all new graduates. Coming from someone who struggled with passing the NAPLEX for over a year, ProntoPass is the real deal and NOTHING ELSE will make you as prepared for this test other than this material! I wish I would have known about them sooner. If so, I would have been licensed long ago. My advice to all current or future ProntoPass students: Listen to Buzz. Read the instructions he sends you. Follow a set schedule. Get the guarantee, do the online testing, and DO NOT schedule your exam until you pass the phone/online testing and know the math better than anything else. Good luck to all!
J B, Clearwater, FL
Editors Note: J B ordered his Naplex Combo with quizzing and testing and a guarantee. When he was done studying he did his on line testing and quizzing and then I quizzed him for an hour on various diseases. I determine how well a student will do on how fast a student answers, how correctly and how completely. When I get a fast answer that is correct and complete then I think I know that the student knows the whole subject as well as the random question that was asked. I have no knowledge of the questions that are on Naplex but I guess that all major diseases will be covered somehow and knowledge of the diseases and how we treat them and what to look for will bode well for the student.

Dear Colin I passed MA MPJE . (80) Thank you
B H, Aliston MA

I just took my SD MPJE, I graduated college 15 years ago so I was worried about studying again. I passed with an 85. Thanks for the help.
D F, Dickinson, ND

I passed the OK MPJE with a 79%. Thank you,
J G, Dallas TX
Editors Note: A quick but not necessarily high pass. Just what the doctor ordered.

Dear Colin, I writing to inform you that I am a foreign graduated pharmacist and I studied the NAPLEX package and I passed the test with a score of 111, your cards and posters were so helpful to me. I also read and followed the directions that you included with the cards and your e-mail very carefully. I highly appreciate the time and efforts that you put in preparing these materials and I also thank my friend Dxx Kxxxxxxxx who encouraged me to buy and study these cards. Best Regards
A T, Durham NC
Editors Note: Congratulations. Job well done.

Hi Colin! I just got my "unofficial" results from NABP and I am so happy that I passed my MPJE [Oregon] with 86% on my first try. Your study material helped me greatly because when I found out I needed to get the license, I was overwhelmed with,"where do I start"- anxiety. Your system gave me the confidence that I could move past the anxiety and buckle down and get it done. I am completely satisfied with your study material and method. If I get surprised with another state license requirement I will certainly use you again. Thank you, thank you! Sincerely, A L
A L, Oshkosh, WI
Editors Note: Our MPJE study method, along with our study material, provides a fast and effective way to prepare and pass the MPJE. You did it right and got the good results you deserve. Congratulations!

Took my VT test just last week. Thought I did horrible but...got an 86. I passed😀. It worked! So glad I bought your study guide.
T K, Averill Park, NY

Hi Colin! Thank you! I received my review materials [Naplex Combo Order] this week. I already feel more confident just having them... They're like my security blanket. I will use them to my advantage and have already started reading them.........Anyway, these materials are awesome! I'm so excited and feeling so inspired to learn (I hope these feelings won't ever go away) Haha. Thank you once again for everything.
M S, Anaheim, CA
Editors Note: The excitement of learning is something very special that really helps the learning process.......God willing, the love of pharmacy learning will continue throughout your whole pharmacy career.

I hope this email finds you well. I thank you very much for your care, help, and assistance. Much appreciated! I really can't thank you enough. I will follow your great pieces of advice, and I hope I get it. Thank you again Colin :) Have a wonderful day!
R K, JEDDAH Saudi Arabia

Hi Colin, Got my test results today from Washington MPJE and got an 83.👍 Thanks, H.
H H, Jefferson, SD

Wanted to let you know….. I passed!! [MPJE-MO] Thanks
D H, West Des Moines, IA

Hello: I ordered the MPJE Pronto Pass for Maryland, and have thankfully passed. Original date was June 29. I was also interested in purchasing the materials for DC (District of Columbia). As cited on the website, if the law exam was originally purchased within 1 year you can add additional state(s). Is there a specific order form for this? Thank you.
J L, Rockville, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations on your MD success. ProntoPass offers a lower price on MPJE follow up orders for additional states. This order has to be within one year and sent to the same address but the order has to arrive via slow mail along with a check. The specific directions are on our ProntoPass website: click on the MPJE button and scroll all the way to the bottom.

I passed the MPJE (NH) with a 77. Cut it close but a passing score is all that matters. Thanks!
M H, Derry, NH
Editors Note: Quick pass. Just what the doctor ordered. Congratulations.

Kind of hard to believe. I felt like I bombed the test after taking it. But, I studied like you suggested. Thanks for getting me through this. T D.
T D, Chinle, AZ
Editors Note: Feeling like you failed when you come out of the test is a fairly common feeling. Congratulation on a job well done. May God bless everything good that you set your head, heart and hands to accomplish.

Passed NAPLEX and MPJE. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for a great product! Best,
C S, Sylva, NC
Editors Note: This student purchased the Naplex Combo and the MPJE for GA on March 29th and did well with both tests. Great job.

I got my score today and I passed my Naplex! The math was the best thanks to the cards. Such a great feeling! Thank you,
P T, Graniteville, VT
Editors Note: It is a great feeling to get feedback like this. This student did a great job.

Thank you very much for your confirmation. I'm amazed by your customer service. I will definitely recommend my friends to your business. :) Have a wonderful day!
L V, Orlando, FL

Thank you for the helpful directions. Actually, I used ProntoPass for my Naplex, math practice in particular were very helpful. I decided to use ProntoPass again for my MPJE as I trust your materials, although I read the refund police and I am a foreign graduate but I still believe that your materials will be helpful for my MPJE. Thank you again
R S, Livonia, MI
Editors Note: ProntoPass does not offer a guarantee to foreign graduates because we can't guarantee language skills which are very necessary to studying our material. Our two most loved products are the Math Practice and the CD disease quizzes on the ProntoPass posters.

Hello Just wanted to let you know I took my MPJE for the 2nd time and passed. Thanks for all of your help. [NY MPJE]
withheld, withheld withheld

Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you now I got an 80 on the law exam. [MA] Thanks,
A W, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations. May God bless everything good that you set your head, hands and heart to accomplish. Buzz

Passed 79. I found the review material very helpful. Thanks
J R, Charlottesville, VA

I passed! :) Best, Cait
C S, Sylva, NC

Passed - preparing for Kentucky next.
J W, Imperial Beach, CA
Editors Note: MPJE orders for 5 states is not unusual. In this market, flexibility is important.

This Tuesday I send a check, along with your coupon, to purchase the rest of the Prontopass combo package. I changed the address from the first order so someone can be at all times to receive the package. I just wanted to write to make sure you guys notice the address change. Z. V. PS I'm loving the math cards so far and can't wait start studying with the rest and posters.
Z V, Mercedita PR

Hi Just a big thank you and thanks for the prontopass team. I passed my MPJE of Minnesota studying only the prontopass material and I scored 81. Sincerely,

Another passer of the CT law!
B A, Buffalo, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations, again!

Hello~! This is xxx xxxxx. I just wanted to let you know that I have just received my batch of ProntoPass Combo. It is much much better than I would have imagined! I have been having problem memorizing with my previous review book, but I am feeling more confident now. And thank you very much for the rubber bands! That was very thoughtful of you! Thank you and I hope I will be able to tell you from few months now that I am registered pharmacist! Sincerely,
S K,

Got an 83% [MPJE - PA] Thanks
J M, Brecksville, OH
Editors Note: I congratulated him and ask him if his study time was quick. He answered with "Yes, it was perfect. Freed me up to do a lot of other things..."

Editors Note: Congratulations

Thank you! This the second time I've used PP, couldn't have done it without you!!!

Hey Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE-MA law exam with the help of ProntoPass! Thanks so much,
C W, Sioux City, IA

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPJE on the first try.
S F, Scottsdale, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations

Hello Colin, After reviewing the math cards I am still confused in what situations we would be using allegation and direct conversion.
J N, withheld withheld
Editors Note: Hi Jeremy. Keep at it until it becomes intuitive. It will. Trust me. Just keep at it. (That is why I named it math practice) Buzz

Hi Colin, I just received my package and I am impressed with its organization. I'm a foreign graduate and I'm going to use your study material for FPGEE and NAPLEX. I will definitely seek your help if I have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much and talk to you soon. Sincerely,

I'm so excited to say that I passed, first try! Praise the LORD, REALLY! Thanks for the study materials, very helpful! Blessings, Bryan
B P, Hutchinson, MN

Colin, I just wanted to tell you that I took the Naplex twice and failed both times using other Naplex study materials. I ordered your pronto pass system for my third test and passed. I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome material!
W Z, St George, UT

This message was sent to a friend of mine from a student who came to our ProntoPass Bootcamp back in 2008: "I thank God daily for angels on earth like Buzz who has helped change my life and continues to help others. I only know a small bit of his story, but I know he overcame a whole heck of a lot to be where he is today. He is such a smart man. He has risen up after what I believe to have been way way waaaaay low, and his is a true testimony! The most amazing part about it is that his life's work is helping others. Helping complete strangers in the most unique way."
C G, Baltimore MD

I passed.....yipppppe and thanks [MPJE KS]
N C, cedar falls, IA

I passed! Recieved an 81%. Thank you so much for the great study materials!!
M L, Winston Salem, NC

I have been a pharmacist for 15 years and licensed in Florida. My husband and I decided to move closer to family to start family. That meant that I had to transfer my license to both Kansas and Missouri and PASS the MPJE for both states. Being out of school that long and being pregnant, I was worried about passing. That said, I am happy to report that I passed both Kansas and Missouri MPJE with 87 and 84 respectfully. These cards work. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for all your help!
C B, Overland Park, KS

Thanks again for the study advice and confidence boost. Will postpone my meltdown til later.
withheld, withheld withheld

Gee thanks! I passed the Oregon MPJE a few years back thanks to your flashcards and it was a breeze. But I'm older and more senile now....And Missouri law is very different from Virginia. My confidence level is not what it was. But let's think +++++++++++++++ !!!!!!! And I shall follow your tutelage. No NAPLEX. Ever again! Thanks,
E M, Stafford, VA
Editors Note: Excellent Plan!

Great news! I passed [MPJE LA] with a 90! Thank you! I will be ordering another state this week. Thank you

Hello, I am writing to confirm that I have received the materials today and have begun the program. Thank you for your outstanding customer service and your commitment to helping students like me pass the NAPLEX. I will follow the course outlined in your email and also contact you should I run into any problems that I may need help with. Thank you again for you much needed help. Sincerely,
J KI, Valley Stream, NY

Colin, I wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I passed my New Hampshire MPJE! Thanks
M S, Rindge, NH

Hey just found out I passed with an 81! Thanks for everything. So now I am wondering, if I wanted to get licensed in New Jersey could I just buy the state specific question page for NJ? Thank You, EB
E B, Latham, NY
Editors Note: Yes. You get the Q&As and the statutes printed for just 65 plus shipping if you mail us a check. On our prontopass.com website click on the big MPJE button and then scroll all the way down to the bottom to see about reorders of just one state. Thanks for the good news. I never tire of hearing of such good news! Congratulations and Merry Christmas. Buzz

Dr. Craig Woodruff 10:20 AM (29 minutes ago) to me Here are my results from all the different law exams I have taken. I have used Pronto Pass for all of them except Tenn and you can see that was the lowest score to date. I can without a doubt recommend Pronto Pass for anyone taking pharmacy law exams. AL 83 LA 80 NE 81 OR 83 AZ 82 KY 87 AK 91 VA 82 MS 87 TN 79 You have my permission to post this as a testimony on your website. I also need to order the Michigan MPJE materials as an add on to the purchase I made in Jun for Al and MD. I would like to pay by PayPal so it should be the 65.00 + 15.00 s&h + 10.00 Paypal Charge = 90.00 My address is 27949 Raven Brook Road Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544 Ph 813-478-2792 Thank You for all your help! Pronto Pass is the best!​ Dr. Craig M. Woodruff Clinical Compounding Pharmacist Pharmacist In Charge/ Florida Pharmacy Solutions; Inc.
C W, Wesley Chapel, FL

I received the following feedback card: Took Missouri MPJE on 11/6/14. Score: 91 Thanks :)
S K, Weatherford, TX

I wanted to inform you that I cleared the Arizona MPJE with 87%. I would at this time like to order materials for MPJE West Virginia . I already mentioned that I will order 3 more states. Thanks R S
R S, Fremont, CA
Editors Note: Returning satisfied customers are always the best.

Fiona you're amazing! I honestly am so indebted to pronto pass - I will be writing reviews and telling everyone I know this upcoming year to get it [Naplex Combo]. You guys give such specialized attention to each person when they email. When I had Rxprep and tried to email them they would tell me just to buy their lecture pack. I immensely appreciate you helping me out - your explanations made absolute sense.
N P, Everett, WA

I passed [MPJE LA]! Thank you for your study guide/ much appreciated!
M S, Jasper, AL

Hi colin, i passed my hawaii mpje with 84 score. Thanks. Do you sell CPJE ?
M M, Lake tapps, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations on HI. Yes, we do sell a study product for the CPJE but you must remember that our MPJE for CA only covers the law part and most of the CPJE is clinical pharmacy covered in our Naplex Combo Deal. If you purchase the Naplex Combo with a guarantee and the CPJE and you follow through with our directions we guarantee that you will pass the CPJE for CA. Thee are some restrictions that you can read on our website under "guarantee".

I received a feedback comment today in the mail that I would like to share: Thanks so much for the great study tools at a very difficult time in my life. My focus and health certainly was not at peak thus making this extremely difficult. Tho I was certain I did not pass, I did and I'm sure your study material was a large part of that! (score 86)
R D, West Chester OH
Editors Note: Congratulations.

I passed Massachusetts!! Thank you ProntoPass! Best, Denise
D K, Providence, RI

Great news! I passed the MPJE. Thank you for the study material. It was just what I needed!
J S, Geyser, MT

I passed my Rhode Island law exam! Thank you pronto pass!! I have one more state to go. Best,
D K, Providence, RI

Just wanted to say a few things about your product and my experience with it. I ordered your product to help me study for an MPJE during my transfer to XXXXXXXX, it arrived promptly and I carefully read the instructions on how you recommend using the product--I only wanted to do this once. I was also pleased that you offer a money-back guarantee, in case I needed it. The Q/A sheets were great, I was glad you included a copy of the regulations, and those Quick Cards are spiffy. One thing I noticed was that while the sheets are a great overview of the common differences between state statutes, they are not indicative as to what questions you will be asked. *Definitely follow the advice of skimming through the regulations!* The Q/A sheets are a great way to train your eyes to look for important slices of information hidden in those giant books of statutes. Well done. I have taken three different MPJE's in the past 2 years, and I can say all three include *several* questions about veterinary prescriptions, buprenorphine regulations, and OTC insulin/ syringe regulations. Maybe that can help future customers, whether it's a hint to study these in depth or updated Q/A sheets. My overall thoughts on this product? It's great! I would definitely recommend to people (like me) who haven't had to study and test for a while and need something to help them get into the swing of it. I passed the MPJE with a higher score than the ones I took right out of pharmacy school (an 86). Thanks again! *I don't mind if you use all/ parts of this as a testimonial, but please do not include my name.* Thank you,
withheld, withheld withheld

Hi Buzz, I wanted to share I passed my NAPLEX with flying colors thanks to ProntoPass. Math has always been my weakness and the math cards thoroughly prepared me for the exam. I have used ProntoPass now both for my MPJE and NAPLEX and can say it's the best study aid on the market. Thank you so much for these amazing study tools!! Sincerely,
D P, Leawood, KS
Editors Note: Returning students are the best students. Many thanks for your kind words. We work hard making active learning the best learning.

Colin, Took the Ga Pharmacist's MPJE in June and did very well...thanks to your study materials, Thanks again Steve

I passed, got an 81 [MPJE NH]. Thank you for your product I should have bought it from the beginning, this was the second time taking it. Worth the money.
Editors Note: Congratulations! Our MPJE always seems to work....not a great score, just a needed pass. I think it having the statutes printed in front of you as you study.

I would like to let you guys know that I have successfully passed the MPJE [Alaska]. The Questions and answers were helpful. Thanks
S O, Anchorage, AK

Hello. I have been seeing people using your review materials on NAPLEX and MPJE and had been getting passing grades. But do you have any good material for CPJE? I took the CPJE twice and failed using RxPrep and some study materials, now I have the ebay PharmCharts, which I haven't really studied well yet. I'm scared now to take it for the fear of failing and want to make sure that the next time I sit for the exam, that I will be leaving the test site feeling more confident and that I will pass it this time. I need some advice. Please let me know if you have a great material I can buy. Thanks so much and may you have a pleasant day!
A A, unknown unknown
Editors Note: If you need to pass the CPJE, buy our ProntoPass combo deal (including the guarantee) and the Law material for CA (Click the big MPJE button and specify CA) If you graduated from and US College of Pharmacy and go through our quizzing at the end of your study we will tell you how well you know our study material and if you know it well, we will guarantee you pass or your money back. On our website click on guarantee to read all about it.

I passed the exam. Thanks!
J H, Venetia, PA
Editors Note: Don't you just love short notes?

Passed my Oregon MPJE with an 82! Yey!! Thank you. G F
G F, Vancouver WA

I received a single state MPJE reorder and a note was enclosed saying "I took the Louisiana MPJE Exam over the summer and was able to pass the test on my first try! Thanks to your very helpful Study Guides!"
C O, Dallas TX

Colin, Thank you for your help and concern! I finally took the WV MPJE and passed on the first try! I am extremely excited and thankful. I am considering attempting an additional license in PA and/or TX. -VM
V M, Coral Springs, FL
Editors Note: Many students are getting licensed in multiple states today.

Hello Prontopass, I will be taking NAPLEX after May 2015. Should I buy the books for MPJE and NAPLEX right now or wait until next year to buy them. I want to start study early while I'm on rotations but I'm afraid the material changes too much. Thank you for your help, Kim
Editors Note: Kim, your timing is perfect. In fact, our disease posters (and the CD Quizzing on them) can help a lot with rotations. We have had many send feedback on that. How and why we use certain drugs to treat a particular disease is really important clinically. Hold off on ordering the MPJE until after passing Naplex. Our MPJE is unlike our Naplex study material. You can really do well with our study material for Naplex and it is your career for the rest of your life, God willing. However our MPJE is intended for a quick pass. Three days of intense uninterrupted study can get you a passing mark on MPJE. FYI, if we have a big change on a disease poster we usually put some on eBay for like two bucks and give notice of that on Linkedin. I do suggest that you join Linkedin.......it may well help you get a job at the end of your studies and testing. Thanks for your question. CEB....Buzz

Hello Buzz, I just found out today that I passed my tx mpje. I took the test on 4 days ago and just got the results today. I cannot tell you what a relief that was and I wanted to thank you for your all your help. your material was enough and perfect. I was very worried being a foreign pharmacist practicing in wv. But today I after finding the results I was very happy and I have you to thank for. All the questions on the test were familiar however there were a few questions that I had no idea about and few that that it looked like more than 1 answer option would fit. I cannot tell you how much grateful I am for all your help with not only NAPLEX, but wv, nj, ky and now tx mpje. thanks you , thank you , thank you. regards,
S S, Charleston, WV
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words but you did all the work!

Hello , I wish to let you know I succeeded in my Naplex exam after using your prontopass Naplex combo. Thanks so much for the great help and the intelligent students in your CD who motivated me.
Editors Note: Congratulations Afoma. Job well done!

Hi, I am not sure if this email will be received. I wanted to let you know that I took the MPJE - Missouri last Tuesday and passed with a score of 85. I wanted to thank you and your program for the help. It was much appreciated.
H S, Kirkwood, MO
Editors Note: The order was placed on July 16th with express mail shipping. Three good hard days of study with get the job done with most states....not with a great score but a passing score. Congratulations to Heath for doing it right.

Dear prontopass: My name is M... X.... I purchased whole package of prontopass. Just a short note to let you know that I passed my Naplex with good grade! Now I am just waiting to get my license. Thank you so much for the study materials. Sincerely,
M X, New York, NY
Editors Note: Thanks for the note. We always appreciate success.

Hello! I passed the AL MPJE with an 85! thanks for your help!

Dear Colin, I used Pronto pass for CT and got an 89, then for NY, and passed with an 84. I find myself unexpectedly in Wa for an extended time helping out my son, so I ordered the WA materials and am hopeful I can get through this test. The state of Washington seems to offer no information except the 600 page code, so I am glad you have some study materials for WA! Thanks,
D M, DeWitt, NY
Editors Note: So many students are ordering multiple states to find a job!

FYI, made an 85 on the WV MPJE. Thanks,
L R, San Antonio, TX

Hi Colin, I received a score of 84 on the MPJE [Montana] . Pronto pass was a helpful study tool.
C H, Missoula MT

Hello Colin! I passed my MPJE with a 90%! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful study aid!! Sincerely,
D P, Leawood, KS

I passed my MPJE with a 90%! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful study aid!!
D P, Leawood, KS

Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Naplex and I will be mailing back my final study guides today or Monday latest! Thanks for all your help!
N A, Richmond, VA

I was just letting you know that I passed the NC MPJE with a score of 82. Thank you so much for your assistance!
S W, Kansas City, MO

Hi! I passed the WI MPJE with a score if 83. I would like to purchase the IL study materials for an upcoming MPJE exam. How do I purchase those cards at the discounted rate? Thanks!
T A, Lake Villa IL
Editors Note: Hi Terri. Congratulations. Please go to our website and click on the big MPJE button and scroll down. Good luck with your further studies. Buzz

Hello Buz, My name is Hussein and I am new grad from pharmacy school; I spoke to one of your associates today about possibly purchasing the Naplex quick cards separately since my school provided me with RxPrep videos, book, quizzes, and math guides. I understand that purchasing the review cards alone will waive my ability to have the pass guarantee. I feel that having 2 full packages from 2 different companies will be overwhelming and there would be no way I can get through all the info. please let me know if you can help me. Many Thanks
H S, unknown unknown
Editors Note: Hi Hussein, when you study a book, what do you do. Make notes. Our Quickcards are like the notes in a convenient form that can be folded for self testing. The time saving can be very important. And, as an option, you can get quizzing at the end and get a guarantee if you know our study material well. We no longer sell the Quickcards separately because because the package works......and you can trust our guarantee. The posters are mostly about diseases. It really is understanding what is going on with patient profiles. Many before you have said the poster CD quiz, which are our recordings at my kitchen table subject by subject, are the best learning experience they ever had. And, our math practice is the best pharmacy math on the market. And, when you call for quizzing we give you our opinion on what we think your Naplex score will be. No one else does that, at least I am not aware of anyone doing that besides us. We suggest you only study one package. We think ours is the best but it is your choice. I appreciate your interest in our Quickcards but we think the only way to go is with the whole package. Thanks again for your interest in our study products. CEB....Buzz

I passed. Score 88. :)
M Y, Asheville, NC

Just wanted to send a note and say thank you for the great study materials. I passed with a 119 [Naplex]. I wouldn't have been able to remember a lot of the material if it weren't for the Memoronics. The math review was outstanding as well. I felt very comfortable during the exam. Thank you again!
M J, Pittsburgh PA
Editors Note: Hard study pays off again.

Greetings Mr. Bayliss, Thank you for the package and all the instructions. I started studying on June 1st and am planning to continue until mid August. My plan is to take NAPLEX by end of August. I will contact you again at the end of July for quizzing and such. Thank you again and I have to say the material is great. Reverently, F.
F B, Rochester, NY
Editors Note: Remember, proactive learning is more effective than passive reading. Fold and self test on the Quickcards and then quiz yourself on the posters using the CD. Looking forward to quizzing you. Buzz

I passed. I originally got licensed in 1986, so it had been a long time since I sat for a test like this. Thanks for the "wake up" call that you gave me in regards to some serious preparation.
K B, Zwingle, IA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Job well done. [MPJE-WI] [Sometimes after being a pharmacist for long time they forget how to sit and study hour after hour. I reminded her that she would have to learn to study again, LOL]

Colin, Got my package safe and sound! Just organized and am starting in the morning. Love the concept you have created. Great stuff. Just graduated from univ of kentucky pharm school and wanted a good review prep. Looks like i found it with your stuff. Thanks again! R T
R T, Flatwoods, KY
Editors Note: The U of KY is a great school. I wish you well with your review. Nothing beats active learning. Buzz

I passed! 80% [MPJE WI] Thank you very much, R B
R B, Fox Point WI

PAssed. 84 Thanks
D W, Fairfield, OH

Good. Really helped to pass and build my confidence. [MPJE TX]
S S, charleston, WV
Editors Note: I love returning students. This student used our study products to pass the Naplex and the MPJE for WV and KY in 2009.

Hello Colin, I have received and just opened my ProntoPass. I will be sending my registration card information in the mail today and I have followed the Facebook page. My graduation is the 24th of this month and I intend to schedule my test for the end of June, possibly beginning of July. I did not hear about your program until the end of April otherwise I would have purchased it much sooner! This study method is much more ideal for my learning style and I am positive I would not have been able to produce these materials on my own so thank you for making this available to students! Now in the interest of time, I was just wondering if you could give me your opinion on the best study schedule for myself, I am still on rotation clear up until the 22nd, but I intend to study around this as much as possible. I am very nervous about how to structure this for myself the best way. My hard core studying (hours within the library) will likely not begin until after graduation. Please give me your suggestions! Thank You!
C W, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: We suggest that you never take your test until you are ready. Naplex is a hard test. Sometimes peer pressure causes some to take their test before they are ready and that can cause significant distress when the results are not positive. After all the time and money a student has spent getting to the point of testing, it is just not worth taking short cuts at that point. Do it right, one time! Buzz

Hi Buzz: Wanted to let you know that I passed the DE MJPE. Although DE's stupid web sight doesn't give me my score. It just says that I passed. In hind sight I'm really glad I purchased the Pronto Pass. Not so sure I'd have passed without it.
C L, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Buzz!!! It's A. T.. I don't know if you remember me when I came to "boot camp" like 7 years ago??!!! Anyway, I have thought about you a lot- sent you a couple of Facebook messages, but I am assuming you probably don't check it very often? I hope that everything has been going well for you. It brought back memories, reading everyone's testimonies... you have had SO many students come through and helped so many people. I remember our walks and talks.. and spaghetti dinners!!!... it just seems so far away now!! I am now married, with a little 2 year old, and one on the way!! My husband actually just landed a new job in Peoria, Illinois and i will be studying for the MPJE so that I can move with him. I also asked to reciprocate to North Carolina and Florida too (just wishful thinking that one day we may move to warmth). The good thing about moving to Illinois is that I will be able to cut down to part time (and hopefully one day just be a complete stay at home mom!)... too bad for student loans I will still have to work a couple days a week. Well, I just wanted to say hi, that I was thinking of you! Did you move? The address is no longer Dover? Hope everything has been wonderful for you!! a :)
A T, Troy, OH
Editors Note: It is so good to hear from old students, especially bootcamp students that came here to study. And, it is a great feeling to get reorders from old students moving to other states.

Hello Colin, I just wanted to inform you that I have successfully passed the Maryland and Louisiana MPJE exams thanks to the ProntoPass study materials. Thank you,
S B, Olive Branch, MS
Editors Note: I congratulated S B and asked her why MD and LA in that they are far from MS. She responded: "I needed those state licenses for my employer in order to ship prescriptions into the states. Thanks again for the great product! Will tell everyone about it!!!"

I just love ProntoPass!!
J A, White Oak PA
Editors Note: We posted on Linkedin a free update on a Quickcard on JNC 8. All you had to do was send us an email if you had purchased the Naplex Combo within the last year. We offered this at no charge. Sometimes, like with the big improved Hepatitis Poster, we offer them on eBay for one buck.

Thank you for the study material…it was very helpful, and I passed with an 87. [MPJE MI]
K K, Gilford, NH

Just letting you know I scored: Hawaii 91 Florida 90 Thanks again,
S D, Federal Way WA

I passed with an 84 [MPJE KY]........ Thank you for your help,
E M , London, KY

Colin, I wanted to let you know I have received my Pronto Pass package today. My mother, Dxxxx Hxxxxxx, ordered it for me and just brought it to me today. I am very excited about using this system and have already started on the definition flash cards. I have heard wonderful things from a friend, Bxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx. If there is anything else I need to do besides follow the directions included please let me know. Sincerely,
N H, Liberty Township, OH
Editors Note: Just follow the directions. Study and self test and just keep at it. Naplex tests your stamina to study.

Thank you Colin for all the information. I've had a good experience with pronto pass 3 years ago when I took the NAPLEX and MPJE (NJ), now I am trying to get NY license. Thanks for all the support. Lion Sent from my iPhone
L C, Sunnyside, NY
Editors Note: Returning students make my day. Thank you!

Thank you for the email. Just received the package. Thank you so Much Kind regards
B R, Lancaster, PA

So, I went to the mailbox, and there it was .....the letter. And I passed. Whew! Don't know that I ever want to do that again, but I am so thankful to God. Thanks for all of you support.
N Z, Washington, PA
Editors Note: This student came out of the test thinking for sure she had failed and sent me an email expressing her frustration. This is a common reaction and it is a positive thing. The only students that I worry about are those who come out of the test SURE they aced it.

Thanks for the kind email. I actually used your material in 2008 for the NAPLEX. It was fantastic. I am now relocating to the Phoenix, AZ area due to a promotion and will be taking their MPJE and therefore wanted to use your material for that exam. So rest assured I will only focus on the MPJE as I've been licensed and a pharmacy manager for the last few years. Thanks for providing this material in order to make studying again very simple. Be Well, Matt Matthew Pruitt, Pharm.D. Pharmacy Manager District 28 MTM Leader District 28 Immunization Trainer Compounding Center of Excellence Walgreen Co. 06408 2324 W. War Memorial Dr. Peoria, IL 61614
M P, Peoria IL

Hi Buzz, I am very happy announce that I passed my NAPLEX with a score of 98 (You are the one knew before me that I passed)[I kept checking the Michigan website daily]. I feel tremendously HAPPY..HAPPY.....HAPPY.. Thank you so much GOD and thanks to you Buzz. You are also an important person of my life after GOD, my wife, my daughter, my parents and grandparents. You are like an angels sent by GOD for me. I am writing this after few months after passing my exams. I was so frustrated and nervous when I came to boot camp after 4 attempt of NAPLEX. But you build up lot of confidence in me and prepare me so well for exams. It was hard to STAY AWAY from a family for abt 6 months in Bolivar, Ohio, it's all worth it.. I was so nervous after giving exams but you r the one gave me courage and faith on myself. I am still enjoying every moments that I made it, that make me feel good. Even after few months I am having dreams of passing the test. I highly recommend BOOTCAMP for people having hard time passing the test, even 1-2 attempt. Don't wait more and just go there and you will do it, bcoz Buzz is there for u.....I am very much thankful to GOD for sending me there. Even today I still remember everyday lunch time come with little nervousness of quizzing, getting sign offs.....At boot camp Buzz always make sure that we know things well, not just getting sign offs done. I digested whole study material not just studied and pass exam. I pray to GOD and wish for your long, healthy life so you keep helping people more and more......and so on.....Again thank you Buzz. I have posted this on facebook though. Thx again, Stay in touch I have posted this on facebook though. Thx again, Stay in touch
S P, Kalamazoo, MI
Editors Note: Sunil was an excellent student. I appreciate his kind words but he is the one that did it. He worked hard and gave up his family and friends to come to Ohio and he accomplished his goal. I have highly recommended Sunil to prospective employers because of his serious work ethic AND because he follows directions well AND because he has a very pleasant personality.

Dear Colin, I took the MPJE on Tuesday, and I just found out that I PASSED!!! I really don't know how to thank you for your amazing study material. I will recommend it for everybody taking the MPJE soon. Thank you and have a great day. Sincerely,
N A, Griffin, GA

Hello Colin, I have received the Naplex review study material last week. I am very excited at how organized your materials are. I will begin studying very soon and will definitely seek your help if I have any questions or concerns. Thank you and talk to you soon!

Hi there! Just wanted to start off by saying thank you for your prontopass [Naplex Combo] because it sure was a lot of help!
N M, Fargo, ND

Dear Colin, Thank you so much for the study material you sent me. I passed the DC law exam! My score was not that high (78), but I'm glad I passed. I'm going to take Maryland Law exam as well. I wonder what material I will receive if I pay 65$ for additional state (Maryland)? Maryland board of pharmacy provides an eBook which is 800 pages! Do you guys send that copy as well? Please advise. Thank you very much,
F E, Annandale, VA
Editors Note: Just what we wanted, a quick pass. We are not studying to be lawyers! Please note that we always send out the states printed actual statutes with each MPJE order because we have found time and time again that studying on line does not seem to 'sink in" and does not work. Studying them on paper does work.

Miracle of miracles....I got an 80 on the Arizona MPJE. I don't know how to score this thing, but I'm not going argue. Under the Hawaii in PJE. Then Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and Alaska. I'm going to be busy for a while. Your program was a huge help. Thank you for doing it.
M B, Pleasanton, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE minnesota first time with the help of your study material. Thanks
M Z, Minnetonka MN

Hi Colin, The MPJE kicked my butt however, I passed with a scaled score of 83. Man, that thing was hard. Had no clue if I'd passed it when I walked out of that testing room. Thanks for the help,
E F, Sarasota, FL

Passed Alabama MPJE. Thanks for the study material - it really helped!
M R, Madison, AL

Passed first time [MPJE-AZ] with 84. Studied just like you said. Skimmed Arizona law once. Thanks for your material. It was worth it!!! Sent from my iPhone
S M, Bellingham WA

My husband works 4 ten hour days in South Dakota now. So I am passing on the good news for us all. He passed with a 90. Thanks for all your help. Amy, RPh -----(John's wife)
J L, Broadus, MT MT

I took the TX MPJE on Friday, November 15. My score was posted today. I PASSED with a score of 86. Thank you so much for your help.
J C, Dallas, T TX

Hi ProntoPass....I passed! Thanks for the help with the Colorado State Pharmacy Law Exam.....Sincerely, B F
B F, Las Vegas, NV

Just a short note to let you know that I passed the CT Law exam, and now since I can not seem to find the right fit I am going to take the MA Law and I will let you know how that one goes. thanks
D M, Manchester, CT
Editors Note: Love return customers!

Hello, I passed NAPLEX with a 94!!! I'm going to call you tomorrow to personally thank you! Denisa
D H, Xavier University of LA

lol, usps is slow... I took the exam Tuesday and passed... KY has some crazy questions too... Scored an 83... Thanks!!!
J M, Beckley, WV

Thanks, I used your study material for NAPLEX, which helped me a lot and I passed it. Thanks for a good study material. Could you please email me the tracking number for MPJE material? Regards,
Editors Note: We think satisfied return customers are our best advertising.

Dear Colin, Good news! I'm happy to report that I passed my MPJE-Indiana with a 78!! Thank you for the study materials!!
J A, Douglasville, GA
Editors Note: Not a great score but it was a quick study and a pass. Would have preferred 80's like most students....but congratulations! (I hope Jennifer likes the change from GA weather to IN weather.

Dear Colin, Wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know I have passed NAPLEX (119) and the MPJE for Missouri (89) and Kansas (82)! All on the first try! I went through the cards and posters in the order suggested on the "boot camp study guide" with a few changes here and there to group different topics. For the two weeks leading up to the test I did the math review cards as suggested. I passed NAPLEX then started studying for Missouri MPJE. I gave myself 2 weeks to study. I memorized the cards and the state review sheet, then READ the statues once. The test only took me about 35 minutes to complete and I passed! I then started studying for Kansas MPJE. Once again I gave myself 2 weeks to study and followed the same routine as for Missouri. Once again, I was finished in about 40 minutes and I passed! I wanted to thank you VERY much for the help your cards and materials provided me. I was impressed with the fact that you provided your personal cell phone number in case I needed to contact you for any reason. So excited to have the tests completed! Thank you again!
D G, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations Diana. I am convinced that using the "Boot camp study guide" is the route to success. I would welcome you to our ProntoPass Hall of Fame should you choose to do so. Thanks for your feedback.

Fyi, I passed the exam for FL MPJE. Thanks
D A, Indian Trail, NC

Hi! I ordered pronto pass in May 2013. I was wondering if you could send me the new quick cards. Thanks! Caitlin P.S. I passed my NAPLEX with a 122 thanks to Pronto Pass! Sent from my iPhone
C D, Chicopee, MA
Editors Note: We provide service for one year from the date of purchase or until you pass the test, whichever comes first. Unfortunately we could not provide further service to this client.

Hello Buzz, I PASSED my MPJE New York!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much for your advice & all the review materials I bought from Pronto Pass!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! I am always grateful for all the help from PRONTO PASS!!!!!!

Dear Colin, I ended up getting a 114 [on Naplex]. Which I'm ok with. I was hoping to do a little better, but I'll take it. I thought the study materials were really good. I particularly appreciated the audio cd. I listened to it in my car while driving to and from school and work. I liked that it gave a good patient perspective of things and good examples. Some of the answers I couldn't understand at times and the volumes were a little off at times too, but overall I think it was a great tool. It may be getting to the point of needing updating with guideline changes and new drugs coming out. I understand that would be a big undertaking and the current version is still very valuable. I also think the posters were organized well. I hope to keep using the cards as a study tool as a practitioner. Overall I give the program two thumbs up and would recommend it to my friends. Thanks for all your help studying.
B R, Peoria, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations on a very good score. The CD has been updated since this student purchased our product. Most students find the CD quizzing on the posters to be the best part of our program.

Hey Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I have completed 8 MPJE tests over the last 4 months. I passed them ALL!! Pronto Pass was an awesome tool and it made studying so much easier. The only state that I had any trouble with was VA. I had to take it 3 times before I passed it. You may want to advise future test takers that the VA test is completely different from any other test they may have taken. I believe your study guide for VA is 31 pages long, which was huge compared to the guides for other states. While the legal aspects are important, the focus for VA should be on the test format itself. VA has 100 test questions and you can go back & forth between questions throughout the exam. The other tests have 90 questions and you cannot go back & forth between questions. VA uses a totally different vendor (IQT testing) from the other computerized tests (Pearson). VA does have unusual laws, but the test format is the trippy part. In addition, I had to travel to take my VA tests (2-3 hours one way all 3 times) because IQT did not have a testing center in the metro Memphis, TN area. (Ridiculous!!) I truly believe the travel aspect affected my testing as well. I wanted to share my success story with you because I know I couldn't have passed all 8 of these exams in such a short period of time without the help of ProntoPass. You are providing a great service. I have told recent pharmacy graduates & seasoned pharmacists who are trying to reciprocate to other states about ProntoPass. Sincerest Thanks, C. T.
C T, Cordova, TN

Colin, I purchased your ProntoPass System for the Pennsylvania MPJE. I felt very prepared for the exam after studying just as you recommended. I received my score this week and am happy to tell you I passed with an 81. Thank You ProntoPass!!! Awesome product! Sincerely,
J B, Kittanning, PA PA
Editors Note: Congratulation and congratulations to Duquesne University, one of my favorite schools.

Recently passed my Texas exam using your tools and am looking forward to passing Alabama! Thanks,
G S, Choudrant, LA
Editors Note: Returning customers are our best endorsement.

Hi colin, I passed my naplex and law on the first try. Your product is a very helpful tool. My favorite was the Poster Quiz CD. Thank you so much!
S M, Beaver Falls PA

Got it [Naplex Combo Order] thanks. You Rock!
M S, Albuquerque, NM

Wanted to let you know I passed my Washington law exam....1st try!! I used your system and studied for two weeks. My only suggestion for future test takers is to pay closer attention to the State Laws vs. Federal. This means getting a bit more in depth with the Washington manual that comes in the package. Maybe read it thoroughly the first time and skim the 2nd time.
C R, Jacksonville, FL
Editors Note: Our directions call for memorizing our study material and then scanning the actual state statutes three times. When you run across a subject that you memorized, slow your scan to a read and understand and then go back to the scan mode when the subject changes. We provide a printed copy of each states actual statutes since scanning them on line does not work. It should take about 3.5 hours to scan 500 pages of legalese. Our method is fast and it works!

Thank you colin! I passed my NAPLEX and my date for MPJE is the 30th of July! Hope that's enough to study.
S B, Mauldin, SC
Editors Note: For most states, 3 days is enough. Just be sure to follow our directions.

Hi, Just following up with my MPJE Maryland after purchasing pronto pass. I passed with an 81 on the first try. ProntoPass definitely helped!
C D, Manchester, CT
Editors Note: Hi Christopher. Thanks for sharing the excellent news. Congratulations on joining our successful group of over 10,000 licensed pharmacists. May God bless everything good that your set your heart and hands to accomplish. CEB

Mr. Bayliss, Thank you so much! My special package has finally arrived! Had to run couple of blocks to chase down my mailman bc I didn't hear the doorbell but well worth it. Anne
A N, Grenada, MS

Thanks, I am doing great!! I passed the naplex and law exams
G K, Taylorsville, UT

Colin, My ProntoPass order has arrived. Thank you for your speedy delivery! I have heard great things about your study material and look forward to it helping me pass the NAPLEX. Thanks again,
W R, Kansas City, MO

Good morning, Just wanted to send you a note and let you know I found out yesterday passed Tennessee MPJE. I tested on Thursday, May 30. Thank you for the product. If I have to take the exam for additional states, I will purchase Pronto Pass without hesitation! Thanks again,
E C, Nashville, TN

Hi Colin, This will be my 3rd time using Prontopass for an exam. I successfully passed my Naplex in 2009 and also the Oregon MPJE a few years later!!! I have a question this time around with the Washington State MPJE. Their website has laws listed as a 622 page PDF. Do I need to skim all of that document? Your suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks,
C R, Coos Bay, OR
Editors Note: Hi Christine. You will get a copy of the actual statutes on paper in your order. Remember, memorize our Q&As then scan the statutes, yes all of them, twice just before your test. Scanning means reading a sentence at a time, not a word at a time. I personally did it for a state with about 500 pages and it took me 3.5 hours. During your scan, when you run across something you have memorized, slow your scan to a read and understand the whole topic and then resume the scan mode with the subject changes. The whole study thing should take two or three hard ,no interruptions, study time. Thanks for being a continuing customer. Comments like yours make my day. PS Scan the statutes on paper, not the PDF provided by the state. On paper works, scanning he PDF does not work!

I just wanted to thank you for the MPJE Study aids. I took the MPJE this past week for Indiana and passed with an 84! Using the quick reference cards and Q&A, as well as reading the Indiana regs as suggested, proved to be a quick and easy way to prepare for the test. After having not taken an exam for over 15 years, this is a study plan and tool that I would highly recommend! Thanks!
T S, Carmel, IN

Just a follow up and thank you...I purchased your Maryland MPJE study guide in April and passed the Maryland MPJE last week with score of 83. On 4/16/13, Colin E. Bayliss wrote: *Thank you for your MPJE order. Good luck in your studies. Please remember after memorizing our study material, then scan the actual statutes on paper twice. Scanning them online does not work! Thanks.*
D S, Staten Island, NY

I love the new [poster quiz] cd! Just got a chance to listen to HIV and MS today. Thanks again!
M E, Colorado Springs, CO
Editors Note: We have updated our poster quiz CD and improved the sound significantly.

I am just taking mpje for 2 states nc and sc. I used your cards for naplex 6 years ago and got a 129 on that test, 20 years after I graduated and took my first naplex exam. I retook it to get licensed in FL and now am moving to NC. Should be a piece of cake after naplex. Mary
M M, Marco Island, FL

Hey Colin, believe it or not, I'm already a licensed pharmacist (we had chatted on the phone last week). I decided to get the package (the price point was a nice lure, I'll admit) because it seemed like a great way to refresh my working knowledge of clinical and general pharmacy. I'm great at comprehension, but not the best memorizer in the world, and so concise flash cards and big-picture posters, especially with mnemonic (Memoronic :D) links definitely appealed to me. (Besides, maybe it will help me pass the Cali test if I decide to go for that license). After having invested almost 100g in my education, spending 400$ or so for a 5 year review seems a decent price to pay to keep me feeling fresh and 'in the game'. Don't worry, I'll definitely let you know how well it serves this purpose once I review it :)
M J, San Antonio Texas

Hi Colin , Just happy to inform you that your Pronto Pass did the trick yet again , I took the mpje on 17th April, and got a passing score yesterday.I got 77 ,but that is just a tiny bit more than what the board wants!. Thank you , Also, wanted to let you know , I studied nothing other than the cards and material you sent me and read the south Carolina statute twice the way you recommended. Thank you and your team for saving me and so many others time and money. Regards,
T P, kWindsor, ON Canada

I passed my MPJE-NY. Just found out the result today. The study materials really made my studying easy. Thank you!
N A, Staten Island, NY

Hello I just wanted to let you know that I recently passed the North Carolina MPJE and wanted to give you feedback. The flash cards & state summary sheet were obviously very helpful. Just wanted to share that. Thanks
D J, Canastota, NY

CEB, I know I took awhile but I did just take the IA MPJE and passed with a 81. I did use the flash cards as well as a few other study guides. Thanks for your assistance in obtaining my Iowa pharmacy license.
S L, piscataway, NJ
Editors Note: Since this student ordered, we now enclose the actual state statutes with each MPJE Order. No other study material is needed. Just follow our directions: Memorize our study material then scan the actual state statutes. During your scan, when you run across something you have memorized, slow your scan to a read and understand then go back to the scan mode when the subject changes. This should take about 3 1/2 hours. Do this twice just before your test. With the exception of a couple of states, all you need is a couple of good study days to pass this test

I received the package! I was not expecting to the shipment to come so fast; I ordered Thursday at 2 pm and it arrived Friday around 8:30 am! Thank you for the fast service!
K A, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Buzz, All praise belongs to God alone, the master of the Universe and the master of my soul. I am very pleased to inform you that I passed NAPLEX with a score of 93. I dont need to tell you again how bad my situation was. It was my 4th attempt and the scores of my previous attempts were big disappointments. I had given up on myself but not on God's help. And God did help me by showing you as a light at the end of the tunnel. After my wife took your training and passed on her first attempt, my decision to come to you became firmer and with a little push from my wife, I left home to come to Ohio. And although it took me about 6 months to get ready for the test again, I do not regret even one moment I spent in Ohio. I have to admit though, that I missed my family, my wife and kids too much. But the pressure of getting sign offs and the excitement of studying and the pleasure of learning made it all easy to stay there for that long period. I want to thank you once again for your guidance and your super strong belief in your students' abilities to change their own lives. I thank you for accepting me as your student without which, I do not know if I would have passed this mammoth test. I hope students who struggle like me will understand the power of proactive study which you reinvented and come to you to help themselves. God bless you and I pray that He give you a long life and show you, me and everyone, the right path and keep us on it. Thank you, Moiz
M , Grand Blanc, MI
Editors Note: Thank you Mois for your feedback. You did good. You prayed hard and studied hard. I am proud of your efforts and results. Praise God! “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” ~ St. Augustine

I wanted you to know I took my Oregon exam last week and passed with a 91%. I could not have done this without your study guides. Thank you!
M D, Kennewick, WA

Hello CEB. This is S. V. I wanted to let you know that I finally passed both the NAPLEX (87) and MPJE exams (76). I am so happy to have finally accomplished this goal!! Thank you and your staff for all of the help!!
S V, Orlando FL

Thank-you so much for providing me with the study materials. I have been a licensed pharmacist for 23 years but find it necessary to have multiple licenses now that there is becoming such a glut of pharmacists in the Las Vegas area..... as well as the economy being bad. Multiple state licenses should also give a person the flexibility to work/travel to see other things. Thanks again, Debbie
D D, Las Vegas, NV

Hello CEB!! I wanted to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX exam with an 87. Thanks a lot Buzz!
S V, Orlando FL

I passed back in may of 2012 and I can't remember my exact score. Around 120 I believe? I studied the material for about 2 weeks and took the exam. I mainly just used the flash cards and brand generic poster. Thank you.
P T, Seattle, WA
Editors Note: Some people are really, really smart. Not like most of us who have to study long and hard. I invited this student into our hall of fame but they did not send us a copy of the actual score sheet to verify results!

Thanks Colin, I received the [MPJE] materials. I've used ProntoPass for a couple other states in the past and have had great results! So happy to have y'alls guidance again. I'll let you know how it goes!
M L, Minneapolis, MN

Hi Colin, I would like to let you know, I ordered the Naplex review from you a few months ago, after failing the Naplex twice. I used your cards, posters, and CD and passed!! That is why I ordered the MPJE study materials from you too. Thank you!
M K, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you Pronto Pass. I did exactly as you said and passed. Couldn't have done it without you! [MPJE - NC]
C F, Midlothian, VA

couple days of studying...passed no problem [MPJE - CO]
B H, San Jose, CA

Dear sir, Thank you very much for supporting me all the way. I hope you carry on the job of helping the future test takers like me. Thanks again and more power! Kind regards,
F P, Jersey City NJ

Just to let you know, I took the mpje in montana scored an 84 percent on the test. Thanks
B G, Missoula, MT

Hello Buzz, How have you been? I'm working now as a consultant pharmacist because of you. I passed the NAPLEX & MPJE NJ almost 2 years ago because of your words of encouragement. I almost gave up on becoming a pharmacist . God Bless you,Buzz. I owe you my pharmacist license,Buzz...
D P, Toms River NJ
Editors Note: Darlene is not a pharmacist because of me....she is a pharmacist because she studied hard.....with encouragement from me. But, I do appreciate her kind words....it encourages me.

Dear Buzz Just got my Naplex Results - 102! I found prontopass to be extremely helpful. I followed the system just as you designed it. I folded and memorized the Quickcards, memorized the Posters, and then did the math practice. I found the quizzing tapes very helpful. Unfortunately, I did not have audio for many of the posters. Your quizzing on the phone in December was an eye opener to me as I realized I did not know the doses and posters very well. Thanks to that eye opener, I spent another 4 weeks studying hard. Thank you for your program - I am thrilled to have passsed. I am a 49 year old who has not practiced in over 15 years except for working as a tech for the past 8 months. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Kathy
K S, San Clemente, CA

Hi Prontopass team, I am happy to inform u that I passed my Naplex. Your ProntoPass posters really helped me a lot. I am glad I used your material and especially your math cards. Thanks for letting me keep the listening CD for one more month. I am going to post the CD this week. Thank you for the material. Thank you so much for everything. Regards
N S, Sunnyvale, CA

My apologies for the delayed response. I passed. Have no clue what percentage, and don’t really care. ;-) Thank you for your wonderful product. I will be sure to recommend it as we begin admitting students to our new pharmacy school this fall.
P C, Fort Worth TX

I wanted to let you know that I passed my NY law exam! Thanks for your help!
E. M, Winston Salem, NC

I have used ProntoPass for my last 5 states and passed them all, so I am hooked.
D M, Livonia, MI
Editors Note: Deborah works at a infusion pharmacy that serves many states.

I passed both the Hawaii and Arizona MPJE ---- Thanks so much!!
S P, Toledo, OH

Passed my Utah exam with scaled score of 84. Thanks
W W, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you very much. You guys are so reliable. Thanks
U C, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Bayliss, Good day. I am happy to inform you that I have by the special grace of God passed my board examination. Thank you very much for your assistance. May the good Lord richly bless you. Warm Regards,
A A, Oak park, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations. Thank you for your blessing. Likewise may God bless everything good that you set your hand and heart and mind to accomplish. Buzz

I took the NAPLEX on 10 Nov and passed. Thanks
M C, Lenexa, KS

Hi Buzz, I am writing to let you know that I decided to take the NAPLEX on November 7th, and I heard yesterday that I passed with a score of 100!! Thank you so much for all of your help and advise. You have amazing study material, and I do not think I could have achieved this goal without it. I am so happy, and I cannot thank you enough! Again, thank you so much!!!! Sincerely,
S C, Cordova, TN

Hi Buzz, I am writing to let you know that I decided to take the NAPLEX on November 7th, and I heard yesterday that I passed with a score of 100!! Thank you so much for all of your help and advise. You have amazing study material, and I do not think I could have achieved this goal without it. I am so happy, and I cannot thank you enough! Sincerely, S.C.
SC, Cordova, TN

Hello, Colin! All of my frets were for not! I actually passed the MPJE—TX J Can you believe??!! Thank you, again for the AWESOME product you’ve created!

"Thank you, the package has arrived and I must say it is brilliant."
D.P., SanRafael, CA

"Thank you very much for shipping my package promptly. So far I am very, very pleased with these QUICKCARDS. I cannot put them down they have a big effect on capturing ones attention. I am able to sit for hours reading these cards. Upon graduating, I would also like to take the 5 day course that ProntoPass is offering..."
N.A., Woodside, NY

"Rather flimsy, but lightweight and portable, none the less...I may have been slightly disappointed in the weight of the cardstock [but] I am 100% satisfied."
L.S., Erie, PA
Editors Note: Pa Glad that you received them quickly.Thanks for your initial comments.One of the great benefits of ProntoPass QUICKCARDS is that by folding them backwards in the middle, they allow you to self test. Regular index cardstock is just too hard on the hands and fingers and results in a fold that is not fluid enough. Our solution was to use a much more expensive Hammermill 60 lb cover stock. They feel like velvet, yet are durable and have excellent color characteristics. Folding them by hand, studying one subject at a time, helps "personalize" the information, making it more memorable, and allows you to visualize your progress. [click here to see fold] Additional Editor's Note: Several months after the purchase of ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics, I received a call from a client who explained that he had gone through and studied the whole set several times and was wondering how he would know when he was ready to take NAPLEX. My first question to him was how many cards are folded. He said that none were folded because he was not studying them that way. I suggested that he start over, fold and study and self test one subject at a time.Three weeks later, he called again. He explained that he was amazed at how much more he mentally retained using this self testing technique. After further discussions, we both agreed that he was now ready to successfully take NAPLEX!

"Your guarantee on ProntoPass QUICKCARDS does not apply to foreign pharmacy school graduates. Are they not intended for foreign students?"
A.P., Cincinnati, OH
Editors Note: ProntoPass Solutions feels very good about the quality of the content of ProntoPass QUICKCARDS. Regardless of where you graduated, you can receive a benefit. However, we limit the guarantee to US pharmacy school graduates because foreign graduates may have some language problems that may limit the product's usefulness to that person. We can guarantee the product but we can't guarantee language skills. The easiest and fairest way was to just limit the guarantee to US graduates.

"I am calling on my way home from taking the Naplex from hell. It was at least 40% math. I figure that I put about 40 hours in on your Math Practice and I want to tell you that there was not one problem that was not covered in your Math Practice. Regarding both the Naplex Review and the Math Practice---there is only one word that comes to mind: AMAZING. Thank you. I think I aced it."
A.A., Falls Church, VA
Editors Note: On 10-26-04, AA happily reported getting a 92!

"Thank you very much. I learned more from these cards then anything else. These cards helped put everything into focus. I would definitely recommend these cards to anyone who feels nervous about taking the NAPLEX. I passed."
J.K., Glendale, AZ

"ProntoPass really helped me to keep going every day even if I had just 10 minutes. Keep up the good work and may God bless your work"
E.P., San Raphael, CA
Editors Note: This was part of the feedback received when E.P. notified me that she had passed Naplex

"With regards to Quickcards - they helped me a lot. I have always written out my own cards when studying and having them already done for me was great. My biggest mistake was procrastination - which has always been a problem when I get to study. One piece of advice you can amplify to future NAPLEX writers is that it would make the exam so much simpler if you start using the cards sooner. I spent a lot of time going through text books and reading about pharmacology and pharmaceutics until it came out of my ears. I should have spent more time on the cards and learnt the topics on them, only dipping into a text book when I needed to reinforce a topic presented by the cards. All the info needed to pass the NAPLEX is on the cards. Also get other people to ask you questions about the cards so that you can start picturing the information on the cards - it makes recall so much easier. All in all the NAPLEX is not a particularly difficult exam - I had a harder time with the FPGEE to get into the States - and if the cards are used daily from 2 months out, a pass should be the outcome."
K.M., Bullhead City, AZ
Editors Note: K.M. scored a 107

"I did pass the NAPLEX with a good score. Thanks for the Memoronics. It did help me a lot."
E.V., Jacksonville, FL

I.H. reported passing Naplex with a score of 114.
I.H., Deming, NM
Editors Note: I.H, Deming, NM, has been awarded prize money in our contest. Click on contest to read more.

Dear Sir: I got the package, thank you for you advice. I'm very happy with your product. A product of a genius, who understand the needs of the examinee, the "PRO" in the field. Your product is an ART! Beautifully done...very motivating...I can't stop...but reading it! Very excellent job. God bless. More power.
E.B., Memphis, TN

Hello, I wanted to let you know I received the ProntoPass products and they are very well done.
J.N., West Palm Beach, FL

I took the NAPLEX last April 18. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The QUICKCARDS helped me so much because after reading 3 review materials, only the QUICKCARDS helped me remember important information. There are information that the books can give you and explain well to you put the problem on how you can retain them all in your head and remember them clearly is handled by the QUICKCARDS. Every penny I saved for this review material is so worth it! And I am happy to inform you that I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 102!!! I will be purchasing the MPJE review materials. I hope you have one for South Carolina Law Exam. Thanks for your brilliant review materials! Sincerely,
V.D., Greenville, SC

I heard about ProntoPass using the Google search engine when searching for study tools for NAPLEX. Also, I have referred a friend to your company who has just recently purchased the ProntoPass cards because they are so wonderful. Sincerely,
A.R., Weirton, WV

Thank you so much for helping me pass the Naplex. I'm so excited now I can hardly write. I could not have done it without you and the good Lord. I'm almost 63 y/o and took my last license exam for FL in 1966 before there was a Naplex. Guess you can teach an ol' dog new tricks. Thanks again.
B.B., Orlando, FL

Thanks ... SURE LORD DESERVES ALL PRAISE. NAPLEX: Took it on April 24th 2005 Result: Got it today May 06th 2005 - Passed Can't find words to express happiness, also can't find them to state how much I appreciate the help of Prontopass Cards. On hand, I had KAPLAN, Pharmacy Review & APhA's Complete Review. Cards were amazingly complete and attractive to let me leave the rest and depend 100% on them. The way they are written, presented and designed will 100% help you to recall most of areas. Why I say most (and not all)?..simply cause I'm 47 YO. Graduated 1982 (that is 23 years ago)- work full time and the father of 2 lovely teenagers and a loving wife. Came here 2001 - let me make it short, to pass FPGEE, TOEFL, TSE & NAPLEX was a dream - NAPLEX was a nightmare as I'm not an American Graduate. English isn't my mother tongue language, my knowledge is not up-to-date. I needed a simple yet complete resource to study. ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics® are exactly what I needed. Guys do not hesitate - sure the choice is yours but my advice; Do Not waste your time on other study resources.
Magdi, , TX

Thanks for all your help. I passed with a 90 wow Am I surprised I will be in the bar tonight drinks for everyone. Yehaa Please send me the law exam cards, thanks.
C.W., Denison, IA

So far, I must say that the cards are awesome and please update me when necessary on any changes.
M.C., Henderson, NY

These drug cards are incredible. You are extremely talented and creative in really driving your salient points home about the drugs' pharmacology, indications and contraindications as well as making detailed comparisons between similar drugs through your Memoronics and easy to understand pictures that were neatly, colorfully and vividly displayed on each card; you did this in a very fun, sometimes laughable fashion, that shows me how much you want us to learn. These cards are jewels for both individuals taking Naplex and for pharmacists like myself. I will write more later. I wish I had these fun, informative insightful connecting cards when I was taking the Naplex!! I believe that if anyone reviewed these cards they would have to say, "You're the best Buzz and thanks for helping me pass my Naplex and making me a better pharmacist." Sincerely,
H.Z., RPh, Livingston, NJ

Thanks for the response...Yes, I've rubber banded them....I think they are just fabulous. It will take me longer to cram this material into my noggin than a person more than half my age!! Ha! Ha! Really do like the way the cards are set up........Probably won't take the Naplex until Sept or Oct....got to get myself motivated to a disciplined study. Just want you to know that this way of studying out surpasses the Morris Cody way! We will keep in touch.......
R.W., Newberg, OR

Yes, the package arrived by noon. I had the cards separated and studying started within an hour of when I got them. I just love them!! (and was tickled that you included the rubber bands because as I was awaiting arrival of the package, it donned on me I didn't have any rubber bands so you saved me a trip to the store :) ) Thanks,
K.P., Tuscon, AZ

[Regarding the MPJE Review] Your cards are an excellent help to learn the easy way the Pharmacy law. I took the MPJE once before, and because I failed I was in need of material that can guide me to really learn what NABP needs me to know in order to practice. For this last test I studied (and memorized form the cards) almost every word on them. It was a really easy task to do, then I read the actual law and it was only a review because I knew everything already from the cards. I scored 81 and am finally licensed. Even though you guarantee success for National Pharmacist, I, as a foreign pharmacist, trusted, used and got benefits from your system. I'm already recommending the other study guides to all my friends so Prontopass can help them become a success too. Thank you Prontopass!
.M.A, Dearborn Heights, MI
Editors Note: This is exactly what we created the MPJE study guide for: not a high grade, just a quick pass. I do believe that the key though is to memorize every word. We have boiled down the Fed law to just 40+ Quickcards and the state law to just one or two regular pages. With the MPJE Review, you are paying ProntoPass to boil it down to the very minimum you need to pass.

Thanks for you emails and the great study advice. I love the Quickcards! I was feeling a little overwhelmed whenever I thought about studying but as soon as I saw the Quickcards, I felt so relieved. They are perfect for me! The posters are really nice too. I'm looking forward to the Hypertension one.
L.S., Henderson, NV
Editors Note: One of the great blessings of using the ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics® and using our suggested method of studying them is that you can measure your progress. We suggest first dividing the cards into subjects and then studying one subject at a time. When you know that one subject, then fold the cards in that subject and self test. Only go onto the next subject when you really, really know that one subject. Doing it this way allows you to measure your progress. Just look in your box and see how many subjects are folded and how many subjects are yet to go! This easy measure of progress gives you encouragement to study.

Dear ProntoPass, Your cards were a great help in preparing for the Naplex. After about 3 weeks of prep time - studying the cards and along with Appleton & Lang practice test, I felt ready. I took the Naplex and passed with a score of 115. I would recommend your cards, since they offer a good review, but in a short amount of time. Thanks for your product and helping me get to the next step in my career. Best of luck to you.
C.T., Las Vegas , NV
Editors Note: Everybody wonders "How long will it take me to study your product?" The answer is, it depends. Four hours per day for 2 months might be a good "average" guess. But it really depends upon the person. Our best was a gal that studied our product for just 7 days and scored 108. (and she had been out of school for 13 years!) But people like this are unusual. There are always some brilliant people out there. LOL. A lot depends upon how long they have been out of school and how old they are. The longer one has been out of school, the harder it is to get into that intense study mode. And, of course, the older one is, the more they have to study it to memorize it. Everyone can pass the Naplex if they want to devote some intense study time to our products. Roughly 60 hours to go through the Quickcards one time. We suggest doing it 3 times (should get much easier and quicker). 40 hours for Math Practice then one hour per day until you take the Naplex. Intense study of 4 hours a day works out to 55 days. But, so much depends upon individual study habits and ability.

I reviewed the quickcards with memoronics, some of the math review and mpje review. It helped me a lot. I was very surprised when I got my Naplex score of 122. Thanks a lot!!!
V.W., West Monroe, LA

I received a call from someone who asked me "why should I buy your flashcards when there are others out there with more cards and are cheaper?" This was my reply: ProntoPass does not sell "flashcards". We sell ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics. Theres is a world of difference! They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. We are flattered that others have tried to copy our format. But, nothing beats our Memoronics in helping you speed the learning process and helping the facts "stick" in your mind. We use graphics, pictures, sayings, rhymes, arrows, color and strange Rx Elf sayings to help achieve this. Also, we try very hard to limit the Naplex Review to about 900 or so QUICKCARDS. We could easily have 2000 but it would defeat our purpose which is to get you ready to take, and pass, Naplex as quickly as possible. Also, there is one other difference - and that happens after the sale. You can call or email us anytime with questions, problems, comments and suggestions! Your questions are not a bother, they help keep us sharp!
CEB, Dover, OH

"Exam of horror" Well, as you predicted...I passed!!I was so excited to find out....I spent a whole week after taking my exam moping around and depressed. Getting my passing score was definitely a morale boost! Thanks so much for all your help! Now I have to take my law exams. Oh, my score on the NAPLEX was a 94 :) Once again thanks for all your help and support!!
, Lawrenceville, GA
Thank You for the timely response! [to a question he had emailed] I am studying the cards one subject at a time and then folding to self test. I just wanted you to know, you really have a great product, that I have confidence in for preparing me for the NAPLEX. Thanks Again'
P.G., Hampstead, MD
I've passed the MPJE and your cards were really helpful. I would like to sell these cards and I hope that's alright with Prontopass. Thanks
I.Z., Worchester, MA
Editors Note: Of course you can sell them. They are yours to do with as you please. With regard to MPJE, you buy them....they are yours! Regarding the Naplex, we send some last minute review material that is on loan...and those have to be returned, but the other material can be sold or whatever you would like to do with them. If you go to sell them, I do think you should mention what Version they are so people will know how old the material is. Also, we do ask that your respect our copyright and not copy or in any way duplicate them. So glad to hear that they have helped you. Good luck in your professional career.

Dear CEB, A W E S O M E ! ! ! Thank you SO much. I opened the box, to find a treasure chest of pharm information. The physical process of sorting all the cards into bitesize chunks is brilliant. Just starting this process has given me such encouragement and confidence, it is a true gift. I am excited about studying for NAPLEX, and will be using your system to prep me for my rotations first. Having the information all together and with a plan that is clear-cut and doable, I'm halfway there. Thanks also for the posters. They are fabulous! Any plans in the works for a poster on antibiotics or cancer? Thanks again,
M.B., Glendale, AZ
Editors Note: Yes, those Posters are coming, slow but sure!

I passed my exam, thanks for the assistance
T.A., Cherry Hill, IL
I just wanted to let you know that I received the cards and posters today. They look like they are an awesome set. I am sure they will help me a lot. Thanks for all your work putting these together. I am sure I will be talking to you soon!
K.M., Bruinswick, OH
I have just ordered your MPJE review. I need it for Florida. I would also like to thank you. After using your cards I scored a 119 on NAPLEX 16 years after I took it the first time!!!!
K.S., Goshen, OH
I got my naplex results today and i passed the exam, i thank you very much as your cards ,posters and the calculation and profiles helped me a lot and i cleared the exam. thank you very much once again. i shall be giving the mpje exam next week. thanks a lot
B.P., Mountain City, TN
Thanks for all the posters. I got 107 in my Naplex. [Reference to Naplex omitted - glad they were helpful]. All the posters are very good. I am collecting all these posters even after my exam. The only poster that I don't have now is that of DIURETICS. It is not available for purchase or auction. Please put the diuretics poster on auction at the earliest. I am a very good customer of yours and I want to add that to my collection. Thanks in advance.
P.C., Edison, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex with a great score. I am glad that the ProntoPass Naplex Review Posters were helpful. Thanks also for your kind words. A Diuretics Poster is being sent to you at no charge. We just posted the Diuretics Poster to our site.

I am extremely excited to have cards like these that can help me pass the Naplex. A prayer of help that has been answered. Your cards are awesome. It is 1:30am and I cannot put these cards down. I love them! Thank you so much for someone like you to help someone like me get through this. Your cards are funny and exciting and give me extreme hope and confidence that I will do fine. Keep up the darn good work you do sir! I am a hard to please person too!
D.S., Sun City, CA
Many thanks to prontopass for guidance in passing NAPLEX. I found the NAPLEX FLASH cards and Math Practice very very useful and would recommend it to everyone especially interns who are working and have a time crunch. Personal thanks to buzz for answering my questions and apprehensions whenever I called him. All in all a great product from a sincere and honest person in my opinion. The posters were good because I could go over all the pharmacology 2 days before the exam and also helped me in understanding topics better . Keep up the good work Thanks a million.
R.A., Pittsburgh, PA
Hi! I am Foreign graduate Pharmacist. I received your [MPJE] Prontopass for New Jersey very fast just 9 days before my exam. Now I have a result - I passed! Thank you.
S.P., Brooklyn, NY
After graduating from Pharmacy school in May of 2005, I decided to take a 3 day live lecture Kaplan review course. The cost of the class was $500 which was very expensive to a student with very little money but I figured it would pay off in the long run. The Kaplan course came with a thick black review book which was mostly covered during the 3 days. The book was very plain and was like trying to read a novel. After the class, I study the book once through again and paid for the online question bank to do practice questions. Four weeks later I took the NAPLEX. When I received my score in the mail, I was shocked to see that I failed. I did everything the Kaplan professors had told me and It was not enough. I now had to wait three months before I could take the test again and I knew that reviewing the Kaplan book again would not help. I found the ad for Prontopass in one of the pharmacy magazines at work. I could not imagine spending another $500 for study materials. I read their web site and looked at some of the examples of the quickcards with memoronics. I knew math was a weakness of mine and they had quickcards just for the pharmacy math. I decided it was worth a try. I was desperate for help and plus there was a money back guarantee. When I received the package in the mail I quickly separated the cards as instructed. I was so excited to see so many math examples with how to solve each problem correctly step by step. This was exactly what I needed. I followed the directions exactly and after completing all the quickcards I felt SO READY for the test!! The test seemed so much easier, some of the questions came straight from the final review quickcard section. All the math questions I had on the test were exactly like the ones that I had practiced. During the test, I had great visual imagines of the quickcards and could easy recall answers. These cards are ABSOLUTLEY amazing. The cards covered every topic on the NAPLEX. I recommend these cards to everyone. My score was a 58 with the Kaplan review and a 91 after using the prontopass quickcards. WOW!!! what a huge improvement. I wish I had heard of Prontopass sooner. I would have been able to start my career as a Pharmacist so much sooner!
K.W., Alexandria, VA
I finally passed the exam! I was starting to lose faith after taking the Naplex two times and I found with the ProntoPass quickcards, that you showed exactly what you needed to study. They were very clear and precise. I had a tendency to try to cram as much info into my head as possible but with the ProntoPass cards you told me exactly what I had to study and just enough info to pass. THANK YOU PRONTOPASS!!!!!!! I have recommended you to a lot of other people who are students working in the same pharmacy! I could not have asked for a better Thanksgiving/Christmas wish!
S.M. , Blue Bell, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex. We are very happy that our products were helpful to you. I have to take exception to one thing you said about "just enough info to pass". We believe that our products provide a complete pharmacy review and it is comprehensive enough to not just pass---but to pass with a high score! LOL.

My name is [omitted] I purchased your Pronto-pass cards for the Naplex exam which I passed with 104 on the 16th of November. Thanks for the Pronto-cards they were a wonderful help in jump-starting this old brain, I qualified from Rhodes University in South Africa in 1982! yours sincerely
P-C,O, Napa, CA
....Your memoronics caught my attention b/c it's how I liked to study in college.
P.F., Orlando, Florida
Editors Note: P F is a pharmacist who took a breather from pharmacy for several years "to pursue other options" and is using ProntoPass to "brush up". More and more pharmacists are using our products to achieve personal goals other than passing Naplex. Good luck P F.

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX. You cards worked wonders! A lot of infectious diseases, SE NPHMK!!!! Thanks so much,
E.S., Columbia, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex. LOL, the memoronic SE NPHMK must have found a home in your memory! Glad that it was helpful.

Thanks for sending me the cards. I cannot believe how good they are. My friend referred me to your site and I signed up for the cards and received them immediately. I am actually looking fwd to going through the cards. I already started 3 topics. I hope I pass. Thanks to your cards!
A.J., Lebanon, PA
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words. Favorable comments like yours make my day! Remember, the study method is the key to passing and it is stated fairly simply: study one subject at a time until you know it. When you know that one subject, fold and self test that one subject. When you really, really know that one subject then go onto the next. The method is easy, it is the study and memorization that is the hard part! Be encouraged and measure your progress by looking in the box and seeing how many are folded and known and how many are yet to do. Also, DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW THE POSTERS AS YOU DO THE SUBJECTS IN THE NAPLEX REVIEW QUICKCARDS. Trust me, the Naplex Review Posters are very important and enhance your visual learning. Good luck in your studies.

I used your system to help me with the MPJE and want to say thank you for focusing me on the core material I needed to study. After 29 years from my first State Board test I was still able to pass with no difficulty.
K.A., Painsville, OH
Editors Note: Our MPJE review is a unique product. We boil it down to the essence of what you need to know. Federal law is boiled down to 40 or so QUICKCARDS. State law is boiled down to one or two pages. The goal is to pass the MPJE quickly. This is not a big book....it is a small package packed with essential material. With this product you are buying the essence, not the volume. Some people still don't understand this. On 10-18-05 I received one of the few negative comments we have ever received: L S wrote "You should get some Vaseline with the MPJE review." Evidently some people still think that for $130 they are entitled to get a big heavy book filled with endless boring law. Unlike our Naplex Review products, this product does not produce high grades, but almost always it is a passing score.

V.S., Sicklersville, NJ

I had been out of pharmacy for 15 years and made a 110 on the Naplex last month!!! ProntoPass really is a great study tool.
T.S., Paducah, Kentucky
Editors Note: Congratulations. Tammy Sills is a real winner in many ways. (Name is being used with permission.) She has been determined to be a contest winner. Read Tammy's amazing story under contest.

I recieved a call from A B who informed me that the first time he took Naplex he had studied the APhA book hard and got a 69. After studying ProntoPass he got a 90. He called to thank us.
A.B., Senatoria, MS

First of all i would like to thanks to makers of ProntoPass. Such a great product help you success ding your endeavors. Each and every product of theirs i bought and i thought let me try it and see how good it is? and their money back guarantee i like the most just like good investment.. I talked to personnel on the phone i felt like I'm talking to counselor, such good help to boost up your moral support and confidence. I,personally think great way to study Naplex/mpje point wise with full of great memoronics. And its index card such small size to carry around to your job and read one or two pages why not ?? Especially their posters and math index card are really awesome... Really "not lying" but help me through with this Naplex/Mpje. ProntoPass allowed me to study hard and use time wisely. Good luck to all with study and exam.
V S , Farmington, MI
Editors Note: V S reported getting a 118 and upon receipt of papers verifying this result, will be considered for our contest. Congratulations VS.....great score!

I received a call today from C L who informed me that he had passed the Naplex with a score of 126. Let this be an encouragement to all New Yorkers who are thinking ahead to a little FLORIDA sun.
C.L., Delray Beach, FL
Editors Note: C L is 58 yo and studied our products for 3 months prior to taking the test. He also took and passed the MPJE on the same day with a 77! (I NEVER suggest that someone take the Naplex and the MPJE on the same day!)

Dearest Buzz, Our wonderful leader and inventor of Pronto Cards, Here I want to tell all of you that I was so desperate I was so confused I had bought the books, Manan Shroff, attended a course but guess what before my exam by almost one month I felt I am sinking down in a deep ocean-- an unbelievable amount of info that I have to memorize and the more I study the more I forget, until I came across the ProntoPass website and I fell in love with the idea. I spoke to you Buzz and you were my coach all through the process, at the begining there was a delay in the shipping because they were delivered to the leasing office and I did not know, so they were there for one whole week without my knowledge. Buzz was very very nice he offered to send me one more package at no extra charge, but Thanks be To God, I found them, and I was impressed by Buzz's attention commitment and helpfulness; that was only the begining. I used to e-mail Buzz maybe 2 or three e-mails a day with questions and he would answer me. Buzz I know I was a pain but thank you so much for mentoring. Finally Buzz convinced me to postpone my exam from Dec 30th to any time in January. I was very reluctant at first but I did afterwards. Then I took the exam on Jan 13th and I travelled to my home country on the 17th. My husband got the good news and he called me on the phone and told me "Caroline you passed with a score of 113" I cannot explain how happy I was, jumping all around the place. All I could think of was the Pronto cards and how great they were and how much they helped me. I am so grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ because without Him we can do nothing at all. By Him we live, we move, and we have our being, and I am also thankful to you Buzzy. I want to really see you and thank you personally but until then I wish you can feel my heart. Buzz you invented a tool which changed the face of Pharmacy school it is not hard anymore it's fun. You added fun to our learning and I thougt where were you Buzz and your cards when we were in Pharmacy School? We had to go through a lot without your cards. But thank you Buzz and also thanks to your elf. I really loved his memoronics and all his jokes ,you made me smile while studying. You know I would put the cards in my purse and take them anywhere I am going so in the car my husband would be driving and I would be studying. Naplex is not hard anymore because of you. Buzz you made a difference,thank you!!!. I will be back to the States on The 28th of February. I am having so much fun with my family here, I hope BUZZ you can send me the Law cards of California because I want to take it as soon as I go back. I am soooo happy. Buz Buzz Buzzy Buzzzzz Buzz Buzz Buzzy WE LOVE YOU . Caroline.
C.A., Alta Loma, CA
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words. Notes like yours truely make my day and make my work seem worthwhile. I share your joy. and I am glad that ProntoPass could provide you with some useful products. But, it was your work that got the job done. You deserve the joy of success. Congratulations!

I received the following email: PASSED with a 90 % and I have to admit Prontopass made a huge differences in my understanding of the drugs and the math problems! The cards and posters are a must for anyone who is going to take the NAPLEX. Thank you so very much for all your help Buzz.
G.A., Granada Hills, CA

I just wanted to let you and others know how great your review materials are. Originally I saw your information in the back of a pharmacy magazine. I was looking for materials since I studied Kaplan and scored a 49% on the NAPLEX exam. All my collegues prior to taking the NAPLEX, the first time, told me not to worry that the exam would be cake. Well my exam had 40% math and questions that I could not answer. I needed help and contacted you. I purchased the materials, studied them as you told me and today I found out that I had passed the NAPLEX exam. Although I don't know my score yet, I am so pleased not only with your service but with your kindness and compassion that you had for me throughout this process. Thank you so much for everything...even the prayers!
L.F., Bryn Mawr, PA
Editors Note: Thank you so much for your kind words. They encourage me! On 2-18-06, L F had received the officical word---passed with a 96. From a 49 to a 96! Job well done!

Hello Buzz, this is [deleted]. I was thinking of sending you this e-mail sometime this weekend; but I just can't wait. As you hear me this evening, I received my results for the Naplex today with a passing score of 115. Wouaaaouhhh!!! What do you think Buzz? I am so proud of my self today thanks to you. Between you and me, I believe in one God and our Lord Jesus Christ is marvelous. I won't be too long right here. God will bless you for how you have started working for all of us. I'm telling you and I know what i'm talking about. Thank you ! Buzzzzz!!!!!
M B, Birmingham, MI
Editors Note: M B has been declared a contest winner. His name is used with permission. After being unsuccessful, M B studied hard and was very successful. M B's example should give encouragement to many. We are so very proud of students like M B and we share in his joy! M B's testimony will be added to the contest as soon as the webmaster can post it.

I am very pleased with your product, the cards are a convenient format, and I always carry a few with me. The posters are great, and a great complimentary aid to the cards. I am following your advised route, study one subject at a time and study it to know it. I'm actually surprised at how much does come back to me.
D L , Grass Lake, MI

I passed the Naplex with a 112 score, so I think your system works! Do you have FL law done?
B B , Denver, CO
Editors Note: Congratulations. Job well done. Yes, we have MPJE for FL

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: Thank you ProntoPass for your guidance on the Naplex because it was a tough exam, but with your help I was able to take the test for the first time and get a 115! The cards were great, the math review great, and the final review really brought it together. What you have created is really a balance of material, and it's compressed in a short, easy to manage box. Very nice. Again thank you for helping me pass.
J C , Pittsburgh, PA

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: Thank you ProntoPass for your guidance on the Naplex because it was a tough exam, but with your help I was able to take the test for the first time and get a 115! The cards were great, the math review great, and the final review really brought it together. What you have created is really a balance of material, and it's compressed in a short, easy to manage box. Very nice. Again thank you for helping me pass.
N H , Mehlville, MO

Being a foreign graduate, I did not know what to study so I studied everything starting with Goodman and Gillman. I was unsuccessful and discouraged. When I purchased ProntoPass, everything changed. You are the key to Naplex! I love the cards. I love the posters. I love the Math. I think your products are especially useful for foreign graduates who may not know where to begin their studies. I went from a 72 to a 96! Thank you also for your words of encouragement. I will not forget "Big problems makes for strong people. God needs strong people" Again, many, many, thanks. Can you help me pass CA Law?
I T , Carmel, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Your kind words are appreciated. Yes, we can help with CA law. One of the keys is to take the test quickly before you forget your drug knowledge!

Thanks so much for being concerned about me. After speaking to you over the phone, you gave me inspiration and a little more confidence to believe in myself. I will work harder and MEMORIZE the cards instead of reading them. You're right I need to set my fears aside and get to business. I will call you as soon as I feel like I'm progressing. Thanks so much for being here for me. It means alot.
withheld, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: Studying for Naplex is difficult but it is not mission impossible. If someone is not making the progress that they should, I suggest to that person to try to identify the cause. What is interfering with your study? Once it is identified it can be dealt with and minimized or eliminated. Sometimes I can help in identifying the problem. Usually, it is a common problem we all have from time to time like not having a quite place to study, or screaming kids, or money worries, or being upset with a friend/lover/spouse, or physical problems like from an injury or having pain. Most of us also have fear from time to time. Fear is a common distraction with Naplex study and it needs to be addressed! All of us only live once and we should never live with fear.

I received an email and part of it read as follows: It has been hard getting started with studying because I feel really burnt out from rotations but your cards make it easy to squeeze it in any time. I am hoping to be prepared by the end of June :
L S , Las Vegas, NV
Editors Note: The hardest part of study is getting started. The next hardest thing is sticking to a schedule to get it done. During and/or after rotations is especially hard because there are so many mental distractions. Where will I work? Who will I work for? How much money will I make? What kind of car will I buy? Is it too soon to plan the marriage? I try to remind everyone in this situation that it can be a disaster to put the cart before the horse. After you get your license will be soon enough to consider all these things. CEB

I just wanted to give you an update... due to the fact of my recently signing on with [omitted] pharmacy I am in the process of studying the ProntoPass 200 and I am up to #111 and I am still plugging away at it... it is really tough and I am trying my best but I noticed when I get to where I am now I start to loose things like especially the doses... some of them are easy to retain but others are rough... I am trying though... I just wanted to tell you where I stand... I hear from some that this is the hardest part of studying and more than half the battle and I dont know if that is true but it sure is rough and I know I didnt do this for my first and second attempts and I bet that had a thing to do with me failing both times too... Hear from ya soon!
withheld, withheld, MA
Editors Note: Memorization of basic facts like the ProntoPass 200 poster if tough.....and necessary. The biggest reason for being unsuccessful with Naplex is not having memorized basic facts. Yes, it is tough but stick with it until you know that poster cold. Not only will it help you get a great grade, it will give you confidence, and it will encourage your studying because, yes, it is the hardest thing I ask people to do. Get that done and know that the rest of the studying is "downhill" from there. Many times it help if you can have someone quiz you from this poster. Call me anytime if you want me to quiz you on it. CEB

I think I am a classic example of a moron exam taker. I either bought, or borrowed, all and any NAPLEX review on the market, Morris Cody, Appleton and Lange, Shargel, Koda Kimble, APhA.....you name it, I have it!! I had so much material that it was overwhelming, and it was not that I didn't read it ...I did, and read it again, and again, and again, and I thought I was ready. I took NAPLEX and I scored 73. I was devestated and angry and depressed. I thought, next time if I take it, I just don't want 75, I will ace this damn exam, and that was my mantra for the next few weeks, "GET 110, ACE THIS EXAM!!!. When I got back to studying again I thought, oh GOD!, how the hell am I going to pass NAPLEX, it seemed impossible. At that point I came across ProntoPass, the feedback I read seemed almost too good to be true. I thought, these are just some fake people, and Mr. Buzzy has posted these fake testamonials to sell his product (sorry Buzz), just like the ads that you see on tv, where people lose weight on some weight loss product and they mention "it works, really works!! money back guarantee!!" So I thought, what the hell, I'll take the chance. When I got the ProntoPass cards in the letter, he said put away all the books in the closet...and I thought, "is he kidding?", anyways, I did just as he said, and I took NAPLEX. The night before the exam I thought, I have taken a pretty big gamble just studying ProntoPass, what if it's not enough?, what if I fail again? Anyways, I took the exam, and when I walked out of the examination room I said to my husband "Thank GOD I bought ProntoPass, that was the best money I have ever spent in my life!!" I knew I had cleared NAPLEX, I knew I would have at least 75, and I prayed to GOD, if I have 75 I will not be greedy, and be very very happy. When I got my result my score was 114!! I did it, and it's all thanks to ProntoPass. I must also mention that I also cleared CPJE, and ProntoPass helped me in that too. So my take on ProntoPass is this: "I AM A REAL PERSON, WHO STUDIED THE PRONTOPASS HARD, AND GOT MY TARGET SCORE. SO THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! REALLY WORKS, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!" It's not how many books you have, or how many books you have read, and how many times you have read them, it all comes down to what you remember when a question comes up on NAPLEX, whether you are able to answer that, and when a question came up on NAPLEX, I had a picture image of the exact card on ProntoPass, and that's amazing! Thanks Buzzy, you are great!
A K , Fremont, CA
Editors Note: Best wishes to AK, the newest pharmacist in CA. Thank you for your kind words.

I just want to let you know that I'm a mother for two boys, 6 and 7 yo. I tried for many months just to start study in the usual Naplex Review books, and with my busy situation, I felt many times, that I will never make it through the Naplex, but when my friend talked to me about your cards, this was my only and last hope, and finaplly I paid and I got the ProntoPass cards, which by all meaning are worth every penny. I started to divide the cards the way you told me, and this was the beginning of my Naplex preparations. And do not get surprised, when I tell you that I finished your cards in 10 days and I only had to study for a few hours while my kids where at school, and while cooking, or doing the laundry. And finally I felt that it is time to take the test after practicing some of the questions from books that I have, (the Q-Bank was not available at that time). To make my story short, I got my score of 125 just because of your help, and your cards, which I still use to study for the clinical law exam in California. Buzz, I do not know how to thank you for these incredible cards, which I believe that you make to put all your experience with Naplex in our hands, especially for the student that has a hard or busy schedule. Buzz, finally I wish that God will bless you and bless your work for us.
M S , Whittier, CA

Prior to coming with ProntoPass J P had studied APhA, CPR, A&L, Kaplan, and Morris Cody. She had recieved a score of 70. I revieved a call today to tell me that after studying ProntoPass she had passed the test with a score of 97.
J P, Farmington Hills, MI

I recieved an email today and my student said the following: "I took naplex about almost 2 months ago. I've heared from all my colleagues that passing naplex for the first time would be hard but u made it easy for me."
H A , Gaithersburg, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing the Naplex. I am glad that ProntoPass made it "easy" for you, LOL. Studying hard for 3 months, as you did, should make it "easy" for anyone! It was your hard work that made it seem easy. You worked for it and deserved the success you achieved. Wishing you, and all your colleagues at Howard University, the best of good fortune.

Prior to coming with ProntoPass J P had studied APhA, CPR, A&L, Kaplan, and Morris Cody. She had recieved a score of 70. I revieved a call today to tell me that after studying ProntoPass she had passed the test with a score of 97.
R P, Naperville, IL

I received an email today complaining that one of the sample cards we display on our website had a Memoronic was a racial slur against Mexicans. This person suggested that we should be more politically correct, more professional, etc, etc.
J J , ?, ?
Editors Note: Get a life! Want political correctness? Buy a text book. Our Memoronics are intended to be memorable! For that reason many of the Memoronics are "STRANGE"----to say the least. A few even have some very colorful language! We have one goal: Pass Naplex with a great score! This involves lots of memory work and Memoronics helps anchor these facts in the mind. We do not intend to offend anyone or any group. We use these outlandish sayings to help people....people of all nationalities and backgrounds. Regarding what we do and how we do it, we believe we are years ahead of everyone else in the business of Naplex education. If you are easily offended or embarrassed or thin skinned, please know that this product is probably not for you. J J, please allow me to suggest that your professional studies will not be complete until you add a little humor to your proud Mexican-American heritage. Also, FYI, every weekend for 9 months a year, I donate a little time at my parish to help my local latino brothers learn English. It is a strange thing, but often those who complain the most, do the least. CEB

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS helped me to pass the NAPLEX exam without any problems. I used to have more than seven books and hundreds of pages of notes around me to study for this exam. Needless to say, I was frustrated and discouraged by the sheer volume of material. However, after receiving the package from ProntoPass (flash cards, tables, poster, etc...), I didn't need to go back to my notes and books. Everything I needed to study was present in a concentrated fashion. I studied and passed with no problems. If you study these materials properly and religiously, you won't have any surprises on your exam day. The mnemonics and coloration of important materials such as drugs were particularly a saver on the exam day. Furthermore, the study questions were very inclusive and the math part was excellent. I advise anyone who has problems with NAPLEX to try this system. Mr. Buzz (the owner of the company) is very accessible by phone or email and is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the material and the exam itself. I guarantee that this is not a waste of money. You will be very happy and it is worth every penny. Thank you very much Mr. Buzz and keep up the good work
N H , Duluth, GA
Editors Note: Thank you N H for your kind words.

I want to thank CEB and prontopass team due to which I was successful in passing NAPLEX. CEB was always there to answer my doubts or research them for me and encourage me throughout the study process. Through the tension process for NAPLEX exam ,it felt good to receive encouragement and guidance from a person who knows the subject so well. I don't have enough words to thank him. I studied his cards well and they were very good and u don't feel like putting them down even for a minute. Thanks again for all the help.
K S, Austin, TX
Editors Note: What KS did not tell you is that she received a 55 the first time and then when she got serious with ProntoPasss and study she passed with a 99. This serious student did some serious study and recieved a seriously good grade. Congratulations! CEB

Dear Buzz, As per our conversation today, you encouraged me to apply for your contest...so here are the details. I am so happy to have scored 129 on my Naplex that I took on 6/17/06. When I took the exam I felt lousy, I really thought I failed it. There were questions that came from nowhere. Working as a california pharmacist, I wouldn't have known the answers. I would have to look up some of the answers. I wish I could discuss the exam with you and tell you the questions I do remember, but cannot as per Naplex rules. I can tell you one thing, it did have a lot of Math, and TPNs galore!!!!, when I used work in the hospital, I never used to touch the TPNs b/c I was so scared to miscalculate..but I felt so good about it in the exam. I had gotten your math CD and the math practice and did each problem on both at least 2 times and the hard one's 3 times. When I got your study cards, I had just delivered a baby 3 months ago, with the remaining brain cells, I did not think that I could pass. Not sleeping at nights, and sleep walking, I thought I would fail it. But the cards helped!. I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to have your cards while studying in pharmacy school. I am pretty sure they would have helped me in school. They were basic yet detailed enough that I could remember what I learned in school. There are some cards that I really really liked and they are: Antibiotics HIV Opportunity Infections Blood Cardiac Math ---I loved it!!!!!. Posters were great--all of them and esp top 200..I memorized them front and sometimes the backs....:) I hope that you continue helping those who need direction for this exam..... thanks! Monika B. Rajpal
M R , Redmond, WA
Editors Note: Your test results speak a lot about you. You overcame some significant obstacales that most people will not have: Like working full time and preparing for and getting a new baby. What people don't know, is that you took 7 months to achieve your success. I never recommend this long but in cases like this, where there are life demands to live with.....YOU show that it can be done. What a great score. May others be encouraged by your persistance and results. Congratulations. Enjoy your new home in Washington and YOUR new baby! CEB

Hello, this is [omitted], and I just found out that I got a 134 on the Naplex. Just wanted to let you know that I have mailed back the last minute review material that was sent on loan. Thank you!
B R , Little Rock, AR
Editors Note: Congratulations B R. What a great score! I would like to note for everyone that you did everything like we suggest. Your study time was about 2 months (long enough for a complete review but not so long as you start to forget what you learned), you called and we quizzed you, and you studied well the three items we send on loan as last minute review material.

S G informed us of her great score today....135 Sofia has been chosed an winner in our contest. Click on the contest button and read her testimony.
S G , Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your outstanding support during my study process. I finally passed NAPLEX. No one would offer as much support and responsiveness as ProntoPass. I had all kind materials including Kaplan Q-Bank, APHA Book, Morris & Cody Review Course before and still failed two times. I had old version of the cards. Prontopass sent me promtly the new version of the last review and math cards. The quizing before the last minute materials review had made a trick. It made me prepared even more before the test. My advice just stick with the Pronopass review materials especially if you have a busy working schedule like myself or who wants to pass it within a few months. I suggest buying the combo pack. It is worth it 200%. THANK YOU!!!
E L , Clarksburg, MD
Editors Note: E L points out that our telephone quizzing on the Posters was really useful to her. Quizzing is optional, but we do find that it really helps people get prepared. When I ask what is the DOC for PDA, I do not give the person 5 optional answers.....they either know it or they don't. It is right there on the Preemies Poster. More than once, I have said to people (but not to E L) call me back when you know it....I don't have time to waste. But, I love to give compliments to those who do know the answers and give them to me promptly and crisply. These telephone quizzes builds both knowledge and confidence.

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for your prontopass. After failing naplex I totally lost interst in reading the same old stuff that I have. Later I found and ordered prontopass and each and every card seems to be very intersting and different from what I had read before. I started understanding why I failed Naplex initially. Prontopass refreshed all the basic concepts of pharmacy. Naplex is not a straight forward exam. It needs lot of applications. I passed with a scoregot a score of 124. I loved the posters specifically.
V J , Detriot, MI

Hi buzz, I passed naplex with your material. Thank you so much. I am mailing back the last minute stuff tomorrow. I love your posters. Thank you once again. vijaya
V V, Aubrun Hills, MI

Dear Buzz, I want to thank you and Steve for all your support in helping me prepare for the Naplex. Your support was overwhelming and highly appreciated. I passed the Naplex with a whopping 125! I couldn't have done it without the study materials and the support ProntoPass provided. You were just awesome! It was well worth it. The study materials you have and the Q-Bank provide for a sure pass. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone I know preparing for the Naplex especially foreign pharmacy graduates. I had no doubts after the exam that I had passed. Will call you soon. Kind Regards, Lee
L F , Rochester Hills, MI
Editors Note: Every once in a while, I run across a student who really has workded hard to know our material. Lee was such a student. There was never any doubt that he would pass the Naplex and pass the test with a high score. Steve and I both wish to thank L F. Your hard work made our livies worthwhile and rewarding! Son, YA DONE GOOD!!!! CEB

Hey Buzz, It's me C_______. I'm still memorizing all the last review. It's tough but I CAN DO IT !!!!! I came up with some memoronics as I was looking over the diuretics. For the Potassium Sparing diuretics think of the exam S.A.T . Spironolactone (Aldactone), Amiloride (Midamor) and Triamterine (Dyrenium). For the loop diuretics I came up with a saying, "BET Five dollars". Bumetanide (Bumex), Ethacrynic acid (Edecrin), Torsemide (Demadex) and Furosemide (Lasix). What do you think? It helps me alot to remember my drugs. Also, for Class I A drugs for antiarrythmias, I came up with "Quick Pay Day", Quinidine, Procainamide (Pronestyl) and Dysopyramide (Norpace). What do you think? I'll probably be calling you this weekend to quiz me on antiarrythmias and hypertension. Thank you for your support and help. It really means alot to me. You'll probably make a difference in my life until the day I die. Thank you for busting up my studying and giving me encouragement. Please pray for me so I can pass my exam and not to feel so overwhelmed. C
C K , Houston, TX
Editors Note: Thank you for your suggested new Memoronics. The Elf loves them! Keep up the good work!!! Of course you are in my prayers....I pray a lot for you....I think of you often because everytime I speak to you, your sweet voice makes me wish I were not such an old man, LOL! (I know that is not a good reason to pray for you, but God works with what he has on hand.) Hard work and prayers.....an unbeatable combination! CEB

You were so right! I passed with a score of 100 and I serioulsy attribute it to the cards. Even though I did not study them as hard as I should have the things that I did remember were becuase of the way that the cards were organized.
H K , Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: This student called just before her test with some pre test anxiety. She said she knew the prontopass material and I told her not to worry! The girls at Duquesne vs the girls at LECOM: Duquesne 1 LECOM 0

Thanks Prontopass! I passed the Naplex with a 101!! It was my second shot and I could not have done it without you!
C H , Salt Lake City, UT
Editors Note: Congratulations C. Many thanks for your card donation. For your generosity, I have said a special prayer that God will bless all that you do.

I love it when a beautiful Asian girl tells me how much she appreciates me! LOL. Sarah, good luck on the MPJE. CEB
E C , Toronto, Canada

Hi! I got a NAPLEX result yeterday. I passed with 109 score. I appreciate you so much. Your cards were really biggest help, not only for the NAPLEX but also for rotations. Now I am waiting for MPJE results. I took a MPJE last saturday. NewYork is the most slow processing state, isn't it? Once again, Thank you very much for everything you've done for me. Have a nice day. Sarah
Editors Note: I love it when a beautiful Asian girl tells me how much she appreciates me! LOL. Sarah, good luck on the MPJE. CEB

When I saw my first NAPLEX score, I looked like someone that just got punched in the face. Complete shock. I remember not feeling too confident after I took it, but optimistic that I would at least pass. I didn't even come close. I failed with a score of 48. I couldn't even sleep that night. The next day I made an appointment with the dean of my school (the best dean in the world!)[Dr. Mary Lee at Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy] for advice. After we talked, she gave me a poster of the top 200 drugs from prontopass and suggested that I study it. I liked the poster so much that I went to the website to see what they were about. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but the reviews seemed so genuine that I decided to give it a shot. I'm really thankful that I did. Buzz worked with me by giving me thorough quizzes and encouragement. I really like how you have that policy of not sending the q-bank until YOU feel like we're ready. It made me work really hard. So I took the NAPLEX again after studying the prontopass materials. This time I wasn't trying to figure out the answers by educated guesses or process of elimination. I was looking for the right answers from the start. There were only a few questions where I felt I needed to guess. I walked out of the test center with a smile on my face. This time I passed with a score of 123!!! Praise the Lord!! Thanks Buzz! I'll send a copy of both my test scores.
S C , Des Plaines, IL
Editors Note: S C sent me an additional email that I would like to share: "I feel that there should be one disclaimer to this product though. The name "prontopass" is a little misleading. This is not a quick shortcut to passing the NAPLEX. Just like you said, give yourself about two months of focused studying. This material is such a great focused and systematic way of studying for the naplex. I actually was going to use adjunctive material to study along with the prontopass material, but I never got around to it because the prontopass material took up so much of my time that by the end of the day, I didn't have the energy to study anything else. Thanks buzz for all your help" The only comment that I would like to add is that we think ProntoPass is "Pronto" in relation to some other study material. Our product is more active learning (memorization) vs passive learning with other study material (reading). I suggest two months of 4 hr per day study. This is in contrast to studying other material maybe for a year because you have to read it over and over for it to stick!!!! SC, thank you so much for your feedback. Your disclaimer has been noted! I never want anyone to think that our program is a weekend magic thing!! You proved that long hard study has its rewards...a score you can be proud of for the rest of your life....and a feeling of pharmacy competency.

Hands down I would recommend Pronto Pass to anyone! Trust me fellow pharmacy students the package is great and more than enough to pass the Naplex---not just pass guys, you can actually get a great grade! The pictures, the colors, the funny little notes actually catch your attention and it sticks in your head. I was taking the NY exam and in Ny we also have the compounding portion where 1 of the 2 days is all written-no multiple choice-and it can be on ANYTHING from the sky about pharmacy so I had no clue how I could study 4 years of pharmacy in 2 weeks. I bought the package and I studied 2 weeks straight and when I sat down to the test I had a huge smile on my face because I knew like every single answer to the questions and I got a 93 out of 100!!! I know for a fact that I screwed up on the actual compounding so doing great on the written helped so much. Then I took a little break and about one month later I started studying for Naplex. Buzz says to know everything really well, he quizzes you and then he sends the last review and advises you to take the test in 2 weeks if he feels you're ready. Well I took another little vacation from studying and realized that I was wasting time trying to avoid studying. So first I scheduled my exam on my own and started studying. I knew that if Buzz was to quiz me he wouldnt think I was ready because I'm not good at being quizzed especially if the answer is expected of me within a couple of seconds. So I emailed Buzz and I asked if I could get the final review without getting quizzed and he didnt think that was a good idea which I completely understood, but there was stuff going on and I couldn't postpone my exam so I just studied the posters and cards but still had that feeling that I shouldn't be risking this but there was no way I could change the date! So I took it finally on 8/10, and today, 8/23/06, I got my grade and I got a 123! Without the last review!! Just with the cards and posters. This just shows how great this material is. I took a Kaplan course and got the 1000 question Qbank from them---waste of time. The books like shergel have way too much info and Kaplan hardly has any info at all. A bit of advice if you have all these other study books like Appleton, Kaplan, etc. PUT THEM AWAY! OUT OF SIGHT! That was a big problem for me because I felt like I needed to study them because everyone else was studying from them, but Buzz says put them away and thats what I did and look at my score YAY!! Pronto Pass has just the right amount of information you need to know. So yes if you're thinking about Pronto Pass---go for it. You will pass if you put in the effort--- you will need to put in a lot of hours in studying but you won't get bored with these cards. I'm saving everything for my sister who is 2 years behind me! thank you sooooo much colin!! This guy is a dedicated dude!
A K , Bronx, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations AK. Great score. Thank you for your kind words. I try to help. I did not send you the last review material because I felt that your efforts would be most productive at that point by learning the basics. Perhaps I was right, but I did not know that you were such a great student. You mentioned that you did only two weeks of intense study initially, but you did not mention how much final effort you made! Maybe in hindsight I should have sent the last minute study material to you....you may have been able to beat Yogesh's score of 138! Again, congratulations. Your score is one you can be proud of and remember for the rest of your life. Emails like yours really make my day... THANK YOU.

Dear Buzz, Thank you so much for a speedy delivery. It was a big surprise for me that the materials got here so quickly. I can't wait to start these cards.
K L , Yakima, WA
Editors Note: They were shipped on the 21st. It surprises me too that they got there that fast. The US Post Office really does do a much better job today than it used to in the past! Study well. I look forward to quizzing you! CEB

I just heard from J R today. Previously, he had been unsuccessful with a 55. After getting serious about study with ProntoPass, he just scored a 91. Great JOB!! Hard study pays off. Congratulations.
J R , South Hadley, MA

Just called to let you know that I received a 107 on my Naplex. Thank you.
R H , Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations R H I note that you worked long and hard and after getting a 33 and then a 66 we knuckeled down with ProntoPass and got a 107. I also note for everyone that you worked a lot and it took you a long time (11 months) to get where we needed to be. The harder the struggle, the greater the joy! R H I just want to add that you were a joy to work with. CEB

Today I recieved a note card that said: Thank you! Thank you !!! and Thank you again!!!!! Attached was the following note to share with others: The ProntoPass Quickcards are well prepared, straight forward and to the point. I do recommend your product for all potential pharmacists who want to get the exam behind them on the first shot. S O
S O , Providence, RI

Dear Buzz: Yes, you are good. You are better than good. That's pretty amazing how you could have predicted my score, just by listening to my tone of voice and post-test attitude. As you recall, you said I would probably pass the test, but not do great. Two predications that came true. Even though I did finish in less than 2 hours:) Buzz, it's my feeling you either know the answer to the question, or you don't. Except for the calculations, the questions asked were rudimentary, basic and the foundation for a good pharmacist to know, and after carefully reading the question, took only a few seconds to answer. The exam was straight-forward and not meant to trick the test taker. I do have a theory, however, that there may two levels of exam, one for new graduates, and one for pharmacists in my shoes: older, burned out and looking for a Florida license. I'm not saying the test I took was easy, just that it tested my ability to adequately perform my duties as a responsible pharmacist. So, it does show that's it's possible for one to pass NAPLEX by studying your Prontopass last review, math, Q-Bank and posters. As I'm going to say in my "feedback" submission, I would NOT recommend this to ANY new graduate. I've been a pharmacist for 23 years, and most of the questions NOT covered in your sections I already knew. I know if I had the time to thoroughly go over ALL your cards, I would have scored really high. After the exam, most of the questions on the exam, not covered in the material I learned WAS covered in the basic program cards. In other words, just about MOST, but not ALL the information asked on the test could be found somewhere in your system. Especially helpful was the math CD. You showed how to set up the alligation alternate problems in a simple way. In my 1983 Naplex, I had none of these problems. A piece of cake thanks to you. I won't knock your competitors, as their products are excellent also, but as I said, your program for me, who works/commutes a total of 52 hours a week, was the best organized, and easiest to learn, and I would not have passed the NAPLEX without your review. As soon as I get some free time, I will write you, as promised, an outstanding review of your product. Keep up the good work! If anybody wants to know if your program really works, and is skeptical about the feedback page, you have my permission to give them my e-mail, and I'll do my best to help sell your program. Now that I've passed NAPLEX, what's involved for me to purchase the law reviews for: Vermont, New Jersey, Conneticut and Florida? I already have the MJPE cards included with the original set. Thanks again. I can't tell you how much pressure has been removed from life, thanks to your help. Yours truly,
G J , Bedford, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations G. Just think what you could have done if you had not lost your Math Practice in the subway!! LOL. Who says that you can't teach an old dog (and a very busy dog) new tricks?

hi, I just received my NAPLEX score today. I got 140!!!!! You can update your "Hall of Fame" score to 140 now!! Thank you for all the quizzing and study materials. I'll sent the patient profiles, last review section and Q-bank back to you ASAP.
S W , Arcadia, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations on your great score!!!!! Your eligible to enter our contest if you like! Also, don't forget that you can keep the last minute study material a little longer to help you pass the CPJE. Thank you for sharing your happiness today. CEB

I just took the naplex exam 2 days ago and I think I did fine with it. Now I am preparing for my CPJE. I want to ask you that if I may keep your last review materials for studying for my CPJE? I found that your last review is very helpful for the Naplex. I am very glad that I found out about your materials about Naplex. This is the best material so far in preparing for the Naplex. I am recommending your materials for all of my friends who are graduating next year. In addition, if you have any advice or ideas on how to prepare for the CPJE for me, please let me know. Thank you very much
T N , Freemont, CA
Editors Note: I am glad that you found our study material helpful. Normally, after your Naplex, you promise to return our last minute study material, but, with CA students, you can keep the last minute study material until after you take the CPJE. So far, we have been blessed in that, to the best of my knowledge, 100% of the CA students that used our Naplex material and our CA Law material, have also passed the CPJE!!!!

hi buzz, this is xxxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxx. hope you rememeber me?i had purchased prontopass memoronics and posters from you this april. we had talked couple of times on phone too. i am the one who once told you on phone that because of pressure from my corporate here i dont really get time to study as i work in a very busy store. the reason for me mailing you today and not calling you is that i didnt had guts to talk to you on phone. i gave my naplex last couple of weeks ago and i got my score today. i failed with a very miserable score in the test.the reason is CHEATED you and i CHEATED myself. i didnt study the way you suggested us to study with folding the cards.this was not because i took your words lightly,but really i didnt get time to study the whole thing and i was never confident of retaining the contents of cards and posters.i just studied the memoronics cards and posters once for 15 days .and i gave 2 days for calculations......thats it. i asked you that if you could test me on each poster,and you said that anytime when i was ready.but i couldnt memorise the posters even once. i always thought that i would complete studying the way you suggested and then i can get the profiles and final question bank from you as loan.but due to immense pressure from my supervisor i took the naplex before being ready for the test.and i have seen the result today. i am so depressed by this,and i am not able to concentrate anywhere. i just dont feel like doing anything now. i am totally getting frustrated on myself. i cant blame anybody for this,it was me who was lying to myself,and i paid for it. i feel like i could have prepared well for this test by giving some time for this preparation.actually i was getting nervous and just wanted to get over with this naplex fever and i took my test. i know i have to get over this depression soon and look forward for the test again in a positive manner and this time anyhow i have to study hard and score well. i just dont want to pass in this test now with a minimum passing score but i want to pass naplex with flying colors and a high score. i was wondering if the memoronics which i have is an older version ?its written "v 6.3" at the bottom of each card.if you have a latest new version of cards and some additional posters please do let me know. i am ready to pay whatever extra it would be for that if you can send me those new set of things.is there any change in your calculations sections too? [reference to Naplex deleted] i want to practise calculations more and more.there were many other questions from otcs and patient counselling which i had problems with. finally i am really sorry for all this.please help me out buzzzz!! eagerly waiting for your reply. thanks
withheld, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: We can help. Anyone willing to study hard can do well with our material. Anyone who is unsuccessful with Naplex is invited to join our Winners Circle and I will work personally with them. We believe that the Memoronics and the ProntoPass system makes this study prep easier and faster, but we NEVER say it will be easy...it is a lot of hard study work. We firmly believe that God allows bad things to happen so that we will become stronger and more humble. We want to be a part of God's plan to make you stronger, smarter, more confident and more successful....yet still remain humble. Thank you for asking for my help. I appreciate this opportunity to help.

On our Yahoo chat site (NAPLEXANDMORE), someone asked what material to study. This was what one person responded: You guys stop wondering and get pronto pass from buzz! I did. Graduated in 85, stopped practicing in 1990. Took my boards in 2006! I passed the first time with pronto pass! I recommend you get it straight from Buzz and get it now! His cards and posters were the answer I was looking for! His review is great for learning all the drugs you have missed. I had the product for less than six months and passed law and NABPLEX. I studied like buzz suggested and that was all I used, I would recommend this pronto pass product to anyone wanting to find the most comprehensive review without all the extra baggage! Tammy Sills R.Ph This is what another person said: I'm currently working with Pronto Pass. I'm about to take my NAPLEX soon. DON'T waste your money with Modis Cody. Check ouy prontopass.com. Buzz is awesome and he will take care of you. He walks you through everything and quizzes you until you know your material. This will be my third time taking it and I wouldn't do it any differently. I have Modis Cody, Appleton and Lange, NAPLEX and much more. I dropped all that garbage and I'm sticking with Pronto Pass. You will get through this with Buzz. Check out the website and call him and he is the most awesome mentor ever you'll come across. Please don't pay tons of money on useless books and materials. You're on a time frame and Buzz is the man that will get you through. I am an honest person and I am glad God helped me find Buzz. I've been blessed to meet him. He is awesome and I'll guarantee you that you will pass the NAPLEX if you do wht Buzz says. Please call him and discuss your situation with him. He is honest, wise and very humble. Tell him that Claudia Kim recommended you to speak to him. He is a wonderful man. He will encourage you to be quizzed and his materials are UP TO DATE unlike Modis Cody. Claudia
TS and CK, ,
MJD found a colorful word and was offended and let us know about it. I have been studying my cards and was unpleasantly surprised with card "Labs p.34". First of all, I am a MT,ASCP (Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology registered with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists). Most labs now do not hire anyone but a MT,ASCP. Second, I couldn't believe that I paid so much for this package to find the following comment in it (ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY). I thought this was a professional organization but now I think otherwise. Please let me know your reasoning for putting such vulgarity in a supposedly "professional" publication. I'm not sure if my school is aware of this but I will send the information on to them. Thank you for your time,
M J D, Youngsville, PA
Editors Note: Sorry that you were offended. No offense was intended. On occasion, the Elf uses a colorful word or two to make a point. This helps to understand or remember....and that is our purpose. We are true to our purpose....helping you to remember things and passing the test. We will go to extremes at times to do this.

I forgot to thank you for that section on Acidocis/Alkalosis in your cards. It makes all those silly questions that they try to trick you with soooo easy! The other thing I love is the Anti-cholinergic- Cholinergic Poster. Talk about demystifying that concept! You would never get all that good stuff together in one place anywhere else! I love the way your mind works! (and the little Rx elf too!)
N E , Peachtree City, GA
Dear Buzz, Finally, I took the NAPLEX yesterday! Got a feeling I did well enough to get a high score. Since I work full-time at a retail pharmacy, I get about 2 hours a day of quality study time. So I decided to rely ENTIRELY on ProntoPass for my NAPLEX prepartion. Now, after taking the test, I feel vindicated I made the right decision. Agreed, I didn't study as quickly as you would have liked me to. Or 'bother' you with e-mails and questions every other day. I had a very simple study plan - quickcard after quickcard, chapter after chapter....slowly and steadily I completed the entire syllabus by implementing the study techniques you outlined in your first email.. Thanks a million Buzz for designing such a wonderful study tool. I would never have done it without your guidance. Will tell you my score soon as I receive it.
M S , PA, NJ
L Y called to tell us that she got a 139 on her Naplex.
L Y , Haywood, CA
Thank you for sending the material in such a short time . I went thru the flash cards and they were simply superb. I'll call u for the first quiz on brand generic poster.. till then cheers
swaroop, , England
I was really struggling for this test finally i came to know ab BUZZ . BUZZ yu are really too good your way of preapring for naplex is different. The way yu quiz , no wonder yu make the person to be confident on the subject. let me tell yu guys when i took first time i got only 60 percent and now i got 100 I am really very much happy. I did pronto pass material throughly. It would have much more better if i would have memorized it. I did his maths cards twice plus posters three times. BUZZ has quized me several times. His q bank is also really good. I have a four month old baby and i didnt have much help at my home. I need to wake up three time at night to feed my baby. IF i can pass NAPLEX than any body can DONT LEAVE IT CHANCE READ PRONTO PASS CARDS only
M, Rancho Cordova, CA
Editors Note: I thank God for M. And, I thank God there are few students like M. I tell each student to call or email anytime. M did call....everyday. Against advice, she did NOT put all other study materials in a box and put it in a closet! She questioned everything----and it was a pain----but as a result, the ProntoPass products were improved! Against advice, she took 2 months off to have her baby (I suggested she take the test before or not take much time off.) Against advice, M wanted to read, not memorize. M had what I call testing prejudice. She was unsuccessful with her first Naplex so she thought the next test would be like the first and wanted to study hard things she knew from her first test and did not want to memorize or study comprehensively the whole package, but M was going to do it her way! I did my best to get her to study and memorize comprehensively. Because of this, the quizzing was sometimes good and sometimes very difficult. I try very hard to work with each person individually and keep it "cool" but I did get close to loosing my temper several times with M---but, I did get through. After her test, she was so worried. I told her to stop worrying, she had studied hard and would pass. As usual, against advice, she continued to worry! Yesterday, she called and was giggling like an 8 year old girl....she was soooo happy and I was soooo happy for her. Her hard work did pay off with a good score of 100. Between talking so fast and her Indian accent and her giggling, I am sure that I understood only about every 3rd word....but the message was clear...she was happy and she passed. This is what makes a teacher know that it is all worthwhile. This is what I live for! I am so happy for M. California will be a better place because M studied so hard and, God willing, will be a licensed pharmacist there shortly. And, M did her her way!

Dear Pronto Pass, Just a note to say thank you for all the help that studying your system gave me. I recently took NAPLEX ......and passed (with a 110!)!!!!! Much of the credit goes to Pronto Pass for providing a great study system. I graduated in 1971, before NAPLEX even existed. After 35 years of retail practice, taking a test such as NAPLEX was a scary thought but something that I needed to do if I was going to try to obtain licensure in Florida. Well. together we did it! I still have MPJE to take but I don't think that will be quite as tough as NAPLEX. Keep up the good work and feel free to tell all of those young kids that even old(er) dogs can learn new tricks with the right study materials. Sincerely,
C B , Sako, ME
Editors Note: Congratulations. Great score for an old dog! CEB

Dear Buzz & Steve You both are wonderful. May God bless you for the great work you are doing to help the students with the NAPLEX. The product is the best study material available in the market. I do not recommend anything besides ProntoPass for the NAPLEX. The California Jurisprudence examination is one of the toughest exams to pass among all the 50 states' law examinations. ProntoPass is a very good product or I would say an excellent product to study the clinical part of the California Jurisprudence examination. The guarenteed formula to become a competent pharmacist is ProntoPass + Hard Work + Good Luck!
J.M., Memphis, TN
Someone had written into our chat room, saying they had failed Naplex and I percieved it as a negative comment regarding our products. One of my past students responded with the following: Buzz U R The Best Teacher I Ever Had in 27 years and U r material and U are the best across the 7 seas hahahaha i mean it dude. I read ur material BUZZ to score 138 on the NAPLEX and that is my best score in my entire life hahahaha...it is the most wonderful time of the year...all of u Naplex Test takers study hard with BUZZ and have a Very Merry Christmas and great success at the NAPLEX.
Y S , Louisville , KY
Editors Note: As Yogesh knows, I will work with anyone. It makes no difference to me the skin color, or where they are from or their culture, or religion, or what accent they speak. And, some are more gifted by God with intellect ...and some students are perhaps gifed less so....and it makes no difference to me. What I do care a lot about is how hard a student tries to master the vast information needed to do really well on Naplex. I truly respect all people...BUT, GREAT RESPECT from me is EARNED by hard work. Yogesh EARNED my great respect. Thank you Yogesh for your kind words but it was your efforts....your really hard work...it would make any teacher look good!

Dear Buzz I spoke with you 2 weeks back about passing my naplex and I told you I will follow up with an email. You wouldn't belive how busy Ive been. Buzz, I am really enjoying every moment of my life. This credit goes to you. After my graduation I got advice from my friends and family members Naplex is very easy just take 10 days off before the exam and review appleton & lange and APHA, I will easily pass the exam. Well that is not what happend. I took the exam during end of july and recived a score of 68. I am so depressed, I don't know what to do. I was not be able to mingle with my family and when I went to work the 1st question I faced is What happened to the Exam?? It was so frustrating and humiliating. Every day, when returning from work, tears use to roll down.However, one morning, as I am not getting sleep with all this in my mind, I got up and was performing a random search on internet about Naplex. I saw the link for "Prontopass" I don't know whether in Yahoo or Google but I saw the link and entered the website. The feedbacks you had in your website really gave me motivation and at one point I thought it is too good to be true to score more then a 100 on naplex and I thought those feedbacks were fake. Anyway, I still wanted to try your material because I was so desperate at that point, so I called you and spoke with you. Buzz, the conversation I had with you gave me a lot of spirit. Well after I ordered your material, I wanted to first clear the MPJE out of the way and I did it and passed with a score of 83. Then after a week I started to study your material as you said in your email. Those posters are really 'Man Made Wonders for Naplex exam'. Anyone who can picture those posters in thier mind can be succesful in not only Naplex but also to practice as a Pharmacist I am telling this as a Pharmacist. I use to bug you every other day to quiz me, after quizzing the way you exaplin the material over the phone tatooed in my brain. I use to call you at really odd timings like 1am and I use to wonder do you ever sleep at all? Finally I memorized the last review and Q bank and Posters and practiced math over and over. I even actually I used to dream those cards when sleeping. You and Steve quizzed me and you suggested not to take the Exam in Dec. as it is not a good sentiment for your students. I thought of breaking that myth, so I schedulded a date on the first week of Dec. and had just taken it. While taking the exam and especily when I was reading the patient profile I am looking at the diagnosis and disease and immediately I was remembering the poster and the last review.after the exam I thought I may not did that good and was little sad.I called you the following night and you laughed at me and said actually its a good omen I will pass the exam. I was thinking that you just were trying to pacify me. Guess what? I recvied the score of my exam within next 2 days do you know how much I Got a SCORE OF 109 ONE HUNDRED AND NINE. I could not belive my eyes and broke down into tears. Buzz, I achived that only because of you. Anyone who is reading this feedback, I hope they really get the material and pass the exam. I showed my score to my district manager he wants me to talk at the new Intern summit that will be held by our company next month. You know what I am going to advise those students. Do not waste time like I did, get 'ProntoPASS" it is the only way to PASS the Exam. Once again Buzz thank you so much for all help. I will send you the on loan material and everything I had this coming weekend to you. I will keep in touch with you. Thanks,
DU, Nrth Brunswick, NK
Editors Note: I love working with students who are willing to work really hard to prove something. something to society, family and especially to themselvies. This student once again proves that hard work pays off from 68 to 109 great score UD! Congrats Mr new hard working pharmacist!

Buzz, I got good news. I am now a Registered Florida Pharmacist. Thanks to you for making a huge difference in this endeavor. Your materials were straight forward and on point. I will be sending the last minute review package back to you soon. Pls. extend my regards and thanks to Steve and your staff. Respectfully,
R E , Haines City , FL
Words can't express how thankful I am for the great help the cards have been in preparing for the Naplex. I was so afraid to take the exam. I was overwhelmed with the various study material and sources. I had even taken a review class that didn't help, on the contrary, it added more to the frustration. After I had completed my Intern hours, it was time to focus on my Studies. I found myself lost in all the material that I had; didn't know what is important and what to focus on and pay attention to. I turned to a friend of mine, Caroline, and asked her about how she achieved to pass the Naplex with a great score. Her answer was simply: Get the cards from these guys! She said, just focus on these cards, the posters and the questions that are in the bundle. It was the best advice EVER!!!! I ordered the cards and I focused on them. I was impressed of the amount of information they are packed with, sensational...The design of the posters make it so simple to memorize and understand the material; the math portions were terrific. It was amazing how simple to follow and solve all of the problems. The question bank and the last review were just as important and just as helpful as the rest. These assured me that by solving them I was ready for the exam. All in all, the entire package was great. This was better that any other material I had. I took the exam and as soon as I was done, with even an hour to spare, I knew that I had done well. I was confident and secure that I had done well. It felt fantastic.. And quess what?.. I did not only pass, but I passed with an amazing score that I could not dream of without your help... I scored "139"!!! Oh my Goodness...WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes. I just kept staring at it in denial and then it hit home. I was jumping in joy. I can not express to you in words how thankful I am. I recommend your cards for everyone taking the Naplex. I have already recommended it to many of my friends. Keep up the good work; it is great help and a sure way to success. Thank you so much, Lidia N Youwakim
L Y , San Ramo, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations! Lidia has joined our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame to review all of our high scoring students.

Hey Buzz, Thank you so much for your product. The last review and the posters really helped me a lot. I took the naplex in December but I didn't have a chance to call you for the qbank. I just got my result recently and I passed with a score of 95. I was so scared because two months before I took the Naplex, two of my other friends did not pass. We are all foreign graduates. I saw your website and I told myself to try it since they didn't pass. I've also now recommended your product to them.
R E , Murrieta, GA
Editors Note: Congratulations on your Naplex success and thanks for recommending us to others. We do appreciate both your kind words and the recommendation. All of our feedback is for real but someone who does not know us might be skeptical. Your personal recommendation means so much more to them.

I received a call telling me that "V" passed her Naplex. She said "You are the most amazing people!"
V C , Omaha, NE
Editors Note: Thank you "V" for your kind words. We enjoy working with students who work hard, as you did. We share your joy! Thank you for calling. Congratulations.

Hi Mr. Buzz, This is Tam. As I told you few days ago, I passed NAPLEX with the score of 91 even though I did not have the chance & time to wait for the last minute prep material. I would like to thank you for your efficient materials & your help. As you aware, before I know PRONTOPASS, I went thru almost every materials available on the earth helping to prepare for NAPLEX; e.g., KAPLAN & their Q-Bank, Moris Cody, Apha, ..., & you name it. However, my ever highest score was 73. Luckily, I found your website one day, & it changed everything! I also really appreciate the time you spent quizzing me on the phone about the posters & made me to study again even it was about 12:00 AM! Your time helped me to pass the NAPLEX. I do not know how much I can say thank you to you & your time. Sincerely, Tam Huynh Orlando, FL
T H , Orlando, FL

Thanks for the e-mail. I took the NAPLEX on Jan. 5th and PASSED. It was my second time. I really liked the cards and the posters, well all of it. I wish I had used this system the first time. Thanks again.
M D , El Paso, TX

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: ProntoPass- where do I start? Simply SUPERB! Not only are the cards, the posters, the 900+ question bank or 20+ profiles helpful, but the ongoing support, encouragement and confidence that Buzz and his team have in EVERY student! Personally, everytime I was quizzed or just scared out of mind when it came close to taking the NAPLEX- I felt 100% better talking to Buzz. He's truly a combination of a great teacher and mentor. This is my third time taking the NAPLEX, and my message is for those who have anxiety, who feel they can't pass the NAPLEX, who feel like "what more do I need to study?" or "where am I going wrong in studying..."-the answer is PRONTOPASS. I am happy (well maybe more like ECSTATIC) to say that I have FINALLY passed the NAPLEX- found out few days ago. Prontopass has just found the RIGHT way, and in my opinion, the ONLY way to succeed this exam. When I received the material at first- I thought WOW- lot of cards. BUT the cards are so animated, and so easy to read, plus a wonderful self-quiz tool. Then the posters- what can I say???- JUST AWESOME!!! I loved every one of those posters and those pictures or the way it was organized just stuck in my brain- when taking the exam- and if I received a case about any one of those posters-I basically had that picture of the poster in my head. It just sticks in your head! WHen I took the exam the first two times- I really never spent much time with the math because I simply thought "how hard can it be?" I had this attitude because of work- with the basic math we get and the basic compounding we get- I thought I could handle it. I realized after reviewing PRONTOPASS math section- I didn't know a lot. I have to say I learned a lot through these cards. Buzz really put it together SO WELL and I walked out of the test knowing I nailed EVERY ONE OF THOSE MATH QUESTIONS! I loved knowing that I had those mastered- giving me some room on the other questions. I can't say enough about Prontopass and its material- I am forever in debt- because I really couldn't have done it without Prontopass material and the team. For every one of you who reads my message- know that I give all my credit to Buzz- he's superb, and just the BEST! Buzz- to you and your team- I am happy to say I am a pharmacist today. I commend you for your work and dedication you put into each and every one of us- you truly are the best. I'll never forget this. Thank you- thank you...and THANK YOU!!!! "V from Iowa"
V C , Omaha, NE
Editors Note: Once again, I thank "V" for her kind words and her words of encouragement to others. The message is clear, HARD work pays off! I am so glad that she feels ProntoPass helped, and I am sure it did, but it was her hard work and recommittment to learning that did the job. "V" we share your joy!

I recieved the nicest card today. It said: "Buzz, thank you so much for the time and patience you took for helping me out. Thanks a ton for being such a kind and giving human-being. May God bless you and may all your dreams come ture, today and ever, AMEN!"
P M, Poughkeepsie, NY
Editors Note: Thank you Priyanka for the beautiful card. The beauty of the card was equal to the beauty of your score of 126. you are a winner and have been inducted into the ProntoPass "Hall of Fame." We invite everyone to click on the Hall of Fame button to read the testimony of all these winners.

My dear friends! I can't find words to say how much I appreciate the help of your Program. It is absolutely brilliant materials! Each detail amazingly matches with questions in NAPLEX. Beautiful presentation and design, exactly what I needed. Excellent communication!!! I've got my 96 and I am happy!!! I love your Program! I love you all! Thank you!!!!! Lilia Jackson
L J, Plano, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations Lilia!

Dear Mr. Buzz, I passed the NAPLEX with a score 133. Thank you very much. Without your study guides and materials I would not have passed the test. I will send you the comment card soon after this email. BTW: My son was born on January 20, 2007 4 days after I took the test (Jan 16). A near term pregnant foreign pharmacist could pass the NAPLEX with a high score because of your help and your excellent study material. Thank you very much...Best Regards, Nok
K A , Gloster , MS
Editors Note: Congratulations "Nok". You were one of my best students of all time. You are a contest winner and have been enrolled in our "Hall of Fame". Best wishes in all you do. I will miss quizzing you and "seeing" that brilliant mind at work!

Thank you so much!!! I failed the test twice because I listened to others and studied the wrong stuff- APhA and Appleton (outdated and totally not for this exam) I am a 45 year old foreign grad, have no hospital experience and for 16 years I worked in management in my country. I did exactly as you told me. "Put away ALL other materials" you said. I studied for 5 weeks and you tested me several times. You said I will get a score of 100. The next day I took the pre-NAPLEX and got 100!! You also said I need to study more and I did and I got 113 in my NAPLEX. Everyone... please listen to Buzz. Buy the whole set and study well. You will make that money back in the first weekend you work as a pharmacist. It's easy to remember his memoronics. The posters are brilliant. It organize your thoughts and make it easier to work out a question. The Last review and Q bank helped me that extra bit that made it sure I passed. I got all the difficult maths with formulas but they were all in your math practice. I love to working again as a pharmacist. Thank you so much again and again. Jacobie Swanepoel
L S, Overland Park, KS
Editors Note: Thank you for allowing me to use your name. I appreciate students that study hard and do well, as you did. Congratulations!

Dear Brenda; Today March 12, I got my result, I passed the naplex with the score of 93. I don't know how I could tell thank you guys , these cards and posters were very helpful. They covered all the subjects for naplex. the first time before I knew you guys I studied so hard the result 49 , but this time I just focused to cards and posters and I didn't get the last review ( I didn't feel I needed it ) so again thank you for teaching the naplex in the easy and fun way . Thank you and god bless you
T J , Houston, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations on a job successfully completed. We wouldn't suggestion skipping the last review material, but it will work if need be.

Hi Buzz, This is K G from Michigan. Hope now you remember me by name. If you still cant remember me let me throw some light on our previous encounters through mail and phone calls. I am the same person who had emailed you in a very dejected and depressed mood in August to tell you how i didnt obey the methods you told us to study for Naplex. The result was that I failed with a miserable score of 54. I was just reading the same mail of mine which you had posted in your prontopass website a few minutes ago. I didnt really have the courage to talk to you on phone---then somehow I gathered some guts and talked to you on phone. You were just as calm as always and told me few words which really was pacifying but was short-lived for just that moment. I am a Foreign Pharmacist and while preparing for my FPGEE exams came to know about prontopass. At that time I was very skeptical about this site and I thought that some pharmacy students must have made this site and it is just another means to extract money from gullible and terrified students attempting to take Naplex. The comments which I saw in the website were just fake comments by the makers of this product and the website. While attempting for naplex in september 2006 I got tempted to buy your combo deal not because I heard good reviews or anything but just i was so confused that I thought to go for it. I felt it very expensive and told my friend who is not from a pharmacy background. He coaxed me to buy your study material and lended me money to buy it. When I failed my exam I thought it was a simple wastage of money. But then i questioned myself-- did I really study this material and failed or did i study this material in the manner which buzz told me to do? The answer was "no". This prompted me to write to you pouring all my emotions in that email. To my surprise that mail of mine was posted within next few weeks in the prontopass website. My first doubt was cleared that this are real comments by students like me. From then I really promised myself to study hard. But things werent going good for me. My supervisor kept sending me to all diferent places throughout my internship then and also he said I only have one final attempt to pass naplex otherwise i am out of that company. Being a foreign pharmacist with visa issues, I was really worried. Almost every week i was travelling 80 -90 miles one side for job and of course at all different locations. (con't)
K G, Mt Pleasant, MI
Editors Note: Did you know that your score makes you eligible for our Hall of FAME?? (115 and above). Give me permission to use your name and send me a copy of your score and you too will be awarded $100 and your words will be posted in the Hall of Fame to encourage others. Over and over I tell people to study...to fold the cards and self test....read only the left side and say out loud the right side and then unfold and say out loud anything you missed or omitted... THIS system works. K G proved it! Thanks you so much K G for your kind words. I am soooo happy for you!!! CEB

(con't) I was not given vaccation to study also i couldnt afford to take vaccations to study because of financial issues. I then called you and asked you if there were any change in the memoronics and posters because i had a older version of 6.3. You immediately told me to send back all the posters and memoronics back and you will send me the latest version which is updated every month and would send the new diabetic poster. And yes there was a lot of difference in the previous memoronics and last minute review and posters. I seriously feel for the poor naive people who buy used prontopass materials which are sold from different users. I was just impressed by the way you had sent me the new set of memoronics, posters, and last minute review within a day through express service without any extra charge for the material except the shipping charges. Sorry for the confusion that led you to send me the material twice and you must have incurred that shipping loss. Finally this February all of a sudden I was told by my supervisor that i have to give my naplex in next 2 weeks. I had planned to study hard and take quiz everyday through until i was confident to take the test and you tell me tho take the test. But my corporate pressure literally killed all my hopes of passing and i was in a do or die situation then. I knew if i tell you that i am gonna take my test in next couple of weeks you would heve never allowed me to take the test without preparation in just 2 weeks. Again i was lost. But i decided to fight like a brave soldier this time and i started studying your materials like crazy. Keeping aside all the other bunch of materials i had. I memorised each and every thing in your memoroinics and posters, did calculations and the last minute review. Thats it. I studied the memoronics by folding through the centre and byhearted everything including those various dosages. The reason to write to you is because i just got my results and yes i passed my test with a whooping "117" I know it would be unbelievable for you too because i never took test or any profiles or question bank from you. I feel if I could have got those things for sure i would have got more than 140. You are the first person with whom i am sharing my results and happiness. I cant explain you in words how happy i am. I am so grateful to you. You are the best. Without prontopass i was zero and yes by studying your material thoroughly i passed with a respectable score from 54 to 117. God bless you and your team. Keep up the real hard work you guys do. thanks a bunch K G
K G, Mt Pleasant, MI
Editors Note: Did you know that your score makes you eligible for our Hall of FAME?? (115 and above). Give me permission to use your name and send me a copy of your score and you too will be awarded $100 and your words will be posted in the Hall of Fame to encourage others. Over and over I tell people to study...to fold the cards and self test....read only the left side and say out loud the right side and then unfold and say out loud anything you missed or omitted... THIS system works. K G proved it! Thanks you so much K G for your kind words. I am soooo happy for you!!! CEB

I recieved an email from MS telling me that she had scored a 97. Congratulations. In addition to gushing about our products, she had this to say: The calculations also helped to prepare me for the New York State written/compounding exam. They recently redesigned this exam to where it is pretty much 80% calculations (20% written calculations, 60% compounding---but make one fatal error during compounding calculations, and you pretty much are guaranteed to fail this test, which is only offered a few times a year). I also got a 97 on this exam, which I think is a direct result of doing your calculations over and over again. Anyway, thanks for the great products! Maria S. Buffalo, NY
M S, Buffalo, NY

Buzz: Just to let you know, I passed the MPJE with an 88%. The review worked great. Thanks, V H
V H, Dewitt, MI
Editors Note: The MPJE seems to work as it was intended....Fast...but not the greatest scores. Congratulation V.

Hi Buzz, I just wanna let you know that i have passed the board exam... and I sincerly wanna thank you for all the study materials ..It really helped me....and i have already returned the last minute study materials...the last review, the profiles and the Q-Bank. Thanks S M
S M, Pearland, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations on a job successfully completed. I am happy you found our study material really helpful. You purchased on Jan 9th and passed the Naplex on March 14th..just like we suggest...2 months of hard study. Again, congratulations!!! CEB

Mr. Buzz. I just wanted to thank you very much for all the help you had given in preparing for the NAPLEX. I passed the Exam!! Thank God, I am now a licensed Pharmacist. As you know I have been away from studying Pharmacy for about 10 years. Immediately after graduating from Pharmacy school my husband and I started a family. I took time away form Pharmacy to raise my children. When my youngest child started school I started to peruse my Pharmacy License. It was really a struggle to get back in gear and study to prepare for the NAPLEX. I tried using other study guides and took the exam about a year ago, but was not successful. While searching for study guides on the Internet I came across your website. I must admit at 1st I was apprehensive in getting your material. Finally I decided to get your study guide. Your study material is unique in the sense it highlights the important material and forces the student to thoroughly understand the material. The access you gave me to have you quiz me after each study section really helped me in studying and understanding the material thoroughly. I am glad that I got your guide and I must Say I would not have passed the exam if it was not for your help. Thank you very much. God bless.
A G, Chicago, IL

Overall a great product!
S M, York, PA
Editors Note: S M reported getting a Naplex score of 142!!!! Congratulations on a job very well done. Please note you are eligible for our contest. CEB

Hi Buz, Steve, Brenda,and Tiff, Thank you for "saving my life" and many other students too. You have all done a great job in helping students that are in dire situations keep their spirits up and get tough on them too. Pronto Pass is not just a small company that sells a product, there's four great hearts behind it. I am extremely grateful that you opened your " ProntoPass home" to me. A million thank you for your generously. D N
D N , Rockville, MD

Thanks Brenda, Today I had to take and pass the PreNaplex for my dispensing course. After studying for just one week of the math review and posters, I passed with a 115!! You had to at least get a 75 to pass. Thank you for the study material. It is just what I needed for review. I dont think that I would have passed without all of your help.
K R, Wichitia, KS
Editors Note: Ken, Glad that it helped you pass the prenaplex but don't get cocky....Prenaplex means nothing in the big scheme of things. Continue to study hard. When you have memorized the posters, the Last Review, and can do the Math Practice really, really well---only then are you ready for Naplex. At that point call us and if we agree (just a few questions on the phone to verify we agree) then we will tell you to actually schedule the Naplex 2 weeks from that day. Then we will send you the last minute study stuff on loan. At this point a humble attitude would do you well. Nevertheless, I am glad that we have helped so far and wish you good studying for the real thing....and thanks for the kind words. CEB

I picked the following item off a chatroom and I though many might be interested: Hey everyone. I have various naplex review stuff for sale if anyone is interested. 2007 - orange APHA review book w/ CD and blue 2006 CD Appelton and Lange (Yellow one) with CD Pronto pass Quick cards, math review and posters all purchased in 3/2007 If you are studying for the naplex I highly recommend the pronto pass materials! Both my friend and I used them and we got a 140 and 142 on our boards!! YAY! :-) I know how stressful this time is and just wanted to share the wealth since I passed already. If you are interested please email me at effy386@hotmail.com (please put Naplex in the title of your email) Good luck with studying!
effy, ,
Editors Note: I just love it when someone (or two) studies hard and gets a great grade using our products. BUT, I never recommend buying used material, even ours! We update a lot and the last minute study materials (a newly updated Last Review, 23 patient profiles, and the ProntoPass Q-Bank) are returned to us....and therefore you won't get them when you buy used material.

Kali just took the law & NAPLEX & passed. Yours is a very helpful study aid.
M G, Glendale, CA
Editors Note: Thank you M G for your feedback. FEAR NOT. You only live once---so do it with confidence! Let your previous scores drive you to study more than everyone else. Let that burning need to succeed ----that burning desire to show the WORLD---to study more and better and get a great Naplex score. Come on, get in our Hall of Fame with a great Naplex score!!!! Knowledge and confidence will get you there. CEB

I passed the test with a score of 132! Those cards gave me the information I needed in a perfect format for me to memorize it. Considering that I have been out of school for 27 years that says a lot. The Last review cards will be dropped off at the post office one day this week. Thank you.
L G, Gig Harbor, WA
Editors Note: I just love it when OLD students do well!!!! (LOL) As you know, I am no spring chicken myself! Scores like yours will give others much confidence. Do you know you are eligible for our Hall of Fame? Click on the Hall of Fame button and see what other winners have said. You must allow me to use your name and send me a copy of your score. Thanks. CEB

One of our students emailed us asking for the new Audio CD used to study the posters. She added the following: I would love to take Naplex and CPJE before this month ends, that is why I really need this new tool. By the way, I am loving the math review so much that I have invested around 20 hours on them, and I just have 4 more hours to complete them, they are easy to follow, right in the money and takes you were you need to be, thanks for that too! Have a very productive day!
M G, Glendale, CA

I just received my package and I am impressed with its organization.
A A, Douglasville, GA

This is the first feedback we have received on the new Audio CD on the Poster Lecture/Quizzes: Hi, Buzz. I can't explain to you how great the ONE on ONE poster CD is. It is astoundingly great, not just for the NAPLEX but also for the overall practice. I have only skim thru some of the topics like PUD and preemies. I can't stop listening to them. Since I am an audio learner, this is a miracle review for me. I simply want to thank you for your great CD and let you know that I received it yesterday. Thank you, Yin
Y T, San Fran, CA
Editors Note: These lecture/quizzes were recorded during One-On-One sessions. This is how we test a student as to whether they really know the poster material.

I received the Cd last night after going out (10:30 Pm), I put it on my cd player and I listened to the asthma review and I loved it! Why, because it reviews everything that is in poster, the comments that Buzz made during the recording definetly helps to memorize better than just studing with the cards. Sometimes, I felt frustrated because the guy that was answering the questions was a bit slower than me, and here I was yelling at him the answers LOL, like if he was going to hear me LOL, but that help me to repeat the answer those equestions, so as a memory tool. IT WORKS!!! One of the highlights of this new produc is the fact that you can inmerse yourself on it and even if you have noise family or roommates, you can keep going if you use your earphones. After a few minutes listening to it you feel like you are there participating in the recording. Buzz thank again for your commitment with us. Thank you, thank you thank you.
M G, Glendale, CA
Editors Note: Thank you for your comments on the new Audio CD Lecture/quizzing on the ProntoPass Posters. It warms my heart to hear that it helps. Also, if you want to yell at the student while listening to the CD, please feel free to do so. If you think he answered slowly, then I do expect you to score better on the Naplex than he did.....he got a 114.

Dear CEB, Just wanted to say that I am impressed by your speed. I ordered my cards yesterday and they arrived today. Wow. I immediately separated them into categories. I will look at them more extensively after work tonight. Thank you for the prompt response. I am nervous about the boards, but even more than that, I have an overwhelming desire to be proficient in my job and hope that these cards help. The amount of memorization is overwhelming and I am thankful for the helpful hints. Sincerely, Vicki Booker Graduated Intern University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
V B, Pittsburgh, PA

Buzz, Thanks for yet another study aid in your long list that already includes colorful cards and posters, last review, cd, oral quizzing, last minute profiles, q-bank and free pep talks! The fun quizzes are helpful too! Question: I just the Pre-Naplex that is available from NABP. I found some of the questions to be incomplete such as, Which of Ms. B's medication in the dose is? is what? that is where the question ended. This occurred a couple of times! It was very frustrating! Do think this test is indicative of the real Naplex? I got 107 out of a possible 85-122. I was going to ask the group what they thought. Nancy
N E, Peachtree City, GA
Editors Note: Nancy, Thank you for your kind words. I do not recommend taking the preNaplex test offered by the NABP. It is just not the same as sitting in a test center with the camera on you! What can you learn? If a question appears in the preNaplex, does anyone think the same question will appear on the real test? I personally think it will NOT. I have had people do well on the preNaplex and then fail the test and then come to ProntoPass. Since it may build false confidence, it should be avoided....all it can do is hurt your confidence. If you study our products hard, you will gain confidence in your knowledge and ability and nothing should cause you to jeopardize that good feeling just prior to your testing.

I received this email that I would like to share: dear buzz, as per our disscussion i've scheduled my test on 21st of this month. i got the rest of the material and i am studying that as hard as i can. but i feel nervous sometimes. may be it is the anxiety due to the test. but when the date comes near i feel more nervous. i am going through all the prontopass material and doing 200 questions a day with one hour of math and patient profiles. i dont know, may be i just want some encouraging words from u as always. u've sent me the posters cd and by hearing ur voice i felt really calm and confident inside. and after talking to u on phone i am working as hard as i can. nobody has encouraged me this much in my whole life as u have. thank you for everything.
M S, ,
Editors Note: This was my response: Dear M, Being nervous is to be expected. But, are you confident? When you know our material well, you should feel confident. Often the first one, two, or three questions on Naplex are questions from Hell. If you know our material, do not let this disturb your self confidence. When students come here to study, I put a picture of the test center on the kitchen table and the first thing every morning is for the student to visualize walking into this test center with confidence. If the student is a gal, I tell them to swing their hips as they walk in, LOL. I suggest you go to the test center and look at it. Make up a reason to go in and talk to them....ask directions or something. Get comfortable with the test center. I will say a prayer that you will gain confidence as well as knowledge. We only live this life one time....do all that you do with confidence. If you have never heard my story about the two pirates, please call me and I will tell it to you. CEB

Hi Buzz, Thanks a lot for promptly sending the CD. Its a remarkable one, I have no words to comment on it. I was going thru the cards posters but wasn't able to retain much and was finding the entire study method impossible. But now with the CD things r geting clearer and much clearer. I am finding the material easy and not taxing. Thanks for bringing in this valuable tool . Its a must have for every Naplex student. Thanks once agian Shiela
S T, Fremont , CA

Dear Buzz, Brenda, Tiffany, and Steve, I apologize that this email has taken so long for me to write and send out to you. Just like my pharmacist licensure, this email is long overdue. Anyways, in case you were going to post this on your website, I thought I'd quickly reflect on my past and share my experience. I've tried many review courses out there, even Morris Cody and Kaplan. Four times I was unsuccessful. Not sure how this could happen! Gave my man Buzz a ring. My life changed with that phone call. I packed my bags for Dover, Ohio. Where I'd be giving it my all. Buzz told me it may not be easy. I figured it would be very hard. But I studied all of his posters And memorized each and every card. It was up to me to put forth the effort. But Buzz and his staff guided my way. Much appreciation to Brenda, Tiff, and Steve As they assisted Buzz during my stay. I've now passed the NAPLEX examination. Even while scoring in the 50's during attempt number four. This time my score required board verification because I had more than doubled this previous score. Thanks to everyone at ProntoPass. And for those in which Naplex got you scared? Dance the Naplex 3 step with ProntoPass and you'll become confident and prepared. Buzz - thanks again for everything you've done for me. You embrace the characteristics of a good teacher, encourager, and coach. You demanded my best and instilled in me confidence in my abilities. That speaks volumes to those like myself who often lose such confidence after several unsuccessful attempts. I have faith in God and I had faith in you. It is now obvious my faith was well placed. My extended families and I prayed very hard for positive results, but I had to be prepared for God to work through me. And all the blessings were answered. I will be eternally grateful to you. Please express my appreciation to Brenda, Tiffany, and Steve. I couldn't have done it without them. Buzz, I hope you always remember that you have a unique talent which has served me well. I respect your example of a life that contributes so deeply to another's success. Not many people I know are in situations where one person can impact another's life so profoundly. God bless you, always. J.H., Pittsburgh, PA
J H, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: Jason was one of the first students to participate in our newly formatted One-On-One where you come to Dover and stay until you are ready to take and pass the test. Jason was an excellent student with an excellent memory who, like me, desired perfection. It was my privledge to meet and get to know Jason. Not only that, but he had a great sense of humor and got along well with everyone. I sincerely hope that Rite Aid appreciates all of the fine qualities of this employee! CEB

I received a thank you card in the mail today. Enclosed was the following note: Dear Mr Bayliss I would like to thank you for your prontopass material. We had to move to another house when I was reviewing for Naplex and in the process I misplaced some of my Quickcards and 7 of my posters. After taking the test I went over our boxes from the old house and thats when I realized I had misplaced some of my review material....when I found them. Anyway, I got 84 (not a really good score compared to others who got above 100) for Naplex and 85 for MPJE. But I'm still thankful. You've got to realize my first score for Naplex was below 10 (5). Again, thank you sir...your materials got me focused on my study. And, I pray that God would bless you more and more. Also, God bless everyone who supports you and all that are dear to your heart. E
E B, , NM
Editors Note: To EB Thank you so very much for taking the time to send me a beautiful card with your note. I have been very blessed in that I love this work. It is a privledge, not a job. Again, thank you! CEB

I bought your course last year in order to use it to study to take the California law test ( CPJE). I took my test at the end of April. I just got my results. I received a 83. Your materials were very helpful. While it was a lot of material. Possibly much more than I needed. It also served as a great refresher course for my practice as a pharmacist. I use much of what I relearned on a regular basis. I work with many pharmacy students and I will recommend it to them in the future. Thank you 813-215-3738
J H, Tampa, FL
Editors Note: As most people know, the CPJE is mostly clinical pharmacy, not law. Our Naplex 3 step is a great way to get up to speed on the clinical side of pharmacy. While directly intended for Naplex, it works for CPJE. Thanks John for your kind words and your recommendation. CEB

Dear Buzz Hope you r doing good. This is J G, I talked to you on the phone after my test. I passed the test with a 100(thats not too bad for I finished the test an hour before the schedule). I have mailed back the last minute material today. I got a couple of suggestions for those taking the test. I was tensed up for the first few questions and then felt comfortable, then confident and the last part of the test I turned a little over confident. I suggest my friends apsiring for the test to make a note of this and try to overcome these. And its a good idea NOT TO TAKE THE PRE-NAPLEX because its totally misleading and confusing. Make sure that they do the math practice atleast 3 times, do the posters(listening the quizzes)and q bank really really well. It was an awesome experience to be with you for the past few months and to learn the best technique of memorizing the stuff. I am pretty sure, I could have done nothing without your support. Thank you sooo muchh Best wishes to the entire prontopass family
J G, Louisville, KY
Editors Note: Jyothi, I am soooo happy for you! You did it: you studied hard for a long time and it produced great results. Congratulations! CEB

Hey Buzz, Well, I got my NAPLEX results and I passed. I didn't score high enough to get on your hall of fame list, but I was close ;-) I put the Last Review, Q-bank, CD, and Profiles in the mail this afternoon so they should be there mid-week next week. Thanks for all those hours reviewing the posters with me and thanks for the great products you provided. I don't think I would have passed without them. It's been a long year of study and I'm glad the NAPLEX is behind me. Now on to the MPJE. I'll send you an email to post on your website a little later on...after the the MPJE and when I get my license. If you're ever passing through Colorado, let me know....dinner's on me ;-) Thanks again!!!! Cheers, N
N K, Golden, CO
Editors Note: NK was a practicing pharmacist who wanted to "retire" to FL. Essentially, to pass Naplex, pharmacists in his situation must start over in their pharmacy studies. N worked full time and it took him a year, but he did it..not only that, but a high score too boot!! Congratulations and thank you for promptly returning the last minute study stuff that was loaned to you. N, I have a word of caution for you regarding your FL retirement. The last guy that did this met a gal in FL who was 38 and married her and is now working full time to support her buying habits, LOL.

I recieved the following note today in the mail (along with the last minute study stuff that was being returned after beeing on loan to her). I would never recommend your over priced vulgar posters and useless memoronics to anyone. I passed the Naplex using much more professional mataerial.
S B, Montoursville, PA
Editors Note: About once every year and one-half we get a note like this. It seems that our memoronics sometimes offend people. I do not care.....our goal is to present material that is memorable. I am unashamed of this goal and our teaching methods. We do achieve what we set out to do. It is interesting to note that even though S B sounds really offended, she took the time to call and get quizzed and requested and received the last minute study stuff.

I recieved a call today that made my day. N E got a 132. She was soooo happy. And, I was sooooo happy for her. N E was a foreign graduate who graduated more than a few years ago and studied our stuff well for five months. I have invited her to join our Hall of Fame so everyone can read her story and be encouraged. (Does everyone know that Canadians must take the foreign language skills test prior to the FPGEE to become eligible to take Naplex?)
N E, Peachtree City, GA

hi buzz, i got my naplex results last week and i've sent the material as i promised so, u will receive it by the end of this week. thanks a million for all the help. i am a person who works very hard no matter what but lacks the confiedence that should be there by studying hard. as buzz says that confiedence is the key. and no doubt buzz and his prontopass material helped me in that. i attempted naplex before also and studied hard for 2 months but i could not make it. i simply could not remember what i studied while i was taking the test. but prontopass cards,posters, q&a and profiles helped me. i wanted to take the naplex within one month. but when i talked to buzz he made me understnd that this is not easy and i need time to memorize the content and i followed his advice and miracle!!! i took naplex after two months and 7 days and i got 111. when i came out of the test center i thought i made it but a score like this? i never imagined even in my wildest dreams. the day i opened my score card was the happiest day of my life. and all the credit goes to god and then to buzz for sure. they both helped me through the toughest period of my life. sometimes i had nightmares about taking the test that what if i do the same mistake again? what if i cant make it even this time? i talked to buzz 5 days before the test that i need some encouraging words and he helped me as usual. he told me about the pirate story. those who dont know should ask buzz about that. i am really grateful. prontopass study material is so easy to understand and to remember. i did the cards and the posters three times. i did the last review 2 times and the profile and question and answers 3 times before the test. constant revision makes ur memory perfect and while i was in the test room, i was finding the right answer as soon as i read the question. let me tell u guys first 3-5 questions were from nowhere. i did not know what to answer. but just believe in urself and answer them. dont get depressed or tensed. they will not affect the score as much as we all think. i am sure first three answers in my test that i chose were wrong. but u have the whole test ahead of u. so keep going. math cards were awesome. i studied math like a crazy since that was my weak point. and last two weeks every day 1 hr math practice was the brilliant idea among many others from buzz. it really worked. i got 35% approx math questions. i am sure i got them all right thanks to prontopass. mostlu i just knew the answers. and 10% of the questions were the one that i had to guess. but i think with the help of prontopass u can guess right. buying the prontopass combipack is the best investment i've made so far. when i called buzz after studying the cards and posters he thought i needed more time and he sent me the cd with one on one questions and answers for posters. by hearing his soothing voice i felt so relaxed and that helped me alot in boosting my confiedence. i studied the cd for a week and called buzz again and i was ready.try to buy the combo coz the last minute study is an important part so dont skip it. just follow the advice buzz gives and u will see the result for urself. i personally wanted to thank buzz and his entire team for helping me . because of them i am a registered pharmacist now. god bless you buzz, you have made so many lives that u will be blessed like anything. thank you very much once again!!!
M P, Kenosha, WI
Editors Note: The same day that I recieved this email, I received a lovely greeting card that said "Can't thank you enough for what you did...I guess u were the missing and most important chapter in my progress towards the success...God Bless You! Thank you M P for your kind words. They make my day! You worked very hard and achieved success...you did it, not me. (I am glad you liked my pirate story---it was kind of you to laugh.) Hearty congratulations!

I recieved a call this evening from a student who was requesting the last minute study stuff (a new Last Review, 23 patient profiles, and the Q-Bank). I asked her if she had memorized the Last Review, the Posters, and could do the Math Practice really, really well. She said no. I told her to call me when she was ready for the Naplex (after she could answer those three questions positively). She insisted that I send her the last minute study stuff because she had allready scheduled her test...and I refused. She asked me if it was because of the guarantee. NO! The reason I DON'T send the last minute study stuff is because of the guarantee! Knowing those three things means you have accomplished the basics and with the basics you have a good chance of passing the Naplex. The last minute study stuff is the icing on the cake---it may help you score really well, depending upn the luck of the draw on your unique test but it is not a substitute for knowing the basics. Knowing the basics is the required first step to success...only then will you be able to apply the last minute study stuff to its best advantage.
, Pittsburgh, PA
Editors Note: I remind all new graduates, do NOT put the cart before the horse. Do NOT schedule the Naplex before you are ready. This student said that she could not reschedule the test because she had already signed a contract to start work. Upon preliminary testing on the phone, my best guess is that this student is heading for a test score in the mid 40s. That is a guess, of course, but it is my best guess. She will not be starting work as a pharmacist. This student has two choices as far as I can see: 1) call the company and tell them you can't start on the contract date (they will understand...they have heard this many times before) because you have to study, or 2) fail the test, get beat up emotionally, and then study seriously to pass this test. When it comes time to pass this test, wishfull thinking and arrogance will not help you pass. M. if you are reading this, please know that I get no joy from bringing you this dose of reality orientation. Please know that I am here for you if you want to get serious about passing this test.

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: It is a proven fact that if I can pass the NAPLEX so can anyone. Remember, don't under estimate the heart of a champion. I personally took the exam 4 times within 2 years of my graduation. Like the rest of you, I had the NAPLEX book, Morris Cody, Comprehensive Pharmacy Review Book and more. Guess what? Nothing beats ProntoPass. ProntoPass changed my life in a sense where it gave me direction and important pointers that will be utilized on the NAPLEX exam. I decided to purchase ProntoPass after the second time I didn't pass,and it was an additional sacrifice I needed to make in order to attempt to pass the exam AGAIN. I know what it's like to be scared and feared when you study so hard, but the outcome is "FAILED". Today I am officially a licensed pharmacist. Oh man does it feel good to acknowledge my hard work and remember that the outcome is to pass. ProntoPass helped me build up my confidence through quizzing on the audio CD. I am proud to say that I learned more and know more than I ever did in my 4 years of pharmacy school. Buzz helped me build up my confidence and my knowledge. ProntoPass cares about your outcome which is to see you succeed. I was once that student who had no confidence, no hope and confused. Do not let NAPLEX take over your fear, you must acquire knowledge and confidence to defeat all your weakness and fear. I built up my confidence and knowledge due to ProntoPass. Trust me ProntoPass works. Just do your part to build up confidence and the rest will fall in place. I am a PRONTO PASS believer!!!!!
C K, Houston, TX
Editors Note: Thank you C K for your kind words. After talking with you, you know how much I share your JOY!!! For those who might be reading this, I would like to point out the difference from when C K took the Naplex for the 3rd time and the 4th time. The third time there was knowledge but fear. That fear and lack of confidence destroyed a good potential outcome. The fourth time the test was taken it was with knowledge and confidence. C K listened to the audio CD over and over and allowed this tool to build her confidence. With this new found confidence she undertook her pharmacy study with an improved attitude....an attitude of love of pharmacy....not the drudgery of study. C K told me it was my calm voice on the Audio CD that did it, LOL. No, it was the persistance of the heart of a champion that came to do battle with Naplex the fourth and last time! The heart of a LION unleashed! With her new found knowledge and confidence, I expect much from C K and her future career. C K will improve her patient's lives....and will have a positive effect on the field of pharmacy...mark my words! CEB

ProntoPass provides students very helpful materials---focus and easy to memorize. I failed Naplex once. I felt very depressed. I did not know what materials I could study for the Naplex. Luckily, my friend introduced me to ProntoPass materials. I found the materials easy to study and memorize. The posters look simple but they contain enough information to review for Naplex. I could learn top 200 drugs easily. Beside memorizing brand and generic, I could memorize dosage frequesncy and available dosage forms of drugs. I like the memoronics in the Quickcards. With the Memoronics, I could remember every specific drug group, and their sepeific characteristics. Without reviewing my other books, I passed Naplex with a very high score. I want to say thanks to ProntoPass. Without ProntoPass I don't think I can have what I have today. I would say that "ProntoPass saved my life!!" I hoope ProntoPass would help a lot more students in the future.
M Q, Stockton, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Maggie on a fine job well done! Your hard work paid off! Buzz

I received a 94% on the Naplex. It says in Proverbs 24:16 "For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again." I've been out of school for five years and have been unsuccessful seven times. I just received a poster for my five year reunion for the class of 02'. Myself and A L both purchased the complete set of cards last year in October. We studied the cards and posters and took the exam within days of each other. She received a 74% and I received a 70%. After receiving our scores we dived right back studying together. The difference was we scheduled time to meet with one another on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We remained accountability partners calling each other and just randomly asking questions to make sure we were on our toes. Two weeks before the exam she fractured her foot on a trampoline at a birthday party for her child. We studied over the phone and via instant messenger on the computer. She took her exam on Thursday and I took mine on Friday. We both passed, although I am not sure how well she did. I guess now it really does not matter. Your review helped us to focus on what we needed to know for the exam. We also used the Review Manual given by APHA which helped go into detail about disease states when we needed further explanation. I can still remember our discussion we had many nights ago for five hours. I was so surprised you answered the phone at 10 PM and took the time to encourage me to finish the good fight. I will never forget that! Now I am able to provide for my five children and stay at home wife. I am able to go to work with my head help up knowing that I have worked hard for this license and I deserve it. I have earned the respect from my peers, family members, and friends. I was able to go to sleep and have a peaceful night rest for the first time last night. The Lord is truly awesome! That night I was searching for answers and felt really hopeless but you helped guide me and now I am able to pass on the guidance to others. I am sure Aviance Lewis shares the same sentiments. The Bible also says "If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand." Thanks Again, P K
P K, Virginia Beach, VA
Editors Note: All I can say is "Praise the Lord" While I am very happy for Patrick, I would suggest to all who might be reading this that there is a better and quicker way to passing Naplex. Please read the directions that will be both emailed to you and also printed and in your package. The first thing I suggest is that my students join the Yahoo group called NAPLEXANDMORE. All company announcements are first made on this site. Put all other study material in a box and put it in your closet. Follow the directions for folding and self testing. Listen to the Audio CD as you memorize the Posters. Call me when you are ready to answer the three questions positively (Have you memorized the Last Review; Have you memorized the Posters; Can you do the Math Practice really really well?) At that point I will verify your knowledge and tell you to schedule the test two weeks from that date...and then we will send the last minute study stuff (an updated Last Review; 23 Patient Profiles; and the Q-Bank) CEB

Dear Buzz and those at prontopass: I just recently took the compounding exam in NY and your math practice really helped me. I did them probably 5 or 6 times.
A R, South Ozone Park, NY

Dear ProntoPass, I still find it hard to believe that I cleared the Naplex! Thank you Buzz, Steve, Brenda, Mike and crew for all of your help, support and free pep talks (and I needed lots of these) along the way! Last December I miraculously passed FPGEE and now recently passed the Naplex. I used ProntoPass to study for both. I graduated from Pharmacy School in Canada 27 years ago with a 4 year degree and have not worked as a Pharmacist for the last 14 years, and here I was with my 50 year old brain that wouldn't memorize anymore. I thought I could never pass the FPGEE, let alone Naplex. Amazingly, Buzz's memoronics and jokes seemed to stick with me. With ProntoPass, not only did I have all of the study material summarized on index cards, I received 15 colorful posters packed with very useful information. I put the posters up in my dining room and told visitors it was wall paper. They were astounded at what I had to learn. And the study materials just kept on coming..... audio CDs- an extraordinary tool enabling me to listen to test material while cooking dinner, walking the dog, and driving the kids around in car pools! Two weeks before Naplex, along came the Q-bank as well as profile after profile familiarizing me with Naplex format! And if that was not enough, 48 hours before the exam, I called Buzz and received another long pep talk! Everything was very, very helpful. One more thing, please do what Buzz says and read the cards outloud, fold them and then hide the right side and recite what you remember. You will be shocked as the material comes out of your mouth inexplicably! If you still can't decide if you want to order ProntoPass, call 330-243-2900, the number is Buzz's cell phone and he will answer it directly and chat with you about it, no pressure. If there is any more advice I can give you, it would be to do as Buzz says and put all of your other reference books in the closet and remember the 3 golden rules for passing Naplex: Get ProntoPass, get ProntoPass, get ProntoPass!
N E, Atlanta, GA
Editors Note: Nancy has been inducted into our Hall of Fame with a score of 132. Click on the Hall of Fame button to review her documents. Congratulations Nancy....a job well done!

Dear ProntoPass, I would like to start by saying thank you so much for making taking the naplex that much less stressful. I tried studying other things like the APHA book and another comprehensive pharmacy review book. The results were the same with both books, they were too detailed and had a lot of information in there that you didn't need to waste your time studying. I even tried studying all of my notes from pharmacy school. Let me save you time now, it gets really overwhelming very quickly. ProntoPass was recommended to me by the class of 2006. I was very relieved to get the ProntoPass cards to condense my studying. I worked very hard at learning all of the quickcards and the posters, but if you work at it diligently you will have no trouble passing--- and this is the only study material you will need--- I promise. When I got my score in the mail from the board of pharmacy I knew right then and there that I couldn't have picked a better study guide, you only need a 75 to pass and I got a 135!!
E M, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Elizabeth has been inducted into our Hall of Fame with a score of 135. Click on the Hall of Fame button to review her documents. Congratulations Elizabeth....a job well done!

Dear ProntoPass, I will have to admit, I was a little hesitant when I bought ProntoPass. I had not known anyone who had used the products before and was worried about spending the money. I decided that buying the products realizing it was going to be cheaper than retaking the test, if I happened to fail. Since it was a money back guarantee, I decided it was worth a shot. The posters and cards were great study materials and wish I would have bought them earlier in my schooling. I feel they would have been helpful even during classes, prior to studying for the Naplex. The first words out of my mouth when I walked out of the testing center from taking my Naplex, was "ProntoPass was awesome". I felt completely prepared during my exam and extremely confident afterwards. I would recommend these products to anyone and they are well worth the money. Thanks.
L M, Overland Park, KS
Editors Note: Lauren has been inducted into our Hall of Fame with a score of 118. Click on the Hall of Fame button to review the documents. Congratulations Lauren....a job well done!

To: Buzz and the rest of the staff, Thank You I just wanted you to know that I did pass although not with an extremely high score, but it was high enough for me. The exam had alot of hard questions but it was well covered by your material. Anyway, I am happy to be done with that. Thanks again.
N.P., Bloomfield Hills, MI

Buzz: As you predicted I got more than 115... I got 119!!! I owe this results to your system, no doubt about it!. This was my 4th time taking it and after a 35, 51 & 71 results I was ready for a great result, so I bought your product, followed your instructions, and here I am the happiest Venezuelan girl in California! As you might remember, I didn’t understand how a bunch of cards with funny elfs sayings would help me to pass such a hard test, but now I can assure everyone that this system works like a charm, if you follow Buzz’s instructions, NAPLEX its a piece of cake. I have no words to thank you enough! Good bless you and your great team. Marilena
M D, Glendale, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Marilena!! You have been inducted into the ProntoPass Hall of Fame!!

Hi Colin. Just wanted to let you know I am a licensed pharmacist now!!! I just found out. I loved the cards!! That's all I used and I guess that's all I needed. The cards made studying a lot more fun for me. I will definitly tell more people about them. Thank you so much.
N H, Austin, TX

We recieved the Audio CD back (for poster quizzing/sent on loan)from a student and with it was a little note: Dear ProntoPass, Here is the CD I borrowed for the Naplex. I just took it last week and already got my scores back. I passed with a 130! There were many questions on the test that were never covered during pharmacy school...they were howevercoved in your study guides! You really have a great product. I am just getting ready for my first day of work as a practicing pharmacist, and I can't thank you enough for helping me prepare for this day. Thank you again.
D M, Oklahoma City, OK

I just received a call and an email from M P. We have a new high score for one of our students....a 144 She sent this email to encourage others: I was overwhelmed with the stuff in the AphA book and was very nervous for the NAPLEX. I guess I am one of those that always worry, but that will give me motivation to prepare. I highly recommend that you need to study and prepare instead of thinking that you can pass NAPLEX like most people said. Anywho, I purchased the prontopass package b/c the AphA requires so much of my time and overwhelming. I studied for all the materials within 2 weeks and 1 week for the qbank and profile. I got 144 on my first try of Naplex and the test was not easy. You have to study/review for the materials. Thanks to buzz and his materials. I found them extremely helpful. Study paper materials and during the day, listen to his CD at night and do calculations after you master the materials was helpful. Then once you got the qbank and materials, you can actually spend 3 days including 1 or 2 hours doing math everyday should get you well prepared.
M P, Seattlre, WA
Editors Note: I just received a call and an email from M P. We have a new high score for one of our students....a 144 She sent this email to encourage others: I was overwhelmed with the stuff in the AphA book and was very nervous for the NAPLEX. I guess I am one of those that always worry, but that will give me motivation to prepare. I highly recommend that you need to study and prepare instead of thinking that you can pass NAPLEX like most people said. Anywho, I purchased the prontopass package b/c the AphA requires so much of my time and overwhelming. I studied for all the materials within 2 weeks and 1 week for the qbank and profile. I got 144 on my first try of Naplex and the test was not easy. You have to study/review for the materials. Thanks to buzz and his materials. I found them extremely helpful. Study paper materials and during the day, listen to his CD at night and do calculations after you master the materials was helpful. Then once you got the qbank and materials, you can actually spend 3 days including 1 or 2 hours doing math everyday should get you well prepared.

Hello! I am happy to report to you that I have gotten my results for my MPJE and I passed (83) as guaranteed by ProntoPass! I don't know what I would have done without your guys' great service and accomodation. ProntoPass was just what I needed to pass the exam. I only studied from Thursday to Sunday, BUT I followed your instructions with great faith and everything turned out fine. I'm recommending your services to all my friends. Thank you so much!
L.L., Tucson , AZ

Dear Buzz and those at prontopass: I am writing because I feel that I have been studying a little everyday for months now and I have come to a stalemate. I've lost my way. It seems that when I go over things I studied a few weeks ago from the cards, I can't remember details. Needless to say, memorization eludes me. Yesterday, I decided to get my drive back and put in the Audio CD. I listened to HIV. It took me some time but I loved the "What is it's claim to fame" questions. It's not a just a lecture on what you need to know. Buzz if that's you on the CD, You have such a calming voice when you respond. I feel like "OK, I am not an idiot" because I need the explanation. For someone who graduated with a 3.5 from pharmacy school and speaks perfect english, I am feeling like quite the idiot for not being able to remember what comes in what dosage form and the unusual brand names. I just wonder if I'll ever be ready to take the exam. I haven't been able to drum up the nerve to call either because I feel intimidated for needing help. That's just me. Sorry for the long email. I just needed to vent.
A B , South Ozone Park, NY
Editors Note: Amarita, never feel to intimidated to call. I am here to help....sometimes a pep talk is just what the doctor ordered. CEB

My order has arrived and I must say that I am very impressed with these cards and posters. Thank you so much. Your product is pretty much the final option for me in regards to studying materials. I bought the APHA book and it was so boring. The book is so plain and overwhelms you with so much information, that I end up stressing about how I'm going to study all of it in time, nodding off, or not studying at all. My lack of motivation was freaking me out. Luckily I ran across your website when I was searching alternative means in studying for the NAPLEX. I'm planning to take the NAPLEX sometime during the last week of August or first week of September (depends when I am done with my intern hours). Hopefully I will be prepared by then and pass it the first time. Somehow all these colors and a more active studying tool has given me a renewed motivation to study harder.
M T , Alexandria, VA
Editors Note: Motivation is very, very, very important. I encourage each student to study hard and well and score as high on the Naplex as you can. It is the only score you will remember for the rest of your life. For some students, it is the color and the emphasis on certain things, to some it is the layout that allow for self testing, to some it is the Audio Cd....what every turns you onto studying....use it...do it...conquer it! It feels so good when it finally begins to come together and you begin to feel really, really competent in your future profession!!

Dear Mr. Bayliss! It is my pleasure to tell you that I pass my Naplex. It is very easy to study when using your pronto pass products. I hope you continue helping other pharmacist student with this review because it is really excellent. Thank you again. NQ
N Q, , PR
Editors Note: Thank you Nicole for your kind words. Congratulations!

Hey Buzz Just got my naplex results and I passed with a 128!!! I'd prefer not to be entered in the hall of fame. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I will be sure to send the last min study material back to you this week. Thanks again!!!
C B, , TN

I had a telephone inquiry today that I thought I would share with everyone. Someone asked me my opinion regarding buying a used Combo deal from eBay vs buying new directly from us. Please note that everything we publish has a version number on it---every page! We make changes, additions, and deletions daily and then accumulate these into a new published version, usually once a month. Posters are given a new version number with every change whenever they happen. Pharmacy changes a lot! Do not entrust something so important as passing Naplex to studying old material...not ours, nor anyone elses!
CEB, Dover, OH

Thank you for your prompt shipping of the study material. I received the cards Friday night, and I am very excited to start reviewing it. I look at the posters and some of the cards. The information is just perfectly accomodated to memorize the key points. This is so hard when reading a text book. Z.D.
Z D, Spring, TX

Hi Colin Even though I did not follow the precise instructions that you provided in that I did not call you to do the “one-on-one” quiz and get the final set of “Final Review” cards, mainly due to a lot of other things going on in my life at present, I did take the Naplex on July 6. I heard yesterday from the NJ Board of Pharmacy that I passed with a score of 107. I attribute a very great deal of this success to the Prontopass system. Now with the law exam looming I am hoping that the days of my long “internship” will soon be over! Thank you for your assistance and for your program, which even works for us miscreants who deviate a tad from the accepted approach! Cheers S G P.S. I suspect that I might make the Guinness Book of records for the oldest foreign pharmacy graduate ever to achieve US registration?
S G, Robbinsville, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations S G. Job welldone, but I doubt very much if you are the oldest foreign pharmacy graduate ever to achieve US Registration, LOL. CEB

hi colin, I have been real busy as of late, but just wanted to let you know i passed both my naplex and the law (first times) and i really appreciate what pronto pass did. I have to be honest in that i didn't follow the "rules" word for word and did use a few other resources to help me study especially for the naplex, however, pronto pass was the foundation of my studies and i believe it really helped me to not only pass the exam but raise my confidence level as a pharmacist. i'd recommend it to my friends in the grades below me. thanks again.
D L, Warwick, RI
Editors Note: Congratulations Dan! Job well done. I do not recommend studying other material for lots of reasons, but I do note that you purchased our product one year before taking the Naplex and with that much time, it allows you lots of additional study options. Confidence and Knowledge...that's what it is all about. CEB

Hi, Buzz. I just passed the NAPLEXâ€"123â€"thanks to the help of your cards. What a really great product you have! Referring to our e-mails below, I would like to receive my MPJE cards. I will be practicing in PA, and I hope to take the MPJE in the next 2 weeks. My address is: xxx Thanks for producing such a wonderful product. Sincerely, J M
J M, Erie, PA
Editors Note: Julie, Congratulations!!! Also note, you are eligible for the ProntoPass Hall of Fame and $100 prize money. Give me a call at 330-243-2900

Colin Thanks - My DOB is 11/18/1944 - although I am told I do not look my age. I should let you work it out from there. With your evident math skills, as evidenced by the Pharmacy Calculations portion of Prontopass, you should find that a cinch. By the way, I attribute a good deal of my score to doing well on the calculations, thanks to Prontopass. Every calculation question I was posed was anticipated by that section of your system. The calculations represent one area of the exam that as you leave the examination room at the end that most of the time you can be pretty sure you got right i.e. because your workings led to one of the listed answers. Actually considering my age, there's your new ad campaign right there! You could paraphrase the Geico caveman campaign! "Prontopass - it's so easy even a 62 year old Brit. can get a 107 on his Naplex with it!" Cheers Stuart
S G, Robbinsville, NJ

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: I am very thankful to God and then to Buzz, Tiffany and all the Prontopass team for providing me with such relevant and helpful material to help me pass both the NAPLEX (score of 113) and the MPJE (score of 80). At first I was at little bit skeptical but after reviewing the PRONTOPASS materials I found them to be very straightforward and to the point. Unlike, other study materials that give you a lot of information and are too detailed for the exam. I would recommend these products to anyone. They are well worth the money; remember that education is an investment that pays off. At first, I was very anxious about the board examinations. I managed to vent all of my anxiety by fully trusting in God (1 Peter 5:7) and by exercising on a daily basis. All these made my NAPLEX/MPJE experience less stressful. Again, I would like to express my gratitude to the PRONTOPASS Solution team. May God bless all your endeavors.

Purchasing the PontoPass was by far the best investment I could have made for the NAPLEX. I completely surprised myself with the amount of information that I could recall because of the ProntoPass. This was the best study tool I could have used and I knew I passed the NAPLEX when I walked out because of the amount of information that I remembered from using the ProntoPass and Memoronics!! I would highly recommend this to anyone studying for the NAPLEX! Thank You!!
C K, Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I am quizzing myself as you describe [folding and self testing]. One of the reasons that I choose to order your complete system is that it is very similar to the way I recompile notes to study for exams and I have better recall when I learn a set (or block) of information. I have already set a NAPLEX date of 11-8-2007. I did this to make sure that I have a date when the NAPLEX comes back online. I will be sure to call you when I get closer to taking my exam.
A B, Portland, OR
You know what, Buzz: You're my brother!! I also joined Kappa Psi during my first year. I'm glad I found you. What a pleasant surprise!
T N , Temple, TX
am proud to say that I have passed both my MPJE and NAPLEX exams. I purchased the Combination Package (flash cards [QUICKCARDS], posters, CD and also the MPJE review). I began studying a month prior to the NAPLEX exam, following to a “T” what was recommended by the ProntoPass staff. I studied the flash cards [QUICKCARDS], about an hour a day and listened to the CD on the car ride to work. I utilized the posters while at the gym working on my cardio. I studied math every other day for an hour and began marking the concepts I didn’t understand or the more difficult ones (mEq, allegation, etc..) and focused more on those towards the end. Also, the patient profiles and the final quiz cards [QUICKCARDS], they send you are extremely helpful in a final review and to help you understand what to look for on patient profiles on the NAPLEX. I was extremely happy with ProntoPass, and believe that anyone who has an interest in passing the exams should purchase the combination package. Thanks,
R.P., Chicago, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations Ronak. You have been elected to our Hall of Fame and your score of 142 ties for the highest score ever achieved by one of our students. It encourages me that you did so well with the "new" Naplex!

I received a call today with a student reporting a score of 109. They say it is hard to increase a previous score by 10 points, but this student went from 72 to 109--a 37 point improvement. This time, she studied just our material for one intense month. T N said that the profiles were especially helpful. Congratulations T N
T N, Temple, TX
Hey Buzz, and ProntoPass Crew Just wanted to drop you a little note of kind words, and much thanks in helping me to achieve passing the NAPLEX. I enclosed both sets of scoring reports so that you can see the before and after prontopass metamorphosis! Without Prontopass: 48, with prontopass: 83!!! Enough Said!!! I think my case is a perfect example of if you follow the prontopass system EXACTLY, you will be a winner for sure. I was on the fence about purchasing it at the beginning, but I knew after the first 3 days of studying I would pass for sure. I also knew that I couldn't wait to write you guys this letter about how great, and effective your prontopass system is!!! I found myself in the unfortunate situation of waiting out the "rewrite". This was not only inconvenient in respect to time, but it also affected me in my job offers, and even my credit score (because of loan payments/deferments). Also the extra waiting was a real mental challenge to try and stay focused/motivated. All in all, I wonder if that Flynn fellow has ever worried about walking down dark allies in the last three months or so? Despite all the negativity the waiting period brought, I knew that I had to be positive and use the extra time as a blessing rather, to really know the stuff cold! The greatest thing about prontopass' teaching method is that it encourages you throughout the study process. It does not overwhelm you with fear and negativity with how much you do not know, but instead develops methods to show you "that you are learning, and here is the proof right in front of you!" It was amazing the first time I went through the math cards, a little more than half way through I said to myself "this is amazing I can do this math, its easy!.!.!.! Two cards later there's my buddy the elf asking me "have you had a revelation experience yet with Math Practice?"... That is what I am talking about, the proof of how well you are learning, and the positive reinforcement is right there! Not only was it in this instance, but throughout the whole system (that just happened to be my most memorable experience while studying). Throughout my teachings in pharmacy school from many professors, some preceptors, and other board review programs I have experienced the negative vibes and methods mentioned above. However, the prontopass system was a breath of fresh air, and never made me feel that way once! When I did mess up a problem, it said you probably did this, or watch out for doing this! These teaching methods are what help you learn the best! As far as my experience with NAPLEX many said it wouldn't change, and it would be the same, but let me tell you from experience the NAPLEX HAS CHANGED!!! What comforted me though was I really knew what the cards taught. So, no matter the boards threw at me I was ready because I knew the material cold! I know this letter is a little winded, but I have so much to say about my experiences with this unbearable test. All in all, I know that Prontopass made it a lot more tolerable for me and that I couldn't have done it without the best possible NAPLEX review course out there. That review course without a doubt being yours! I hope you can use some of my quotes from this letter to help the "on the fence guys" about whether they should dance the 3 step with the elf! I can not express how happy it made me. I feel the best way to give my thanks is to endorse it (like to my brother for instance, I had him buy himself a set). Thanks again so much, and I welcome you to use my first name, anything I said in this letter, and my scores in your feedback or winner's circle portion of your website! Sincerely, and by far the most thankful RPh this thanksgiving
, , PA
Buzz: I love your program sooooooo much, you have no idea. This is what happened, being a foreigner there are some things that I just don't know, like, you have to request a transfer of you NAPLEX score BEFORE you take the test, because if not you can't transfer it later, even though its a national test (!!!!!!????? I still don't get it but its the law), and since I couldn't pass CPJE (California Jurisprudence test) I wanted to move to Arizona state, but since I didn't transfer mi score BEFORE, I had to take NAPLEX AGAIN (for the 5th time!!!!). I did cry like crazy for 3 days, but after that I decided that I could do it again, so I started to review you package, and study hard as I did the last time (June 2007, remember I got 118) even without the Q-bank (I didn't want to bother you with my problems), and ... I did pass with even a better score, I GOT 125!!!! So, do I get another spot in you Hall of fame??? LOL!!! I am kidding !!! Being #20 its just awesome. If you needed a living proof that your system works, even after time, here I am! Keep up the good work, and again thank you, thank you, thank you! Marilena Gritani de Soto
Editors Note: Congratulations again! Sorry, only one time is allowed in the Hall of Fame!

Thank you for your help in passing the Naplex! I passed with a score of 110, despite the exam being extremely difficult and very clinically oriented. The posters and cards were a godsent!
P N, Catonsville, MD
Colin, Buzz, Thank you for pulling together a quick and easy study guide for the MPJE. I passed, first time, they did not provide my score only my State of Maryland pharmacist license which is all I care about. Thanks to your system I passed both the NAPLEX and the MPJE, first time after being out of school for 3 years. Thank you for your continued support. Regards,
AP, Philadelphia, PA
Thanks Buzz so much for the ProntPass materials. It was very helpful and it covered all topics that we needed to know for the exam. I don't think I would have passed without studying your materials. At first, I was a little bit nervous when you said put all other study materials away. I did not pass Naplex the first time and I did not want to fail again. But, I trusted you and only studied ProntoPass. It was hard to memorize everything. I studied everyday intensively for 3 weeks and called you for a quiz. Then I scheduled the Naplex one week later---because I was ready! I think memorizing and understanding the Posters really helped me a lot. The exam was hard but I was able to remember what I had learned from ProntoPass by memorizing the material. I was able to link everything together and I was able to eliminate the wrong answers. I passed this time with a good score, over 100, and I would recommend ProntoPass tyo everyone.
T N, Temple, TX
Thanks a million. I passed the Naplex and I'm a practicing pharmacist! Hurray!!
K B, Germantown, MD
I just picked this off a group Naplex group site: What should I study for Naplex? Someone answered: "I have to say prontopass posters, I studied those and they are great...I just got my results yesterday and I passed the Naplex with a score of 130."
cindyminiso, ,

Hi BUZZ, Thanks. I passed the NAPLEX (92). I believe the Prontopass solution helped me a lot. Again, thank you so much. Jimmy RPH
K W (Jimmy), unknown, unknown

Materials you sent are fantastic and great!!!!!!
K A, Belleview, Onatrio, Canada

Hi, I studied pretty much exclusively using the prontopass posters. I used APha for anemia and I felt I was so weak on infectious diseases that I needed to do more work and went back to my notes from school. That said in hindsight I think the prontopass infectious disease information would have been enough in terms of information if not enough to boost my confidence! The audio CD was extremely helpful, especially when there were two different students doing the same poster. I took Naplex Dec 17th (against your advice I know - and I was too scared to call and have you quiz me) however the good news is I did pass with a 119. I plan to take the CPJE next ( I am an R.Ph in NV already). I went on e-bay for the first time ever today and signed up for the hepatitis poster. I am not sure how it works - do they tell me to send you money or do you contact me and tell me to send you money? I know from the yahoo group that you do not have the audio yet but when you do will I be able to get a copy? could you also let me know what I would get if I paid for the CPJE materials - I know I need to go back over the clinical stuff but I was wondering what the law stuff is like and if you have had good results/feedback from your CA students. If I ask too many questions to be answered in an e-mail then please call xxx-xxx-xxxx I cannot believe how much time and effort you must have put into these posters but I sincerely appreciate it. It made an impossible task possible and I just wanted to thank you. Nicola Johnson
N J, Las Vegas, NV
Editors Note: Congratulations Nicola. Thank you for your kind words. Our law study material for CA covers what you need to know regarding CA law, but as you know, it is mostly clinical pharmacy. I suggest you order it today and at the same time schedule to take it two weeks from today. I believe we have a 100 percent passing when students have studied our Naplex study material and then our CPJE material and taken the test quickly. Allow me to encourage you to become a member of our Hall of Fame. Allow me to use your name and send us a copy of your results and a picture. Good luck in your law test. CEB

Just thought you would like to know. I got a 132 on the NAPLEX and a 89 on the PA Law using prontopass for both. I rather be studying still…working sucks.
N B, Smithfield, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations Neil. I am happy with your success.

We were emailed with a few questions and this comment was attached: I would like to mention this CD is really good...........I tried to memorize the poster but I was able to do it so easily until I listen the CD first..........the way you explain something is great!......
P.P, Davies, FL

I received the following letter in the mail: Dear Buzz, I would like to thank you for speaking with me on the phone the other night. Our conversation really brought my confidence up and made me very excited about your product. Like I told you on the phone, I have tried looking through books and study guides but nothing seems to make me feel confident about my pharmacy knowledge. I'm an active learner and reading all day doesn't help me retain information. I have never been very good at reading, so maybe that has something to do with it. I know our conversation got cut short the other night, but I want you to know I took everything you said to heart. I really needed to talk to someone like you. It made me feel like I have been too hard on myself lately and that I'm not the only person our there having trouble. I was a little shocked [reference omitted] and it showed me that you really care, not just about your product but about me as well. I have found that in the pharmacy world thre are very few people who are willing to help, and I think that is a sad reality. I really want to pass this exam and move on with my life. I know in my heart that one day I will be a good pharmacist, and I'm grateful to have found this product and your help. I hope tht I get a chance to speak to you again some time and again i'm so thankful for this opportunity to go through your entire program. B B P
B P, Richmond, VA
Editors Note: Thank you BP for your kind words. Sometimes, we all need a word of encouragement. I welcome all Naplex students to call me if they have questions or concerns about this test. Most days I am at work from 10-5 and sometimes in the evenings you can catch me----330-243-2900 Buzz

Great news! I just received my score for the GA MPJE... an 85!!! I passed the AL MPJE in December with a similar score! I used the MPJE Review cards to help prepare for both exams. After being inactive in pharmacy for a couple of decades, I'm reinstating licenses in both states. I am not required to retake the NAPLEX, but I'm seriously considering purchasing the Combo Deal as a review. I'm wondering if I will have the dicipline to study hard enough to make a difference since I don't have a NAPLEX test date looming. Any thoughts?
S S, LaGrange, GA
Editors Note: Hi Susan. Thanks for letting us know of your success. With the MPJE, our product is used to produce a quick pass...but not necessarily with a high grade. You did well, fulfilling our goal with this product. Regarding whether or not to buy a combo deal just to increase your pharmacy knowledge, I would never say never since we make a living selling these things, LOL, but I think that getting the Naplex Review Posters would be more beneficial for general review purposes...and you might, if you are patient, get all 16 on eBay cheap. Thanks again for letting us know of your success. Our success depends upon our students and your success makes us feel GREAT! Thanks. CEB

I received a call today from a student who got a 119 on Naplex. He did not want in the Hall of Fame because he is shy! I love it when "older" students do well. Congratulations!!!!
T B, Vancouver, WA

Dear Buzz, Hope you are doing fine. My name is Khemraj and I am Prontopass family member from FL. I was taking test in dec and as you advised, postponed to Jan. I am writing this email to inform you that I scored 108 :) I want to thank you very much for the sweet guidance that you give, the concise notes and posters.... I loved posters and had them cold memorization... I wish you make more of posters for imp. topics ... I realized while taking the test that test takers wants you to pass... many Qs were based on common sense and hence a good night sleep before the exam is very kind and wise advise you gave to me. Thanks a billion. I would highly recommand PRONTOPASS to everyone. Kind regards K H
K H, Miami, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations K H. Thank you for your kind words. CEB

Thanks Colin...I am studying as you directed. The flash cards are great and even helping me on my clinical rotations!
B W, St Louis, MO
Editors Note: Keep up the good work. Remember, with the Quickcards, fold and self test. Looking at the left side, say OUT LOUD what is on the right side. (combines audio and visual learning) CEB

(feedback for our pharmacy tech program at pharmtechsuccess.com) Thank you so much. I have recomended a couple of my co-workers to your site and they have purchased the same combo. We are all very happy with our purchases thanks again! Jana
J O, Punta Gorda, FL

Today I recieved an email. Maybe the nicest that I have ever recieved. It warms my heart! When we sat down to study for the Naplex, we both wrote out scores for what we hoped to achieve. As we began to study other test material, we realized that other reviews would not help us to reach our goal. That is when we discovered the ProntoPass. When we first opened the box, we knew right away that this would be the best review available. We studied diligently memorizing the notecards, posters and supplementing with audio. When we sat down for the NAPLEX, we sat down with confidence. As we both took the test, we waited for the test to become challenging, but it never did. Not because the test was easy, but because the ProntoPass had prepared us. So in the end, did we set our goals too high, just right, or not high enough? My goal-115. Actual score-128. My wife’s goal-120. Her Actual score-129. I guess we didn’t set our goal high enough!!! Ps. Make sure you call Buzz for the final review (it gives you a realistic view of where you are in your studies) and the final material they mail out are a very important addition. God, I thought this day would never come….. Thomas & Anne M Pharm D.
T& A M, Tulsa, OK
Editors Note: Congratulations to Thomas and Anne. These results were a result of hard study. The ProntoPass package was purchased 9-14-07-----about 5 months of hard study!!

ProntoPass quickcards and posters definitely helped me prepare for Naplex. It greatly improved my recall and with the memorionics it is just so much easier. I like the system in that it is to the point...it does not contain lots of unnecessary info. There is a lot of info to cover and time is of the essence; therefore I appreciate the concise manner of these products. The system is also very visual in that it is color coded and the posters and cards are nicely presented. This also greatly improves recall as the visual image sparks memory. The audio poster quizzes also helped me and reinforced the facts. After listening to a topic a few times I could answer the questions promptly even before the student could respond. The math cards were very helpful and 1 hr a day with them made me math competent. The ProntoPass system is a great system!
S D, Santa Marie, CA

I just got my naplex score...133!!!!!! The cards helped immensely. Thanks -John
J P, Southwest, PA
Editors Note: i J P Nice email, Short and sweet, LOL. Congratulations!!!! You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. What a great score. To be in the hall of Fame, you must write something about how you studies our products, allow us to use your name and send us a copy of your results. You can see the website for more information and what you get!! Thanks for letting us know. CEB

I received a note with the students Registration Card: Dear ProntoPass, I have no plans to fail but why is your guarantee limited only to USA pharmacy graduates? Hope you hve a reason as goos as your material. Best regards. SS
S S, Aliso Viejo, CA
Editors Note: I trust our material...if you study it hard, you can do well. But I do not know the extent of language skills with foreign graduates. I do not want to spend my time trying to determine those skill levels and therefore created a policy that we do not guarantee foreign graduates. I do not trust TSE as a measure of language success in that I have talked to some that I think should have had no problem, but did, and I have talked to some who passed somehow but I wonder if they are really competent with the English language. I do point out that some of our best students have been foreign born....just look at the names in our Hall of Fame!! CEB

my name is marco im in cleveland ohio i just want to tell everyone who is about to take naplex just follow buzz...... i have failed naplex before and i was very depressed but after god guide me to get the pronto pass products i found my self stuyding them like crazy and i pass so easily beleive me put every thing u have on the side and just study buzz products remember math gives u the confident to pass and posters gurantee ur success i consider buzz products changed how people look to the pharmacy studies today may god bless u all u all will pass if u study his product thank u buzz u r the best thing happen to pre grad. pharm. and the foreign pharmacist alsooooo
M G, Cleveland, OH
Editors Note: Congratulations Marco. Thank you for the email to share with others and thank you for your call. Sharing your excitement and joy upon finding that you passed...electrified me too!!! I am soooo happy for you. CEB

Hi Buzz, How do you begin an email to say Thanks to the people who have provided us with ProntoPass, the miracle worker! I purchased the ProntoPass package in August 2007. With one semester of "rotations" remaining and after having taken 8 months off with to be with my new daughter, I knew I would need some help to pass the NAPLEX. And help I found in ProntoPass!!! I began my studies for the NAPLEX not only wanting to pass, of course, but to do well. I set a goal for myself of achieving a score of 100. I figured that I had from August to February to study and that that would be ample time to memorize the cards and posters. I started out studying for about an hour every day or so and eventually I was spending 5 hours per day at the local library for about the last 2 weeks, before the test. I did not call to be quizzed, (guess I was a little gun shy!) therefore I did not have the advantage of my own last minute study material. However, I am friends with Tom and Anne from Tulsa, OK and they let me look on at their last minute material the day before my exam. I am extremely excited and even more so relieved to announce that I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 104!!!! Slightly better than my goal! I am extremely impressed by this set of study material! I can safely say that the "other" study materials lack that something special that makes ProntoPass superior! ProntoPass helps you learn and remember the material! That seemed to be the key for me... During my test I could actually take a deep breath, sit back and visualize the posters to help figure out the right answers! After the test was over, I felt confident that I had not failed. I was not sure how well I had done, but I could not convince myself that I had failed. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciated your hard work on making ProntoPass the #1 study guide material! I couldn't have done it without you!! -- Sincerely, A S, Pharm.D. Wagoner, OK
A S, Wagoner, OK
Editors Note: Thank you Amanda for your kind words and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Job well done!! CEB

Hello Buzz, Thank you so much, I passed my Naplex with 119 score. I am really happy, that I choose Prontopass for my study. It was tough paper, but while attending question, believe me Memoronic and your posters helped me lot. I am really thankful to you. THANK YOU Ashish
A P, Greer, SC
Editors Note: Congratulations Ashish. I invite you to join our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame button and read what is needed and what you will recieve. The important thing is to give encouragement to others! CEB

To Mr CEB To GOD be the glory! I passed my Naplex and MPJE. Thanks also to you, I also gained the confidence to take the exam. I didn't get the goal of 130, but I got 118. Thanks
R D, Homestead, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations. You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. Please click on the Hall of Fame button on the left side of the Home Page. I am so happy for you!!!!....and yes, to GOD be the glory!! CEB

Thanks Colin for your mail. I have received the order. I love the miracle story especially as you have God in your program. I will do my best to experience those miracles in no short time and join the band of declaring it to others.
N C, Westbury, NY

I picked this off an internet site and I thought it was interesting: I would say I got about 3 questions on Naplex where they gave you the concentrations at different times OR they gave you the half life - I did not have to do anything more complicated than write the numbers in a line and be able to figure out the half life that way (for example if you start at 16 and after 9 hours you are down to 2 what is the half life? OK so at time 0 I have 16, after one half life I have 8, after two half lives I have 4, after 3 half lives I have 2. So three half lives is 9 hours, so one half life is 3 hours) I also had them the other way around.(the half life is 2 hours, you have a level of 64 how long before your level drops to 8? OK so at time 0 I have 64, after 2 hours I have 32, after 4 hours I have 16, after 6 hours I have 8, answer is 6 hours) That isn't to say that you don't need to know how to do the pharmacokinetics - I definitely had some loading dose/maintenance dose questions where I needed to whip out formulas and plug in the numbers, however ALL of my half life questions could be solved by literally writing the numbers in a line. It also doesn't mean that you won't have to figure them out the hard way just because I didn't. If you can do Prontopass Math well you should be able to answer the Naplex Math - and if you miss one math question that is a little on the geeky side then you probably are not making the difference between passing and failing, you are probably making the difference of how high your score is.
unknown, ,
Editors Note: I think these comments are accurate and the writer was talking about our ProntoPass Math Practice set.

Dear Buzz and other Prontopass staff Thank you for a great product such as Prontopass Solutions.I was thrilled when I scored 123 on NAPLEX!This is my success story: I am a foreign graduate from South Africa who graduated in 1995 from the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa with a 4 year B.Pharm degree.I worked 10 years in hospital pharmacy of which I spent 8 years in Oncology pharmacy, specializing in that field. I was recruited to come and work in the USA and I had to take the FPGEE, TOEFFL and TSE exams. I started my internship in October 2006 in California, Central Coast in a retail pharmacy setting. Not only did I have to memorize American brand names, but I had to brush up on general pharmacy, having been out of the field for so long. I now had the enormous task ahead of me of passing the NAPLEX and CPJE!From October till December I did not do anything about my studies though. My manager urged me to get started and finally I purchased preparatory course materials which cost me an arm and a leg. A friend sent me Comprehensive Pharmacy Review and R exam books.I started reading through the preparatory materials and only managed to get through it after 3 months. I realized that although I went through it once, it wasn't enough and I did not retain as much from these materials. A crash course of the same materials was offered in LA which I attended. I took notes like crazy,recorded the classes and came back with a substantial file of knowledge to add to the already vast amount of work that I had to cover. I also purchased further help books like Lange and Comprehensive Pharmacy Review book. In August of 2007, I received an email from a friend whom I met at the classes in LA, inviting me to a conference call study group. The group decided to use Prontopass as their basis after several of the members recommended it. This was the turning point for me! I searched the web and discovered that there was in fact a special on the combo deal where you get the Quickcards, posters, CD and final review included.I was a bit reluctant to spend further money on more study materials. I was financially stretched to the limit and strictly speaking, I could not afford to pay anything more on my studies. I decided to give it a try though and took a leap of faith. I have heard only good things about it and so I immediately ordered it and requested speedy delivery. I received it within a record time and started rubberbanding the Quickcards immediately.I was so excited when I received the package as the cards and posters were so colorful and complete with pictures that I wanted to start studying them right away! I followed the recommendations by memorizing the cards first and only moving on when I knew the particular section really well. I folded the cards and self tested. I experienced a sense of self satisfaction as more and more sections were in the done box! (cont'd)
S D, Santa Marie, CA
Editors Note: Copngratulations S D. We look forward to inducting you into our Hall of Fame. Thanks for your testimony that will encourage others.

(con't) The memoronics on the flashcards helped in recaling information and the Rx elf offered very useful tips and his jokes brought a smile to my face. The posters provided a great overall summary of a disease state and helped me to put it all together. I found the posters on Preemies and Cystic Fibrosis particularly useful, as I did not know much of either subject before then. It also helped me with subjects like AIDS and epilepsy which I always found rather difficult. I also liked the audio of the posters in the form of the CD. It reinforced the information already covered on the posters. I made maximum use of my time by listening to the quizzes on my mini ipod as I was getting ready for work. I listened to the CD in the car, in restaurants, in coffee shoppes and also at work during lunch time! I could later answer the questions before the students on the CD could! After completing a poster, I would also actively participate in the quizzes by answering and rewinding a particular session till I was satisfied that I knew it. The math cards are concise and covers every type of calculation necessary for passing the NAPLEX. I did not leave the math cards for last as suggested though. I did 15 cards a day and went through it twice like that before I started with my 1 hour math a day. The final review is an excellent summary after you went through the Quickcards. I only went through the Quickcards once before I did final review, but I made sure that I knew final review cold. I phoned you, Buzz about 2 weeks before the time that I intended to take NAPLEX. Brenda quizzed me and was satisfied and then had you quizz me on the posters as well. Buzz, when you then told me that I was ready, this confirmation gave me a lot of self confidence and I strongly recommend that students make use of this as it builds self confidence and it greatly improves recall. I would recommend regular quizzes and after each poster though as this would be even more effective, since smaller chunks of information could be reinforced before having a big quizz on everything. Finally, I was sent the latest version of the final review, Q Bank and Patient profiles to do in the last 2 weeks. This helped me to apply what I have learnt and to see how NAPLEX asks the questions. I took time off work during the last few weeks and did 100-200 questions a day, a few patient profiles and my 1 hour math a day.I raced through the questions as I knew the answers and this was a great feeling! I took the NAPLEX 22 December 2007 and came out there smiling, because I knew then that I had defintely passed!Prontopass made all the difference! In conclusion,Prontopass is truly remarkable and all that you will ever need to pass NAPLEX. Definitely revolutionary!If you want to pass Naplex pronto, get the Prontopass!
S D , Santa Marie, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations S D. We look forward to inducting you into our Hall of Fame. Thanks for your testimony that will encourage others.

Hi! Last year I purchased from you the MPJE review materials for both NY and FL. They worked! I am a licensed RPh in both states. I also purchased from you the NAPLEX package... that worked too! I passed my NAPLEX! As you can see, I've purchased many items through you over the past year. Now I'd like to purchase one more. I am going to become licensed by score transfer in massachusetts. I'd like to purchase the MPJE sheets from you for this state. However, I do not need the federal review cards. Therefore, I'd prefer to not have to pay the $130, and instead pay only the $25. Please let me know if we can works something out. Sincerely, E G
E G , Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: When you buy the MPJE it comes with one state. Later, like in this case, you can buy just one state for $25 plus shipping. You can do this anytime (up to one year) after you have made the initial purchase. Thanks E G for the great feedback that our study material works!

Just FYI- I ordered the pronto pass Naplex cards last year and I didn't even learn all the cards and posters, but skimmed the material- I mostly read continuing education articles. However, I graduated almost 10 years ago from pharmacy school- I am a nuclear pharmacist, so my knowledge of "regular" pharmacy was pretty much forgotten- I wanted a Tennessee license and I reside in Florida. They would not reciprocate with Florida so I had to take the Naplex over again. I was terrifed. Even after I left the testing center I feared that I had failed. Lo and behold- not only did I pass, I didn't even do that bad! I got a 106!!! So- the prontopass cards served me well- I didn't even do the question bank at the end or anything.. Thank you.
S O, Newport Richey, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations SO. You were lucky. Everyone studying to pass the Naplex needs the combo deal which consists of three items: Naplex Review QUICKCARDS, the Posters, and the Math Practice. The QUICKCARDS are drug oriented and the Posters are mostly disease oriented (to help you later to understand patient profiles) and the need for Math Practice is obvious. This combo deal is what SO purchased. Everyone who purchases the combo deal is entitled to call us when they are ready to take the Naplex and we will quiz them, and if we agree they are ready, we will send (on loan) additional last minute study material (including the Q-Bank). Everyone who purchases the combo deal and does not call for this last minute study material has some agenda other than ours... We do not tell our students what to do but we do suggest they do it our way because it has proven to work, time after time. We should never depend upon luck...we should know the material very well so we can take the Naplex with confidence. Most people will not be as lucky as SO. Most people who take the Naplex and are "terrifed" will fail this test. While we are happy for SO, we will not be happy if other students follow this example and fail.

I have received my ProntoPass Order. I also have a couple of questions. #1. You recommend to study the definitions, diseases, labs, and liver enzymes before studying anything else? #2. How long should you spend on a topic (number of hours a day)? #3. Is there a certain order to study the posters? #4. Do I not listen to the CD until I finish learning all of the posters? Thank You for your time
K T, Jacksonville, FL
Editors Note: Irecommend that you study definitions, diseases, labs and liver enzymes first because you will use this knowledge throughout your studies. You learn one subject at a time until you know it. Different students will take different amounts of time to do this and there is no way to estimate how long it will take you. Test yourself by folding the cards and do not move onto the next until you know the one you are studying really well. There are two knowledge acquisition products: QUICKCARDS and Posters. I usually ask students to take a break from the cards when the card subject also has a poster but it really does not make a difference in what order you learn them. However, after studying a poster, self test with the Audio CD. Good luck in your studies. CEB

Dearest Buzz, Thank you for the overnight delivery! [Was requesting the Last Minute study materials] You're the greatest!! I'll definitely work hard and hope to bring you guys the good news soon. JL
J L , Irvine, CA
Editors Note: Good luck JL. Looking forward to hearing about you high Naplex score soon.

I really REALLY like the Audio CD. They are so useful and presented in such an interesting way. I would like to suggest 1) more topics, not just limited to the Naplex Review Posters 2) some of the recordings are hard to hear because the student was too far from the microphone. But, you have no idea how useful they are. Especially with the fact that I have to drive one to one and one-half hours to my rotation site every day. And, the information provided also give me "street smarts" on things not discussed in school! Patients do ask things like what am I supposed to feel when I inhale Advair stuff?
O S, Philadelphia, PA
Editors Note: Thank you OS for your kind words and suggestions. We have recieved many notes like this saying the Audio CD has been useful in helping students.

Hi Colin. Just to let you know that I passed both tests on the first try - Naplex score was 113, CPJE 80. ProntoPass was a great help.
C F, Lakeside, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations CF

My apologies for the delay [in returning the Last Minute Study Material sent on loan]. Our results on the MPJE (88) and Naplex (128) were so good we were able to get licensed much faster than I imagined and consequently moved to Colorado from Oklahoma this week. We finally got our books unpacked and I got the last review in the mail yesterday. Thank you again for your excellent review and sorry once again for the delay on it's return. We just got Internet set up yesterday as well or I would have written back sooner. Thanks for your patience in these matters. T M
T M, Tulsa, OK
Editors Note: Congratulations on a job well done. One month study time....and excellent results. You are eligible to join our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame button and read more.

Hey Buzz, It is Chris. I got my scores back yesterday. I am extremely happy that I passed it. I just wanted to thank you and the whole pronto pass team for taken me in and treating me like family. I enjoyed the experience and feel as though I am and will be a more well-rounded pharmacist in the years to come. Your review weeded out all of the BS. and was practical to everyday knowledge as a pharmacist. I consider you a mentor and will take your advice seriously into consideration in what we discussed about pursuing a law degree. I consider you, mike, brenda, and steve life-long friends and will stay in touch so to update any future endeavors that I explore in this life. Thanks again. Sincerely, C B
C B, Greenville, SC
Editors Note: Chris joined us here in Dover Oh to study. He will always be like family to us. Congratulations Chris!!!!

Dear Mr. Bayliss, Protopass material was great help. I did good on my Naplex. Thanks a lot. Ritaben
R P, Destin, FL

I am sending back the last minute study material [that was sent on loan] today. Thanks so much for all you help. I passed Naplex and CA CPJE. I never thought it possible. This was EXCELLENT study material
T B, San Diego, CA

Buzz, I just wanted to say that after much deliberation as to how to prepare for the Naplex I am thrilled to have chosen Prontopass. I have been practicing for 26 years and need to take the exam to obtain a license in Florida-the last thing I wanted to do! After choosing Prontopass, all the materials arrived in about 3 days and I was excited to see the box. You even included the rubber bands for all the sections. I couldn't wait to begin studying. I put away my other materials(luckily I hadn't purchased anything yet)and began. So far, NO regrets! I love them and feel like I'm learning and feeling more confident. Thank you for helping an older student feel like she has a chance:) Monika Wiltshire
M W, Glenmont, NY
Editors Note: Learning can be a thrill and a joy (as well as hard work and pain) at any age. Good luck. Study hard and make both of us proud of your Naplex score! CEB

I received my naplex score today!!! A score of 110!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! I was jumping around like a little kid!!! When I flunk my first naplex and cpje.....I was soo ready to pack up all my belongings and move to another country to evade my student loans.......but luckily I found you and your helpful program!! I followed your advice and studied hard, called you for the last minute review and went through the whole process and just as you had guaranteed, it paid off!!! I have you and all of your staff to thank. This score had given me more confidence to take the cpje..Please let me keep the last review a bit longer!! hope to share the next good news with you all!!
J L, Irvine, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations J L. Too bad you missed the Hall of Fame by just 5 points. Hope to hear good news from you soon regarding the CPJE

The following was a reply to Deeva who had asked for a study partner. Deeva had passed CPJE but had failed the Naplex. Hi Deeva, Congratulation for your CPJE! You will doing good on your NAPLEX next time. Trust me, you do not need to find anyone to study with. I failed NAPLEX twice, and made it in the third time, still study alone!!! So, do not try to find anyone, save your time to study more in the PROTONPASS cards, and ASHP book (that's what I had done). Snoopy
D P, Victorville, CA
Editors Note: I suggest that you do NOT divert your efforts with studying the ASHP book. Just stick to ProntoPass. The more time you spend with ProntoPass the better you can score! CEB

The following message was picked off our NAPLEXANDMORE yahoo group. Deeva had asked for a study partner: Hi Deeva, I just received in the mail today my final prep study material. I have failed the NAPLEX twice before, yes, I was studying ProntoPass but not exactly as Buzz directed, thinking I knew what I was doing. Well, obviously I did not as evidenced by my two very near misses on NAPLEX!!! Before both tests, I was major stressing. Couldn’t eat, sleep, cried whenever I thought about it. As you can imagine, this did not do me any good as I was trying to prepare. This time I did it Buzz’s way. I folded ALL the cards, MEMORIZED all the posters. Not to where I would recognize it if I saw it again, but to where I can honestly say I have it in my head! (I thought with NAPLEX being multiply choice I would recognize things when I saw them and it would jog my memory. those of you who have taken this test know this is a total fallacy!) It has made all the difference in the world. I am feeling confident and prepared with very little stress about it. As I said earlier, I got my final prep material today and it is wonderful! It is SO worth studying until you pass the final review and Buzz’s poster quiz to get it. I was tremendously pleased to start going through the profiles and realizing that I KNEW most of it. At this point, the Q bank questions and profiles are just fine tuning and really allowing me to confirm the things I know (and pick up the last minute things that I don’t!). All this to say…don’t rush it…take your time in studying everything the way Buzz recommends. I thought I knew better and it cost me an additional 6 months!! Do it right and get your final prep materials. You will be amazed as I am how they really start to concrete everything you have worked so hard up to that point to study. This is just to important. Do it right the first (or second ) time and save yourself the anguish! Freda Hall
F H, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: There are lots of different ways to study ProntoPass and none are wrong....BUT, if you do it my way....it is proven time after time to work. It will get you a great grade but more importantly it will give you confidence going forward into your new chosen profession!

Dear Buzz First of all, thank you for the new and updated diabetic poster which I have received last week. I will put it to good use with my diabetic course. I have completed level 1 training; that is the first requirements and in the form of prescribed CE's.The next step will be a live class of about 4 hours, possibly in LA. I was very excited today when I received a parcel from Prontopass! In it was a variety of goodies such as 4 coffee mugs with the Rx elf on it, a certificate, a $25 check and Prontopass key ring holders! It is such a nice idea to reward students who have made use of your system and I will treasure it. This clearly distinguishes you from your competitors in the market who would just sell their product (at a much higher price I may add ), but not offering anything extra. The service which you offer even after you have sold your product, is what sets you in a class of your own. Word of mouth of happy customers who got their moneys worth goes a long way and I will definetely recommend Prontopass to to anyone interested. I checked out the Hall of Fame and saw my entry and it looks good how you put everything together! Thank you once again for everything. I really appreciate it. Regards Sunette De Lange
S D, Santa Marie, CA
Editors Note: Thank you. I really appreciate students that study our material hard and do well on Naplex and get in our Hall of Fame. And, of course, I appreciate your kind words and comments that all can read by clicking on the Hall of Fame button. Best of luck to you in your DM specialty. CEB

I was just wondering if you gave any additional discount on your combo product to people who have referred others to purchase your combo product? I have currently referred two people (Exxxx Fxxx and Axxx Pxxx) both of which have already purchased your combo product. Just thought I would ask. Thanks for your time.
B M, ,
Editors Note: Thank you for your referals but we do not pay for referals. Referals must be from the heart not from the wallet. But, I think you have done your friends a favor and we most appreciate students like you. Slightly more than one-half of our business came from referals like yours. CEB

I graduate May 2nd, with an aim to take the test late June, early July. I laid out a weekly study schedule for the next 2 months or so (~4 topics per week). It seems like soo much memorizing. Yes, I am folding and testing. One question.... I am working on Cancer cards right now. Some drugs are highlighted in yellow, some are not. Are the yellow one more frequently used? Should I focus on memorizing these yellow drugs in particular, or should I know EVERYTHING on the card (even drugs I have never seen or used). Same thing goes for all other card sets. I think I may know the answer already. =) I am currently on my Oncology rotation, so the cards help me study, and make me look smart on rotation too. =) Thanks for your help. - Brian
B Z, Euclid, OH
Editors Note: One time good through the cards and fold and self test before moving onto another subject. Yes, there is a lot to learn! Items that are highlighted, or in red, or have a squiggle or an arrow are more important. It never fails to surprise me with people who take the test and then tell others study this or study that. They have what I call "testing bias": they suggest to others that what was on their test will be on the other person's test. Not so. I am convinced that the Naplex consists of a very, very large data base of questions and the only way to do really well is to study a lot. Many people who fail and come to us have proven again and again that short cuts do not work. Furthermore, as a pharmacist you need a large knowledge base for your work....so study it all and do well. In regards to your comments about helping you in your rotations, I have had many students tell me the same thing. Even though our product was intended to be a comprehensive review for doing well with Naplex, we are happy that it helps you look good in rotations! Wishing you the best in your studies.

Hey Buzz, I passed. I scored 114 ( I missed the hall of fame by a point......errrrr) Thankyou very much for your help. I loved the audio CD and the posters. Not only did it make me understand and remember more but also think in terms of NAPLEX relavance.. I would have scored higher if only I took the optional break. I got a little excited as NAPLEX was way easier than I expected, and I thought I should complete the test and get it over with. (I had 1.5 hrs to spare after I finished the test) That was when I faced 2 very simple math q's that got my mind froze and I messed both. I wish I had given my brain some rest and/or given more time to those q's. Anyways I am glad that I passed.. Fell free to use this as testimony and thank you once again for all the material you sent me.
D P, Congers, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations Dominic. I am so happy for you....but for one point!!!! Oh well, you did very well. One of the reasons we want you to memorize some basic things so well is to buy you enough time so that you can go slow and perfect with math. I hope others benefit from your experience. CEB

I recieved an email today from Samina mentioning they they had just purchased the combo deal a few weeks ago and was wondering why they did not get the new Asthma V 8.3. Please allow me to explain: At the time of an order, it is filled with the latest version of everything. We update daily so the process of updates will not change. There will obviously be new material between the time of your order and when you are ready to test. Here is how you get updated with this new information: Just prior to your test, when you have studied our material and you are ready, after we quiz you and agree that you are ready, we send 3 items on loan for the last 10 days of study: 1) the latest Last Review (the summary of all the QUICKCARDS) 2) 23 patient profiles and 3) the Q-Bank. When you call us to tell us you are ready, we look up your order and verify that you did purchase the combo deal and that we have recieved your registration card. Then we quiz you and if you do well we send you the new material on loan.
S, ,
Editors Note: Please allow me to say again that the LAST MINUTE STUDY MATERIAL THAT YOU WILL GET FROM US IS VERY IMPORTANT. You only get this (sent on loan) after you and I both agree that you are ready to take the Naplex...after quizzing. Very important: you must register your purchase. Be sure to send in the registration card.

hello, Colin how are you doing? I took the MPJE exam for MD and I passed. Thank you soo much, Fran
F A, Washington, D C

Your cards were great! Could never had done it without them. After 17 years of being out of pharmacy practice, I never thought it possible that I could get through it all. I DID! Thanks ProntoPass
T B, San Diego, CA

Dear Colin, I passed my Hawaii MPJE with an 82. The cards definitely helped. Thanks for being there when I needed a little help to make sure I got my license. Sincerely, Eileen Wedel
E W, Charlotte, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations Eileen!!! I want everyone to remember that our MPJE is condensed and is intended for a quick pass, not a high score.

Another satisfied customer!!!!!!! NAPLEX down, MPJE.... well I have to get back to you on that one!!!! For everyone using prontopass, know the posters cold!
B B, Tarpon Springs, FL

Hello Buzz, It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I had passed Naplex and am now a full-time Pharmacist with Walgreens in Macomb-MI, past two weeks now. The Pronto Pass was a great tool for my preparation, though I did not get the opportunity to go through your last minute review notes (which you usually send last). Please let me know if any one requires my set of Pronto Pass, I would be more that happy to give them at half the price. I appreciate your help and guidance to reach my goal. Thanks and regards,
S G, Clinton Township, MI
Editors Note: Congratulations Satyajit. We never recommend used material, not ours or anyone elses. Especially we do not recommend using our old stuff from someone because we will not be entitled to the last minute study material. We have some students, like Satyajit, that study our material and pass the test without the benefit of the last minute material but we do NOT suggest that. When you pay for our combo deal....take full advantage of what we offer! What other company will quiz you to tell you if you are ready? Only ProntoPass!!! What other company will send you last minute study material to hone your skills just prior to testing? Only ProntoPass!!! CEB

Hi Again! Audio CD helps me remember better.....I do read the quickcards but when I listen to CD i understand the disease state better. It makes easier for me to remember Brand and generic names, their doses and frequency, MOA, and all other imp info... Thank you, Jignya
J S, Monmouth Junction, NJ
Editors Note: Many people like the audio CD and we have received many comments like this. It is a great testing mechanism and follows our thoughts on proactive learning, which is harder but gets you then quicker and stays with you longer! After memorizing the Poster, pop the CD in any MP3 format player and listen to my question, pause the thing, formulate your answer and say it out loud and then turn the audio back on and hear my student's answer and then my comments. Very proactive learning! I noticed that one of our competitors now offers an audio CD and I think this is good because imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Thank you so much for such a great product (ProntoPass) and your support. I passed the Naplex with a score of 126. Without your help I could not of had these results. I am sorry for late response. Thank you again!
B K , Herndon, VA

I just started to study, but from what I have seen so far the cards are great, they are written in a way that makes me remember. Everything got to me on time, thank you very much.
J H, Miami, FL

This is the second time I have taken the NAPLEX and I finally passed. I studied only from ProntoPass as Buzz told me. I put all my other books in the box and studied only from ProntoPass and I got a score of 116. Before I tried every book on the market you can imagine. Starting from Morris Cody to Mannan Sherrof, Kaplin, and the results were not good when I took the first exam. All I can say is THANK YOU BUZZ! and God bless you for helping me out and other people too. Here is my advice if you want to pass the NAPLEX,and save time and money, study only ProntoPass and follow Buzz's advice. Again thank you Buzz.
M S, Lynden, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations Marlene....thank you for your kind words and don't forget that you are eligible for our Hall of Fame. Send us a copy of your score and permission to use your name and a picture and we will put you in our Hall of Fame and send you some goodies including a beautiful certificate showing your high score. Again, thank you for letting us know how you did.

Hi everybody! I would like to share my experience with all of you, maybe it will calm the fear of all you doubtfuls out there that PRONTOPASS actually works. I am a foreign graduate. I had no problem finishing my FPGEE and the TOEFL. I found an internship right away in New Jersey, and I in 6 month I was ready to take sit for the NAPLEX. Then all my troubles started. I took a review course at LIU in Brooklyn. Although the people there were very helpful, I still had a feeling that this not what I really needed. But I said to my self I shouldn't doubt them and I should do what they told us to do. I quit my job and I studied for almost 2 month. I got a shocking 43. Yes, you heard my right, a 43. Even the calculations that I thought I passed it, I didn't do as well as I thought I did. I was devastated, I had to get a job because I can't not work for 6 month. And then I started reading about prontopass. I started to read people's reviews on other pharmacy group chats and they were almost all good. So I bought the complete set and went down to work. I did exactly what Buzz asked us to do. I folded and tested myself. I memorized the posters and the last review cold. Buzz then tested me and I got the last study material, and trust me people please don't hurry and take your test before giving yourselves 2 weeks with he last minute material. I took my test last Tuesday and this time I thought that I had failed it, I even emailed Buzz and told him that. But he really calmed me down and explained that the more we know, the more we figure that we don't know. Anyways 2 days later i found out that I actually got 105. Imagine that! from a 43 to 105 in 3 month and mind you people that I was working between 30 to 20 hours a week the whole time in pharmacy that makes around 650 scripts a day. Anyways trust when i tell you this system works. don't waste your time, just get down to work and forget about all the other distraction. THE SYSTEM WORKS! Thank you again buzz for all your help and support! I hope I can repay you somehow someday. cheers, Fady Heikal
F H, Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: The important thing to note is that Fady studied hard for 3 months. He was into a corner and the only way out was to study like a person possessed....and he did. He called me tonight after actually recieving his score and it was not 105, but a 113!

Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that I did pass the Texas MPJE with the help of your study guide. I learned notecards and first slick pages, then the morning of the test read the remaining. I passed with an 87. Thank you, L F L
F L, Crowley, LA
Editors Note: Congratulations Leah. As everyone knows, our goal with MPJE is to pass quickly...not score high and you did exactly as you were suppossed to do. Wonderful.

Hi Buzz, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your help. I appreciate you taking me into your home and making feel like family, and for all the lunches we had together. Also for pushing me to do my best. I might not have always liked it but it was what I needed. 114 ! feels surreal. Thank you, Joyce
J N, Country Club Hills, IL
Editors Note: Joyce is a graduate of our "Pharmacy Boot Camp" here in Dover and we are so proud of her. Joyce, I am so happy for you and I want you to know that you will always be family and are always wellcome to visit!!! CEB

One of the world's shortest emails regarding our MPJE material: I PASSED, Thanks.
M M, East Haddam, CT

Praise the Lord! I have passed my NAPLEX! The third time was truly a charm. Sort of a long story on how I got to test number 3, but…I took the first test 3/12 weeks after my kidney transplant, I should have never taken that at the time, I was no where near ready for it. The second time, I used my prontopass materials, just not exactly the way Buzz had recommended. I did not fold the cards and did not entirely memorize the posters, counting on “recognizing” them on the test when I saw them. I did not call him to quiz and did not get the final study materials either. That did not work. So on to test number 3. I folded every card on every subject, memorized forward and backwards the posters and top 200. Called and got quizzed on the final review and the posters with Buzz, (twice until I was ready!). Then, spent the next two weeks studying the new final review, the profiles and the Q-bank questions (which were absolutely wonderful, for those of you who have studied them…fish sperm…who’d of thought? For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about…study your q banks more!!!) The math has always been what has spooked me the most. All I can say to you who have not taken it is to study your math pack. That is important. Understand the entire math in the pack, practice it until you can do it well. Then…when you get your final review material…concentrate on the math that Buzz puts into your q bank questions. That math is there for a reason. I don’t know how he knows what will be on the test, but he seems to know a good deal about it. I was frustrated with the whole math thing at that point, redoing it until it was hurting rather than helping. I decided to just concentrate on the math that was in the final review. I had two drip rate questions on the NAPLEX and every other math question I had was from the math on the final review cards of the q bank. Every one. This is such a relief, as I am sure the rest of you can understand better than anyone! Studying your prontopass is good but is not enough if you don’t do it right! Take the extra time to fold those cards and commit the important information on the posters to memory. It is not that much time compared to the three months you have to wait to retake it!! Thank you Buzz. Failing NAPLEX twice was a huge blow to my sefl esteem, you and your product are a God send. I really believe that. Thank you so much! Good luck to the rest of you, You can do it!! Freda Hall
F H, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations Freda! Please allow me to correct one thing...we do NOT know what is or will be on your test. Freda got lucky! Our goal with the Math Practice is to have every student become really competent in every type of pharmacy math. This one thing I am sure of: hard study does improve luck!!!!! Freda, you studied hard and long and did well. I am so proud of you! CEB

Hi this is Marlene Saleeb. Yes you may use my name. Here is my essay below. First of all I would like to thank Buzz and the ProntoPass crew for helping me. I bought ProntoPass after preceptor told me about it. At first I was not serious and did not follow Buzz's advice to fold the memoronic cards and test myself, I also studied from Morris Cody, Kaplen, Mannan Sherrof, APHA and many more and my score was bad, it was a 57. I was very upset and I contacted Morris Cody to help me pass like they said. All what they told me was buy the Applied Therapeutic book to help me pass which cost $169 and it weighed about 9 to 10 lbs. I was shocked. Then I told myself ok I will contact Buzz instead. He was very nice to me as usual he talked to me for about 1 hour and I told him that I did not study his material like he told me too. He comforted me and gave me his advice and I finally did what he asked me to do. I put all my other books in the box and studied only from ProntoPass. I studied very hard and the more I studied the more I realized that these cards are very valuable to me. He quizzed me and sent me my last review and it was amazing. I got my confidence back and like he said the 3rd miracle happened...I passed with a 116. For everyone do not dilute your information by studying from different books, ProntoPass has everything you are looking for to pass the NAPLEX with a high score. Again thank you very much Buzz and God bless you. Trust ProntoPass and when you need any help just call Buzz or his assistant and they will be ready to help you out. Also join the NAPLEXANDMORE group on Yahoo! you ask any questions and other people answer it for you. Also I feel pretty sorry for myself for wasting my money and time to study these different (and ineffective) books. But anyways I'm happy with my score and success. Again I can't find words to express my feeling towards Buzz's kindness and his product (miraculous product). Thanks again and God bless you Buzz.
M S, Lynden, WA
Editors Note: We look forward to M S joining of Hall of Fame. Hard study, faith, knowledge and then confidence. SUCCESS! Congratulations Marlene on a job well done! You studied hard and long and had setbacks which made you stronger and more determined! I am proud of you. We challenge every student to get their three miracles: 1) Folding and self testing works. It is hard but the knowledge will stay with you 3) Math Practice. The secret is practice, practice, practice. It works and it may become your hoped for Naplex questions 3) Confidence that comes with knowing that you know a great amount of pharmacy. You will study hard and learn a lot and in the end you will have confidence in yourself and the knowledge you have obtained. These three miracles are available to everyone who is prepared to work very hard. They are truly God's blessing to these pharmacists to be!!!! Then these pharmacists will be a blessing to thier patients. CEB

I recieved my letter stating I had passed NAPLEX last week, today I got my score! My goal was to make better than 100. While I did not make the Hall of Fame, I passed with a very respectable 108!! For those of you who are studying, especially those who have failed it in the past, keep plugging along! You can do it! CALL AND DO THE PHONE QUIZZES!!!!!!! That alone was the biggest confidence booster of all for me. There was something about being able to spit out the answers to someone besides myself and my study partner. It just really gave me the confidence I needed to go in the exam relaxed and feeling ready. DON"T stress over the test when you leave!! The way the multiple choice questions are, it is almost impossible to always KNOW you got the right answers, there are the ones you know are right and then the ones you don't recognize that you wonder if they are right. Trust the knowledge you have gained in your studies. If you go in truly prepared, have done your phone quizzes and final review material, you will know enough to pass. ( Don't forget math!!) I still walked out going. wow, some of that was easy..some I just don't know. But you knowledge WILL win out. Keep studying! Thanks again to Buzz and the Team! I will get my on loan materials back to you soon. Freda Hall, Pharm.D, RPh.!!!!!!
F H, Kansas City , MO
Editors Note: 108 is a very respectable score. Congratulations again Freda. You make an important note.....after your test, stop worrying. How you feel after your test has no bearing on what you actual test results will be. Prepare well and then after your test, relax and take a short vacation day or two....you deserve it after studying hard. Prayer is also good, but if you feel bad or even if you just "know" you failed the test, LOL, stop worrying and relax. If you studied our material and are prepared well, that is a lot and it is all you can do! Our students pass this test and some do well and some do very well! CEB

Dear ProntoPass, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1993. In search of sunny days and beaches, I moved to Florida the day I graduated from pharmacy school. At that time money was tight and I decided not to score transfer my NAPLEX score back up north. Not a brilliant idea! Fifteen years later, I found myself sun-tanned enough, and wanting to move closer to home and family. The reciprocity agreement in Florida did not allow for transfer of licensure from a license granted in Florida in the 1990's. I found your website online several months ago, and decided to order your package. I'm glad I did! I found the information to be clear and easy to follow. I found the experience of retaking the exam exciting and interesting. After studying the material a little every day, I felt I was ready to the the exam. I was then sent the final review material, and after a few weeks, I knew I was ready. Thank you for all the help. I will recommend your study guide to everyone who needs to take the NAPLEX. I am planning on ordering your program very five years or so to keep my skills sharp. Sincerely, D W
D W , Cape Coral , FL
Editors Note: Congratulations Dan on scoring a 123. You have been add to our very special Hall of Fame. I am so happy for you! CEB

Hi Mr. Bayliss, I wanted to let you know that I passed the Naplex!!! I received a score of 110. I did not think I would score that high after I took the exam. Your system is the best Naplex preparation on the market. Thanks for your guidance. Talking to you and your no 'non-sense' attitude really motivated me to study hard and get it over with. I am taking the CPJE next week, I am feeling very nervous about it. It seems very tricky, There seem to emphasize hospital drugs, and some of them I have never heard of before. I am studying the Naplex materials and the law notes you sent. Hopefully, it will go well. I will send back the last minute study material next week after my law exam. Thanks again, S E
S E, Long Beach, CA

Hi Buzz, Well as you said I guess it is now time for laughter...but I will admit initially there were tears...of course tears of joy. J and I were on our way out of town, when I told him to stop back home so I could check the mail. Looking at that envelope, my stomach became a knot and my heart was beating a mile a minute...who knew you could be so scared of a simple letter. J realized what it was and knew I wanted to open it up on my terms this time...only thing was I pictured myself opening it up with Woody (the dog)....figuring I would take him for a walk and then sit down and open it. Well Woody was not around since we dropped him off that morning at the kennel. Being superstitious/stubborn/set in my ways I will admit I got scared thinking I needed the dog there to get my results and it was funny because I told J and he was ready to go get him at the kennel. Well I opened it on my own and was so overwhelmed/excited I couldn't even talk but cried instead. Walked myself back home and told J the news....and then began calling the world to let them know ;-) Well today is Day 1 of my vacation in FL, who knew you could love your home state the way I love mine today...I am sure part of it has to do with "119" ;-) Well better not waste another minute and get my day started. Thanks a million times over Daniela
D M, Lynchburg, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Your success is our success. As a "graduate" of our Dover pharmacy bootcamp, I am soooo proud of you and sooooo happy for you. Your hard work paid off just as I knew it would. I will put you in our Hall of Fame as soon as I get a copy of your results. Thanks Daniela for sharing your story. Thanks Daniela for sending us a beautiful picture for our Hall of Fame.

Colin, I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 110 thirty two years after I initially took the test. Thanks.
A B, Milton, FL

I Passed Naplex with a Score of 133!!!!!!! Thanks to you!!! and your EXCELLENT study material.....I think I scored high just because of your easy to follow study system........Before I found your study material, I was so worried and nervous about how to prepare for Naplex, but once I started studying your material it built my confidence and knowledge.........I loved the Audio CD and Posters...I think they are the best among everything!!! BIG THANKS TO YOU AGAIN AND THE WHOLE PRONTOPASS TEAM..........
JS, Monmouth Junction, NJ

I followed your directions and scored a 129 on the first try. I have recommended this product to all other in my school (Shenandoah University). The last review was especially helpful. Thanks Again!
C P, Waynesboro, PA

Hi Gang, Just want to announce that I passed the NAPLEX with 116. I want to thank all that have helped me in this journey especially Buzz for quizzing and quizzing and making me more prepared for this exam. Those teachers that push you most will be remembered most b/c that's who you learn the most from and those are the ones that make a difference!!! Thanks BUZZ for asking me to be better and better!!! I have been practicing pharmacy in Nevada for almost 5 years, graduated 7 years ago so it was difficult to go back to books again, but posters and cards made it a little more fun to read the material...especially the [omited] on the back of posters!!! I started studying a few hours a day since February and kept my 36hr/wk job all through this process... i took more days off toward the time of the exam and took the exam last wednesday, June 18, 08. and got the result today. Good luck to all who are preparing for exams, Trust prontopass and you will definitely do well!!! Gayaneh
G B, Henderson, NV
Editors Note: Congratulations Gayaneh. Great job! You are eligible for our Hall of Fame and it would be our pleasure to do so.

Thanks, I passed my FL MPJE.
R B, Cayey, PR

Mr.Bayliss, I wanted to let you know that I have taken and passed the Naplex even though I didn't call to get the last review. I did everything you told me to in my preparation for the test. I had many math questions which until I did the review I know I could have not answered correctly. There was only one math question I could not get to work out!! All of the disease states on the test were familiar thanks to the review and if I didn't know the answer immediately I was able to narrow my choices. Thank you so much for all of your help. I need to know if there is anything I need to send back to you. I only have what you originally sent me. By the way my score was 110. Thank You, J.F, Pharm D.
J F, Hazard, KY
Editors Note: Congratulations Jamie on a job well done! The only thing in the original package that is on loan is the Audio CD. Return of that would be appreciated. CEB

Well, I just got out of my exam and I cannot thank you enough! The cards wer so wonderful to use! The Math Practice made me feel sooo confident and I will keep the posters to use even as a pharmacit. Thanks again for a wonderful product! Sincerely J G PS. I called twice for the last minute study material but I never got through, but its ok though, I still think I passed.
J G, Flushing, NY
Editors Note: JG later reported getting a 139! One of the reasons we quiz is to make sure the student knows the basics. Once you know the basics you can pass Naplex and if you can "connect the dots" well, you can score high even without the last minute study material. While I have not seen this students actual 139 result, I do believe her.

Hello Colin, I just wanted you to know that I passed both the Naplex and Maryland MPJE and I owe a lot of it to your program. I earned a 112 on the Naplex and an 81 on the Law. Thank you so much, your program works. MD
M D, Bel Air, MD

Just wanted to let you know that I received an 84 on my MPJE! Thanks for the study materials, they were a huge help and I was finished with my exam in a little over an hour. E M
E M, Saint Albans, WV

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the Prontopass products - I took the NAPLEX on Monday, and just found that I scored a 135!
C R, Ionia, IA

My name is J C and I purchased the prontopass package. I actually will not require the final mterials as I already took and passed my Naplex. Thanks.
J C, Waterloo, IA
Editors Note: J C emailed and said that he scored a 120. Knowing the basics really, really well will get the job done without the final last minute study materials! Good Job. CEB 7-22-08 Note that J C has NOT sent any confirmation of this great score.

Buzz - Thank you so much for your cards and help with the biggest challenge in my life thusfar. You truly have a gift of taching and it is much appreciated. I did pass and I am very grateful. Your program provides everything that is needed. Thanks you!!!
B H, Cumming, GA

Dear ProntoPass, Thank you for your product! I am a visual learner and really appreciated teh posters. It's nice to have major points on disease states all on one poster. I liked the audio quizzes too, but you should get students who speak better english or who don't interrupt the teacher. Also, it would be nice to include practice exams in the package. All in all, I got a 125 on the naplex and only studied for 2 weeks so I guess your product works! Thank you. D G
D G, Oak Forest, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations Diane. Your study and results prove that the basics are very, very important. D G did not call for the last minute study material. (Had D D done so, she would realize that the Q-Bank is arranged in sets of 100 practice exams....LOL) The Audio involves real students, not actors, so sometimes things are not just quite like I would like, but it is spontaneous and memorable.

I am soooo thrilled to announce that I passed the Naplex with a score of 130. I thank God for this miracle..I never thought it was in my capability to get this score. The most surprising thing.... Buzz guessed my score when he quizzed me and told me that this would be my score ..So buzz what can I say?? you couldnt have been more right!! There's so much I want to say but am studying for the law exam so will follow up this mail with a proper success story....I thank Buzz and Pronto and all my friends in this group...God has a purpose in everything and I believe he led me to Prontopass when I was at a point where I was really depressed and apprhensive about studying....So ...dont have any doubts about Pronto,,,study it well, and have faith in God ....and I am sure youll pass with flying colors. All the best Jaya
J G, Lacey, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations Jaya. Wonderful work and wonderful score. You worked hard and deserve it. You make it sound like I had a crystal ball regarding your score, LOL. If I remember correctly, you quizzed very well and I said that if you studyied hard for the next two weeks you could attain a Naplex score of distinction, like 130. It was your hard study not my crystal ball.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed with a 110. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks. Marianne
M C, Lubbock, TX

Thanks so much for developing prontopass. I passed.
L M, Tampa, FL

Mr Bayliss, I got my Naplex results today and scored a 113, so close to being in the hall of fame. Thank you for your product. It really helped with my success.
M R, Medford, OR

After studying ProntoPass, Naplex was a breeze! The math cards were excellent and after 6 years of pharmacy school I finally understand pharmacy calculations. As for the law review...it was good but I feel both the Federal and PA state section could use revising/update. Questions on emergency contraception need to be addressed as well as issues invoving death of licence holders. I felt pretty bad comming out of the test but I still passed! So all in all...a positive review
R P, Philadelphia, PA
Editors Note: Our goal with our Naplex study material is understanding. Our material is very conprehensive...and sometimes hard. The memoronics try to make it easier, but it is still work. After working hard, the student will feel very good about their knowledge. On the other hand, our MPJE study material is intended for a quick pass. We have not worked hard to become lawyers. You will NOT feel good coming out of the MPJE. R P truly experienced ProntoPass as it was intended!!! CEB

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: I have finally completed the long journey by passing the NAPLEX in first trial with a score of 117. Even though I never called Buzz to be quizzed, I cannot thank ProntoPass enough for their exemplary and revolutionary product. I used APhA during my clinical rotations and I had gone thru' it from cover to cover before my rotations were over and I guess this gave me the necessary foundation. After graduating from pharmacy school, I was abit apprehensive on the proper way to study for NAPLEX. I remember during my last clinical rotations, a fellow student showed me a few prontopass index cards with memoronics and I first thought she was out of her mind...little did I know that after reading prontopass's positive online reviews , I would end up placing an order. When the order arrived, as curious as I was to open the package I did not anticipate to see over 1000 cards and 16 posters staring strangely at me. At first, I thought Buzz must have gone NUTS because for once I knew I was never good at memorizing and I so realized I had an uphill battle ahead of me. But as the adage goes, you can eat a whole elephant one piece at a time...the rest is history. I studied prontopass ONLY for one month for atleast 8 hrs/day and supplementing with one hour of recordings daily. The recordings were God sent (trust me!!!) because Buzz has condensed ~60% of pharmacy school in just about 20 hrs. Concepts like protein binding,liver enzyme inhibition/induction and what take take precedence when you have drugs that are highy protein bound (...is it LE inhibition/induction or protein bindig?). This became clearar after listening to the recordings. All in all prontopass provided me with all I needed to pass the NAPLEX. To Buzz...may God continue blessing your effort in helping others...I truly exult your product. Thanks, WN
W N, Worcester, MA
Editors Note: Thank you Wallace for your kind words.

I passed the MPJE. Thanks so much so the study guide and cards. Thanks, E F
E F, Savannah, TN

Dear Buzz, I just want to let you know that I like both Top 200 audio CD and the software, although I prefer to software because it easier for me to see the drug's name and recognize them. Audio CD is good when I am driving and ...have nothing to do. Thanks a lot for making both of them. I am very glad to have them both. They really help me a lot. Thanks and have a great day, Buzz!
L V, Highlands, CO

Unfortunately, I was late in purchasing the ProntoPass cards and therefore was unable to follow the program as it should be done. However, I found the cards and posters to be extremely useful in studying for the Naplex. I took the Naplex on July 2nd and did very well thanks to ProntoPass. Thanks you for taking time to create these study maerials!
M T, Meridian, MS
Editors Note: Congratulations Mitzi!!!

Graduated in 74 and have not filled a Rx in 25 years. Took the test July 14th and got my results today. 107. Used PRONTOPASS and followed the directions. Folded cards, self-tested and studied entirely solo. Studied at my state university library 4-7 hours a day, most days of the week for three months. Listened to the audio while doing cardio on the tread so many times I could have recited them on command. Did not do the telephonic quizzing as it is not my style but am sure it would be helpful if that is your deal. The material is so well organized and the presentation so right on that it made the first phase of my pharmacy re-entry process interesting, informing and enjoyable. So, spot on to Buzz & PRONTOPASS, study hard, and don't get bogged down with every little detail. Brad Montana
B S, Missoula, MT

[Picked up off a group chat site] I am a 1975 pharmacy school grad. I was out of pharmacy for over 10 years ( just did enough CE to keep my California License). Moved to Washington state, and as you know there is no reciprocity between Calif and any other state. I passed NAPLEX in 2008 by just using Prontopass. My advice: just do what Buzz says and you will be fine.
T B, Vancouver, WA

Dear Buzz, Last week I received great news from Florida. The governor recently got rid of the law that said a pharmacist had to take NAPLEX again if more than 12 years had passed in order to get a Florida license. When I heard the news, I was elated and disappointed. I was glad that I didn't have to take the exam, but I would have liked to know how I would have done on it with the help from Prontopass. Plus I wanted to make the Hall of Fame. Prontopass has helped me tremendously review material I knew, as well as, help me learn subjects like HIV which I viewed with fear and dread. After learning the HIV material, you were right. My feelings were ungrounded and all I did was waste energy. For that I'm grateful to you and your program for making me a better pharmacist and I haven't completed all of the subjects yet. I appreciate all the hard work you and your assistants have put into organizing and condensing the tremendous volumes of information. You managed to make an overwhelming task into an achievable and manageable goal. It's terrific. If it's alright with you, I would like to continue going through the quickcards and posters and using the CD. Obviously, my focus has changed, but this material is great for reviewing and updating one's knowledge. I do plan on returning the CD when I finish going through the material, if that's okay with you. Right now I am studying for the MPJE for Florida to be followed by North Carolina and South Carolina. Then I will get back to the posters and cards. Thank you!
M W, Glenmont, NY

My name is Cxxxxxxxxx Sxxxx and I will no longer be studying for the California Pharmacy licensure. I am using your study materials to familiarize myself with information I can use in my current practice. I find the review cards and posters extremely effective and well worth the money. Thank you for your time and your passion!! Sincerely C S
C S, Fort Collins, CO

Colin I found out today I passed the MPJE and will be working as a pharmacist in Oregon next week. Thank you for your products M R
M R, Medford, OR

hey buzz.. i passed,,thanks for everything. I am currently away from los angeles and in Indiana for a Eli Lilly job. I will be back on August 14th, and i will mail out the CD's back to you as promised on Friday Aug 15th. Hope all is well..also..how do i remove myself form this chat group? thanks regards NAZ
N R, Alhambra, CA

C F, Ellenwood, GA

Dear Buzz, Today i got the good news that i am now a registered pharmacist! Thank you for your support and thank you for prontopass! I am a foreign graduate and i graduated 17 years ago! To everybody, i would advise you to continue studying and continue to listen to Buzz and ALWAYS TRUST IN GOD! Thanks to everybody for all your support! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
R C, Miami, FL

hi buzz i just received my results and i passed naplex. i thank you for all your help and guidance which made it possible. thank you and all your staff at prontopass regards, thomas philips
T P, Chester Springs, PA

Dear Mr. Bayliss, I just want to let you know that I passed the Naplex with a score of 125. Thank you very much. What do I have to do to get my incentive? Again thank you so much. Minerva
E R, Pensacola, FL
Editors Note: You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. Go to our website and click on the Hall of Fame button on the left and read what you need to do to get our awards. I am soooo happy for you. CEB

I picked this off our group site: Hi!everyone Wanted to let you all know that I passed MPJE, WA. I literally scraped through I got a 77..The Pronto material was helpful but there were so many questions based on ethics that is just based on practical stuff..I dont think any resource out there has answers too... The last 2 choices on the questions just leave u so confused.... they r so similar...u cud spend days figuring out which one is right......I studied 3 whole days...I dont think studying anymore would have helped.. One of my major mistakes with the MPJE...I didnt plan my time..I completed 35 questions in one hour ..the next thing I know I have 5 minutes left and I just finished 55 questions!!!That was so scary...and then strange enough I clicked thru to the end to realise I had 15 minutes left???!!! I was so shocked/depressed n felt so stupid!!So my sincere advice keep a watch on the clock and plan plan plan....I dont know why the Test centers dont have a decent clock rather than that awful timer(in tiny font)on the top of the screen!!! Anycase,,,,this was a true miracle!!!
withheld, ,
Editors Note: Not every story is a great story, but as Shakespeare said, "All's well that ends well." Under these circumstances, I will take a 77 as a blessing from God. Strange things happen on the computer testing! I think this student is right regarding studying for MPJE. Study quick and get on with it! We are not studying to be lawyers! CEB PS..remember as she said, "Pronto material was helpful", LOL

Dear Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I took the NAPLEX on June 20th and passed with a 128! I only studied your Prontopass system - it definitely was a great supplement and brush up on my knowledge from school. Thanks! Lauren
L R, Havertown, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations. You are eligible for our Hall of Fame. It really shows what 2 1/2 months of hard study can do! CEB

Dear Mr Colin: The Naplex went well...I got a 127. Now I am preparing for the MPJE. Thanking you once again for everything.
S P, , AL
Editors Note: Months of hard study again pay off!!!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I passed the New Mexico MPJE with an 85. Thanks so much for the cards----\ They were a real help.
R F, DeRidder, LA

Hello Colin, I wanted to let you know that I received my score for Naplex today. I pass Naplex with a score of 127! Prontopass was very helpful. During the exams, I could remember the things on the poster and I was able to pick out the answer without hesitation on many questions. thank you! S N
S N, Baltimore, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations Sue.

Mr Bayliss, These cards (including posters) were the perfect study tool. There are so many Naplex Study materials available, but the ProntoPass Solution made my decision easy. I bought the cards last fall in preparatin for the exam. I followed the directions (step-by-step). I had the cards, math and the posters down "cold". In fact, these materials were very beneficial for me during my fourth year rotations. I knew much more than my counterparts! After reading through the Alabama law, I realized that ProntoPass could help me with the MPJE as well. And, it did! Since Ihad been preparing for so long, I decided to do the unthinkable: I took the exams back-to-back! Yes, that's right! I took the Naplex at 2PM on Tuesday and the MPJE at 2PM on Wednesday. I had told some friends about my paln and they all thought I had completely lost my mind. But with hard work, determination and lots of discipline, I had the confidence to pull through like a real ProntoPass Champ! I made a 110 on the naplex and a 86 on the MPJE. ProntoPass made me a real winner! I am grateful.
A P , Birmingham, AL
Editors Note: Congratulations Adam! (He enclosed copies of his scores dated 8-5-08 and 8-6-08) With long study, and good knowledge acquisition, comes confidence. I do NOT suggest to others that they follow Adam's path of taking exams back to back. Just a little more work and focus only on Naplex and he would now be in our Hall of Fame! Nevertheless, JOB WELL DONE! CEB

Mr. Bayliss, Thanks for the great study materials! I just wanted to let you know I will be sending you back the returnable materials tomorrow. I had my NAPLEX originally scheduled for Jun 31 but then re-scheduled it for Aug 11, necessitating my need to keep them a while longer; I am not trying to keep them! I passed with triple digits and was very relieved. My pharmacy school has a sound reputation for sending people to the NAPLEX overprepared but I still felt the need to review some things (like stuff we did P1 year!). Prior to ordering your materials, I felt like I was messing around, wasting more time trying to get organized than actually studying. I did not have as long to review them as I would have liked, but I did not want to re-schedule again simply for just wanting to get it over with! Thanks again! I'll recommend your products to others. Cam
C S, Nirmingham, AL
Editors Note: I love to hear of triple digit Naplex scores! Congratulations. Thirty days with our stuff, if you are well prepared to begin with....can do wonders. I also note that this studend did NOT call for quizzing and the final review materials!

Got my license, cards made it simple even though I only went through certain sections.
J H, Phoenix, AZ

Hey there! Just wanted to let you all know that I did pass the law exam. I got an 82 and I am an official pharmacist now! Amanda
A B, Rutledge, TN

The shortest email in history: 78! Thanx!
M M, Suffold, VA
Editors Note: Our MPJE product is unique. We suggest that your intense study be devoted to Naplex then pass MPJE in 2 weeks from the day you order our MPJE material. Almost everyone passes, but usually with a little more room than this student got! LOL. CEB

I just wanted to thank God and ProntoPass. I can still remember calling CEB right after my exam and telling him how horrible I think I did and he kept on telling me that he is positive I passed. With all that preaching to me and all I could do is tell him that he can preach from here till tomorrow, its still not going to change how bad I think I did. Let me start off by saying I was one of the few students in pharmacy school that just study just to pass. I have never worked in harmacy even till today so that did not help me with passing. All you have to do is study ProntoPass. It actually works. Please believe me when I say DO NOT STUDY ANYTHING ELSE even OTC products. Just focus on prontopass and just it. As for OTC, all you need to know is just the onces in the cards. I recieved my Naplex score today. I got a 127.
C A, Cedar Hill, TX
Editors Note: This student studied long and hard. I knew that she did well on Naplex because when we quizzed and tested her, she knew her pharmacy basics very well prior to taking Naplex!!! It is important to note that, like this student, some come out of the test feeling really, really bad. If you really know your stuff, don't worry about it. After studying ProntoPass every student should be able to take any of our on line tests and score 85 or higher.

Can't you just feel the excitement that Varintorn had when she found that she had such a wonderful score? I just wish that every student would study has hard and do as well as this student. Varintorn is eligible for our Hall of Fame! I am sooooo happy for her. CEB
B F, Hilo, HI

I copied this from the group: Dear Buzz and everyone. I passed Naplex with 124. Do not doubt in ProntoPass. ProntoPass is so great and wonderful. Study your Prontopass really well, and you will be fine! I just want to emphasize this statement "Follow Buzz's advice" Make sure you study the latest version of ProntoPass! Thank you GOD. Thank you Buzz, thank you ProntoPass's team. Thank you all members in this Naplexandmore group. You guys rocks ProntoPass is awesome!!!!!!! Thank you. bva Then I also received this email: Dear Buzz, I am so happy to inform you that I passed my Naplex with 124 score. Thank you so much. Thank you GOD that leads me to meet you and your ProntoPass product. Thank you so much for creating such a great and wonderful products. ProntoPass is GREAT!!!! The previous day I had received this email: Dear Buzz, I just took the Naplex on tuesday afternoon. I will send the Prontopass final preparation: updated last review, Q-bank, profiles, audio cd back to you tomorrow. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! PRONTOPASS ROCKS!!!!!! Thank you, Varintorn Varintorn
V B A, North Bethesda, MD
Editors Note: Can't you just feel the excitement that Varintorn had when she found that she had such a wonderful score? I just wish that every student would study has hard and do as well as this student. Varintorn is eligible for our Hall of Fame! I am sooooo happy for her. CEB

Thanks. I passed, first time, both the Ohio Law and Naplex!
J B, Erie, PA

I picked this off our group site. I took the NAPLEX on Thursday, Aug.21. Found it to be an odd exam. Some questions were ridiculously easy - I could have gotten them correct in high school. Then, there were some questions that I had no idea about the subject matter....seemed like they were for a different exam - not pharmacy. I walked out of there not feeling very good about how i did. But, I did end up passing with a score of 118.....plenty of breathing room. I will say that I had PLENTY of time to complete the exam. I took all the time I needed to answer each question and still had 45 minutes leftover. Here's another thing - If you think about it, most of us are successful students that are used to getting at least 3 of every 4 questions correct. Even with my good score of 118, I doubt that I answered 75% of the questions correctly. So, if you get that sinking feeling, that a good student inherently would, don't let it bring you down. Remember that you don't have to get that many of the questions correct in order to pass. Oh, and BTW.....I only spent about three weeks studying. However, I would recommend that ONLY if it's your studying style to put in long study days.....which is how I am. I was able to study about 8 hours a day the first week, then 10 hours a day the second week, and 14 hours a day the last week leading up to the exam. I was able to go through all of the prontopass cards & posters three times. Also, I DID NOT do the final review, nor did I call Buzz. But, that's just me. Each of you has to decide for yourself what works best for you. I actually intend to keep looking over the prontopass stuff b/c I'd like to be very proficient at knowing a lot of little details about the medications. I think the font style & colors help make the prontopass materials much easier to follow than other study materials. I could picture a lot of the posters in my head during the exam. Ok.....I've rambled on much more than I had anticipated. Good Luck to the rest of you still waiting to take the exam.
unknown, ,

God bless you! Thanks for everything. All of the ProntoPass material helped. I studied it all...and only ProntoPass. I passed with a 116 and passed the CPJE with a 82. You are amazing. Keep up the excellent work! Hugs! N R
N R, Alhambra, CA

Hello, I recieved my results for the MPJE a week ago and passed! The cards were helpful and I am glad I purchased them. They saved me a lot of time, rather than reading through text books. The state law summary sheets were also helpful. Thanks,
A R, Grand Junction, CO

To the staff: Thanks for everything! The Posters, Cards, and the CD were great. Due to many personal situations I had going on in my life, it was difficult, but I never gave up. Regardless of teh time it took me to finally move forward in my life, I always kept the faith. Anyhway, I did pas with a 100! I will be talking with you guys about TN and LA MPJE. Until then, God bless!
T J, Natchez, MS

Just want to let you know that the posters are awesome. Do you have one for antibiotics?
S K, Katy, TX
Editors Note: Our posters are very important because they are mostly disease oriented and Naplex today has lots of profiles. Understanding disease will greatly help with those profiles. We do not have an antibiotics poster for two reasons: 1) we do not think that a poster would be an improvement over the cards and 2) because it is not a disease.

I took Naplex on 8/26/08 and I finally got my score today-- 140!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank God, I thank my family and friends and I thank PRONTO PASS--I graduated pharmacy school in 1978 and was out of practice for 14 years. After refreshing myself on basic pharmacology and disease states for about 6 months, I bought Pronto Passat the end of Dec. 07. Although I studied fairly hard for 6 months, I really pushed at the end, putting in 12 hours/day for the last 2 months--it paid off! I am so glad the pharmacists I interned with told me about PRONTO PASS!! Thank you! W L PS--The WA state law exam is next--I will definitely be buying the PRONTOPASS law review.
W L, Brush Prairie, WA
Editors Note: Congratulations Wilma. What a great score. Hard, long, study works!!!!!!! I am so proud of you.

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PASSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! I'm sure you'll think that's not too good, but for me that failed sooooo many times and lost confidence and hope, I think it's terrific : 84 ! Thanks again for all your help. I'm sure I would not achieve that if I didn't join your program - and study the right way- memorizing , folding cards and everything ... I'll certainly recommend your program to all students , grad-students and foreigners like myself . Thanks again
Withheld, ,

Dear Mr Bayliss, Sorry for a late email. I am expecting to have my baby soon so was busy shopping for her. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I passed with a 117 (My first attempt without prontopass was 61). It was my first failure and really had no clue how to deal with it, how to start over and read the same material again. But I thank God for a friend who recommended prontopass. Prontopass is really great. After studying, I felt prepared not only for the test but also to be a Pharmacist. To be frank I did not think "memorizing" was a good approach and in the begining I tried a lot to read through the cards, then pick up Apha and read up on what was not on the cards. It was all a big waste of time. I found that it was not getting me anywhere and that it only hampered my confidence. Finally in July I decided to do it your way. I studied hard for a month and half before I called you for quizzing. It was after studying from Prontopass ONLY that I realized that memorizing actually taught me a lot more than I had ever imagined. It was a wonderful experience overall. Loved the CD with poster quizes. Thanks a lot. You really made a huge difference in my life. I will be sharing my experience will all my friends who want to do well on NAPLEX as well be a good confident pharmacist. I have sent the last minute q bank etc in the mail today. Sincerely,
S S, Virginia, VA

Hello Everybody! I received my score. I made a 105, and I am pretty happy with that! So, thanks again for everything. I'm relieved that it's over, and I am so so happy to be home with my little girl and all my friends. take care
A F, Port Orange, FL

Received an email about a student's MPJE Just wanted to let you know I passed with an 82. Thanks a bunch!!
A C H, Rochester, NY
Editors Note: Our MPJE product is a unique study tool. Almost everyone passes but no one scores high!

Hi Buzz and Crew, I conquered the licensing exam with 32 extra points! Thank you so much for all your smiles, jokes and words of encouragement!!! I never felt more at peace than the few minutes before I walked into the testing center. At that moment, I knew that God has already and would continue to open so many doors!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! and Pronto Pass works!!! Thanks for the music and pictures! Keep in touch. Cheryl
C G, Baltimore, MD

Hi, Just want to let you know that I have passed the TN MPJE. thanks alot A S
A S, Reisterstown, MD

Thank God and thanks to Buzz...Buzz your products rock. Only study prontopass, that's all you need. You don't need the APHA book, it's really a waste of time. I am talking from experience. IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING FROM THIS POST, JUST REMEMBER TO FOLLOW BUZZ RULES ABOUT PRONTOPASS. KNOW THE POSTERS, THE LAST MINUTE REVIEW CARDS AND THE Q-BANK VERY VERY VERY WELL. AS FOR THE MATH PART, IF YOU DO THE MATH PRACTICE FROM PRONTOPASS, I GUARANTEE YOU, YOU WILL DO VERY WELL IN THE NAPLEX EXAM. I left the exam center thinking that I failed, I remembered feeling awful after the exam. Thanks to Buzz for the posters and the Q-banks. MAKE YOU SURE YOU STUDY HARD..Don't listen to people telling you that the exam is very easy, you should be fine, don't buy that comment...STUDY HARD. I studied Prontopass for about 6 months, I started studying 5-6 hours a day, and the last 3 weeks before the exam I studied for about 12 hours a day. I got a 100 on the Naplex and 87 on the pharmacy law. Although I feel that I could have had a higher score for the Naplex, but I'm statisfied with my score. I cannot stop praising God for Buzz products. Thank you very much Buzz for all your help. God will bless you for the great work that you are doing. Thank you, Thank you Thank you....GOD BLESS
, Boston, MA
Editors Note: Congratulations G. Job well done. I share your joy! For our readers I would like to point out a couple of things. First, this student failed Naplex twice before (with two really poor scores)and that makes it really, really hard to go back to study material and study again...but this student did and so can anyone else. If that happens to be your situation, gather determination and study hard and long. This student studied for 6 months 5-6 hours per day and the last 3 weeks for 12 hours per day. Hard study pays off. Finally, the last minute study material, including the Q-Bank is important, but learning the basics is MORE important. Learning the basics allows you to understand better the points in the last minute study material. Without learning the basics that would be impossible.

I passed! Don't know my score, just got letter from Florida Board saying I was now licensed. Thanks, M
M H, Batesville, IN
Editors Note: Congratulations. Thank you for purchasing our MPJE study tool.

Hi, I passed the AZ MPJE with an 87. Thanks for your awesome study materials. Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of my receipt? I seem to have misplaced mine and would like to submit it to my employer for reimbursement. Thanks again Melissa Sheppard
M S, Burlington, KY
Editors Note: Congratulations. Thanks for your kind words. Your comment was a reminder that most employers WILL reimburse students for their ProntoPass study material if asked BEFORE being hired.

Hi Colin, I just wanted to update you that I passed NAPLEX. I just found out yesterday, Sep. 18th. I took the test on Sept. 8th. This was my first time taking it so I was very thankful to God for the grace and mercy and also to your study materials. I did get a lot of patient profiles and I came out horrified not knowing if I made it. It's a miracle that I did! Despite the lack of time studying due to heavy workloads (1.5 jobs with travel) and being a foreign graduate who finished school 12 years ago, I was able to take advantage of your user friendly materials. I am more of a visual person and the format really worked for me. I could take it anywhere I go. I was not able to follow your suggestion entirely. I did try folding the flashcards, utilized the poster and CD, put my other review materials away but was not able to talk to you about my readiness to take the test and so I was not able to take advantage of your last minute study materials. I did tell you before that I kept re-scheduling the test since I am afraid that I will fail. I know two of my foreign pharmacy grad friends who took the test twice, and it made me think that NAPLEX should not be taken lightly. One thing I would say, it took a lot of time, dedication and effort to come up with this kind of study materials that would meet probably any candidates need. I did not get a high score but I am just thankful and content to pass and meet the NAPLEX requirement. I will be purchasing the MPJE study materials from you and I will be returning the Audio CD soon. I highly recommend your review program to anyone whose goal is to pass NAPLEX for the first time. I am really thankful that God directed me to your website. Keep up the good work! Kind regards,
L D, Schaumburg, IL

Buzz (that’s what I hear you are called), I passed my MPJE in AZ. I Spoke to your guys Mike and Brian the other day. Please thank them.
E S, Gilbert, AZ

Buzz (that’s what I hear you are called), I passed my MPJE in AZ. I Spoke to your guys Mike and Brian the other day. Please thank them.
E S, Gilbert, AZ

Hi everyone finally I passed the MPJE with score 82 thanks Buzz your materials was helpful. So now I am a licenced Pharmacist.
M S, Lynden, VA
I finally got my results - I passed my CA Law. I thank Buzz and prontopass again for my success and highly recommend everyone to study prontopass for all the pharmacist tests. As I said before if I could, I would give a Nobel prize to Buzz as the Best Teacher of the World and to Prontopass as the most genius learning programm. Thank you very much. To all of you who just started or in process of studying - be strong, don't afraid. struggle and you will win at the end. You will not only pass your tests but will also gain confidence and great knowledge for your practice. Good luck and God bless you all.
N S, Carmichael, CA
A few months ago, I ordered the prontopass study guides for the MPJE in TN and KY. The results are in and I passed both exams. Thanks for the help. Maura
M S, Hendersonville, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations Maura

Colin, Just wanted to let you know that i passed my MPJE with a score of 82. I studied the federal cards and state law pages word to word and the additional supplement that was mailed to me was particularly helpful for the state law. Thanks Archana
A S, San Antonio, TX
Editors Note: A quick pass with the law....just as the doctor prescribed!

Hi Buzz, Finally, I got my NAPLEX score: 130, I cannot believed it... I thought I did bad because some questions were very tricki. I'll have my MPJEE on Thursday, I will let you know too. Thanks for everything.
P R, St Louis, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations Pilar. Months of study pays off again.

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics and MPJE FL Review: Passed NAPLEX with 112 and FL MPJE with an 86 Prontopass was all I used for NAPLEX and I am now telling anyone who asks me for advice on how to study Thank you for creating such a wonderful system Thanks to you I am now a registered Florida Pharmacist Oh by the way I received prontopass as a gift from my husband it make an awesome gift hehehe
P M, Miami, FL
Hi Passed Naplex in first attempt. Thank God, Prontopass and buzz. Just do as buzz says. Practice math everyday and u will be fine. Thanks for all your help. ----Maddy
MD, Wesley Chapel, FL
I ended up passing [the MPJE] with an 86. Thanks, Eric
E S, Dallas, TX
I purchased the pronto pass products product august 1st 2008, Prior to purchasing this product I had been using the APHA book which i felt was overwhelming and i wasn't retaining anything i read. I called "BUZZ" on several occasions prior to purchasing this products and asked him about exactly how this product was going to help me.. I felt like "Why should I spend so much money on a product and i wasnt convinced that just studying flash cards and posters would be enough" Once i got the products i was very excited and i put away all my other study materials. I began studying and was focused on doing this a 100%. I spent about 10 hours a DAY doing this. I was not only trying to memorize the cards but was also LEARNING. ABout August 31st i called buzz to see if he could send my last minute review, He asked me if i had memorized the posters COLD and also Knew my math cold. I replied and told him that i was okay but its impossible for me to know everything. I told him since i already paid for his product i should be ENTITLED to my last minute review. He told me that he would not send them until i had passed the 3 tests with him and he certified me ready to pass the exam. I also informed him that i was ready to start working and my JOB was ready for me to get LICENSED. He told me that this exam was very important and i shouldn't take it lightly. He basically told me my priority should be my exam not MY JOB AND THE MONEY I HAD BEEN LOSING FROM NOT WORKING. I followed his advice and studied hard for the next two weeks. I called him and went through 3 series of tests in which i had to pass all to receive the last review material. He predicted based on my performance that i would score about a 110-115. On October 1, 2008 I arrived at the testing center for my exam at 8am. I came there prepared and of course I also did a lot of PRAYING because i believe one has to do their part and leave the rest to GOD. I started the exam in which i was swamped with about 20 statistics questions. I wanted to start crying but i remembered "BUZZ" telling me before i took the exam that the first couple of questions might be tough and not to freak out. i remained calm and just picked what i felt was the best possible answer. As i went through the exam ,It just kept getting harder and harder and I was beginning to feel that i had the "TEST from HELL", but i remained CALM. I finished the exam with only 1 minute left. I left that day feeling very discouraged and UNHAPPY. I waited 2 weeks in anguish to get my result. I already KNEW I FAILED!!! On OCT 16, 2008 I received my SCORE in the mail and yet to my surprise a score of 139. I was very shocked, how did this happen??? I guess my test was so hard because i was doing so well... it kept getting harder on me because i must have been getting the questions right. Me getting this score was MY HARD WORK, THE GREAT PRONTOPASS STUDY MATERIAL and GOD's help also. I would encourage anyone to purchase this products a 150% and follow all BUZZ advice in using it. Don't Underestimate yourself, Make studying hard for this exam your priority because that 2 months of hard work has finally paid off!!! NOT only did i get a GREAT score but i am VERY VERY knowledgeable and well competent PHARMACIST!!! THE SKY is just the limit for me right now.
E O, Sugar Land, TX
Editors Note: Congratulations Eniola. You will be inducted into our Hall of FAME. Great job!!!!!!! CEB

Yippppeeee...I passed!!! [This was regarding MPJE]
T T, San Jose, CA
hi! i just passed the VA law (FSDLE) with a 79%!!!! thx to all of u at pronotpass!!
H T, Glen Allen, VA
Editors Note: Just like we want for state law test....a fast pass Please follow our instructions....there is little room to spare!

Hi Colin, I found out today that I passed [MPJE] with a score of 80. The flashcards were really helpful. Thanks, Heidi
H C, Yorba Linda, CA
[regarding MPJE]Good afternoon Colin, Just got the news today- I passed Connecticut with an 80 and Pennsylvania with an 82 (and less than two weeks of study!) The cards are a wonderful product (and the folding trick definitely facilitates self-study.) Keep up the great work! Many thanks, Laura
L A, Lawrenceville, NJ
Hi Buzz, I just received my NAPLEX scores and I got 138. And the credit goes to pronto pass. When I called for being quizzed, Buzz was out of town and he called me that very evening upon arrival. Upon quizzing, he told me I would get at least 130 and that he wants to see me in the Hall of Fame. That was a great boost for my confidence. I received my last minute material I studied well but one week before the exam I got that panic attack I am sure everyone does. I just picked up the phone and called Buzz and he actually spoke to me for 20 minutes talking about different aspects and ways I could reduce the stress and even offered that I could call and get quizzed on certain topics ( for free- for those who think online quizs arent just). And at that point, Buzz was done with his part of the deal, as promised he did whatever I paid for, but that last minute personal attention, now that’s priceless. He could have just said I am busy and never got back to me. All I can say is Pronto pass is personal tutoring. I cannot praise the product enough. I am more than a 100% satisfied and would recommend it to anyone who wants NAPLEX to not only be an exam but an experience. I learned facts better from pronto pass then I did from my school. One advice to everyone I deeply regretted doing that but I finished my exam is 2 hours. I wouldn’t want anyone to do that mistake. There is ample time you can read each question 3-4 times so please don’t hurry up. I unintentionally went so fast and when I got my break I was on question 184. God Bless Buzz and the whole staff at pronto pass. So, what do I need to do to be in the hall of fame now? Thank you for everything.
A A, Falls Church, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations and thank you very much for your kind words. I am so happy to hear of your excellent results. It is a real pleasure to quiz someone who really knows the material like you did. I would love to put you in our Hall of Fame. I need permission to use your name and a copy of your printed results ..... and please---a picture so everyone will know you are real! I am soooooo happy for you! CEB

I was having a discussion today with a new student ( J. L. )and I asked him why he chose ProntoPass. He said that he had a friend who studied Morris Cody and failed and then tried passnaplexnow and failed and then decided to go with prontopass and passed! J. L. said that was enough for him since he had also purchased Morris Cody and failed.
, ,
I made an 85! The information was extremely helpful! Thank you so much! Your product was a great study tool.
D T, Wilmington, NC
Buzz & Prontopass crew. 83 on the Montana MPJE. Thanks for your help and great products!! Brad Montana
B S, Missoula, MT
Hi just to let you know that I passed my exam Thank-you
M R, Gurabo, Puerto Rico
Passed florida MPJE with a 78 The sheets were helpful
C H II, Auburn, AL
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with a score of 84. I would like to thank you for making a product like prontopass. Your materials were definitely a great review tool before taking the exam. Thanks once again, Tabraiz
T K, Belvidere, NJ
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with a score of 84. I would like to thank you for making a product like prontopass. Your materials were definitely a great review tool before taking the exam. Thanks once again, Tabraiz
T K, Belvidere, NJ
I just got my results and I passed the naplex. Thank you Buzz for all your help , and thank you for pronto pass it really helped me and i only used it for my study (IT WORKS, I HAVE A 3 WEEK OLD BABY AND IT WORKS) and thank you buzz again for your advice on the phone when i called you for first time when you told me you are not quite ready yet and asked me to study one more week and you will be in a good shape. thank you again and it was just a phone call to get the last material. and if you ready you will get it. thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU . BY THE WAY BUZZ I SENT THE LAST REVIEW MATERIAL TODAY BY MAIL Sharl
S M, Catherdral City, CA
As of today, November 13, 2008... I am a licensed pharmacist!!! I must say - again... Pronto Pass is ALL you need. So many others have stated it more eloquently then I can ever - but Pronto Pass is ALL you need. I actually went to the "boot camp" and was so frustrated at first, I thought the process would never end... I told Buzz that I would never say this... but for a third time - Pronto Pass is ALL you need. Why? Not only because the posters, cards and CD material is spot on! But mainly because of the personal touch. Buzz literally takes a completely whole-hearted interest in each of his students' success. He has kept the lines of communication open with me even months after I left the boot camp. After passing the NAPLEX with a score of 107, I had to take the MPJE. I ordered the Pronto Pass MPJE materials and followed the directions to the letter --- memorize the MPJE cards, then memoroze the state specific sheets, then skim through the state laws provided by the board of pharmacy. I was so scared because I had taken this test 3 times in years past... 72, 73, 74... I thought, the world is against me!!! I sent a quick email and asked him what he thought I should do... he quickly sent an email back to me directly, and said, get it over and done with and schedule the test and in a couple days - try it my way!!! That's all I needed, Buzz. I tried it your way and I did it, with a MPJE score of 83. All I needed was a little boost of encouragement and reminder of the magic of Faith - those is the secret ingredients to ProntoPass' success... Thank you so much for everything!!! Cheryl ........., RPh
C G, Baltimore, MD
Editors Note: A lot of hard work by Cheryl and a little shove by me, LOL! During Cheryl's time here, she studied hard day after day. It was hard and at times tension's were frayed, LOL. We BOTH thought "the process would never end"! We are both vocal and stubborn! Just imagine an intelligent Black woman thinking "the world is against me"!!!! LOL. And now, I am going to say something I thought I would never say...I MISS YOU! LOL. I am sooooo happy for you! CEB PS, Thank you so much for your kind words.

Hello team members I got my score for naplex. i made 93. I passed my naplex .Iam so thankful to Buzz and all the team. even though I felt I didnt do better but I feel happy about my score. thank you all....
C P, Sterling, VA
Buzz, Another success story! I passed with a 122, after failing the first time with a 74 I was sad and depressed, but now I have self esteem back! You have a great product! I will send you your materials next week. I took the test on OCT 16, and I just got my results today. I was dying for a month, but now I'm just glad it all turned out for the best!!! Thanks, Eryn
E R, Colorado Springs, CO
Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: I was recommended to Pronto Pass by a good friend and fraternity brother (AW) whom had used it in the past to pass his NAPLEX. When I told another fraternity brother (HB) the method I was going to use to pass my test, he laughed at me saying, "flash cards isn't going to help you". What a coincident because now I'm laughing because I passed the NAPLEX, thanks to GOD and PRONTO PASS!
Nick, Mckinney, TX
Buzz, Thank you for Prontopass. I took the NC MPJE on 10/30/08 and got 81. I just got back from attending the Reciprocity Meeting that NC requires of all pharmacists looking to transfer their license. It was like a review of basic law which we should have known for the exam. Thanks to you and your research team, your information was rather accurate and helped boil down superfluous material and get down to the nuts & bolts of what we need to focus on. I am presently waiting for my license number and in the meantime have begun studying Florida's material. Thank you again for your program and help. Monika
M W, Glenmont, NY
I did pass. Thanks for your help. James [MPJE for NC]
J M, Waynesville, NC
Dear Colin, I already received the prontopass package. Thank you very much. I already sorted them and have started with the definition stuff. I am so inspired to read them and study them because they are so colorful and well-presented. I'll try my best to follow your instructions so I'll be ready to take the naplex next year. Thank you once again for your guidance and may you be blessed always to help others in all your undertakings. Gratefully,
M G, Lancaster, CA
Dear Colin, I already received the prontopass package. Thank you very much. I already sorted them and have started with the definition stuff. I am so inspired to read them and study them because they are so colorful and well-presented. I'll try my best to follow your instructions so I'll be ready to take the naplex next year. Thank you once again for your guidance and may you be blessed always to help others in all your undertakings. Gratefully,
M G, Lancaster, CA
Hello and thanks to everyone at ProntoPass!!! I didn't call you all before taking my test so all I have to return is this CD that came with my original order. I did pass both my Naplex & MPJE! Thanks so very much for creating such a wonderful product! I seriously could not have done it without your cards & posters! Before finding your product, I was truly overwhelmed with the idea/task of studying. I didn't know how or where to begin or what to focus on. I bought the Comprehensive Pharmacy Review book but fell asleep every time I tried to use it. Then a friend told me about ya'll & from the moment I placed the order I felt better. The material was straight forward, easy to understand, read & retain, and also encouraging! From the memoronics to the helpful hints and good advice, you gave me everything I needed to achieve my goal & I can't say thank you enough. I am telling everyone about ya'll! And I was planning my wedding too!!!!
A H P, Beufort, SC
Editors Note: Congratulations Amy. We do not suggest that anyone skip calling us for quizzing and getting the last minute study material, but I am very happy it worked out well for you. I understand the urgency when you are getting married!!! LOL. But, seriously, we are the only company, that I know of, that will take the time to quiz you and tell you if you are ready. Why not (unless your getting married) take us up on this? And Amy, thank you for your kind words. Most students that come to us have done so through word of mouth advertising from other students, like you, that found our product exciting and helpful. CEB

After failing my naplex with both a 68 and a 72, I ordered the ProntoPass and studied for about a month. I wanted to study for about 2 more weeks but certain circumstances cut my study time short. Regardless, I took the test and came out with a 99. The study material put mental images in my head that helped me recall information easier during the exam. The program focused on the important information and I found the posters to be extremely helpful. Again, thank you!
G A, Tallahassee, FL
Editors Note: George added a PS regarding the back of the posters making certain suggestions, which has been omitted. LOL. Congratulations!!!! Thanks for your feedback.

I Passed the Delaware law exam with an 84. Thanks
F S, Sewell, NJ
Last year in 2007, I started to study for Naplex exam by consulting many books and paid tons of money for them. Don't get me wrong, they were all good books, but they provided pharmacy knowledge very broad in nature. In other words, at the end of my study and just before taking the Naplex, I was more confused and overwhelmed with information. I took the exam in march of 2007 and let's just say I failed it without going into score details. Most importantly, after taking the Naplex exam the first time, I was quite certain before receiving my results that I had failed it. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself and started to search the Internet for some study path which would provide me more focused and concentrated study material on the Naplex exam. I came across ProntoPass website by going through may pharmacy blogs. This time I wanted to Pass Naplex without spending and arm and a let, unlike the last time where I ended up spending almost $3000 with no desirable results. This time, it was also different because I was determined to pass the Naplex and I just needed some focused study material to achieve this goal. ProntoPass was the answer to prayers. Without paying a huge amount of money, I invested in the ProntoPass Combo course, which included the Naplex Review Quickcards, Review Posters, Audio CD, Math Practice, and of course at the end, the Profiles and the Q-Bank. I followed the instructions on how to study the ProntoPass material and guys, guess what? I passed the monstrous Naplex with a score of 119. After studying ProntoPass study material, I felt confident going into the exam has as coming out. Without ProntoPass material, I highly doubt, I could have passed the Naplex exam. Thanks ProntoPass for being there from the beginning till the end of the exam!!!
B F, Murieta, CA
Editors Note: Thank you Bushra for your kind words. God willing, many will be encouraged to study long and hard and do well, as you have done. You will be entered into our Hall of Fame as soon as the webmaster can get it done. Again, congratulations.

I just received a call from one of our students who used all of our study products. He called to say thank you and that he was now licensed in Utah!
S, , UT
Hi ProntoPass, I am going to put a check in the mail for 20 more [MPJE] state study guides. The states are DE, MD, VA, FL, TX, AZ, IL, CO, WY, NV, HI, WA, OR, AK, GA, WI, MN, MI, ID, UT. Total cost: 20 x $25 + 6.99 shipping = $506.99. I'm going to get licensed in all these states because my job is paying for them. Also just to let you know, I passed ME,NH,VT,RI,CT,PA all on the first try! I still haven't taken NY or NJ yet but soon. Thanks David
D R, Weston, MA
Editors Note: Congratulations David on your first 6 successes and wish you many more. CEB

It is a real pleasure to have your Naplex Review. The cards look really helpful and it certainly looks like it will prepard me well. I did take the Naplex last year but I was not prepared. This year, with your study material and hard study, I will pass. Thank you.
W F, Valley Cottage, NY
Scored an 80 [on Iowa MPJE]....your study guide was a great help. Thank you
N A, Owings Mills, MD
Editors Note: Nevine forgot to mention how hard and long she studied. I spoke with and emailed Nevine many times and it was a thrill for me to see her develop both knowledge and confidence. After being unsuccessful it is really hard to develop confidence....and she did. I really hope she scored well and will get in our Hall of Fame.

Hi Colin I PASSED the test. I took the MPJE for Tennesse on Dec 15th. I scored 79%. I still want the get my Georgia license also. So after I move to Tennessee and get settled in, then I will try the Georgia MPJE. Sincerely, E B
E B, Canton, MI
Colin, I Passed the Naplex! Thank you so much!!!! Best, I R
I R, Winooski, VT

Colin Just wanted to let you know I passed the NY MPJE. I took it on Dec 17th and got 80%. Thanks J I
J I, Nutley, NJ

Thank you so much......I PASS my MPJE (Texas) with a score of 85. Thank you thank you C H, PharmD
C H, Camarillo, CA

Thanks Colin I passed. Take Care
J W, Athens, GA

As of today I received notification I passed the exam [MPJE]with a 83%. Not to bad considering the crunch time in studying. Thanks Nancy
N P, St Louis, MO

I recieved the following letter: Dear Mr Bayliss Thank you for your help with my study for Naplex. All the materials were very helpful. The presentation was interesting and unique. I found the Memoronics especially useful. The Audio CD was a great help in memorizing the posters. I liked the jokes and warnings. Due to my different background, I did not have "study card" experience before. However, my concerns with the new study materials were for no reason. With your support I studied hard and reached my goal; now I am a Pharmacist in the USA.
R M, Greenville, NC

I received the following letter : Dear Buzz, Steve and Brian, I successfully completed my naplex and MPJE in December 08 after failing both of them once before. I attribute my success partly to my efforts, but mailly to your fantastic study materials and not to mention your expert guidance. I could not have done this without you all. I am now a licensed pharmacist in the State of Washington. I hope you guys continue this fantastic service that you provide for many years to come and help other people achieve their dreams like you did for me. Thank you very much again. Your guys are legends. V K
V K, Tumwater, WA
Editors Note: Hard study and a few words of guidance and encouragement can do wonders for achieving a dream! Thank you Vijay for your kind words.

I am a 1988 BS Pharmacy Graduate from the Philippines. Yes, we use American textbooks and our batch was the last 5 year curriculum. (Beginning 2009, my former school is reverting back to a 5 year course to satisfy the FPGEE requirements). I migrated to the US in 1994 and passed the FPGEE in 1997. Since I was busy with work then, I didn't have the chance to pursue my pharmacy career. In 2004, I moved to Florida, did my internship there. I moved back to Illinois after finishing the internship and after that 3 successive hurricanes hitting central florida. (I would rather shovel snow than undergo a hurricane experience). I took the NAPLEX twice while still working full-time but failed using Appleton and Shargel. I found ProtoPass online and bought the whole package in 2006, applied for internship here in Illinois and finished it after a year while juggling with my full-time job. Last November 2008, I finally passed the IL MPJE despite an overhaul of test questions. Illinois implemented the new Pharmacy Law, so the review I ordered from ProntoPass didn't help much. I called Buzz last December to test me on the NAPLEX but I failed in the math and he gave me a "C" on the posters. I told him that I already scheduled my NAPLEX on Jan 15, 2009 and whether or not I pass or fail his oral revalida, I was already decided to take the test anyway. Today I checked the Illinois dept of Prof Regulation, and voila! I made it finally. Thanks indeed to God who make all things possible. He was the One who led me to prontopass.com. I highly recommed ProntoPass to those who have tried Appleton or Shargel and failed. Buzz, thanks for entertaining my request to orally test me despite buying your product 2 years ago. I'm not really good in oral impromptu. Thank you Prontopass for making my dream a reality. I am signing off now from this yahoo group. For those who are preparing for NAPLEX, 2 "P"s to remember. ProntoPass and Prayers. It is your faith in the Lord who will finally lift you. In God's will and time, he will make you an RPh. PEACE and Goodwill to all!
I V, Elgin, IL
Editors Note: Congratulations All well that ends well. Sometimes students call for quizzing and it acts as a wake up call to study hard. Sometimes, a kick in the pants is the best thing a teacher can do! I am so glad to get feedback that this teaching technique works!

Dear Buzz Thanks for providing me with such excellent study materials, and very prompt delivery. I owe my success all to you and your guidance. I apologize for the delay in returning these materials. My three kids, and a lot of catching up to do for the past five years. I've been recommending ProntoPass to everyone who asks me, but I refuse to make copies for them. I feel it's best that they get from the right source and the full experience. Again, thanks for putting so much thoughts and efforts into refining the materials. May God bless you and yours always. You're the best teacher! Love C V
C V , Carlsbad, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Claire. Your hard work did the job right! I am very happy for you and thanks for the feedback and encouragement to others. We work at improving our product and making things easier to understand and memorize everyday. Thanks to everyone who sends in suggested memoronics to help the process! CEB

I unsuccessfully attempted NAPLEX twice last year. A friend of mine recommended PRONTOPASS after realizing that I was wasting my time studying useless stuff for NAPLEX. I called BUZZ in July 2008 who suggested that I should pack my bags and go to Dover, as he suspected that I needed to be away from the factors that he believed were contributing to my failure. I traveled to Dover and studied very hard under close supervision of Buzz and his associates who were very helpful in making me regain the confidence that I lost after failing NAPLEX twice. I also met other students who were in the same situation I had. We studied VERY HARD (in capitals) together. It was a perfect environment for studying, believe me. In no way I would have memorized Hudson T Up-draft II without having someone (Brian & Mike) ready to quiz me every morning. Thank you guys for all your help and dedication. To cut the story short, I took my exam this January and today I received my results that I scored 112. I am very happy not only because I passed NAPLEX but also because I strongly believe that PRONTOPASS study materials have made me a better Pharmacist. The knowledge that you'll get from the posters, cards and the audio is very useful in performing your daily activities as a pharmacist. Without studying PRONTOPASS I don't think I would have been a confident pharmacist. I highly recommend the PRONTOPASS study materials to everybody. This is all you need, believe me. Don't waste your time on other stuff. Thank you BUZZ et al for all your help and guidance. God bless you all.
D K, Morrisville, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations Deo! Good job! His is another story where hard study pays off. I am very very happy for this student who studied so long and hard. And, what he did not say was that he had a revelation experience that sometimes comes with hard study.

Buzz- Well, I finally took my Florida NAPLEX in Jan & just got my results today! After 33 yrs out of school & only studying Pronto Pass for 6 months, I got a 114! Darn, I missed your Hall of Fame by 1 point. You had predicted after my oral review at the end of my studies that I would get a 115. So, thank you again for your product & your help & encouragement. I feel I am a more knowledgable pharmacist after my Pronto Pass studies. Now on to the MPJE studies! (And, yes, I have the Pronto Pass material for that as well.) Janet Roop
J R, South Hampton, NJ
Editors Note: J R quizzed very well. She had studied hard and her results showed it. I am so proud of her! Hoping you like FL! CEB

Buzz, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Indiana MPJE with the help of your materials. Thank you! Even before I took the exam, I had recommended your products to friends. What can I say-it works! I don't know why everybody doesn't use Pronto Pass. Who cares what your score is [on MPJE] when passing is all that matters? Your score has no influence on what job you'll be offered or what salary you'll make. I've been practicing pharmacy for 22 years, and I've been out of the test-taking routine for decades. You're program was instrumental in helping me to pass the exam. Thank you again! Pronto Pass rocks!!! Sincerely,
J M, Queen Creek, AZ

Dear Buzz I passed Ohio Mpje. Thank you Sincerely
J J, Canton, OH

The following review information was submitted from the ProntoPass web site review page: Name: JW Address: City: Allen State: Texas Zip Code: E-mail: jw0301@gmail.com --- Reviewed Item: Prontopass Drug Pronunciations CD software Review: It is really helpful! As a foreign pharmacy student, the pronunciation of the drugs is a bothersome problem. Now, I know how to correctly pronounce the brand names as well as generic names before my intern and this helps me to boost my confidence. Meanwhile, in the software CD, the drugs are sorted by categories and posters, which greatly helps me to memorize them. One suggestion: it would be wonderful if this software could be combined with the 200 drug poster.
J W, Allen, TX
Editors Note: The new audio software CD for pronunciation now has a sort by poster. The ProntoPass 200 is one of the options. When you click on posters, then on the P-200 poster, you get the drugs in number order, just like on the Poster.

Thank you so much for getting that out so quickly. My naplex score was a 108. I recommended your system to numerous people.
B F, Towson, MD

My name is Jeffrey Liss. I graduated from Rutgers College of Pharmacy in 1986. I practiced pharmacy until 1989 when I took another career path in the financial industry. I was out of pharmacy for 20 years. In that time I tried other products and home study, but was unsuccessful in my endeavors. I was actually referred to ProntoPass in a unique way. I called PassNaplexNow and during our discussions, I wanted to actually talk to students who had taken the course. They gave me the name of someone who had given a testimony for the course. I called him and he told me he didn’t care what I did as long as I bought ProntoPass! (believe it or not). I chose to give it one more chance. I purchased the ProntoPass combo package and attended the One on One (Boot Camp) in Dover, Ohio. I studied very hard, day and night for 3 months. Buzz and his staff are the most accommodating and well prepared people I have ever met. I learned pharmacy the right way, and many times did not even realize I was studying. After completing the study material in mid February, I scheduled to take the Naplex on February 17th, 2009. I scored a 123. This system of studying is amazing. If I can do it after 20 years so can anyone. I would also like to thank Brian, Steve, Mike, Gloria, Jeff, Abel and Sharon. I especially would like to thank Buzz, Deo and my study buddy Shamina. When you get ProntoPass you are not only receiving a pharmacy product, you are joining a pharmacy family. Thank you and good luck, Jeffrey Liss, Wake Forest, NC
J L, Wake Forest, NC
Editors Note: eff has been put into our Hall of Fame and allowed us to use his name. Jeff studied hard and did well and this should be an encouragement to all students studying to pass NAPLEX. You can read his documents if you click on the Hall of Fame (after the webmaster gets it put up, LOL)

Please find letter attached from the SC Board of Pharmacy confirming my Naplex test score. (I did pass the Law Paper (2 weeks after the Naplex...as instructed) with a score of 84) My husband and I made a decision to move with our family from South Africa to the US just over 2 years ago. We have two little boys with special educational needs, and we wanted to optimise their chances of enjoying an independent and fulfilling life in years to come. We made our decision intuitively and quickly, addressing challenges as they arose rather than anticipating them. After having settled into our new home and having had a month or two of intern hours clocked up, it was time to focus on the next step...preparing for the NAPLEX and MPJE. I had not worked as a pharmacist for over 14 years, and I felt daunted at the prospect of tackling such an enormous task. Thank God my supervising Pharmacist recommended I take a look at Pronto Pass! I actually felt excited upon the arrival of the material - it really made bite-size chunks of a vast/infinite amount of material - and made the learning process seem fun and very achievable. It was clear that the Pronto Pass material had been prepared by people of sound pharmacy knowledge as well as experts in the art of learning/examination techniques. I ignored the comments of others who had taken the Naplex and who said one couldn't rely on a bunch of index cards...they had used 4 or 5 textbooks to prepare for their tests. I had too little time and too much going on in my household and life to contemplate wading through even one textbook. I am so grateful for having trusted the Pronto Pass system....its a tried and trusted process that builds confidence during your preparation time as well as during the examination itself. I actually found myself relaxing and enjoying the exam! I was delighted to get my score back of 133. I did not need to simply pass the NAPLEX, I actually had needed to pass well. Returning to a profession in an unfamiliar environment, I needed to feel confident that I was up to the job. Thank you Pronto Pass for providing such a terrific tool to get the job done, and get it done well. Sincerely Michelle Hudson
M H, Bluffton, SC
Editors Note: Congratulations Michelle. Hard study paid off! Michelle Hudson has been added to our Hall of Fame. Click on the Hall of Fame button to read more.

Excellent review material. Easy to use, very complete. The math portion was extremely helpful. I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you.
C R, Corona, CA

Hi there- Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CPJE with a score of 84. I think I had a total of 2 law related questions! I found your posters to be especially helpful for the exam. Thanks again
A B, Portland, OR

I am doing exactly as you have directed. I am studying 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. I study the cards one section at a time until I can fold the card and repeat the right side. This 1 hour of intense studying is 3 to 4 hours for me. I am feeling more confident each day after all these years. Talking about being motivated ,as my nest egg has vanished 40 percent in the last 2 years my desire to learn has taken on a new meaning . I appreciate your time and understanding.
D R, Dade City, FL
Editors Note: Studying our stuff is hard work because it is active learning vs passive learning with books. But, active learning stays with you and you will remember it when you need it. Also, our system builds confidence through constant self testing. One work of encouragement----it gets easier as you go on, especially if you have been out of pharmacy for years. The mind at some point says "I can do this" and memorization gets easier!

MT, Lexington, MS
Editors Note: OK, this IS the shortest email ever received! We always ask our students to let us know how they did and this was his response on his MPJE test. Congratulations.

I received 5 suggested "Memoronics" from this student. Many thanks.
A K, Katy, TX

I received a call today from a student who was calling to tell me that she had passed Naplex with a 113. She had been unsuccessful two times previously and she was most thankful. I thought her story was typical of many so it bears repeating. Her first attempt was with little study because others had told her that Naplex was easy. After being unsuccessful, she "studied" hard. She read Schargel, APhA, did passnaplexnow and others. She thought she was prepared and was very disappointed to find that she had been unsuccessful the second time. Then she came to ProntoPass and after much hard work did pass Naplex with a good score. I think the difference relates to active learning vs passive learning like reading. We promote active learning: folding and self testing on the Quickcards and listening and pausing the CD audio quizzing on the Posters and answering out LOUD and then turning the CD player back on and hearing other students responses and then my comments. Active learning really does put the material into the mind much better and that is the key to really learning the material. When she called for quizzing, she did very well and it thrills me that she did do very well. Calls like this one make my day---I share the joyous feeling with each and every successful student. I think this story can help prevent failures if other students will imitate her
S S, Charleston, WV

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you very much and to let you know that I did pass my exam [MPJE](this was my 3rd attempt!) and I scored an 81! I am so grateful to your organization! Thanks!! J W
J W, Franklin, WI
Editors Note: Congratulations Jennifer. Our MPJE product offers a quick study and a pass, although not a high pass. This is just what is needed after a long hard study to pass Naplex!

Colin, I got the Naplex result *128*!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, I was even doubting that I would pass, it was a _very difficult_ exam.I'm preparing for CPJE now. Thank you for sending all the study material so promptly.Thanks again & I'll keep in touch,Anabel
A L, Folsom, CA

I just received a note from R K. He said thanks and informed us of his 117 on his Naplex and 76 on his Maine MPJE. (and is still waiting for the results of his CPJE)
R K, Bakersfield, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Rajesh. Job well done on Naplex. I invite you to join our Hall of Fame.

Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I did pass the IL law exam! Thanks! LS
L S, Chicago, IL

Hi Buzz, I just got my Naplex results back and I got 110. Thanks you for your help in this regard. I will send the last review and Q bank to you ASAP. Again thanks for quizzing me and your prediction for me was 120!!! (Close enough) Thanks again, MB
M B, College Station, TX

I passed the Oregon MPJE. The Pronto Pass cards really helped me collect my thoughts on the Federal Laws. Thanks
T O, Waterville, OH

Dear Colin Bayliss, Thank you very much for shipping me such amazing material. It has arrived safely, and I am impressed by its quality. Thank you again,
N S, Wasilla, AK

I had cleared both Naplex and MJPE for Arizona. My Naplex score is 128 and MJPE is 85. Now i am registered pharmacist of Arizona. Thanks to your smart designing of study material which was precise and accurate that just need to score on Naplex. I had refered lot of my friends for your course. I had started studying after a span of 10 years after doing my masters in 1996 from india and when i followed your directions i got the desired best results. i still remember that after you had quiz me twice for an hour you told me that i would get 120 and i told you that i am shooting for 130. well i fell short what i wanted to shoot for. But i am really satisfied with my results and so my family too. Thanks a lot once again M L
M L, Phoenix, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations Mehul. You will be in our Hall of Fame as soon as our webmaster can do it. I would like to add an important point. Mehul had studied and then when he thought he was ready, he called us for quizzing. After quizzing him for an hour, we had to tell him he just was not quite ready. He had studied but he was not good enough. His answers were not always fast and accurate. We asked him to study hard for week and call us back for quizzing again. He then got serious and studied for a month and when he called again he really knew our study material! This has happened several time and I think that our quizzing can be very important - perhaps a reality orientation in some cases. With good students, like Mehul, they use this to get serious about learning pharmacy. It is a real thrill to quiz someone who really knows the study material and I was thrilled with his second quizzing session. CEB

Hi Colin, I started studying on 1st of Jan 2009 and took the test on March 11th 2009. However I put about 10 hours a day. I had no life besides studying during those 2 months . Have 2 kids ,so had to pay attention to them too. I just rcvd. my NAPLEX results. Scored 123. There are a few things I wanted to share with prospective students.This material is precise and to the point. Initially when I rcvd. the material , I thought it was a piece of cake. When actually I sat down to study for hours it was not that easy. Sometimes would get overwhelmed,but kept looking at the reviews send by others. This gave me courage and the feeling that there are others like me. I would strongly advice to get quizzed by Buzz ( in my case it was a student- Shamina). Thanks Colin for provide this awesome material. BTW I graduated from pcy school in 1989 (from India) and practised as a pharmacist in CA for 10 yrs. Moved to TX and had to take NAPLEX.
A K, Katy, TX

Hi Colin, I passed [MPJE] with a score of 92! Thanks so much, Emilie Raddin
E R, Midlothian, VA

Hi colin, I would like to inform you that your studying material works and works perfect. I just got my result for Naplex exam and scored 133 which is very satisfactory. Thanks alot for your support for your students. You did encouraged me alot when you quizzed me almost a month ago. I would recommend your products for any friend I know.Thanks again and talk to you soon. Sicerely, K A Ontario, Canada
K A, Ontario, Canada
Editors Note: Congratulations. Very satisfactory!

Dear Mr. Buzz , First I would like to thank you for your prontopass reviewers. It was a big help for me in successfully passing NAPLEX under Texas Board of Pharmacy. Greatly appreciated sir. See attached score report. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Ben
B B, Shelby Twp, MI
Editors Note: Congratulations on getting a 109 on your Naplex. Job well done. Keep up the study for MPJE and you will soon be a practicing pharmacist! As a side note, I think our quizzing is very beneficial either way. Sometimes a student really does not know the basics and our quizzing is a wake up call. Nothing like a kick in the you know where when you need it! In the alternative, the student knows our material well and our quizzing is like a pat on the back and builds confidence just before their test. Again, either way, it is beneficial.

I am sooooo grateful b/c of Prontopass! In late 2007, searching the web, I was glad to finally find a comprehensive study material. When I 1st heard of prontopass, I was the fisrt to purchase it and I recommended it to my friends. Some followed my advise and ALL who used prontopass passed the exam giving credit to prontopass last review cards and math practice cards. I couldn't take my exam right of the bat when I graduated b/c I was pregnant and my OB/GYN put me on bed rest...so u can imagine my anxiety!!! Finally, I took my exam on March 20, 2008 and 10 days later was notified that I passed. Thanks BUZZ, "Desde la Isla del Encanto" (from the enchanted island) Puerto Rico... Cordially, L. M., PharmD
L M, Ponce, Puerto Rico
Editors Note: Congratulation Lysandra! We have recently renamed the "Last Review" Quickcards to "Quickcard Summary"....which is the last 115 or so Quickcards. This Summary is a condensation of the most important information of all 1000 Quickcards.

Hello, I'm sorry it took me so long to get back with you. It's been rather busy for me lately. Anyway, I am happy to report that I PASSED by MPJE exam for Michigan. I did a lot better than I thought (I actually thought I failed!). I passed with a score of 83! Your materials certainly helped with studying the state's pharmacy laws. The one thing I want to let everyone know who is planning to take the MPJE exam, regardless of the state, PLEASE make sure you read all the questions carefully and make sure you understand what the question is asking you. I believe that is why more than anything else people get nervous over taking the MPJE (I fitted this description) or worse they don't pass because they are not understanding what the questions are asking. Now that I'm licensed in Michigan, that makes 4 states that I am licensed to practice pharmacy. I'm entertaining the thought of making California number 5 in a couple of years. Thank you! HBW,
H B W, Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Bayliss, I took TX MPJE on 03/04/09 and passed the exam on 03/13/09 with the score of 76. Prontopass lives up to its standard...helps pharmacists to take exam quickly and get licensed quickly. Thanks.
M H T N, Loveland, CO
Editors Note: That was too close, LOL. You did it quick and you had success. Congratulations!

I purchased the MPJE cards and state information for New Mexico in October. I studied and passed with flying colors.
E W, Albuquerque, NM

I took the TN law test and passed--score 80. I will be ordering additional states soon, as my company needs to get RX licenses in all 50 states. Thank you.
D W, Overland Park, KS

Dear Colin, I took my State of Delaware MPJE exam on saturday the 18 th (April 2009). It was good, your study material really helped. Thank you, S T
S T, Wilmington, DE

Thank you very much for your help. My NAPLEX score is 138. Your material was very useful especially for FPGEE graduates since we are never really confident in our level of preparation. Your study material gave me excellent preparation and confidence. Sincerely, A K, graduate from Moscow Medical Academy School of Pharmacy, 1996.
A K, Covington, LA
Editors Note: Congratulation! A K has been invited to join of Hall of Fame.

Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed California law exam(CPJE) and am a pharmacist now . Prontopass was a great help. I don't think I could have done it without that. I have mailed back the final review material that was sent for my Naplex study that was sent to me on loan. Also I've mailed out a check of $17.50 to reimburse for overnight delivery of the final package. Again thanks for everything. Sincerely, Dhanashri
D K, Milpitas, CA

Buzz: I took the NAPLEX on Tuesday and was notified today that I achieved a score of 110, just below your super acheivers but I feel very good about the score since I have been out of the practice of Pharmacy since 1976 when dinosaurs still walked the earth. North Carolina has approved everything else accept the MPJE. Yesterday I sent to you by Priority Mail all the info that you required and today I ordered the ProntoPass system for North Carolina. You and Steve have my deepest appreciation, please keep up the good work!!! Sincerely, C K
C K, Lawrenceville, GA

Hello, Mr. Bayliss (and ProntoPass), Just wanted to thank you. :) I took the MPJE for GA and AL in April and I passed both of them. I studied like you recommended. (I can almost picture every card in my head.) And I picked up some important things by reviewing the States Rules, Regs, Statutes and Laws just before taking the tests. Thanks so very much for making good use of my time!! Keep up the great work!! W E
W E, Orlando, FL

Just wanted to let you know I scored an 86 on the MPJE. Thanks so much! D C
D C, Richmond, MO

Dear Colin, Got my MPJE results for the state of Delaware last week, passed with score of 81. Thank you again. Sandhya Tandel.
S T, Wilmington, DE
Editors Note: Congratulations Sandhya

Passed. Thanks Kristen
G C, Denton, NC

Dr. Buzz, The Naplex material you have provided is really nice, educational; I should say it is phenomenal actually. I have been studying this material since early February & have developed a lot of confidence which I did not have before. I now think with some last minute preparation I am ready for the exam. I would like to get a quiz from you and would like to write the Naplex soon. I was wondering if we can schedule the quiz for next Monday, May 18th morning at ~10 AM or before (I prefer 8). Please let me know and the number to call you. Best Regards. Sree.
S B, Monmouth Junction, NJ

I received a beautiful card and a box of chocolates. (She must know I am a diabetic and love chocolates) The note says: Dear Buzz and Friends, First of all, I would like to say thansk to all of you. Even though you were busy, you spent time to work with me. Finally, I was successful with the Naplex and then two weeks later I passed the MPJE. I received my pharmacist license in illinois on April 14, 2009 and I am now working as a training pharmacist at Walgreens. Again, thank you for hour help. Sincerely, X-D V, Pharm D RPh
XD V, Champaign, IL
Editors Note: Thank you Xuan-Dai for your kind note and the chocolates. Best of wishes from us as you proceed with your professional career. CEB

Passed. Thanks Kristen
K B, Flagstaff, AZ

Thank you so much for your email and your support. I never seen anyone so passionate about me passing the NAPLEX, especially someone I haven't gotten the chance to meet yet. I really want to pass "THE FIRST TIME", because its hard to get a job especially where the economy is right now and pharmacist jobs are becoming scarce. I'm studying everyday and I try to do 1-2 packs of cards a day and the posters on the weekend with a review of everything on Sunday. I KNOW you told me don't schedule a test until I AM READY (and I haven't) but my goal is to be ready by the end of June. Are there any ideas that you can suggest to me to be ready by that time? The sooner I am licensed, the sooner I can get a job. Right now I am not working and the company I worked for as an intern needs license pharmacists and they told me I need to be license by the summer. If I didn't need a job for bills and student loans payment I will take my time and study, but time right now is not on my side. Do you have any suggestions for me? N H
N H, Tallahassee, FL
Editors Note: Hard study is what makes it all possible. There are no short cuts to pharmacy competency. Study hard Naomi, and do well. CEB

Dear Buzz, Thanks to you and your colleagues for your time and efforts for quizzing today. Your format of the posters and cards has made all the difference between me trying for the NAPLEX. With the APHA book I would have never had the confidence to attempt NAPLEX.
R P, Windsor, CA

My Dear Colin, I just want to thank you from my heart for the use of prontopass for my review. I had to take the NAPLEX test on the 12th and MPJE on the 19th because I had delayed it for too long from January. I passed and your product helped me. God bless you.
L N, Westerville, OH

I received a beautiful card today: Dear Buzz, Mike and all the team of ProntoPass. Thank you very much for just being there and guiding me toward success. I have cleared my Naplex. May God bless you all! With lots of love.
S K, Fremont, CA
Editors Note: Congratulation Smitha. I love success stories. Thanks for your card and your blessing. Wishing you well with your career in pharmacy! CEB

Just wanted to let you know--I passed! Thanks for the help!
K S, Boston, MA

I passed the MPJE with a scaled score of 83. Thanks.
N D, Tifton, GA

I just want to say thank you for sending the card and the other CD that you sent recently. I am very pleased with your customer service and the product. You all are amazing! I tell everybody I know about your service! The studying is going well so far! Thanks again! Sincerely, V M
V M, Orange Park, FL

I purchased your mpje cards to take the florida mpje test. I passed with a 80%! thank you for your help. david
D Z, Buckley, MI

Thanks to Pronto Pass, I just found out that I got a 136 on the NAPLEX! I don't know how I would have been able to study efficiently without this product. The Memoronix really helped me learn things quickly that normally would have taken me days to remember (such as which HIV drugs belong to which class). Also, the math practice was exceptional, and I feel like I got every single math question on the NAPLEX correct due to the intense nature of the Math cards. Thanks again!
E S, Whiteville, NC
Editors Note: Erin will be inducted into our Hall of Fame soon. Congratulations Erin! CEB

So far, so good. I am spreading out the exams [multiple MPJEs]to every other week. Three results so far -- FL, NV and WV. Scores ranged between 86 and 93.
J S, Niles, MI

Without a doubt, Prontopass was the best review for me. I used multiple resources and kept turning back to Prontopass. The memoronics/cards/posters allowed me to focus in on the important information for the exams. I was skeptical upon receiving the package, but I was willing to do whatever it took. I took my exam last Thursday and found out today that I score a 123! I only had about 3 weeks to seriously focus on the exam; however, I purchased prontopass almost a year before taking the exam. Anytime I would jog on the treadmill or go on long road trips I would review the posters; this proved to be an invaluable tool in my learning experience. I really hope others will look at trying these cards before reading hundreds of pages of other material (I did, and it didn't help near as much as prontopass). Although the pacakge is expensive, it is well worth the $.
K P, Cheyenne, WY

Hello Buzz and Team, I am very pleased to let you know that I passed NAPLEX. I got 127. I remember at the end of the quiz I asked you how much will I be able to score...you told me 120 or may be more and that's what happened. I am so happy and thankful to you & your team. Thanks to you and your fantastic Naplex material. The colorful posters and audio CD really helped me a lot. I will mail you back the final study material and the CD on June 25. Once again thanks R S
R S, Santa Clara, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations. You studied hard and when we quizzed you your answers were accurate and fast. I thought you would do well and that is the way it turned out. That is wonderful. I will look forward to having you in our Hall of Fame. CEB

This was an email that I received today: Hello Mr. Bayliss, I have been contemplating contacting you for about a week. I've been studying for the NAPLEX for about 2 weeks now. I've been feeling a little unmotivated. I don't really know why but I am having a hard time staying focused when I study. I have completed 1 set of the cards. I am feeling nervous about the exam. I've also received several calls from my job about working. I don't know how I would incorporate working & studying & taking care of my 3 year old daughter. I thought about creating a schedule to accomplish this but the only time I really have to study is in the mornings while she is at school. I told my district supervisor that I want to focus on studying for the exam because I don't want work to overshadow my studies. There are some days where I can study good for 4 hours but others only a couple of hours. The couple of hours I do get in are productive. I feel that I am not getting much accomplished. I sat down & developed a study schedule but I found that I cannot cover all the material in the alloted amount of days that I've given myself per section of cards. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help & your time.
withheld, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: This was my answer back: The answer to your problem is fairly simple yet the decision to do it is more difficult. You feel you are not making much progress because you are not devoting enough time to study. You need to stop work and put your daughter in daycare for the full day. And, stop worrying about when you will take the test. Take it when you are ready, not some date that you would like to take it. Study. Make studying the most important thing in your life. For 8 hours a day your study must be number one in your life.....not your work and not your daughter. You know what I am saying is true but you are reluctant to do it. You will feel much better after making this decision. In fact, you will not make the progress you need until you make this decision. Some of my students have postponed this decision for years and failed the test over and over trying this and that as some kind of short cut. Nothing works at passing this test except knowledge and you can only get that will serious study. NOTHING ELSE WORKS. Are you prepared to make this decision to do what you have to do? After making this decision and implementing it, then follow the directions. What I am suggesting is hard but believe me, you will not regret later doing what I am suggesting needs to be done. If you need to talk, you can call me on my personal cell at xxx xxx xxxx. CEB

Hello, Thankfully I passed both MPJEs I took! Thank you for all of your help.
N A, Hinkley, OH

Hi Buzz, Here's my story: Graduated-1/9/09, Naplex exam-3/3, MPJE exam-3/13, New job-3/16, & licensed-3/24. My only regret is that I wished I found out about ProntoPass sooner. As you can see above, I had a very tight timeline. I took a leap of faith & bought it a month prior to taking the Naplex. I didn't get a chance to go through everything nor did I call Buzz. Scored a 113 on the NAPLEX. I supplemented the MPJE w/ Muscheno's CD for PA, passed by a few points, but ok as I had less than a wk to study + was drained from studying the Naplex. The point is I am licensed! My recommendation to anyone thinking about ProntoPass is not waste a second longer thinking about it & buy it. I found about ProntoPass randomly googling. I was sick & overwhelmed by looking @ the APHA book. For a person w/ ADHD, it's nothing short of a nightmare trying to comb through endless pages of material. ProntoPass is visual, concise, & the math review great. There were concepts such as MEQ, Osmolarity, TPN, & etc. that I never understood before & now I do! You also MUST fold the cards & don't be afraid to write all over them. Another nice feature is that you can take the cards anywhere. Being a visual learner, it makes me feel good when I saw my stack of folded card get larger as I made my way through the cards. I won't even sell my cards b/c I am finding the stuff on the very helpful w/ my new hospital job as I have previously only had 8yrs of experience in retail. I have told all my friends about ProntoPass. My best friend bought your product & asked me if I'm sure that's all she has to study. I told her to throw everything else out & only study Pronto Pass. Thanks again Buzz! Marie
M T, Leola, PA

Hello, I took the Hawaii MPJE on June 8th and passed with a score of 88. Thanks for your helpful product! L A
L A, Kailua, HI

I received a passing score of 80. Your MPJE [WA] review was very relevant.
S K, Lake Forrest Park, WA

Dear Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE for Georgia!! My mom had ordered the cards for me to help me study, and they were a huge help! Thank you again! J S, PharmD
J S, Lawrenceville, GA

Hi Colin, I just got back my results and passed with a 85 [MPJE NY]. Thanks for the help! Sam
S S, NY , NY

Hello Buzz and Team, I am very pleased to let you know that I passed NAPLEX. I got 127. I remember at the end of the quiz I asked you how much will I be able to score...you told me 120 or may be more and that's what happened. I am so happy and thankful to you & your team. Thanks to you and your fantastic Naplex material. The colorful posters and audio CD really helped me a lot. I will mail you back the final study material and the CD on June 25. Once again thanks Reshma Shimpi
R S, Santa Clara, CA

Passed with a 91 [MPJE FL]. Pretty good for only studying for 2 days! Thanks a lot! Katy
K B, Clifton, VA

Just a quick note to let you all know I passed with a score of 110 on my NAPLEX. I graduated in 1985 with a B.S Pharm. Thanks to this program and my graduate internship hours, I am proud to say I succeeded!
R D, Revere, MA

I received the following Comment Card: Amazing Product! I was at a loss of where to begin studying but this product broke it down into bite size pieces and a great guide to areas I needed to focus on. I was an averag student in school but this product helped me achieve a 134 on the Naplex.
L W, Hampton, NE
Editors Note: Congratulation Lisa. You are eligible to join our Hall of Fame and I encourage you to do so. It is amazing regarding school achievements and Naplex scores. My experience is that the students at the TOP of the class need to worry. They have great minds but think that if they studied one hour for a final and aced it, they can do the same with Naplex. NOT TRUE. Their results on Naplex can be devastating to these mentally elite people. They forget to study more than 2 hours for Naplex with horrible results. On the other hand, those students at the bottom of the class know they must study long and hard to pass this test....and that is what they do when they buy our product. This is one test result that Lisa will never forget! 134 Great! CEB

Mr. Bayliss, I passed the MPJE!! [MPJE LA] Thanks for your help!
A K , Marrero, LA

I passed! 81 [MPJE HI]
N P, Watertown, NY

Hello. I passed [MPJE NC], got 83,,, now I'm in the process of a job search!! It is slow Thank you God Bless
H H, Apex, NC

I took the test [MPJE TX] on June 3rd and got the results on Friday - 81. Thanks for the help Jay
J J, Wauwatosa, WI

I passed. Thanks.
J & K B, Fargo, ND
Editors Note: Another short and sweet message. Thanks. CEB

Thanks for your help. I passed the MPJE on the first try with an 83, so what you said about how to study and what the usual results are was pretty accurate.
P H, August, GA

119 on the Naplex.....
S P, St Augustine, FL
Editors Note: Short and Sweet!

I wanted to let u know that i passed Montana law exam. your stuff was great for studying and helped me a lot. those were the only material I studied for the exam. they are to the point. i'm planing to take california law next moth and i'll let u know as well Nahid
N M, Reno, NV

Colin, I passed with an 81. [MPJE Utah] Thanks! Alan
A M, Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Sir: I purchased MPJE materials from you to prepare for NJ MPJE and am happy to inform you that I took exam last week and passed with 80% Thanks for your support R D
R D, ?, ?

I passed the MPJE with a score of 93. The federal review cards were not as easy to use as I had hoped. They were a little busy, but obviously the exam went fine for me! Thanks for the review material. D S
D S, Wenatchee, WA

Hello, Just wanted to let you know I passed my NV MPJE with an 83. Thanks!
D B, Reno, NV

Dear Colin, Just found out I passed Naplex with a score of 127! Thanks so much. I will send back the last minute study material tomorrow.
Y Z, Stockton, CA
Editors Note: Yong has been invited to join our Hall of Fame

M Z, Bridgeport, CT

Passsed the mpje with an 86
S P, St Augustine, FL
Editors Note: A quick pass with the MPJE....just what was needed!

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QUICKCARDS with Memoronics Review: Hi! I used the ProntoPass with Memoronics to study for the NAPLEX. I just found out that I passed with a score of 129!!!! I was so pleased that I decided to order the MPJE review. I took the MPJE exam a few days ago but I havent recived the results yet. Good luck to all of you who haven't taken the exam yet!
B O, Charles Town, WV

Dear Buzz, I'm pleased to inform you that they have finally released my score and I got my license in mail today. Thank you very much for your help and support. Zahra
Z M, Fairfax, VA

THANK YOU SO MUCH! you guys are awesome
A C, Robinson, IL

Hi Colin! Your study material served as a great supplement to help me review before the NAPLEX and CPJE. I had used your math cards to review the calculations portion of the exam and your posters to review the different disease states. I took the NAPLEX on June 26th and I passed with a scaled score of 110. I took the CPJE on July 11 and passed with a scaled score of 84. Thank you for assisting me in my studies for the exam. Regards, J N
J N, San Jose, CA
Editors Note: Congratulation on your double play!

I was amazed since after the exam I was sure I failed. You told me to be patient. I found I scored an 88 on the mpje for NY. Thank.
J S, Oak Lawn, IL

Hello Mr. Bayliss: Just wanted to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX and did really good on it. As a matter of fact, I got my license today. I wanted to thank you for developing Pronto Pass, I think it's a very good and easy, organized way to study and prepare for Naplex. I want to know to what mailing address should I send the Audio CD. Is it the one on the box? Also you said we could give you some tips to help other students learn and remember things. I came up with these: For Amiodarone, we know it affects the liver, thyroid, sight and the lungs so an easy way to rememeber what to monitor is this: "TELL" your doctor to check these: T: Thyroid, E: Eyes, L: Liver, L: lungs Also, for Liver enzymes inducers (I didn't come up with this, I learned it in school) "Barbie's New Green Car Runs Super Phast!" B: Barbiturates; N: Nevirapine; G: Griseofulvin; C: Carbamazepine; R: Rifampin; S: Sustiva; P: Phenytoin For HIV meds that need to be taken with food, specifically PIs: "STRAND" S: Saquinavir; T: Tipranavir; R: Ritonavir; A: Atazanavir; N: Nelfinavir; D: Darunavir Efavirenz, need to be taken on empty stomach: "E" for Empty ddI, empty stomach: "I" for "Impty" Erstapenem is an "Empty" Carbapenem because it does not cover "LEAP" L:Listeria; E: Enterococcus; A: Acinetobacter; P: Pseudomonas I don't know if you find these helpful, I did. Thank You. Y R Palm Beach Atlantic University
Y R, West Palm Beach, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations! I love students that send us suggested Memoronics! CEB

Buzz, I just wanted to say thanks for your Prontopass system - I just got my score back yesterday and passed with a 135. I found myself picturing the cards more than a few times during the test - especially the "Memoronics". Thanks again. E T Appalachian College of Pharmacy
E T, Grundy, VA

I am offically licensed thanks to prontopass. NAPLEX review was great. [MPJE review comments omitted] Keep a good work. Thank you so much.
Y K, Worchester, MA

Hi, I received my Naplex results and is pleased to say I scored 126. I would like to thank you at ProntoPass for your dedicated assistance in this successful endeavor. Continue with the updates!! Again, thank you Chan
C B, Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: Congratulations Chan. I invite you to join our Hall of Fame.

I got an 81 on the Iowa law test. Just thought you would like to know. Overall, it was good quick study tool. Thanks, S N
S N, Dubuque, IA

Hi Colin Bayliss, I passed the Florida MPJE. Thanks D N
D N, Irvine, CA

............I found your material well presented and it saved me countless hours in searching my notes for the same information......
P O, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Colin, My name is Haruko ISHII, who passed your quiz on my third trial on 17th July 09. Do you remember me? When I took your quiz on my third trial, I had only 12 days left before my exam date. And, I was thinking to reschedule the exam. But, you said, "Go for it. Do not change the exam date. You are ready". I just trusted you and I took the exam 12 days later (July 29th, 2009). You are right. Today, I got the result. It was 110! It is amazing. I graduated my pharmacy school in Japan more than 13 years ago and I did not work as a pharmacist in my country. I even did not know the COX2 inhibitors when I started my study for NAPLEX. I did APhA at first as I was recommended by others. It took 9 months. And then, I took Pre-NAPLEX and failed with the score of 55. I had no idea what I should do. When I called you in Dec 08, you spend more than 30 min with me over the phone and at that time I decided to follow you. Before, I purchase ProntoPass I was so lonly since there is no one who can help me for my study. But, with the ProntoPass your existance itself was a kind of "safeguard" for me. I know that "if something happen for my study, I can call you for a help". Actually, while studying the quickcards I did call you to get an advice. And, when I called you, you spent lots of time to help me. The hardist part of my study with you was to pass the quizz. The quizz was much harder than the actual NAPLEX. I really appreciate that you kept saying "no" to me twice when I took it. If you easilly say, "yes" to me on my first or second trial, I am sure that I should have failed and I would wait for another 3 months to retake NAPLEX. Anyway, I really appreciate your support and "strictness" to let me study very hard. If I did not purchase ProntoPass and meet you, I would not pass the NAPLEX. Sincerely. Haruko
H I, Hanover, NH
Editors Note: Congratulations Haruko. You studied hard and did well. I am proud of you and happy for you.

I received a letter today with my score: 85! [MPJE Michigan] Thank you for your help. It has been 20 years since I last worked in hospital pharmacy (I work in R&D in the industry).
G B, Zeeland, MI

Hi Buzz With all that has happened over the past year, I forgot to thank you for the excellent program I purchased from you. I passed the NAPLEX with flying colors, and so have the other students I have recommended the program to. Although it has been over a year since I passed the exam, I don't think it's too late to say thanks! All the best! BPC
B C, Red Wing, MN

Thank you so much. Your cards were wonderful. Although I didn't have a chance to call and be quizzed by you, I still ended up with a great Naplex score (126). That really shows that the quickcards really do work. Thanks again.
L G, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Editors Note: The study method, active learning, by folding and self testing really improves memory recall. Passive learning, like reading, works but no where near as well as active learning. CEB

Dear Colin; I love the cards. I run 6 miles on the treadmill and do 1 card every 1/4 mile. I usually run 24 to 30 miles a week. I take them with me when I walk my dog because he is older and slow and they give me something to do. I have just tried folding them and it helps. I will try what you said about the left side. Thanks, Daine
D G, South Haven, MI

Dear Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed both NAPLEX and the Colorado Law.... It took almost a month for Colorado Board of Pharmacy to release my NAPLEX exam result that I got this Saturday. Your calculations were my LIFE SAVER, very easy to study.... They are really the BEST on a market...I tried to study with other calculation materials, and they just made me more confused. Additionally, I want to tell you that your posters are amazing. I will still continue buying new ones when you make them. Thank you very much. Sincerely, IV
I V, Louisville, CO

I just wanted to thank you. Your product was very useful. Have a wonderful evening and thanks again!
L G, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hi colin, I took Naplex on 30th and I cleared. Thankyou so much for the encouragement and materials. Thanks once again Susan On the group site, she wrote: I took Naplex last week. I studied just prontopass and I cleared. Just wanted to Thank you "prontopass" for supporting with such a good material to clear Naplex. I did my internship 4 yrs back and had to take a long break and I was completely out of touch with everything and Naplex was a nightmare for me. But prontopass made it happen! Thankyou Buzz and Colin ! sincerely Susan
S , unknown, unknown

Thank you so much for creating this study material. It helped me pass my Naplex on my first try!
B F, Elk River, MN

I passed MPJE (score 82) in N.H. and finally got a pharmacist license today! I appreciate your help for passing both NAPLEX and MPJE.
H I, Hanover, NH

Hi Again BUZZY, BUZZ, BUZZMAN! I've been trying to contact the NJ board. The person in charge of the pharmacy boards came back from vacation today and I have GOOD NEWS! I'M A LICENSED PHARMACIST IN NJ! I could not have done this without your help! Those updated posters you sent me, without charging me extra were a HUGE HELP! The updated CD lectures, which reinforced the posters! So this is OFFICIAL, through the automated system, I'm licensed but I don't have the paperwork yet. I studied before with Kaplan products, their study courses, their 1,000 Q bank, neither prepared me well enough. Their material was not well organized, which did not help with retaining the information. I'm so happy I could just kiss you buzz, ARMENIAN STYLE (that's on both cheeks)....but I might have to get in line behind my husband....I think he's even more excited than I am! heheheh Thanks for all the prayers, and all the honest, sincere help. You are right, better I get stressed out with you guys ripping me apart during the phone quizzes, then get stressed after I get my grade when It's too late. I've had the grade sent to other states, so I'll be back for more Prontopass-for your law material. I'm so happy I'm free now, finally! I'm back in Church as a Cantor/Soloist singing, using my gifts to glorify God and I'm sooo, sooo, happy! I had to stop doing it for months to study, but now I'm back! Now we can glorify God with Pharmacy! Peace & Prayers, MN, Fairfield, NJ
M N, Fairfield, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations. I don't think I have ever been kissed by a husband before, LOL. But, Armenian style, I would look forward to it! I share your joy.

The ProntoPass made studying for Naplex so much better than reading the review books. I had a review book at first and it was so boring. Then I decided to order the ProntoPass combo and I'm glad I did. My favorite part was the One-on-One audio poster quizzes. This was a giant help in studying. I have passed the Naplex with a 126. Thanks again for the wonderful product.
A B, Phoenix, AZ

The quickcards were not the only study material that I used, but in the end they were the most useful. I made a 136 on the Naplex and I owe many thanks to ProntoPass (and for the many prayers that were answered)! To me, the oncology, HIV, the Quickcard summary were what helped me the most. However, all of the cards were somewhat useful. Thanks again for all of the help studying! I will recommend your product to every future pharmacist I meet!
D K, San Antonio, TX

To Colin Bayliss: Thank you for ProntoPass Study Kit. It was a great help for me to pass the Naplex. I recently took the Naplex and became licensed in August. [some Suggestions omitted]. Again, I want to thank you for making ProntoPass readily available to students. I was very afraid to begin studying for the Naplex. I didn't know where to begin but I have successfully passed with a decent score of 128. Again, thank you!
J K st L, Virginia Beach, VA

I received the following comment card: Awesome! I had a panic attack and purchased the product 5 days before my test. Due to problems at the Post Office, I only had the moring of the test to check the flashcards [Quickcards]. All of the information that I had studied prior to prontopass was not compartmentalized and everything began to run together. ProntPass's memory tricks surely helped me not only pass, but I scored a 127 because of the cards alone! Great product. Wish I would have known about them before.
C L, Gallup, NM
Editors Note: Congratulations Charles! We do not suggest that other students do it your way, but I am happy that it worked for you!

Hello Colin. I just wanted to inform you that I passed NJ MPJE with an 85. The cards were a tremendous help. Thank you,
N N, Freehold, NJ

I just wanted to thank you all at ProntoPass to help me pass Naplex. After the phone quiz, you guys told me that I should be able to get a 125 on the Naplex and I got a 120. Your math practice cards are really good and the last minute study material helped build my confidence. I really did not expect to get a 120. I would like to suggest a Memoronic for you to consider incorporating into your Quickcards: Antibiotic drugs which need to be reduced in liver dysfunction E=MC2 E-Erythromycin M-Metronidiazole C2- Clindamycin and Chloramphenicol = Quinopristin - Dalfopristin Thanks again so much and keep up the good work. God bless you. Right now, I'm waiting for your guys to send me the FSDLE prep material. [VA MPJE equivalent] Yeah, yeah, you've heard it many times but one more time: YOUR THE BEST! M K
M K , Manassas, VA

I took the MPJE on the 25th and I got an 86. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I only studied for 3 days. I memorized the flashcards and read through the statutes as per your recommendation. SW
S W, Bountiful, UT

I passed my Naplex (in California). I got a 102. Thanks so much to the prontopass team. I am so relieved. I had taken the Kaplan live course and Cody Morris. I survived the exam only because of Prontopass. Prontopass is the only way to remember the material for long term memory. I really felt like I trashed my money on Kaplan and Cody Morris.
P B, Chowchilla, CA

Hello - I just wanted to let you know that I have my law exam coming up on Friday and that I JUST got my NAPLEX results back today. I got a 124% and I owe it all to ProntoPass!!! Thank you guys so much for this system - it really helped me focus and gave me the confidence to take the exam without completely freaking out. Thanks again!!!!! Now I have to go finish up studying for law!
A C, Falmouth, ME
Editors Note: Congratulations. Nine months of study during rotations really paid off!

I passed PA MPJE.
S B, Mt Prospect, IL

Great Program. I would definitely recommend to friends. Only think I would like to mention is that new posters should be included in the package. Regardless of everything, the material, quality and CDs are very good and well worth the money. Thanks.
K P, Edison, NJ
Editors Note: We do not automatically send new posters because we do not know how long someone will be studying. Sometimes it is weeks and sometimes it is years, depending upon circumstances. We do make all new posters available very inexpensively and announce it to all who sign up for our Yahoo groups. If getting them immediately is important, that is the way to go. Otherwise, we send them free, along with the last minute study material after you quiz well and are ready for Naplex. Thank you KP for your kind words and for taking the time to make the suggestion. CEB

LOVE your flashcards. The colors and Mnemonics made it very easy for me to remember a LOT of stuff. Took NAPLEX 09/09/09 in VA. Just found out I passed with a 120. Thanks CEB!!! Sorry I didn't call for questioning. Was very hectic studying and working and dealing with family issues. Took a couple of practice exams from Lange (Yellow Book). Don't think it helped much but at least it boosted my confidence, which is also very important.
P T, unknown, unknown

I would like to thank the whole crew of ProntoPass. Whover designed the Flash Cards [QUICKCARDS] is a genius. The Memoronics stick in your head forever and they are very useful on the day of the test. I would like to thank Buzz for quizzing me on the posters. you gave me a passing score of 97 which motivated me to study harder for the next two weeks before I took the test. I scored 124 and I am grateful to prontoPass for achieving this great score.
J E, New Haven, CT
Editors Note: Congratulations to Jay. I love stories like this. Sometimes we all just need a little kick in the you-know-where. It really makes me happy to know that I helped!!

Hi got my results-97 thanks [MPJE]
R P, Tuscon, AZ

Thank you so much for putting together such a great study guide! I studied all the materials and passed the Naplex with flying colors (126). I was never at the top of my class in pharmacy school (but not at the bottom either) and with the prontopass I scored only 1 point lower that the #3 person in my class. It was a great accomplishment! Thanks again. These cards really work. I loved the Poster Quiz CD but could not hear it half the time and it was frustrating. Also not every poster had a CD quiz session. Because it helped me so much, I wanted more.
C M, Stephens City, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations Crystal. Job well done. Sometime back, we invested in a professional microphone and the newer quiz sessions are recorded much better. You purchased your material long before that and studied long and hard. Those buying the new package won't have it so bad.. I am so proud of you.

Hi Buzz, it's me again. I just took the exam on 09/09 and aced it. Anyways, i was getting ready to make the returns and I think the only thing I'm supposed to return is the Audio Poster Quiz. Is that right? I did not call you for quizzing so I did not get the last minute study material. Please let me know what to do.
N A, Fredericksburg, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations Princess. [She got a 120 on her Naplex without calling for quizzing and without getting the last minute study material]

dear Mr bayliss thanks for the email.i love the material ..i have so many questions .i wanted to ask about the private tutoring, can you please give me more details? I'm a single mother with 2 children and i want to be a good pharmacist, a capable one ,and you can help me make my dream true,, thanks
S A, King of Prussia, PA

I received the following comment regarding the Audio Poster Quiz. These are recordings of my quizzing students on each poster: I am enjoying your posters and interrogation technique and am learning a lot from them
A T, Long Valley , NJ

At first, seeing all the material in one large pile had me extremely overwhelmed. Once I went through each section, one at a time, slowly I began to realize-- I can do this! Every section was great - visualization wise and the depth of the material each section covered. I loved the understanding disease section and the definitions. I thoroughly enjoyed the math. The posters helped me retain the info much better. I would recommend ProntoPass to everyone who is preping for the boards! I felt better going into the exam than I had before ProntoPass came into my life. I was quite relieved that I passed! Thank you.
A L, Huntsville, AL
Editors Note: Hard study pays off again!

Hello Mr. Bayliss, Thank you for your study materials [MPJE]. They made a big difference in understanding the laws. I passed! and would definitely encourage you to keep doing what your doing. Thanks alot,
A A, Rockville, MD

THANK YOU! I passed the exam. [MPJE OR]
B R, Fresno, CA
I purchased your product after failing the Naplex once by a few points. I took the exam a few days ago and I actually recieved a lower score than the first time. I used all the note cards provided to me and made several outlines. I would like to know what your product guarantee is exactly and how I go about getting more help or an alternative. Thank you.
S M, withheld, withheld
Editors Note: This student only used the Naplex Review Quickcards....less than 1/3 of what she needed. Posters are great for understanding the diseases on all the Naplex profile questions and there is no substitute for understanding pharmacy math really well. Also, when a student almost passes, almost always they score lower because the mind tricks them into thinking "all I need is a few more point" so they do not study really hard and they forget more than they learned. CEB

just wanted you to know i passed my maryland boards Thanks for the study material E O PharmD
E O, Bronx, NY
The study material was great and me being out of college for 16 years and definetly your study material helped in getting a score of 118 in NAPLEX. I have already recommended your study material to a few of my friends and shall do the same to who is taking NAPLEX. Thanks R
R A, Parker, AZ
Editors Note: Congratulations! We appreciate your kind words and your recommendations to others. We spend a lot with Google and yet over one-half of all our sales come from personal recommendations from people like you. Thanks again.

I passed my Naplex with a 120!!! You saved me. I loved the colors and the memoronics and I will use them in my practice.
N A, Fredericksburg, VA
Greetings Colin, Just wanted you to know that I passed the Colorado MPJE exam on the first try. My score is unknown at this time. I will be taking the Arizona MPJE in the next month or so and will request an Arizona study guide in the near future. Dennis
D C, Grand Blanc, MI
Colin, I passed and I now have a license to practice pharmacy in the great state of Wisconsin. Sincerely, Sara
S S, Madison, WI
Hello there, I received 80 in my CT MPJE. Thanks. Regards, Maggie
D M, Summit, NJ
I passed the MPJE with a score of 80 and yesterday got the licence . finally i am licensed in TENNESSEE . I am taking texas mpje next week . now i have to do the job hunt . if you know any jobs , please let me know . i have NAPLEX score transfer to TX , IN , FL , CA . Thank you for all your help and valuable advice . I never forget prontopass . I am very happy to reccomend prontopass to all of my friends . JJ
J J, Nashville, TN
Colin, I have received word, that I passed the CO MPJE. At this point I'm still unaware of my score, but I passed nonetheless. I ended up reviewing the materials for about 5-6 hours. They were a great help. Thank you. MC
M C, Spring Lake, MI
Editors Note: am happy for Matt. No doubt that he plans a move to the big outdoors. I can't imagine just studying 5-6 hours, would not suggest this to others, but I am happy it worked for Matt.

Reviewed Item: ProntoPass QuickCards Review: what a wonderful product. solomon
S, Albany, NY
Dear Buzz, I passed!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!! I thought I would wait to open the envelope till I finish my MPJE, which is on the 9th, I couldn't resist! [Enclosed was a copy of her Naplex score of 119] I really appreciate you!!! Hiromi
H S, Haleiwa, HI
Editors Note: I have invited H S to join our Hall of Fame. Job well done.

Hi Colin, I just want to thank you for everything. I took the test and I passed it. [MPJE - FL] Thanks again, A
A R, Miranar, FL
Hi dear Colin: I just got both my NAPLEX and MPJE grades, and I have passed both on the 1st attempt! I just want to say THANK YOU because your cards are really well made, and the audio CD brought it to life for me, because your stories made me laugh at times, and that helped me remember it that much better. (I could tell you how I smiled at one NAPLEX question because it was something you mentioned on the CD, but cannot talk about details due to restrictions). All in all, your product is EXCELLENT and I appreciate the help it has given me in boosting my confidence, and the most amazing part is the cards and posters are written in succinct and easy-to-understand language, that it's really much easier to digest than a big, thick review book. thanks again and I wish you guys all the best!!! Y S
Y S , Gainsville, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations Y. Your kind words are appreciated because one of our goals is to make learning fun. There is so much to memorize and so much hard work, it is important to "bring it to life" with a little humor and fun. Many have mentioned how the Poster CD quizzing helps bring the information to life. CEB

Hello Colin, I am thoroughly enjoying the flashcards. I really have been jumping from subject to subject. However, I will start tonight with learning one set before I look at another set. It's just so hard studying while you're on rotations. I will definitely keep in touch. Thank-you, Sarah
S S, Southhaven, MS
Mr. Bayliss, I have talked to you more than a year ago. I have used your cards for more than a year to study for Naplex. I'm a foreign graduate and I was the ambitious one who wanted to score more than a 100. I was supposed to call you so you can test me but it took me more than a year to finish the review because it seems like it's not getting to my head. I get so frustrated a lot of times but for some reason, I got the into the routine of picking up those cards and study for a certain time. I decided to just study the cards again because my question and answer with you has expired, as I have found out from the yahoogroup. I took the Naplex last October 6. It takes 3 weeks for us here in NV to get our results. My apprehension increases as days passed up until now. I got the letter. I passed the exam and I am very happy, I don't know if you can imagine it but I have invested so much in this that when I got this news I can't describe it. I took Naplex twice before (61 then 64) and failed, but my third time is a charm, I guess, but I'm sure it's Pronto Pass. I am not letting the fact that I got 92, not the score I wanted, damper the great fact that I passed. Your method isn't easy but it sure works which convinced me to buy the MPJE review from you as well. Your method has also taught me to become more patient and more disciplined. And I will definitely share to everyone I know who needs to take the Naplex to check out your website. Thank you, Mr Bayliss, you have been very supportive to all of us. Q D
Q G, Henderson, NV
I’m happy to report that I have taken and passed the Florida jurisprudence exam, and particularly thanks to the study aids I purchased from Prontopass. They indeed helped me study the right things. Dexter
D B, Westborough, MA
Editors Note: Congratulations Dexter. We hope you enjoy the move to the sun!

Thank you I passed - an 80 [MPJE -TN]
T M, Cedar Bluff, VA
I have had several inquiries lately about the possibility of ProntoPass offering a 1 week review. FYI, we used to do this several years ago. We charged $1250 per week. The reason we stopped doing it is because it did NOT work. Prior to coming, the student would have to know the material that was sent to them. Almost always, they didn't and instead, they thought they could learn it all in 5 days. If the student does not know the basics, this ends up being a great waste of time and money with no improvement in the Naplex passing rates or score. Also, we concluded that the 5 day offering attracted those who wanted to take short cuts and avoid the heavy work of pharmacy learning. It just does not work. Instead we offer the bootcamp where the student is here as long as it takes. This works. We presently charge a flat rate of $2000 irrespective of how long it takes. CEB
CEB, ,
I got a 119 on my Naplex! Thank you so much for the great material. I love my prontopass and really appreciate my friend K who recommended the combo deal to me. I also bought the MPJE and passed it in 10 days.
H S, Haleiwa, HI
Used your system for Nevada, passed no problem, thanks
K D, Brooklyn, NY
Editors Note: I guess this is another student who plans to avoid the snow for his career. Good job.

Hi Collin, I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I took the MPJE exam for Florida three days before Thanksgiving. This weekend I found out that I had passed with the help of ProntoPass. When I moved to Florida from Washington, I realized that I could not find my study materials, they were packed away in my massive storage unit. I really appreciate you resending me a copy of the pharmacy law information, you rock. I PASSED with an 81, just as advertised. THANK YOU! John..
J F, Spokane, WA
Editors Note: I guess John is planning to live in the sun! Good Job!

my score is 81 [MPJE] Thanks
N S, Chandler, AZ
Hello Buzz? I failed Naplex in November 2009 with 65 score by using Kaplan book + went to their review course. So now, I need your advice on how to study the Naplex. Here is my situation: 1) I am single and 24 year old. 2) Work 20 hours a week (2 days a week, so i have 5 days to study) 3) I have to take my exam by Feburary 28th, 2010) 4) No distraction in life Can you tell me how many hours I should study or what to study first? Should I do math every day? When should I need to start call u to quiz me? because I need to take my exam by Feb 28th or else I could lose my job. Thanks Buzz. Appreciate it.
L P, Falls Church, VA
Editors Note: I would suggest buying the ProntoPass combo deal and following the directions.

Took NAPLEX in September. The categorized cards were perfect for sitting by the pool and studying. Also, using the Audio Quizzes with the posters was an awesome way to study for me. I had more retention that way than any other study method I've tried. I also downloaded it to my ipod and played it while I slept. I even practiced the Math on a white board! Needless to say I scored a 102!
C H, Carnesville, GA
Hi Colin, I just wanted to thank you...I passed the NY MPJE with a score of 92! Thank you so much!
G R, Norwalk, CT
Passed 86 [MPJE]
J S, Acushnet, MA
Editors Note: Good Job. Quick pass.

Hi Colin! Just a quick update, I passed both my MPJE tests (PA & DE). I got an 83 in PA, and DE didn't tell me my score, they just sent me a license. Thanks very much for your help.
D S, West Chester, PA

Hi Colin! I just got the package. It's awesome! I love the Boot Camp Study Guide! Thank you. I'll send the registration card tomorrow.
A.B., Clovis, CA

Wow. I had no idea I was buying into this much. This is great. Thank you.
M P, Lake Mary, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations Margi. You are eligible to join our Hall of Fame and I encourage you to do so. CEB

Colin, Happy New Year Just recd word passed New Hampshire MPJE with an 84 thanks loads. Now I just need to pass the MPJE for Maine. Thanks again, Bill
W N, Naugatuck, CT

I passed AZ law exam!! The flash cards helped, but I thought the state law notes were TOO short and not enough information. Otherwise, I took the advice of going over the statues and rules over at least twice before the exam. chung
C C, McHenry, IL
Editors Note: Our MPJE product is short. That is why it is a popular product. If you want the big books, buy the big books. We are not going to be lawyers.... The bottom line is that CC passed! Congratulations to him and good luck to him in his career.

Hi Colin, I received the package. Tomorrow, I will mail out the registration form. It has been a long time since I have felt hope. Thank you so much!!! I.
I C, Derry, NH
Editors Note: Hope is a very good thing. Study hard and do well.

hello Mr Bayliss I received my naplex score today.Passed with a score of 136. Thank you for prontopass, and your help and dedication. Regards
K B, Glen Allen, VA
Editors Note: Study from 8-10-09 till just recently. Good Job. Great results. I encourage you to join our Hall of Fame.

Hi Buzz, I passed the CPJE. I got a 80. God bless your course view. It is the best in the world. If there is anything I can do to be of help to Prontopass please let me know. P
P B, Chowchilla, CA

Dear Buzz, thank you very much for all your help. You have been fantastic. S
S S, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to all of you as this material really helped me a lot ... and i passed with a good score. i have suggested it to friend's also. [Naplex] Regards Suki
S, San Diego, CA

Passed the MPJE for Pennsylvania score 81 Thanks for the help.
A P, Baltimore, MD

Wow, what a relief !!!!!!!!!!! Got the letter today. I made an 84 Thanks to your prontopass cards [MPJE TN]
A W, Brentwood, TN

I got the CD today; in one word-Fantastic !!! .Tell me, are you a Pharmacist, Marketer,Professor or all three? I am very curious -you are brilliant!!
M G, Sanford, NC
Editors Note: Thank you for your kind words, LOL. I am a retired pharmacist with a Master of Marketing degree from Northwestern and I love teaching..... Study hard and again, thank you for bringing a smile to my face. CEB... Buzz

I passed!! Scored an 88 on the Oregon MPJE, woohoo! Thanks for your help, it really did help! MS
M S, Riverview, FL

Thank you for the product [Math Practice]
J F, Parrotsville, TN
Editors Note: Thanks Jason for your comments. Many think our Math Practice is our best single product. Good luck in your studies.

Thanks for the advice Colin! I was using the cards as an adjunct to my other law study material. I probably won't even look at them for awhile. My focus right now is on the NAPLEX materials I purchased from pronto pass awhile back. They have been great so far! I have been learning a ton which has been helping me out in my job daily! Sincerely, Robin
R N, Monroeville, PA

Someone was selling our MPJE material on eBay after passing the Colorado MPJE. This is what they had to say: For auction is the Colorado MULTISTATE PHARMACY JURISPRUDENCE EXAMINATION (MJPE) ProntoPass Solutions Quick-Cards and Study Guide. Prontopass is well known to be the best and quickest MPJE and NAPLEX review available. These study materials includes both the federal and Colorado state pharmacy laws. I purchased the Prontopass in March 2010 from ProntoPass.com for $130 plus shipping. These are not copies but original study materials. I will also include a printed copy of the state statutes. I studied for about 5 days and passed the Colorado MPJE with an 84!!! They say to just memorize the 40+ flashcards and 7 page Colorado Law review and then skim over the state statutes right before the exam and you can't fail. It was easy with these materials! Shipping is free. Shipping will be priority mail (USPS) and I will ship immediately to get them to you within 2 days of payment, so make sure to pay via Paypal as soon as you purchase. If you need it overnight, I can use Express Mail (but you will need to pay the Express Mail charge). I have a flawless seller rating so buy with confidence.
Chad & Emmy, Fruita, CO

Let me just say, that ProntoPass is one of the best investments I have ever made. Initially, I was over-whelmed with the volume of cards I had to go through. However, Mr. Bayliss encouraged me to take it step by step and that seemed to work. I was particularly impressed with the Math. I finally got all of the concepts I struggled with throughout Pharmacy School. I was aiming to get my Naplex result in the 100's but fell short. However, I am extremely grateful just to pass since my test was extremely difficult. Thanks again for your help. I pray that God will continue to bless you Mr. Bayliss and your staff as you all continue to inspire people like myself. All the Best!
M.G., Sanford, NC

Hi colin, I just got my mpje result and I passed. I also ordered naplex material yesterday. Thank you so much for creating to the point material. Thanks & Regards Dipti
D P, Downers Grove, IL

I passed and got the IL license. I don't know the score yet.
Z L, Staten Island, NY

Hey BUZZ I studied MPJE IL prontopass for 2 days and read the IL act once...and i PASSED with an 84! Your material is amazing! Great job! Thanks
D P, Roselle, IL

Hello Buzz, I just got the letter in the mail today...I passed [NAPLEX] with a score of 95...I had expected to do better, but nonetheless I am very glad I passed the exam. Just wanted to say thanks for the material and the quizzing and the support thru the last few months. In January when I ordered the materials, I was very nervous, but all the study material made it easy to study and remember. The exam was hard, so I was worried, but I did make it. I am taking the CPJE in a week's time. Hopefully will pass that one as well. Did take your advice about the score transfers and requested scores transferred to a couple of other states. Thanks again,
S J, Moorpark, CA

Dear ceb, Thank you for extending the May deal. I am studying as you suggested with folding the cards.CEB how many hours a day and how many days a week should i be studying?Also,how many topics do you think i should be doing in a day? PS:I also purchased your MPJE package and found out on Friday that i passed!! thank you,
N M, North Attleboro, MA
Editors Note: Hi Naina. Study one subject at a time until you know it well and prove it to yourself with folding and self test. The speed does not make any difference. Just study one subject at a time until your good. You will get done when you get done. Keep at it and be patient. CEB

Thanks! Took it today and passed:-) 89. Lucy
L S, Poquoson, VA

I just wanted to let you know that I took the Georgia MPJE on saturday and passed with an 82. I am planning on taking the Naplex in 3-4 weeks and am not sure when I will take the California CPJE. I will let you know how those go.
D P, Suwanee, GA

To Whom It May Concern: Well, I passed with an 82! The notes were good tools to help me get my mind thinking in the right direction. It certainly did NOT give answers to questions that were asked in the MJPE word for word; however, once having studied the note cards and state sheet, I was able to focus and utilize my thinking capacity to come up with a correct answer most of the time. Thank you for taking the time to make these notes accessible to pharmacy MJPE & NABPLEX [NAPLEX] studiers.
H O, Nashville, TN

fyi - passed! your material was exactly what was ordered from me through work...thank you!
N P, Wast Norriton, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Many employers purchase our material for student employees!

Colin: Hello and good afternoon My name is [omitted]. Per request, I am e-mailing you to let you know that I have received my pronto- pass material and started to study the index cards. (There a lot of good information) Thank you. Regards,
J P, Harrison, NJ

Thank you guys, I passed with an 83!
D H, Pueblo West, CO
Editors Note: I noted that D H is 69 years old. Old dogs can learn new tricks! From one old dog to another....congratulations!

Hi Buzz and associates, I just ordered the fed and one state [MPJE] cards. Your course seems awesome. I wish I had these cards [Naplex Review Quickcards with Memoronics]when studying in pharmacy school also. Keep up the great work.
A M, Roswell, GA

Dear Colin, You are welcome. I just want to let you know that I have passed the NAPLEX with a score of 101. Thank you very much the Final materials. I think that PRONTO PASS helped me a lot with my preparation for the test. Kind Regards
E S, Antioch, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with an 81 - thanks!
R R, Des Moines, IA

Hi Colin, I wanted to let you know how I did on the NAPLEX and MPJE. NAPLEX 107 and MPJE 85. I purchased your Math review cards and the MJPE study cards and state fact sheets. Both were very well done, I felt completely prepared for all math questions on the NAPLEX. Like you said about the MPJE the score isn't fantastic but passing is what its all about. Thanks so much for two great products. Matt
M A, Racine, OH

Hello, ProntoPass, This is [omitted] from Seoul Korea. I am Foreign graduate and never worked almost 20 years in the real field and when I decided to take Naplex I didn't know what to do. My friend who just passed Naplex strongly recommended ProntoPass so I joined. Can you imagine I got 114 at the age of 50. I really appreciate ProntoPass. Thank you again.
K T , Palo Alto, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations Kim. Hard work pays off at any age!

Dear ProntoPass, I purchased your entire package in May 2008 and passed both exams on the first try (thank you!). I also have recommended your complete or combo package to every 4th year student I precept. I know a number of them have purchased it, most recently Jackie from West Palm Beach. Anyway, my husband and I are taking a big step to move to Alaska for work/community outreach opportunity. However, I need to take to the Alaska MPJE and I saw the $25 deal if ordered within one year. Is there any discount for within 2 years? Just thought I would ask. Thanks!
J L, Jupiter, Fl
Editors Note: After the original MPJE purchase, we offer the purchase of additional states for just $25 bucks but there is a one year limit on this order. The reason we limit it to one year is because fed laws also change and after a year you think you need new federal law quickcards as well as the state.

Thank you for the MPJE review material. I received an 84 on the Iowa exam.
A M, Des Moines, I A

Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the NAPLEX. I got 119!!
L C, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi Colin [regarding the arrival of this students Naplex review combo package] Thank you for your email in depth. I will work hard and it seems that you have also made hard efforts to prepare this material. Thank you once again. Sincerely
N V, Hixson, TN

I passed on the first try! Thanks for the great program!
J W, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Scored an 82. [Alabama MPJE] Thanks
C K, Dothan, AL

Hello! Just wanted to add my voice to so many people and say thank you for creating this wonderful study material with memoronics! M
M G, Post Washington, NY

Dear Colin Thank you for your help with the MPJE. I just received my results in the mail and passed with an 82.!!! thanks once again Sincerely
E W, Bluffton, SC

Thank you. I passed the NAPLEX and sent you my poster CD via priority mail today.
C S, Eastlake, OH
Editors Note: Congratulation Celeste. I love success stories, LOL. CEB

I loved prontopass! I felt like it was the most efficient studying I could have done. I didn't exactly follow the recommendations due to time constraints but I did manage to go through the Quickcards and posters twice. I really felt prepared when i took the Naplex. This was the best investment I could have made. Thank you. I scored a 91 on Nples and an 81 on MPJE for NM.
D C, Albuquerque, NM
Editors Note: Shortcuts can be very bad but I am so glad that it worked out well for Dorothy.

Wonderful cards! They were so handy to throw in my purse and take in the car or study at work if slow. After studying the cards and the posters, I really felt confident when I listened to the to the audio Poster CD quiz. It would be really neat if you could do something for Federal law with quickcards. I'm sure students would pay more for that.
S R , Harrisburg, PA
Editors Note: Thank you Shannon for your kind words. We do offer Federal law on Quickcards. Scroll down on our website home page to the MPJE button. The MPJE is a combo of Federal law on Quickcards and the state law in Q&As typed on regular size paper.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I took the MPJE and passed with a 83%. Thanks! - Lauren
L V, Andover, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations

I passed the NJ MPJE! Thx. L
L M, Hoboken, NJ

Thanks for your product. I passed the Maryland MPJE with an 85. Thanks, Steve C
S C, Frederick, MD

Hi, I have cleared both exams Naplex and MPJE.Your material helped me to pass the exams.Prontopass Naplex gave me confidence to face the exam.Thanks for your valuable material. Meena
M V, Edison, NJ

Hey I don't know if I let you know but I passed my exam for the state of NC. My score was 88. Thanks, Alicia
A B, Knoxvillw, TN

Hi Buzz, I wanted to let you know that I passed both NAPLEX and CPJE (score of 87), so I am now a licensed pharmacist in California. I have written to you earlier about passing NAPLEX, but I would like to thank you again for a wonderful product, it was definitely a worthwhile investment. I did not order CPJE material from Prontopass (I used another law reference), but I found that my study of the NAPLEX material was very useful for the CPJE which has a lot of questions related to retail pharmacy practice. The Audio CD's were a fun way to review the posters, and I found that a lot of Buzz's comments/suggestions/advice really stuck in my mind. I was quizzed by Buzz at the end of my study and he told me that I was ready to take the NAPLEX. The last minute review was great as well, especially the profiles, which give a good idea of what to expect on the exam. I took my time to study for the exam, took a couple of months off, and it paid off. The quick cards, posters, audio CD's, quizzing and last minute review provided an active learning experience and are comprehensive. Most importantly, Buzz and his staff are always available to answer questions and provide encouragement, e-mails are answered promptly. All in all, I am very grateful to Prontopass for helping me achieve my goal. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone taking the NAPLEX. Sincerely, SJ Moorpark, CA
S J, Moorpark, CA

I passed! [FL MPJE] Thank you Pronto Pass!
T M, Glen Allen, VA

just found out I passed the Florida MPJE by following your instructions (reading the state statues twice right before the exam). Got an 83 !!!
K H, Richmond, VA
Editors Note: Just what the Rx Elf ordered: a quick pass

Thanks for all your help! It saved me!
S R, Harrisburg, PA

Colin, I received my MPJE results today and I'm happy to report a score of 82. I really appreciate your product. It made the exam preparation much more manageable. Thanks,
J S, Shelby, NC

I passed my Indiana MPJE with a score of 78 using the pronto pass study material. - Leland
L G , Evansville, IL
Editors Note: Wow, that was a squeaker! Congratulations

Hey I was gonna let you know that I took the Naplex and I passed! Thanks! Krystal
K C, Omaha, NE

Wanted to let you guys know that I passed the NAPLEX with a 120, and it's because of the pronto pass cards! I will be sending back the loaned CD tomorrow. Thanks Again for the wonderful cards! M A also wrote in a second email: I passed the NAPLEX with a 120! I studied the Cards and the loaner Poster Audio CD for 1 month and took my test. I was amazed at how much I knew when I was taking the test, all because of the Pronto Pass material. I will most likely use the MPJE pronto pass for the 4 states I plan on getting my license in. Your loaner CD is being shipped back tomorrow! Thanks again!!!!
M A, Metairie, LA
Editors Note: Good Job..... Great Score!

God Bless you for all the interest and effort you put in helping us to "***learn***" and pass this Naplex test. I received today the audio posters quiz CD. It is fabulous. I have learned so much from your comments and experience. I have worked most of the time in hospital and insurance, so things like what inhaled corticosteroid taste the worst? I did not know. I will give you a call for the phone testing. You are my savior. Again, Thank you. Tatiana
T A, Phoenix, AZ

Dear Colin, I'm happy to announce I passed my MPJE! Your product was efficient, easy to understand, and served its purpose. I am also very pleased with the customer service and super-fast delivery. Being as nervous as I was for the exam (I went to an out-of-state school), the flashcards [QUICKCARDS]calmed my fears. Thanks again! Sincerely,
T B, Sewell, NJ

I just found out I passed my Florida MPJE with an 88. Thanks!
K A, Coral Springs, FL

I just found out my naplex score 117. I really enjoyed studying with prontopass. I used 3 other study materials but prontopass is absolutely the best. I'm a foreign graduate and I graduated college 8 years ago. prontopass helped me a lot to brush up my pharmacy knowledge. Thank you so much.
S J, West Palm Beach , FL

Hi! I just wanted to thank you guys so very much for the prontopass! As I'm sure you'll notice, I didn't even do the quiz or get the updated materials before I took the exam, and its because I felt so confident with the materials you had already provided me. I knew I wasn't going to need the money-back guarantee. I got a 115 on the naplex, and am recommending your product to many people! Thanks again!! Sincerely, Alyssa Maglio, PharmD
A M, Richmond, VA

Just wanted to let you know that I passed both naplex and mpje with the help of all the study materials. Thank You, Jared Ostroff
J O, Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks. I scored a 101 on the Naplex.
M Z, Las Vegas, NV
Editors Note: Good going Mike!

I wanted to update you and let you know that I passed the Michigan MPJE with a score of 90. Thanks
J C, Kalamazoo, MI

I found out yesterday that I passed the NAPLEX with a 126! yay! [I ask Molly how she used our product and she responded as follows] I began concentrated studies about a month before I took the NAPLEX. Based on the card packet/poster topics, I created a schedule for studying. I typically covered 2-3 topics each weekday and had the weekend free to either relax, catch-up, or get ahead. During the week immediately preceeding the exam, I studied the posters and quick review summaries. While driving, I listened to the poster quizzing cd using my laptop.
M D, Marion Center, PA
Editors Note: Congratulations Molly. Love to have you in our Hall of Fame.

I passed my Illinois MPJE with a score of 86 using prontopass study material. -Leland
L G, Evansville, IN

Thank you! I scored a 112 on the NAPLEX using only your materials!! Amanda
A A, Columbia, MO

I passed NAPLEX 117. Thanks for the helpful review materials.
T L, Devine, TX

I passed NAPLEX 117. Thanks for the helpful review materials.
T L, Devine, TX

I just wanna say thank you so much. I passed the NAPLEX and I got 107. I am not gonna be able to send back the last minute loaned material until Aug 22nd , because I am on vacation outside the country. I'll mail to you once i get back. Thank you again for your help!
P F, Clearwater, FL

Hi Mr. Bayliss, I passed my NAPLEX with a score of 100. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.
C G, Miami Lakes, FL

I just wanna say thank you so much. I passed the NAPLEX and I got 107. I am not gonna be able to send the last min. material until Aug 22nd , because I am on vacation outside the country. I'll mail to you once i got back. thank you again for your help.
P F, Clearwater, FL
Editors Note: Good job Peter. Take a well deserved vacation! CEB

Hi Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my board exams. and I even got a 91 on my MPJE! Thanks for your material! All the best, Lana
L N, Holidaysburg, PA

I passed! I got an 82! [MPJE] Thanks!!
M T, Ballwin, MO
Editors Note: We especially like results like this. M. T. is a very busy person being Sr. Clinical Program Manager at a huge company.

Dear Mr B, I am sending this e-mail to inform you that I was able to successfully pass the MPJE on July 22,2010 through the use of the review materials I received from you, in addition to some notes I retained from Jurisprudence class. Thank you for your assistance in helping me pass this exam, which has finally qualified me for my licensure as a pharmacist. Sincerely, Andrew
A L, Catskill, NY

Dear Buzz, I purchased prontopass for Naplex and MPJE FL. I passed the Naplex with a decent score. Prontopass was very much helpfuI. I am going to take the FL MPJE in 1 week
V G, Greenville, NC

I just received my results and I have passed both exams!!!! I received 108 on Naplex and for CPJE a score of 90 out of 99!!! Thank you for all of your help and guidance!!
E S, Porter Ranch, CA

I passed the naplex, so THANK YOU!!! I just wanted to let you know that ProntoPass was a success, yet again!!
A F, Boguechitto, MS

I would like to thank Mr Colin and the entire prontopass crew for all your assistance during the exam,i passed Naplex with a score 102. Thank you.
O A, San Antonio, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the test.
D R, Columbus, OH
Editors Note: Note: this student did as suggested...quick MPJE study and received a relatively low passing score! We are training to be pharmacists, not lawyers!

I passed with an 87 on Texas MPJE with 2 weeks of studying. I plan on taking the Illinois in a few months. Thanks! -Angela
A L, Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi Colin, Thanks for your NAPLEX Review material. I passed the NAPLEX with a score of 90. The novel method of quick cards, posters, audio CD poster quiz and Qbank was impressive. The pharmacy math steps and reasoning was excellent. Your telephonic quiz a good motivation. Memoronics used in the quick cards helped me to a great extent. Once again thanks for you and your staff. With best regards,
M M, Scarbourough, ON, Canada

Hello Colin [Note: this student failed the DC MPJE with a 66 prior to studying our material] I just wanted to inform you that I have passed the MPJE from DC with a score of 80. I used the MPJE prontopass cards, Federal Guide to Pharmacy Law by Hall and Reiss, and used the DC Pharmacy Law book. I want to thank you for the assistance by ProntoPass, and I will continue to use the prontopass cards for the NAPLEX as well. Thank you Ameet
A J, North Potomac, MD

I just passed Naplex! I got 102. I am glad that I am done!! what is the mailing address? so, I can send the CD back to you. Thanks,
M S, Springfield, IL

Hi, I passed [MPJE]...an 85. On target with what you all promised :-) Thanks Rhenda
R H, Bluefield, VA

Just wanted to say thank you to Pronto Pass. I recently used your study materials to take the MD Pharmacy boards, and passed! The study guide was very useful, and made the process for preparing/taking the exam very efficient! Thanks again,
S V, Reston, VA

I passed the NAPLEX with a 118 using your materials! Thank you! I did not, however, call to be tested via phone so I never received the last minute testing materials. So, the only item to mail back to you is the CD with the quizzing regarding the posters. I will put that in the mail today. Your materials were great! Here is my new address in case there is anything else you will send in the mail Thank you so much!
B W, Farmington Hills, MI

I just wanted to say thank you all for putting those quickcards together. I was one of the unfortunate few that failed the first time through using other study materials. It seemed that those books I used (which I will not name) did not go into sufficient detail, and focus on areas that were covered extensively on the exam. The cards are quick, concise, and yet full of RELEVANT information to the test. This is important. If you dont have specific details to focus on, important things can get lost in the mix. My first score without the cards was 71, and with the cards I improved to a 117. Thanks again!
T W, North Huntington, PA

Everything was really helpful!!! Thank you very much,
G M, Big Lake, MN

Dear CEB I just got my result and I got 96. Thanks for all of your help and your study material is excellent. Regards
S Z, San Deigo, CA

I just wanna say thank you so much , I am a pharmacist now. I got my license
P F, Clearwater, FL

Just wanted to let you know I passed the MPJE on the first try August 19th, Thanks again for your helpful product!!!!
J M, New Wilmington, PA

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I passed both Wva and Pa [MPJE]with the help of the cards, scored in the 80s Kim
K W, Frederick, MD

Colin, Just a note to let you know I passed NAPLEX with an 88. A pleasant and relieving surprize. Your material is on target and to the point. I will tell everyone of your product. Prontopass is the Best! Thanks
W H, Owensboro, KY

Hey Thank you for helping me pass NAPLEX on my first try....The program really helped me out and the little elf knew what I needed to remember. Great program. Regards,
J E, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Colin, I just received notice that I passed the MPJE with a score of 80. Many thanks.
D H, Clarksville, TN
Editors Note: A fast low pass on MPJE....just as we promise. Good job.

Thanks for the MPJE-GA study materials. I just wanted to let you know that I passed with a score of 84. Your material was very concise and straight-forward. While the exam was not so straight-forward, the information I studied gave me a solid, basic foundation to know how to figure out the answer. I did study for more than 2 weeks, owing to family schedules and commitments, and I studied a federal law text in addition to your material, since it has been so long since I was in Pharmacy School! But, I likely over-studied! Thanks so much!
J G, Marietta, GA

Dear Colin, Thank you for the email. I recieved the Prontopass in TWO days of placing the order, I was surprised. I already feel confident of passing NAPLEX now that I have all the material I need. Thanks again.
K L, Rockville, MD

Hi colin, I have passed my MPJE-MI examination. Thank you. With best regards,
M M, Scarborough, ON, Canada
Hi Colin, I know it took quite awhile but I finally took the MPJE for GA this week. I'm happy to tell you I passed. I'm convinced the people who compose these exams have never worked in a retail pharmacy. Be that as it may, I'm glad it is over. I have to say very few questions were addressed by the flash cards but I guess the ones that were counted. If nothing else it gave me confidence going in that I would know enough to pass.
M W, Acworth, GA
Editors Note: It is kinda funny how our MPJE product works. Basic knowledge, fast study, passing. Since we are not planning to be lawyers, that is the way it should be. Congratulations to Murray

I passed!!!! My score was a 83 [MPJE - NC]. Not great, but I passed. Thanks, Cheryl
C O, Georgetown, SC
Hi Buzz, My name is [omitted] and I bought Pronto Pass combo pack in Feb 2010. I took my NAPLEX on Sept 3rd and passed with a score of 120. I am now a licensed pharmacist and have started working as a full time pharmacist for Publix. I cannot thank you and Pronto Pass enough for my success. I graduated from pharmacy school in 2001 and so coming back to it after almost 10 years I had serious starter problems. There was so much material I had no idea where to start till PP came to my rescue. I followed your directions and your calender. On day 1, back in April (when I really started studying), I started with definitions and never looked back. I followed the order to the T and it made my revisions easy too. I did use other materials (namely the APhA book and wikipedia) but that was after I was comfortable with what I was studying and knew where I was going. I have a toddler and in general a busy life (like we all do) and so the convenience of studying whenever and wherever was awesome. I remember reading the diabetes flash cards at the Atlanta zoo while my toddler napped. The cards also have all the info that is needed..sometimes it does not all make sense when you read it the 1st time but between the poster and reading the cards several times things started making sense..perhaps this is what you call "claiming a miracle". Math..oh math..what can I say..the math practice was awesome..and I had a lot of it on the exam and did very well I think. Thanks a lot for all your help. And even though I never called you for quizzing or emailed you too much...your notes helped me a LOT. Thank you thank you thank you!
A W, Cumming, GA
Thank you so much for all everyone's help at Prontopass! ... I plan to take the law for VA & FL next week. I've been reading over the materials provided on their sites and info that I've got on hand. Brian... thank you for all your delicated time to my extensive quizzing. Seth... thank you for helping me w/ computer testing issues. Mike... thank you for the difficult math preps... Steve... thank you for working w/ me on the quizzing down to the last minutes. Lastly, Buzz for not only being a very dedicated coach but also a very generous host while I've been at bootcamp. I wish you all the best and may Prontopass program continue to help all the others like myself succeed as well.
V T, Fairfax, VA
Editors Note: Another successful bootcamp student. My heart felt congratulations.

Thank you for putting together such great study materials- the cards, posters, quizzes, audio tape, etc. They came in handy.
S F, Carmichael, CA
Dear Buzz, I am writing this email to thank pronto pass help me pass my NAPLEX with a score of 126. I was so terrified to call and be quizzed, that I just took the exam. The exam was pretty tough, but reading all your material over and over again gave me the confidence and especially the math, helped me achieve my score. I am yet to take my law exams. But thank you wholeheartedly and will be sending the CD back to you guys tomorrow. Sincerely, D
D R, San Diego, CA
Editors Note: D R is eligible to join our Hall of Fame. Congratulations...great job.

As per your request. I am responding to inform you that I passed the FL MPJE with a 85% Thank you.
L L, Rockville, MD
I passed! The Wisconsin law went really well. Was really confident about it. Will be taking MN and MT probably early next year. Thanks again for everything, Greg
GM , Big Lake, MN
Thanks Colin. Honestly, this appears to be just what I've been searching for. For the past couple of months I've been plowing through the hundreds of pages of material downloaded from The Florida State Bd of Rx. This encapsulates the entire process. I'm hoping to do well. Again, thanks,
H R, Cave Springs, GA
After ordering a MPJE package, you can order just one state for 25 buck plus shipping, but it is sent to us via mail only. Note this is good for one year from the date of purchase. I received the following note: Dear Sir, I have ordered MPJE packet for New York state on Dec 29, 2009. After reviewing that exam material, I passed New York state law exam with a score of 77. Now, as a traveling Pharmacist, I will be taking MPJE for another 10 states. I want to start with the state of Texas first. I am sending check for ($25.00 + $7.95 for shipping) $32.95. I appreciate your sending MPJE law material for the state of Texas. I will follow with rest of the states as time permits.
V P, Staten Island, NY
Editors Note: Note our MPJE material is very different from our Naplex study material. With the Naplex material, the more you study the higher your score....the goal with MPJE is a fast pass, not a great score. Still....77 is cutting it close!

Hello Dr. Colin Bayliss I am glad to let you know that I passed the Naplex Exam. I can confidently say that without a doubt, you program was extremely critical in my success and I am truly grateful. Thanks again. God Bless
D F, Wilmington, DE
Editors Note: Congratulations David on your hard study and success....FYI, I am not DR.....I am one of those OLD guys! LOL.

Hi, Colin: I passed my MPJE with score in the mid-80s. Thanks. Sarah
S M, Santa Cruz, CA
Colin, I received my notice from the Florida Board that I PASSED THE TEST! Your materials helped a bunch. Houston
H R, Cave Spring, GA
Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I took the naplex 3 months ago and I failed by one point. I was devastated. Then I turned to prontopass and put all my hope into this program. I fell in love with the notecards and I was still scared that maybe relying on one source might not be the best idea, but I decided to put away all the other study materials, as you guys recommended. After studying for 2months, I felt I didn't even need to do the last minute quizzing because I knew I was ready. I found out on Thursday I passed. Thank you prontopass. Thank you Buzz for the cd quizzing, it helped me ALOT. Please send me the address and I'll send the cd back. Thanks, MS :)
R S, North Palm Beach, FL
Hi Colin, I am pleased to let you know that I passed my Texas law exam! Your package was really helpful. Thanks for everything.
O F, Arlington, TX
Hi Buzz! I received the blank math cards & the new boot camp study guide form that Brian sent. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate everything you do for all the students who are struggling to pass the NAPLEX. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART, BUZZ.
D P A, Toms River, NJ
Hi Colin, How are you? this is N. I just want to thank you soo much for your support and encouragment. I got my score yesterday and I got 94. I was so happy and I want to share this good news with you. My husband also ordered for me the MPJE package. Hopefully, I will be ok on the MPJE. Again, thank you
N Y, Woodinville, WA
Hello Mr. Bayliss, I just wanted to say I recieved all the items on Friday, I appreciate the quick turnaround time and delivering it to me so fast. Thank you again and will certainly contact you if I have any questions and/or concerns. Sincerely,
R V, Washington, DC
Hi Buzz I just wanted to mention that I really appretiate your effort on ProntoPass materials. It helped me alot especially that I graduted in 1996 from Egypt, but with your materials I didn't feel that I started from scratch . I could absorb the materials very fast & kicked that NAPLEX from first time .just I wanted to tell you the whole story about the wonderful materials that you have. again,Thank you so much for your encouragement . The NAPLEX isn't that easy exam but with ProntoPass you make it easier.
M M, New Port Richey, FL
I have my score for the MI MPJE.... 87 [MPJE - NC] Thank You, GJ Ellis
GJ E, Fort Wayne, IN
Thanks for this tip with regards to the posters, I was working on the liver enzyme inducers, the miscellaneous drug list was beginning to look like having surgery without anesthesia. I think you actually felt my pain. I will apply your advice immediately. Thanks a million.
F E, Elkridge, MD
I passed with a "score" of 91, thanks! [MPJE - CO]
L H, Las Vegas, NV
Dear Colin, First I am writing you to let you know how happy I was to pass my MPJE with a score of 88. I could not believe when I got my score. I was not sure about myself but I did as you asked and learned everything on the cards and the state hot sheet and my score it the result of following your instructions and learning all on the cards. I want to thank you very much and you can use this letter as a testimonial. I will be sure to order other states as I need them and I was very pleased with your product. Thank You,
B D, Lithonia, GA
CEB, Scored an 88 on the WI MPJE! Thanks for your help.
S L, Appleton, WI
hello colin, thank you for the course material, I passed my new mexico law exam. It was very helpful.thank you rita
Thank to pronto pass helping me pass the ptcb last november 2010. Again, Thank you!
M P, Irvington, NJ
Editors Note: The emphasis at ProntoPass has always been Naplex. But, as a favor to a friend who is a local pharmacist, we created a study package for pharmacy techs....and it works. Congratulations Miguel.

Dear Colin, I would like you to know that I received my MPJE score last thursday, December 2nd, and I passed!!! I received a 77, on it, would have liked to have done better but I'm just very happy and thankful that I passed. Thank you all for aiding me in my acheivement with the pronto pass cards, they were very helpful. Have a great day and thanks again!
J J, Chicago, IL
Editors Note: Jayson, that was cutting it too close, LOL, but congratulations on becoming licensed. Our MPJE is a quick study pass product because we are not preparing to become lawyers!

Colin, I received an 85% on the MPJE for North Carolina. Thanks, Don
D G, Warren, OH
Colin, I passed the test. Thanks
A K, Jacksonville, FL
Editors Note: Don't you just love messages that are short, sweet and to the point?

I passed naplex. Thank you so much pronto pass!!!. I am very grateful for having the pronto pass program. I will mail back the last minute study stuff sent on loan on tomorrow. LV PS I did that little dance you told me about just before I went in to take the exam!
L V, Houston, TX
Editors Note: I told Lyna a trick. When young females come here to study, when they go for their test I require them to shake their hips prior to going into the building. This always makes them laugh and breaks the ice. This is a very good thing to do. LOL. CEB

This was posted to our Yahoo group, Naplexandmore: Well, I do not know whether I should respond to many of similar messages I see. I qualified Naplex in first attempt last year in December. Initially, I was bit skeptical about the claims made by prontopass that you would not need any other study material. But as I started studying and went through it I would say it was true (atleast ~98%) in my my case. I was a little skeptical, afraid and/or lazy for the quizzing and did procastinate it by 2-3 weeks. Then I thought I might have the same low confidence on the test as well. So, I studies hard for another 2 weeks and did the quizzing on phone. It was a long 3 hour quizzing and honestly it was great. It boosted my confidence when Buzz mentioned after the quiz that I will do very well on the test. The final question bank of 1000 questions further enhanced my confidence for the test. Buzz or prontopass is not paying me for writing this, but I believe those $400 something looks a lot for the material. However, it is really worth to have the quizzing and 1000 questions experience. I still keep referring the material for a quick look. Of course the initial investment helps you to become a pharmacist soon. FYI - I am a foreign graduate and was doing 2 jobs ( ~70hrs/week), while studying and taking Naplex. Prontopass made my life easy by making my study easier. I also never did any group studies. Good luck to everyone out there !!!
V S, Westwood, NJ
Editors Note: FYI, quizzing does not usually take 3 hours!

Took Florida Law exam end of November and passed. Your cards and Florida Law Info obviously worked. Thank You
S S, Monroe Township, NJ
Hey Mr. Bayliss, Just wanted to let you know I took the WV MPJE this past Monday and found out yesterday I passed with an 84. Thanks.
M J, Blacksburg, VA
Hi Buzz! The Monster energy drink is very effective. At least I could stay up for 14 hours studying the posters & math cards which I'm struggling to memorize. Thank you so much for recommending that drink.
D P, Toms River, NJ
I just experienced now what you told us that the heaven open up with math revelation after doing the math cards 3x now. I understood pharmacy math now which I never did before when I took The NAPLEX. Thank you so much, Buzz. You are so amazing for creating these cards.
D P, Toms River, NJ
Editors Note: The Revelation Experience is a very good one! It often comes more often than many would think, but only after long hard study.

Colin- Took the PA law exam two weeks ago-studied the cards and sheets hard for about 2 weeks-balancing my job as a retail pharmacist and working 40 hours a week/14 hour days. In that time, got to the point of borderline memorization, glanced over the statues twice/reviewed the cards the day of the test and went in. Thought I totally bombed it but came out with an 81!!!! You guys are a miracle-thank you.
M K, Westerly, NJ
Thank you so much for the outstanding explanations that you have given to me!! I really appreciate it!!
G U, Boca Raton, FL

I used your product for Colorado and would like to know the cost of an additional state such as Maryland.
J V, Chalfont, PA
Editors Note: After the purchase of the MPJE package, for up to one year later, you can order just the state information for just 25 bucks plus shipping. We only take these order by slow mail and you must have sent in your Registration Form. PS after one year there will have been so much federal law change that just the state info won't get the job done.

Thank you for your help I passed with a score of 87
T B, Vancouver, WA
Editors Note: Tim took the MPJE for WA

Hi Mr Bayliss, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE exam with the help of your products. This is the second time I've used it and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks
A A, Springfield, MO

These cards are also helping me with my rotation. Thanks
D N, Elkridge, MD

hello pronto pass, i got result i passed. thanks alot.
L I, Grand Prairie, TX

Hey Colin, Just wanted to let you know I just got my Iowa MPJE results - passed with an 87 after only studying for 4 days. Thanks for everything! Shana
S T, Chicago, IL

To whom it may concern, I was to let you know my results of my MPJE test I took in December. I passed on the 16th. Thank you so much. I appreciated the use of the cards and State sheets to study from. Thanks and take care,
C C, Greenwood, MO

Colin, Your ProntoPass is what got me through the NAPLEX!! Unbelievably, that was almost 3 years ago! I am now moving out of Missouri to Kansas. I am looking forward to receiving the material for the MPJE. When I decided to order MPJE study material, ProntoPass was FIRST and ONLY place I came to! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks
F H, Kansas City, MO

Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Tennessee MPJE, however, I do not know what my score was. Next is Louisiana… Thank you!
A L, Mulica Hill, NJ

Dear Buzz, i would like to thank you for your material as it as helped me a lot with passing my NAPLEX! I was not confident at first but once i read your materials, my knowledge skyrocketed! The quiz you gave me and the suggestions you made over the phone helped me a lot as well. I was wondering, if we are legally allowed to sell this ProntoPass material to others(such as friends or co-workers). Please let me know as soon as possible. I ordered MPJE materials from you. I will mail the cd back as you have requested. Thanks again,
N S, Tampa, FL
Editors Note: I love happy endings. After studying hard, it is exhilarating to do well with your Naplex. You can sell your used ProntoPass material but NOT the loaned items (the Poster Quiz CD and the last minute study material) If you sell the used, Please tell the buyer that it does not included that loaned material and not the Quizzing at the end.

I passed the Florida pharmacy law exam--thanks for your help!! Gail
G U, Boca Raton, FL
Editors Note: Good progress. Ordered one month ago, studied, took the test, and heard that she passed....in one month!

Colin, Look like I passed my MPJE for SC with an 85. Thanks so much! The cards definitely helped!
M J, St Robert, MO
Editors Note: Congratulations. Please let us know how you did with the other states you ordered. Note that M J ordered her MPJE package on Jan 23, 2011.

I want to say thank you. Your material is very good. It helped me a lot for the test, the audio is very good as well, because of repetition it made memorization and analyzation easier. Keep up the good work!
A S, Russellville, KY

Hello I am B... P..... who studied PRONTOPASS. I passeed Naplex! Thank you Brian, Buzz & Prontopass
B P, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Colin, I purchased your MPJE Review in on June 24, 2009 for KY, LA and TN. I took and passed them all with scores around 80%, the last one was on February 25, 2010. I now need to take the tests for VA and NE, would it still be possible to get the $25 per state price per state? Your review information was a great help.
R R, Hudson, OH
Editors Note: Hi Ron. Sorry, but your original purchase was more than a year ago. You would need to buy the whole package again. We do this because fed laws change also and after a year you really need new both Fed law and the state information. Thanks for thinking of us and I am glad our product worked well for you. CEB

I passed! Thank you!
A M, Harrisburg, VA

Colin, I passed the WI MPJE with an 87%. Thanks for your help.
N D, Madison, WI
Editors Note: A fast MPJE pass. Just what the doctor ordered, LOL!

I passed with a 80%. Thanks. [MPJE, South Dakota]
S O, LaVesta, NE
Editors Note: Congratulations. Just like the doctor ordered.

Dear Buzz: I received the Audio Poster Quiz CD yesterday. Thank you for your prompt action. I did the Asthma poster CD yesterday. The Cd is awesome. Warm regards,
N B, Huntsville, AL
Editors Note: Most students find the audio poster CD quiz to be one of the best learning tools available. I am happy that it works really good for you. CEB

I passed the Alabama MPJE and I'm starting the registration process for the Florida MPJE. Thanks.
R R, Fayetteville, GA

Hello Buzz! I passed the Naplex with a score of 89. I'm just waiting for the criminal background check for them to release my license. Thank you so much for your advices & encouragement. I would not be able to pass without you, Buzz and your team. I was about to quit when I called you. You were really my "anti-depressant" during that time & was very effective. I hope you received the thank you card I sent you with the Pronto Pass CD. May GOD continue to bless your heart & good health. I know that teaching is your passion & you produced thousands of pharmacists with PRONTO PASS. Forever grateful, Darlene
D P, Toms River, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations Darlene. Thank you for your blessing. May God bless everything good that you set your heart and hands to do. CEB

Colin, I passed the FLorida MPJE on the first attempt with an 82 score. Thanks, Marvin
M B, Oakdale, PA

Hi Buzz, I am a prontopass user,and like everyone else who has used your material and passed, I would like to give my feedback too.When I did not pass my Naplex the first time,I realized I needed another source of study material.I opted for prontopass after going through the feedback from various prontopass users.What I liked about it in particular was, the material was concise and prepared you for all aspects of naplex (theory and maths). Initially you might get overwhelmed with posters and quickcards,but it gets easier with repeated readings.The online quiz is good for self evaluation before the final phone quizzing.The phone quizzing makes sure, you memorize what you read. It took me 6 months (more than the usual 3 months needed for everyone).But simultaneously,I used Apha as my secondary source for review.I also have a very good study partner who is a prontopass user too.Together,we made it possible to reach our final destination through hours of hardwork,dedication and the belief that nothing is impossible.Buzz,thanks for your amazing study review material.I would also like to thank Mike,Steve and Brian (prontopass team for their guidance and patience during our journey together). I scored 111/150.
S S, Fayetteville, TN
Editors Note: Hard study again pays off. This student studied hard for 6 months. Study time will vary. Our goal is to condense a years worth of clinical pharmacy into about 3 months. The greatest variables are time available, how long out of school and one's natural ability. But, how long, does not matter. You study as long as it takes. At the end of her studies, I quizzed this student and gave her positive feedback that she knew our study material well. Hard study and positive encouragement yields good results! Four points shy of our Hall of Fame---what a shame.

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you the good news. I passed with a score of 113. Thank you for everything. Best, A.
A O, Miami, FL
Editors Note: Congratulations on your Naplex results.

Dear Colin I want to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX with a good score. Thanks to you . I found the Study material useful and helped me to memorise and revise it much faster than having a regular textbook. I am preparing for my MPJE , I will take the test on April 11. I have given my reviews about Prontopass at the various forums. I hope you will continue to do this for a long time !!!
P V, Missouri City, TX

Colin, I scored 92 on MO MPJE. Thanks,
M T, Washington, IL

I have my score for the Indiana MPJE- 89! Thanks,
G E, Fort Wayne, IN

I passed....thank you Pronto Pass!
J D, Chicago, IL

2 for 2 Oregon MPJE 90 Louisiana MPJE 89 Thanks much for the study materials you provide.
withheld, Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Today I received a call from the wife of a prontopass student. I will share the conversation with everyone because it has lessons that are needed for many students. Two years ago he purchased the ProntoPass combo deal (purchased used material from someone). She says that her husband read through the material and did not feel confident when done so he attended Pass Naplex Now TWICE and then took the test and failed. She asked what I suggested. I had several suggestions: 1) follow the directions enclosed in our package. Our material is not intended to be "read through" it is intended to be memorized and then self tested. This is active learning vs passive learning and it works. "Reading through" is passive and seldom works. 2) I suggested that he quit working. Working is easier than studying. He needs to do the hard thing and get the job done right. 3) Whenever I am asked if someone should attend one of those 3 to 5 day reviews, I tell them that they are good if you know your material. If you do not know the study material it is a waste of time and money that could be better spent. 4) I suggested that her husband purchase a new package. We should never study old material....there is just too much new. To the best of my knowledge, no one except ProntoPass quizzes students when they are done studying to see if they really know our material. Also I suggested that when her husband is done studying, he follows the directions and calls us for quizzing. If a student does not call for quizzing it means they are either lazy or in a hurry to take the test. Neither reason is very good if you fail the test. Calling us when your ready is always good for the student: either you know the study material and it is a great confidence booster or you don't know the material and it is a wake up call. When you know our study material it feels sooooo good!
withheld, withheld, withheld

i took the test last 4/16/2011.I passed the exam for wisconsin mpje.thank you for your help.God Bless you!The study guide was a great help.
J C, Little Suamico, WI

Hey just wanna tell u that I passed my NAPLEX exam ,I had on 04/09/11. Thanks guys
J G, Jersey City, NJ

Did well on the CO law exam. Scored 93. Keep in mind, been a pharmacist for 10 years, so nothing beats experience. Overall, very helpful material. Jeff
J M, Bend, OR

Hi Colin, I am happy to say I passed the NAPLEX thanks for all of your help and advice. Pronto Pass was great. Thanks,
T T, Kennewick, WA

The posters & cards you sent are amazing - worth every penny! Regards,
T R, Fort Kent, ME

I just received the mpje results for both connecticut and jersey. i Pass! Thank you for the pronto cards.
A N, Bronx, NY

Hello Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I took the MPJE and passed the exam. Thanks for your help.The summaries were very helpful.
A S, Danville, VA

Hello, I received my materials on Saturday. Very impressed with the prompt delivery. Thanks!!
C C, Mount Pleasant, PA

I passed Vermont with 79 and Minnesota with 83 Not bad score for 2 days study before the exam Thanks again
H F, Plantation, FL
Editors Note: Our goal is a quick pass. We are not studying to be lawyers! Low scores are expected but .....a pass! Just follow the directions: memorize our stuff then scan the actual state statutes twice just before the test!

Just an FYI - took the Washington MPJE 2 weeks ago, and passed! Thanks for your help and the guides. Very useful and succinct.
S W, Fort Collins, CO

I want to thank you for your course. It really prepared me for boards. I am now licensed. Pronto pass works. Thank you! :)
H T, Buies Creek, NC

hi colin i took and passed the colorado mpje. i scored 86. thanks
L E, Swanton, OH
Editors Note: Congratulations Lisa. If you think OH is cold in Winter, wait until you get to CO!

I received the most beautiful "treasured moments" thank you card that I have ever received. Personally written was the following message: "Hi Buzz! I passed the Naplex and I'm just waiting for my criminal background check to get my license. I could never thank you enough for the support and advice you gave me to "burn the bridges", or else I would not have continued my desire to become a pharmacist since I was not focused. You were really my "anti-depressant" (SSRI) during those times that I was struggling to study and understand calculations. It was really a struggle for me but you made it easier for giving me words of wisdom every time I emailed you. I was about to give up and make the decision to just continue to be a reistered nurse forever but I was wrong. Without your kind and thoughtful heart, I would not have been able to pass. May God continue to multiply your blessings. You are not only a great teacher, your marvelous! Always grateful to you. D P
D P, Toms River, NJ
Editors Note: Thanks you Darlene for your kind words. May they be an inspiration to others who are struggling. Your kind thank you card made my day!

I did not think I did after taking it [MPJE][that I had passed], but just found out I got an 84! Thanks for the help!
T W, Birmingham, AL

Hey, CEB, I received both my NAPLEX and MPJE review materials today. I have broken down the cards by category (thanks for the rubber bands!) and am in the process of creating a study schedule. I've only had the briefest glance, but already I am in love -- these cards summarize things beautifully. Many thanks,
M P C, Orlando, FL

Hello Again! Just wanted to thank you again for the great (and dependable!) products! I used ProtoPass 4 yrs ago when I was desperate to pass the NAPLEX and it worked for me then! I didn't even think about going anywhere else when I needed to take the MPJE for Kansas. I ordered the testing materials and then set them aside while I got the paper work in order to transfer my license, ATT number and so forth together. When I was ready, I went through the note cards several times to memorize them, folded, self tested, read through the 7 GREAT pages of questions and answers 3 or 4 times and the night before the test, went online and skimmed through the state statutes. Went in the next morning at am feeling pretty good, took the test in just under an hour and three days later...I have a PASSING score of 81! OK, so not the greatest high score, but well good enough to pass the test! I am now licensed in KS (or will be in another week!) Thanks so much Buzz! I recommend your product to all of my Interns and would NEVER HESITATE to use them again myself if the need arises! What a wonderful resource you are!
F H, Kansas City, MO
Editors Note: Thank you Freda for your kind words. Good luck in Kansas City. I have been in Kansas City one time. It was late summer and 108 degrees and I thought I had arrived in another country. Hope it works for you!

Just wanted to let you know that I did receive the package! Looks great, thanks!
K B, San Antonio, TX
Editors Note: Study hard for your Naplex and call me when your ready for quizzing to see how well you know the study material. CEB

I used prontopass Naplex, and already passed last Saturday....I called you guys and told you that I was very satisfied with Prontopass as a GREAT resource for studying....
W A, Davie, FL

Hi Buzz, I just realized you are the same guy who did the lectures on the CD! They were very good - the most fun part of the course! I think I've told everyone I know about the Acetazolamide - Diamox tablets and the Navy Seals in the mountains! Thanks for the reminder: I do need to review the math cards again. I'll contact you later in the week when I have done so. Regards,
T R, Fort Kent, ME

Dear sir, I have received my study materials yesterday.I am thankful to your promt service and valuable suggestions. I am going to stick with your directions and I believe it will provide me a great success. Thanking you,
S V, Mesa, AZ

Hi Buzz, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NAPLEX with a 91 and the North Carolina MPJE with a 77!!! Thank you so very much for your suggestions, words of encouragement, and most importantly, your awesome Prontopass study materials. Not only did your program help me retain the knowledge I needed to pass the exams, but it gave me the CONFIDENCE I really needed (and had been really struggling to find). Thank you so much again. I will recommend Prontopass to anyone preparing for an exam!
A B, Chicago, IL

Colin, I just received conformation that I passed the MPJE with a score of 88.
N Y, Edwardsville, IL

I passed [TX MPJE] with a 77. Along with your product, I studied the state law book and ordered 2 test bank CD's. Your product was very good for review.
P A, Baltic, SD
Editors Note: A fast pass, just what the doctor ordered!

I too passed the test with 83. Thanks
A G, Virgina Beach, VA
Editors Note: Congratulations! Ordered law for VA on May 27th. That must be a record.

Dear Buzz, Aloha, it's been wonderful since I got a license. I really liked the combo pack and passed the boards in 2009, Thanks to you! Now I'm preparing for CPJE. And I'm thinking of purchasing another combo pack. My question is that if the new one is updated and if there is any way that I can get discount for 2nd purchase. I'm not sure if I should get another whole combo pack because unfortunately I forgot a lot of things. I learned so much new things from the practice and the business, but for the test, what I should know is different as you know. I know the value of the combo pack, so I know it's worth to pay, but I'm just trying. Also, I will take the Pharmacotherapy certification exam in October, and they are all generic names. CEs that I took were with generic names as well. That's why I think I need to practice the brand and generic names of the drugs that I'm not using everyday. I gave some parts of the combo pack for my students, like Math, or some cards...I don't have all in my hand and I returned the items after I passed NAPLEX. Thank you and please let me know what you think. with much Aloha,
H S, Haleiwa, HI
Editors Note: For me, the most gratifying thing is when a student has used our products successfully and recommends us to others and returns, for one reason or another, to use our products again. More than half of our business is from personal referrals. I am really appreciative of students like this! THANK YOU!

Dear Ms [Should be Mr, LOL] Bayliss, I took the MPJE 2 days back,and today I found out from the NABP site that I passed the test.( scored an 85 and I know it is not a earth shattering score, but I will happily take it.I am reciprocating my R.Ph license to TX, and the TX law is entirely different from that of SC.I was pretty scared). I would like to thank all of the pronto pass team for putting up a concise study material for MPJE. The material presented in an easy to read and easy to "digest" form surely helped me to a great extend with the MPJE preparation. I have already started to recommend this material to all my friends. Thank you once again. Sincerely,
S O, Columbia, SC

I love the cards, its a lot of info to memorize but it puts EVERYTHING together to make you UNDERSTAND. Something school lacks as well as textbooks. Plus using Kaplan, i remember emailing you stating i knew that book in and out, but i had no idea where the naplex info came from. I will probably end up learning more from your material than all six years in school, no joke. I hope it will pay off this time. I will be mailing your registration card soon.
K S, Paramus, NJ

Hi Colin, I took my MPJE last week and just found out that I passed it. The Prontopass MPJE review was helpful. Thanks,
X T, Gaithersburg, MD
Editors Note: Congratulations Xiao. About 2 weeks of study time. Good job!

Hi Buzz, I have some study material on loan that needs to be returned to you. Can you please tell me the address where you would like them shipped to? Also, thanks for the great study material! I took the NAPLEX about 5 weeks ago and passed with flying colors! I am not sure how well I would have done using a book or study guide because I prefer to use notes and the ProntoPass cards and the posters were just perfect for me. Thanks again,
C P, Washington, PA

I just got back the great news that I passed my NAPLEX all thanks to hard prayer and studying (especially with ProntoPass). Thank you so much! Take Care, Deanna
D F, Gainesville, FL

I wanted to send you an e mail letting you know I passed the Naplex and the MD mpje examinations. Thank you so much for the assistance. I put all of my faith in your products and i passed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuu!
G K, Frederick,, MD

Dear ProntoPass, I passed the CT MPJE with a scaled score of an 88. Thank you for your product. (I also passed the NAPLEX, and am now a licensed pharmacist in CT) Thank you,
Z B, Pawcatuck, CT

Hello colin, I did pass the mjpe for georgia but didn't receive the actual score. Thanks
C A, Norwalk, CT
Editors Note: Congratulations and good luck with the big move from CT to GA!

Audio Poster Quiz CD...Great product; you need to target pharmacy students going into their third year. The cards and posters would have really helped during therapeutics. A lot of the folks I know that are still in pharmacy school are looking at buying your product just for that reason.
M C, Fayetteville,, NC
Editors Note: Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for all your help. The law cards and questions were good. The math flash cards are incredible. Passed the law with an 81 and NAPLEX with a 108! Thanks!
A S, Charleston,, SC

Greetings, I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing work you did on your NAPLEX prontopass reference it was amazing thats why I passed NAPLEX on May 21st with a 120 score. [some comments omitted] Thanks again and God bless you.
W M, Davie,, FL

Hi Colin I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I both passed the NAPLEX. We started with the APhA book and were very disappointed in it and it's lack of organization. We focused 100% for 2 weeks on Prontopass QUICKCARDS and I am happy to report that my husband got a 107 and I got a 121. We just want to thank so much for your product. We will definately be recommending your products to the class behind us and our college of pharmacy. I will update you on our MPJE results next week. Best regards,
T H, Iowa City,, IA

I took AZ MPJE and passed with an 88. Thanks! I will be getting 3 more states.
J B, Daphne,, AL
Editors Note: Congratulations Jennifer. More and more students are getting licensed in multiple states because of the hard job market.

Dear Prontopass, I just took both my NAPLEX and MPJE exams and passed them both thanks to you guys and my trusty APHA book. I really appreciate the help and I don't think I would have done it without you guys. I did have a question though. Since I was never sent (because I didn't request it) 1.) the new "QUICKCARD Summary", 2.) the set of "PROFILES" and 3.) the new ProntoPass Q-Bank...do I have to send any of my originally sent items back, or can i keep it all for use during my practice as a pharmacist? Thanks,
J P, McAllen, TX
Editors Note: Hi Juan. If you did not call for quizzing and get the final study material, the only thing sent on loan was the Poster Quiz CD. Please mail it to us at ProntoPass Solutions, 9127 Shady Hollow Rd, NW, Bolivar, OH 44612 Many thanks. CEB

Hello, I just passed my NAPLEX (thank you very much). I can't locate the info regarding where to send the study material sent on loan...any chance you can email me instructions? Thank You! T S
T S, Garland, TX
Editors Note: Our address was mailed to her.

I passed Maine board, thank you very much. I have not set a date to take my Naplex, but I will try to remember to email you when I set a date. Thanks C S
C S, Barton, VT
Editors Note: Please remember that we suggest that you always take the Naplex first and do not even think about MPJE until AFTER passing Naplex. CEB

Just wanted to let you know, I passed the NAPLEX! The study materials worked wonders! Thank you so much! Sarah B
S B, Grand Junction,, CO
Editors Note: Sarah made her purchase on Feb 3rd

I would like to thank you and your program for getting me through the NAPLEX. You really have devised a superior method for learning/memorizing the materials that we need to know to get through this exam. Due to some personal family and geographical issues I wasn't even able to call you to get the last bit of material because I had to take the exam sooner than I wanted while working 50 hour weeks. I feared that this personal development which forced my hand could have made things worse if I hadn't passed due to the amount of time that is required to retake the test if you do not pass. I took the exam on saturday last weekend, and fortunately I was able to pass with a 104/150. Again I owe that in large part to you and your program. I am already a pharmacist in california, but due to lack of reciprocity needed to get my license in arizona via the naplex. When I first started studying, I was using Kaplan, and became seriously disillusioned when time after time I found errors in their book. Obvious errors, multiple occasions in every chapter of reading, and in every summary chart. Even more frustrating, were errors in their practice exams. I started wondering how much I really didn't know just because of how many things I KNEW were wrong. What did I not know was wrong and let them lead me astray?!?! I asked around, and the representative from the arizona board told me to check out your materials. I have a bit of a background in psychology, so I know a little bit about the science of memory. As I read your webpage and checked out the samples, I felt very good about the system you presented and went with it. Best decision I've made in a while (other than my fiance.) I want to thank you for your help again. I am studying for the MPJE now using your system. I will be taking that exam late next week.
M M, Lakewood,, CA
Editors Note: Congratulations. Please note that this student's comments are strictly his. It has been years since I have looked over Kaplan and have no knowledge regarding his comments. CEB..Buzz

Hi Colin, I PASSED my MPJE!! The cards were very useful! Thank you! -- David
D M, Morgantown, WV

Hey just wanted to let you know I took the exam on 7/14 and passed with a 93 for the NJ MPJE. I used your cards and a recent graduate's law review notes - I think they complimented each other well. Thanks,
G T, Bronx,, NY
Editors Note: This student order was on 7-2-11 with regular priority mail service.

I received the following comment card in the mail: Dear Buzz, I just wanted to inform you tht I have passed the NAPLEX and MPJE (LA). The ProntoPass purchase for these exams are truly worth it. I am grateful to return the loaned materials back to you. Thank you, P T, RPh
P T, Harvey, LA

I did pass the Colorado MPJE. I am not sure of my score. Thanks,
A R, Colorado Springs, CO
Editors Note: Ordered July 8th and scheduled test for roughly 2 weeks later. Just as we suggest.

ProntoPass was the only study aid that I used and I was able to pass with a score of 105. ProntoPass was a great study tool and I would recommend it to other students preparing for the Naplex.
M L, Avondale, AZ

Mr. Bayliss, You will be happy to know that I have passed the Oklahoma MPJE using the ProntoPass study cards! I scored an 85 on the exam. Thank you very much for helping me pass the MPJE! I will definitely keep ProntoPass in mind, should I need to seek licensure in another state. Sincerely,
D C, Oklahoma City, OK

Just wanted to let you know that I did pass Illinois [MPJE], the state where I did have a guarantee. I got an 89. Your materials for Illinois were great. Thanks again for your help! Just wanted to keep you posted. Sangeeta
S T, Betterndorf, IA

Hi ProntoPass, I passed both my MPJE and NAPLEX using your study tools! They are fantastic and make the whole process so much easier to deal with! Thanks!!! -A C
A C, Tuscon, AZ

Colin Bayliss: Your e-mail was accurate. My score was 84 [MPJE,OH]. Thanks for the study guide. It set out to do what it was to accomplish. Sincerely, Mayo
M L, Dublin, OH
Editors Note: Our MPJE study material is intended for a quick pass but not with great scores. After all, we are studying to be pharmacists, not lawyers. The time saved can be spent on better things.

I pass!!! thanks to prontopass !!!
withheld, Draper,, UT
Editors Note: This was a foreign grad who studied our material for close to one year to pass Naplex. If you stick to it and study well you can do it!

I passed my GA MPJE with a score of 85! Thanks,
K P, Dallas, TX

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the GA MPJE. Thanks for all your help!!
M G, Indianapolis, IN

I received the following very nice note: "I passed my Naplex on the first try! Thank you!"
B A, Avondale, WV

Hi Colin, I'm loving all the ProntoPass material...especially the flashcards! Everything is really great!
M B L, Nashville, TN

Hello Colin, Good news...I passed the Boards!! Thank you for Prontopass. I was wondering what I need to mail back to you now that I am finished studying. I think it is only the CD? Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day,
S Y, Rehoboth, , NM

From your study material I received a score of 100 on my naplex. Thanks!
T S, Southington, , CT

Colin, I took the NAPLEX and Kansas MPJE and passed both, thank you so much for the help. Now, is there something that I am supposed to return to you (like the audio cd)? Can you please explain what I am supposed to return and to what address, do i need to send it with insurance or signed delivery? Thanks,
T B, Belleville, , KS
Editors Note: Hi T. Anything on loan needs to be returned. I don't remember you calling for quizzing and therefore did not get the last minute study material so I think only the Poster Quiz CD. Please mail to ProntoPass Solutions, 9127 Shady Hollow Rd, Bolivar, OH 44612 Thank you for letting us know you passed! Congratulations

Mr. Bayliss, I passed the MPJE-MN with a 79. Thank you for your services.
J C, Minneapolis, , MN
Editors Note: The order arrived 8-6-11. A quick pass, just what was needed!

Hi Colin! Just wanted to let you know that I passed![MPJE, RI] ...Thanks Stefanie
S P, Providence, , RI

Hello, I passed both my NAPLEX and MPJE with PRONTO PASS!!! I will be ordering california's law information from you as well. Do I just send a check to you first? Or any possibility to set up an online electrical payment? Thank you for such great service!!!
S S, Beaverton, , OR
Editors Note: You can order the CPJE by ordering on line. Click on the big MPJE button and then specify CA and you will be sent the CPJE study material.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I also purchased the pronto pass for Naplex in may. I took both NAPLEX/MPJE 2 weeks ago and passed both. Naplex 102 and MPJE 78 I found them very helpful and only studied that. ( I also took online practice NAPLEX tests.) I don't know how I passed the MPJE, I benefited from your federal law part, but the state part needs improvement (more details for AK). Thanks so much for the great study materials.
A H, Fairbanks, , AK
Editors Note: Amy we congratulate you and thank you for your kind words and your suggestion for improvements. We work every day on making our products better!

Woohoo! I passed the GA law exam with an 83! Thanks ProntoPass!
H M, Savannah, , GA
Editors Note: Ordered Aug 11th. We suggest scheduling the MPJE for two weeks after ordering and it looks like this student followed our directions completely!

I just took the TN MPJE and made and 84. I also never turned in my score for the Alaska MPJE I took last year which I made an 88 on. Thanks.
K T, Albany, KY

CEB, I took the CT law exam on 9/1/11. I just found out today (9/6) that I passed!!! I liked the study material for the Federal and State. I am planning to order the study material for the other 2 states, in the near future. (For the CT exam, I also needed to review the printout of the CT law info from the Commission of Pharmacy (CT) which I downloaded and printed from their website). I wish I had more time to study and had put in a little more effort... then I would get a better grade. The main thing is that I passed and your study material was very helpful. Thank you to all at Prontopass!! From: S. P.S. Please keep my email address and name confidential if you choose to publish my comment on your website. Thanks.
S C, Yonkers, NY

Colin, I did pass the Maine MPJE with a score of 81. Thanks for your product!!
T M, Ellsworth, , ME

Hi Colin, I was wondering what would be the best package to select to order the study materials for the CPJE? I already have the complete NAPLEX review program, so could you help me? Thank you!
S L, Blacksburg, , VA
Editors Note: Hi Summer. We suggest that you take the CPJE as soon after taking Naplex as possible. CPJE is mostly clinical pharmacy, precisely what you studied for Naplex. The CPJE also has law which is covered by our law study material. Click on MPJE and select CA and the CPJE law study material (and hints) covers the law portion. But, the test is mostly clinical pharmacy. If three months of more has gone by since taking Naplex, we suggest that you start over with Naplex study material before studying the law material. CEB

Hi Colin, I'm happy to inform you that I passed NAPLEX. I got 78. I am so thankful that I still managed to pass the exam although I have only reviewed your prontopass quickcards with memoronics and math practice and top 200 drugs. I honestly had a hard time studying the posters and so, I just decided not to focus on that and just study the cards. I graduated 2002 and so, I already forgot a lot of things but your quickcards are just the best! It's really true that if we study your materials, we will pass NAPLEX, but if we study so hard and really knew all that you provided, then that's the time you get a high score. By the way, I am about to take mpje for NJ on Oct 1. I just printed the laws in the NJ BOP website. But I already got your cards and NJ state sheets.. and I know I have to study that first and scan the state statutes on the NJ BOP website twice? Is that right? Just give me any tips so that I can also get a passing score with my MPJE. Since I didn't call for quizzing and you didn't send any new materials, I only need to send back the Audio poster quizzes CD, right? Thanks again, C
C B, Denville, , NJ
Editors Note: Heartfelt congratulations but we never suggest that any student study like this student. Our poster are very important since Naplex has a lot of profile questions. Because of the profile questions is is very important to know diseases and how and why we treat diseases in a certain way. Also, we really like to quiz students to see how well they know the material and our students appreciate this extra effort. Quizzing can be a boost to your self confidence just when you need it or it can be a wake up call to study harder. Either way, students benefit a lot from quizzing.

Just wanted to let you know you know I passed!! Thanks for helping me out once again. I recommend your cards to all my interns and will continue to do so. Thank you!!
M P, Kansas City, MO

Dear Mr. Bayliss: Greetings! I would like to thank you and the other people behind the prontopass review cards and posters. I took the naplex and I scored 122 on the test. I do appreciate the time and effort you have spent on checking with me. Also, I will be sending the poster cd quizzes back to you within the next few weeks. Sincerely,
G M, Biloxi, MS
Editors Note: Gail is eligible for our Hall of Fame!

Just wanted to let you know that I did pass the KY MPJE.....I do not know my score because KY does not post their scores online. You have a great study tool.....I don't think I would have passed without it, since I have been out of school for 20 yrs!!!I will definately recommend you to others. Thank you,
L F, Highland, , NY
Just found out I passed the IL MPJE! Thanks so much for your help!
A M, Scott AFB, IL
Dear Buzz, Thanks for your help, I passed my NAPLEX, And I got 105. Thanks,
E G, Staten Island, , NY
hey I just wanted to let you know I passed my MPJE for Indiana, your packet was perfect for the job, I got an 81 even though I didn't feel like I passed when I left the testing center. I guess everyone feels that way after they take a test. Thanks again. Jennifer
J P, Angola, IN
Hi, I just wanted to let you know I passed the Oregon MPJE. I took it a week ago. Thanks! Missa
M A, Palos Hills, , IL
Hello Colin, Thanks for your product. I will not have use for the money back guarantee. Your email reminded me to check the state website, and I passed the test with a score of 86! And that's from an old man that last sat for the state boards 22 years ago, and studied your product exclusively for 5 days. Thanks for my success, and hats off to you! Paul G., newly registered New Hampshire pharmacist.
P G, North Berwick, , ME
Hi Colin! I am so happy to inform you that I passed NJ MPJE. I got 76! I used your review materials and tried practice tests from PharmSuccess.com. I am really anxious after I took the exam since it's so confusing. I am a foreign graduate and currently having my internship in a nuclear pharmacy. As we all know, most questions are related to retail pharmacy practice and I don't have that. I just relied on what I have read on your material and the state laws provided by NJ BOP. I also plan to take PA MPJE and I have already bought that material from you before. I am hoping to also pass that. Thank you so much for providing good review materials that made me pass NAPLEX and MPJE. You are such a big help! Regards to all,
C B, Denville,, NJ
Hello, I was wondering besides the Poster Quiz CD, is there anything else I have to return back to prontopass? I took my exam last week (and found out I passed!). I really liked the prontopass system and found it extremely helpful compared to using a Kaplan or apha book that becomes boring very fast. The memoronics and cd quizzing was the most helpful and although I did not utilize the call in quizzing or last minute study materials, I have no regrets about buying prontopass and will definitely recommend it to my friends who have yet to take their exam. Thank you,
P P, Clark, NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations and thanks for the kind words, but know that I encourage everyone who buys the Naplex Combo Deal to call us for quizzing and getting and utilizing the last minute study material. We update our database every day and getting a new, latest version of the Quickcard Summary brings you up to date information.

We talked to a student today who ordered on 9-2-11, took the test on 9-30-11 and passed. She very much liked the Quickcards said they were easy on the eyes with good readability and liked the Quickcard set up with brand and generic names on opposite sides so folding and self testing worked well for her. Her only negative comment was that there were too many Memoronics. I explained to her that they are intended for areas where a student may have a problem. If she did not have a problem with a specific area there was no need for her to use that particilar Memoronics.
T S, Atlanta, GA
Good Morning I am very happy to inform you that I passed my MPJE. And also my score was high 84. I was very shocked to get the result so fast since i just took the test less than 2 weeks ago. So thankyou for all your help and the help of prontopass. Thankyou again.
U P, clifton park, , NY
Thanks so much for helping me pass the NAPLEX! I have put the loaned audio poster quiz CD in the mail. Thanks,
K R, Strong, , AR
We received a call today from a student who informed us that she had passed the Oklahoma MPJE using our study material and was so happy. She had tried twice before using other study material and just wanted to share her joy with us.
withheld, withheld, withheld
Hi thank you for your reply. I think prontopass is a great investment so far. The question and answer sessions for the posters are the most helpful to me at this point as I have never been one for learning things off by heart. I will get better at this I hope with practice.. I will join the facebook group to stay up to date.
B K, Springfield , IL
Editors Note: The question and answer sessions that this student refers to is the Poster Quiz CD. These are not great quality recordings because they are real at my kitchen table, not in a studio somewhere. I quiz students on their understanding of diseases and how and why we treat them a certain way. Many students have commented that they learn more from these recorded sessions than from all the books they have read. Also he reminds me to tell everyone to join us on Facebook (prontopass solutions) for our daily pharmacy question.

I received a note and a business proposal from a past student. I had to pass on the business proposal because of time constraints but I thought I would share a little from the note: "I always wanted to be a pharmacist since high school and I was so discouraged when I failed the CPJE the first time but thanks to you I achieved my goal. I am so happy being a pharmacist. I took your Naplex and CPJE about 2 years ago. I remember how I felt and the situation I was in mentally, emotionally, and financially. Thanks to ProntoPass [and a lot of study time] I was able to pass. I have been working as a pharmacist for over a year and my life is going extremely perfect and things are briliant! I would like to thanks you and your staff for all of your assistance."
P B, Chowchilla, CA
Hello and thank you SO much!! I passed! Your study guides were a HUGE help!! Thanks!
A L, Sunrise, , FL
After 6 emails, this lady wanted to buy just a part of our package. Hi Colin, I am not sure it u understood me. I only used the math for this naplex and i read some cards bc they were given to me right before exam. So i have not studied your note cards or posters really well. My main focus for diseases were apha and rxprep....i have the whole kit and i want to trust u guys that i will pass thats why i was wondering if i can buy the quizes since i have everything else. You cant say that i will fail third time since i havent used your material. I allready spent $1000 on rxprep and it didnt really help. Have students tried pronto pass after 2 failures??? Thanks for all your help and time. Agnes
Agnes, unknown, unknown
Editors Note: Our commitment is to our students who buy from us. Our commitment is for one year from the date of purchase. We have no commitment to those who buy or are given used ProntoPass study material. Never study old study material, not ours or anyone else s!

I passed with an 83. Thanks, Ben [MPJE MD]
B C, Doylestown, PA
I received the following comment card: First of all I would like to apologize for not calling for quizzing. But, I will always be thankful to you for a great victory. This was my second attempt and I scored a very high score compared to my first attempt. I really appreciate your efforts to simplify and make pharmacy ideas easily understandable. I studied using proactive learning and obeyed your directions. I will recommend ProntoPass to everyone who wants success! I have already shared my experience with many of my friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. SV
S V, Mesa, AZ
FYI, I recieved an 84 on my MPJE for Missouri!!!! Thank you guys so much... you rock.
L G, Independence, , MO
Hi! Got my mpje results for Georgia today and passed with an 84! I have been out of school for 10 years so I was quite worried about the test--your materials really streamlined everything for me...thanks so much! Darryl
D S, Fort Lauderdale, , FL
BUZZ... I thought i would take the time out to email you some information i found out this afternoon. Unfortunately... my score was not a HOF score, but I PASSED NAPLEX!!!!!!! I am so relieved, that test was super impossible, and such retarted questions that no1 in there right minds know, espicially new pharmacists or the older pharmacists who practice in retail. The math was ridiculous on top of everything. Regarding feedback. I honestly think without your posters/cards, i would not have passed this exam. You REALLY REALLY need to know your stuff, completely memorize EVERYTHING. You must go thru it over and over and over again. If you were not a good student in school be prepared to study your ass of because YOU WILL NEED IT for this test! You do not know what they are going to ask you, and what they do ask you, you have to really really think about, and use your knowledge to figure out the correct answer. If you don't have that knowledge, which you cant gain from textbook studying because its overwhelming amounts of material to retain, you will not pass. Your material is concise, its a lot of material but YOU HAVE TO KNOW it, and APPLY IT to pass this test. I used kaplan... its not enough. I used other school reviews... not enough. I also used your whole sytem, its a very well put together system that will greatly help you, but you have to know it 150%. I strongly believe that without your system i would not have passed, also... that if i only used your system, i could have failed. You need to use more than one source, but your source/package is an ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL for naplex. This is coming from student who has taken boards twice and done well on the second try on both nys compounding and naplex, i know what to expect. Its a very difficult test, you must take time out to prepare for. You need at least two to three months hardcore studying, and you need PRONTOPASS SOLUTIONS the ENTIRE PACKAGE! The rest is god's hands. Thank you for the last minute material, that is vital. Thank you for creating the system. Thank you for helping me relieve all this stress off my shoulders. All in All. THANK YOU! PS: i will be purchasing law material from you in the next week for NY and possibly NJ. All the Best
K M, Paramus, , NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex and thanks for your feedback. While I appreciate the great positive testimony, ("I honestly think without your posters/cards, i would not have passed this exam.") I disagree that you need to study multiple sources. We suggest only studying our material for many reasons: 1) multiple study products takes you longer and therefore you must go over our material multiple times so you do not forget it. Doing it our way, you do it once really good. 2) Our study material is proactive learning and others are passive learning. Facts learned passively tend to go away quickly...but it is easier. Since we're all lazy, there is a tendency to read more and study and memorize less. Also, when skipping around there is a tendency to study only what we think we need to learn....this usually does not prepare you well for a well rounded test that covers everything.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Kansas MPJE. I used your cards and information sheets alongside our rules and regulations and got a 93. Your flash cards were good and comprehensive. I have been an Iowa pharmacist for 22 years but haven't practiced for the last two (because of our family's move to Kansas) and really practiced the last 10years very part time. The daunting task of taking another law exam that I hadn't taken for 22 years was very intimidating. Thank you very much for helping me,
K S, Overland Park,, KS
Dear Buzz: I mailed the Prontopass last minute materials along with the audio CD yesterday. Thank you again for your excellent study materials. I wouldn't be able to pass NAPLEX without it. I loved the quotes which you included on the cards. They kept me motivated and focused to achieve my goal. Although I didn't get a high score, I'm still happy that I passed.The quizzing session gave me confidence to face NAPLEX. Thank you again. Warm regards,
N B, Huntsville, , AL
Hi just wanted to let you know that I passed. Thank you!
S P, Birmingham, , AL
I got 121. The math was the most useful. I kept the posters in the bathroom... I kept the CD in my car. I read the index cards on long walks. The only questions I think I missed were the new drugs that came out after the cards were published and some OTC questions. Thanks.
T R, Middletown, , MD
Editors Note: Congratulations Thomas. Your eligible for our HOF

I received the following comment card: My name is M..... N..... and I just wanted to let you know that I have passed my Naplex on the first try! Thank you! Your study material helped a lot. Thank you again!
M N, Marrero, LA
I received the following thank you card in the mail: Dear Buzz and the ProntoPass team, Thank you for your guidance and encouragement and helping me pass Naplex. The posters and the CD Poster Quiz were awesome. Thanks again.
N B, Hartville, OH
I received the following comment card: The main Quickcards were incredibly helpful! I liked how the topics were divided into sections you could pick up and work with one subject at a time. They provided a great way to feel confident [through folding and self testing?] so that I could pass Naplex on the first try.
R W, Minerva , OH
Hi buzz, thanks so much for taking time to quizz me at least even though that I did not get the last minute material. I later retook the online maths and passed and also took the quick card summary quizz online and passed also. I want to share my good news with you. I got my Naplex result yesterday and lo and behold I passed with a good score 107! I am so grateful to God and to people like you who helped me in one way or the other. Thanks once again and bye.
R O, Casper, WY
Editors Note: Congratulations on passing Naplex with a 107 and also congratulations on passing your CPJE!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Pennsylvania MPJE with a 90! And it's been 22 years since I've been out of pharmacy school. Thanks for the help,
J S, Cleveland, , OH
passed! thanks! [MPJE Utah]
J M, Avondale, AZ , AZ
Thanks, you guys have a great program.
B T, North Lima, OH
I passed the MO MPJE with an 89! Your product is awesome. I don't think I would have passed without your help.
M D, Locust Grove, , AR
Hi Buzz, I just wanted to email you to let you know that I took my NAPLEX exam on Tuesday (November 29, 2011) and I found out Friday (December 2nd) that I passed! I just wanted to thank you for creating this program and helping me through through this whole process! I will be sending back the extra loaned study material today. Thank you again!
G C, Schenectady, , NY
Took the Naplex at the end of June, scored 125 first try :-)
A P, North Liberty, , IA
Dear Buzz, How are you? I just received the package of new math cards and a few quick cards earlier today. [We announced these new Math Practice Quickcards on our Facebook page] There are GREAT! Thank you for sending them to me with no extra charge. I feel that I made a right decision to buy Prontopass. Thank you so much for your hard work to help lots of students like me : ) to get ready for Naplex, and become a better pharmacist in the future. I do really appreciate it. I love prontopass from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely,
S S, Seal Beach, , CA
I just took and passed the naplex with a 105. I used your naplex study guides and found it very useful. You hit upon major topics on the actual exam. I will follow up once I finish law, thank you.
K P, Germantown, , NY
Just wanted to let you know that I passed my VT MPJE exam last week. Scored an 86. Thank you for your product!
J A, North Adams, , MA
Editors Note: Congratulations Jennifer. We always suggest getting licensed in multiple states!

I received back the following comment card: I passed! The cards, posters, and CD are all awesome! I especially liked the Cd...hearing it and going over the posters really helped me a lot. Also, the calculation cards helped tremendously as well. Thanks for everything!
R N, Dallas, TX
My wife really loved your product. She passed her exam and she is working. Thank you very much! The charts and quick views made it easy to make sure she went through all the information efficiently.
N K, Dallas, , TX
Just wanted to let you know... I passed my WV MPJE five days after I received your product. Thank you!
K S, Staunton, , VA
Editors Note: Gotta LOVE WV!

This student made many suggestions for improvements and suggested that some of our memoronics were useless. Then she says: "I would highly recommend prontopass to study for the naplex. I think it was a great tool and I would recommend it to others. When I meet other students who have just entered pharmacy school, or are applying I tell them, pharmacy school means nothing if you can't pass the naplex, if you remember one thing, spend the money and buy prontopass to study for the naplex, it's worth it and you will pass, never forget that word... prontopass." So thank you for making this product, I appreciate your hard work you have put into it.
J W, Orlando, , FL
Editors Note: I appreciate even negative comments that help make our products better. One of the things I have added is that there are many memoronics....use the ones you need. And, I do appreciate her final remarks!

The material [Naplex Combo Deal] was great and I will recommend it to any student.
J A, Worcester, , MA
F D, San German, , PR
Editors Note: Congratulations Frank. Job well done with a 111

Dear Colin Thanks for the email. I did pretty well on the NAPLEX. I am an old school graduate from 1999, but I have been in touch with the topic for some years since I was working as a clinical pharmacist in the middle east. But after moving to America it was my goal to pass the NAPLEX / MPJE. The NAPLEX review was extremely useful, I prepared for 3 months with 10hours/day of study and scored 102. Thank you

Hi, I passed my NAPLEX test very well thanks to your math section particularly.I am already a registered pharmacist in California and have since started working.Thank you and your team for all you do.You guys are simply awesome.
F I, mckinleyville, , CA

I took the MPJE on 12/21. My scaled score was 92. The review was very helpful. Thanks
D M, Tuscaloosa, , AL

Passed the exam. Study cards and posters were great. Math cards were especially helpful as there was quite a bit of math on the exam. Thank You!
C C, Stoneham, , MA

Hi, I just got the results back from my exam. I passed. Thanks! I'm a licensed pharmacist! :)
M M, East Boston , MA

Thanks! Took the AL MPJE a couple of weeks ago and made an 85. ProntoPass works!!
P P, Panama City Beach, , FL

Hello Buzz, I took your prontopass course for Naplex and I passed naplex exam with 106 score. I really appreciate your help form my heart for making me pass this exam. Once again thanks.
A T, Brampton, , ON, Canada

Dear Pronto Pass: I want to thank you for the opportunity of have this great material to study for my exam. I passed the exam with a great score. I recommend Pronto Pass to all pharmacy students. This was my only source of study material. This is simply and complete!!!!
J J, Hatillo, PR

Forgot to email you back. I did pass the MPJE for Mississippi. Thanks.
R Y, Amarillo, , TX

I just want to thank you for your amazing studying material . I also want to let you know that I passed my Naplex with score 115 . I would never done that without your studying material , thank you very much.
A E, San Diego, , CA

GA-MPJE passed, (84)……..THANKS!
S M, Gate City, , VA

Dear Pronto Pass; I obtained NH and MA and Federal info last summer. I took NH in January and MA on Feb 4. I got an 87 on the NH MPJE and a 91 on MA MPJE. I think there was only one question that was similar on each exam otherwise, there was nothing was the same. Thank you for your help!
J H, Laona, WA

Dear Colin E. Bayliss, Thank you for replying, that you received Audio Quiz CD. Also thank you very much for helping out for NAPLEX preparation & for your kind suggestions. Great study material, Please keep up the good work. I have successfully passed the NAPLEX. I would really appreciate if you help me how to study and pass MPJE for Michigan Board of Pharmacy

Alabama MPJE exam: PASSED

I got an 80 on the GA law woo hoo! Dominique
D B, Lithonia, GA
Editors Note: Ordered from us on Feb 1st !!

I just wanted to say thank you. I did not quiz with you but I took the online quiz, followed the instructions in your package and I passed Naplex with a high score [113]. Thank you.
M , charlotte, , NC

Hello Colin, I learned today that I passed the Florida MPJE that I took Monday, February 13, 2012. Pronto Pass was a wonderful study tool for the Florida MPJE. Thank you!
E P, Houston, TX
Editors Note: A lot of pharmacists are moving!!!!!

Passed [MPJE] with a score of 88. Next state, Indiana
S M, Wayzata, , MN

I passed the OR MJPE I used your cards - bought them almost a year ago and used them for TX MJPE about 4-5 years ago. Worked!
K S, , OR

Just got my MPJE results...passed with an 81...Thank You!!!!
R R, Littleton, , CO

Hey Colin, Forgot to email you....I DID pass on the first try...........Thanks for everything, your system, your advice & support were priceless. Thanks again, M. =)
M P, Mooresville, , NC

I PASSED! My score was an 82 [MPJE Indiana]. Thanks so much. The test was a lot harder than I thought, but you guys helped out a ton. Thanks again!
P J, Chesterton, , IN

It took me awhile before i took the test but i passed. thanx [MPJE LA]
E K, Burbank, , CA
Editors Note: Moving from Burbank Ca to the state of LA would require and adjustment!

Colin. I passed the MPJE. My VT license lapsed and I had to take the MPJE in order to reinstate it. I don't know my score but when I checked the VT board website I am listed as status "active" ( was "inactive") and the expiration date is listed as 7/31/2013 (was "lapsed"). Thank you. Your notes obviously worked. I graduated in 1979 and am 56 years old!
J W, Craryville, , NY

Hello Buzz, Today I posted the last minutes materials and it will take 3-5 business days for it to get to you. I have passed the naplex and thank you for your wonderful guidance that I got from you. I apprecite your help. Pray for me as the pharmacist job market is not very good in FL. I am actually contemplating a move to New York but the compounding exam scares me. Thanks again.
S A, Davie, , FL

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I passed [MPJE AZ] with an 84. Thanks!
A H, San Marcos, , CA

Thanks Colin. I had great success with my first exam, and am confident this on will be no different.
P G, North berwick, , ME
Editors Note: Returning clients are our best testimonial.

Colin, I had some health issues and forgot to e-mail you ... I passed the Florida MJPE with a 90! Found your product very helpful! Tennessee is next... J N RPh MBA FASCP
J N, Iowa City, IA
Editors Note: It is a long way from IA to FL, LOL

I passed my Oklahoma and New Jersey. I take the Texas this Friday. :) Katie
K A, Grand Junction, , CO

Dear Colin, I wanted to let you know that I passed my MPJE with a 88. Thanks for everything,
A M, Ashland, , KY

Hi Colin, I just want to say thank you for your prep course for the Oregon MPJE. I didn't fill out the registration form as you recommended because I went to school in Canada and didn't qualify. I did everything you said to do and passed my Oregon MPJE the first time with an 84%. I graduated in 1984 and never would have passed without your great material and advice. Please feel free to use the above as my testimonial on your website or tell me how you would prefer a testimonial and I will do it. Take care Colin and thanks again. Sincerely,
R H, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks you so much for your help with this MPJE. This had been a struggle for me, but I am happy to announce that I am now licensed. I will be recommeding you all to my friends who are graduating this year!
L B, Chattanooga, , TN

dude, i passed the NY MPJE. thanx so much!!! woohoo!!!!!! ed
E V, east brunswick, , NJ
Editors Note: Congratulations DUDE! LOL

-I just took the Arkansas pharmacy jurisprudence exam on Tuesday in Little Rock. I got an 82/100. -I also realized I never emailed about my Arizona MPJE. I took that back in July and passed with a score of 83. -Next up Virgina for me. I will be sending a check/money order and a note via UPS next week to purchase Virginia paperwork! (I meant to do this a few months back and forgot!) Thanks so much for all your help. For myself 2 weeks of studying after(and sometimes during) work, using the federal law flash cards, state questions, and reading the state law book twice has been a recipe for success
M M, Phoenix, AZ

Hello I passed my FL MPJE with your help! Thank you so much. I really studied about 4 days..not much time to do this. Your program worked, many thanks !
M M, Kittery, , ME

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I did take the test [MPJE SC] last month and passed. Thanks!
C K, Winston-Salem, , NC

Dear Colin, In my opinion I did well on the Naplex with just one try considering the circumstances around me at that time. I scored over 100 points studying mainly the pronto-pass cards!! Thanks. Rita
R N, Gainesville, , FL

I passed. Thank you for the wonderful test preparation materials!
R C, Tujunga, , CA

Thank you! I just received my "YOU PASSED LETTER" [MPJE OR]with an 85! Your study material was great, but honestly, when I was taking the exam, I found the questions to be very misleading and indirect. I didn't think I passed at all! SHOCKING to find out I did pretty well. Thanks again!
B T, San Leandro, , CA

Hey I passed my NC MPJE with an 80. I study 2 wks, really long hours on this past wknd and then when I could but I worked so much as soon as I put in my notice my former job piled up the days. Thanks for your help.
E B, Hampton, , VA

Hello Buzz, I passed MPJE, scored 82. I got my license (online, yet to recieve by mail). Thank you for all your support, it definitely was a big deal for me. I started looking for job, no luck so far. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

Thanks for letting me know. I took the CPJE and passed. As always, your study material was very helpful. The CD assisted in getting things going and at a certain point I stopped thr CD and moved onto the printed study material. Overall your material is superb. Thanks for all your help,
M F, Yukon, , OK
Editors Note: To pass the CPJE this student started with studying the Naplex combo package and then at the end switched to studying the law package. Success!

Just a note to let you know that I passed my MJPE with the help of your study aids, Thanks. Helen
H C, Claremont, , NC

Just a quick note to say I passed with an 85! I had looked at your website twice before I gave in. I was really skeptical because it looks so hokey. I've been out of pharmacy school for 13 years & if I can pass it anyone can. It beat studying the state law material by far which was lengthy & boring. Thanks to prontopass I am licensed throughout the Northwest!!
B G, Boise, , ID
Editors Note: Hi B. Thanks for your note. I know we have a "hokey" website but I had a big professional company give me a $40,000 price to make it really "professional"....and that means I would have to increase our prices. So....we are holding off! Thanks for sharing your story. Buzz

Dear Mr. Bayliss: I wanted to thank you for our conversation. Your kindness & insight was extremely beneficial for me at this point in my career. I believe what you offer to your students is the mainstay of survival in this profession which is not only the preparation of the NAPLEX, but the psychological aspect as well. You were so open and honest in what you shared with me and, I really appreciated it. It is rare that you come across an individual of your caliber, so I wanted to let you know. Sincerely,

Colin - Thanks You !!! I used your system to help study and prepare for the AZ MPJE. It was a great way to prepare and since I have not taken a board test in over 25 years it was even more challenging. I was able to pass the first attempt with an 87. Tom
T S, San Clemente, , CA

I'm writing to let you know that I passed on the first try. Your study guides were awesome and helped so much. Thanks! Michael
M O, West Seneca, , NY

Hi, I received my order the next day. Thanks for your suggestions on the test. I passed Naplex couple of days ago. I will definitely take my time to prepare for mpje. Thanks
Y K, avondale, , AZ

Hi Colin, I passed the Oregon MPJE with a 93! Thanks for your awesome product!
J D, Rochester, , NY

I PASSED THE EXAM FOR FLORIDA! I want to let you know that I got an 84! I studied just the way you suggested and it worked! THANKS, SO MUCH, FOR ALL YOUR HELP! [name omitted] (Future Florida Pharmacist)
T C, st petersburg, , FL

Just a little note to let you know that I passsed the FL MPJE. Thanks for answering all my questions before mailing me the review. The review was very helpful.

Hi Colin, Very excited to let you know I PASSED the Colorado MPJE! Thanks for the great study guide. I am a terrible test taker and somehow your flashcards and study guide helped me pass on the first try! Thank You! Money well spent!
K O, Raleigh, , NC

I passed my naplex. ProntoPass study material is the best. It has every information was included in my test. I will highly recommended it to all my friends.
M Z, Clearwater, FL

Colin, Got my MJPE South Dakota results today and passed easily with a 93. Your study materials were a key part of my success. The materials were accurate and easy to use. Thanks,
B J, Lincoln, , NE

I am writing you again to tell you that you have the winning formula for passing the MPJE. As you know in 2010 I took New Mexico MPJE and got a 88. Now I have completed Texas and Arizona and I got a 86 and 79 on those states. You have been a great asset to me and I have told all of my pharmacy associates about your program. I will be ordering more reviews from you soon. Thanks,
B D, Albuquerque, , NM

I passed:) Prontopass was extremely helpful for me. I studied sections that were harder for me first then moved to the other sections. I got through all of the cards once but was unable to get through all of them again. I folded the cards for the sections that again were troublesome for me. The math was great too!! I plan on looking over the cards again in the future for review. Thanks,
S K, Knoxville, , TN

I got a 105 on Naplex and an 83 on my MPJE. Many thanks.
D R, Madrid, , IA

I passed with an 81. Glad to have that in the rear view mirror. Stephen
S D, Flemington, NJ, NJ

Took the test, got an 81. Thanks! [MPJE for Indiana]
L K, Windsor Mill, , MD

Passed with an 87! Praise the Lord! Thanks,
A Y, Valdosta, , GA

Hi Colin, I got the Naplex done by end of April,and already an intern in michigan Your materials are good, the math was really helpful I am recommending it to all my friends who wants to do Naplex Thanks
B P, , Canada

Buzz, I got 92% [on Naplex]. thanks
M M, Oviedo, , FL

I took and passed the Naplex. I just mailed back the things on loan. Thanks.
D F, Carolina, , PR

Omg, omg, I passed with an 82 !!!already have a Nevada license !!! Thank you So much!!! I appreciate your kind words and your program!!! Sincerely,
G G, New Fairfield, , CT

84 on oregon mpje thanks
A W, Carlsbad, , CA

Hi, I wanted to let you know that with the help of your cards, I passed the New York mpje exam with 83. Thank you,
M F, Charlotte, , NC

Dear Colin thank you so much for caring!i already took the NAPLEX and passed it successfully-THANKS TO PRONTOPASS-,as it was the only source i used to prepare myself for such a huge test!!and it was very helpful.I called you earlier to thank you and give you a feedback after i got my result!!now i am preparing for MPJE and i am positive that Prontopass is all what i need!! I will keep and use the cards and posters as a REFERENCE!! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE TIME AND THE EFFORT, ALL MY REGARDS,
M S, Lowell, , MA

Colin, FWI: I took and passed the AZ MPJE exam June 1, 2012. Thanks for your help
D H, wisconsin dells, , WI

Hi Colin, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my FL MPJE and will gladly recommend your products to others who ask me about study materials. Thanks, Sarah
S W, Zebulon, , NC

I passed the MN MPJE! Thank you for your help :)
L M, Fargo, ND

Just letting you know I passed my AZ MPJE exam! Thanks.
V T, Plano, TX

FYI ...I took the Massachusetts MPJE 6/30/12 got the results 7/3/2012. Passed with an 82. I still have Rhode Island to take. Thank you for the study material. I have been a pharmacist for 20 years and took the Naplex and Law both on paper. This computer version was a new experience. Thank you again

Hi Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MPJE with an 84. The ProntoPass material was very helpful.
N F, Boston, MA

Hi, Colin Thank you and I got 97 in my naplex. I am so glad that I bought Pronto pass material. Math cards are really wonderful. easy to understand and covered 95% of maths that comes in Naplex. And I also bought your Mpje material and I passed it. Now I got my license. It was an outstanding experience. First, I was scared a little bit by seeing that you are not giving guarantee for the foreign graduates But I am a foreign graduate and I nailed it on my first attempt. Once again Thank you very much for providing such a helpful material.
H A, ellicott city, , MD

Mr. Colin, I passed the FL MPJE with prontopass. Thank you.
Y P, Morrow, , GA

Hello Pronto Pass, I passed the MD MPJE! Thanks. Jennifer
J T, Richmond, VA, VA

Hello, Just letting you know that I passed the NAPLEX on my first try! I started studying the flash cards then posters about 4 weeks prior to taking the exam. My goal was to be ready to call and quiz 2 weeks prior to the exam, however didn't feel ready to quiz at that point so I kept studying instead. The audio lectures on the posters helped a lot! For me it was like sitting in class. It helped me recall things when I could think back to hearing them discussed out loud. I honestly think the audio cd and the posters were the most beneficial for me. The flash cards acted more as a supplementary study item, even though I started studying them first. I did as I was told and saved the math cards for last, and sat at the kitchen table to study them. I felt very confident about my math skills going into the exam, yet unfortunately didn't feel as though I got all that many math questions. I did end up studying around 60 hours for the flash cards and posters, and 40 hours for the math. I know I could've probably done better had I called and quizzed two weeks before taking the exam, but I just didn't feel ready for that yet. Overall, I passed and am very happy about that! Thanks for the help! R D PS By the way, I got a job working at a hospital, just today I went to a code STEMI to assist the pharmacist (as I am still training), and after he got done drawing up Integrilin we were talking about the other GP2b3a Inhibitors. He couldn't remember the third one, so I recalled TEA and AIR, and told him it was Tirofiban : )
R D, Kearney, , NE
Editors Note: The Poster quiz CD is active learning. After you hear the question you stop the CD player and YOU answer out loud just like you are at my kitchen table, then you turn the CD player back on and hear my other students answers and my comments. The active learning makes the difference. Passive learning (listening to a lecture or reading a book) does not "sink in" like the active learning! Thanks Rachel for your comments!

I passed the MPJE with an 88. I really liked y'alls law review material because it distilled everything into one set of pages. I found the law review book very difficult to use because many of the laws or regulations are repeated in different parts of the book... I never knew what I had already studied and what I hadn't. So great work! I really felt better once y'alls material came. Thanks!
R W, San Antonio, , TX

Hi Buzz, Thank you for taking time to quiz me yesterday. It was a great pleasure speaking to you. I am very excited to know that I am ready for the test. I'll try to schedule the test in 2-3 weeks. I am looking forward to getting the last minute study material. Best,
M D, Mason, , OH
Editors Note: Getting quizzed at the end of your studies can be a great boost to confidence....and that is important on the big test day. Everyone is nervous but confidence can help a lot!

Today and yesterday had the "light bulb" moment, the "AH HA", universe has an opened up moment with the Calculations flash cards. Great math practice! THanks!
B W, West Bend, , IA
Editors Note: Don't you just love those great "AH HA" moments in education? It makes our day when we get feedback like this. Thank you.

Today and yesterday had the "light bulb" moment, the "AH HA", universe has opened up moment with the Calculations flash cards. Great math practice! THanks!
B W, West Bend, , IA

Hello, Just a note to let you know I passed the NV MPJE with an 85 & now have my NV license! Thanks so much.
M H, Midvale, , UT

I got a 103 on the NAPLEX, which is pretty good considering I only graduated with a 2.73 GPA from pharmacy school. I tried to follow all of the plans as closely as possible throughout the studying process and everything seemed to go well. I'm extremely glad I purchased the product. What I really liked: Top 200 poster: I would say about 50 of these popped up on my NAPLEX, great idea for a poster! Math cards: I was over-prepared for the math after learning your materials, although I only had about 20 math questions on the NAPLEX, I was not clueless on any of them. I had like 10 Meq related questions, your cards really helped with those. I find milliosmoles and milliequivalents to be difficult and really liked your methods for solving them. It was quick and to the point. Memoronics for the antibiotics packet: these may have been the most helpful when it came to memorizing infectious disease materials. You could easily spend a week just studying infectious disease (in my opinion), and the memoronics for learning gram positive vs negative, MOA of different classes, hepatically dosed antibiotics, etc was very helpful when cramming for such a big topic. That's my overall opinion of how the studying went, I am very happy with how I did on the NAPLEX and how much I was able to remember while taking it. Thanks
D G, Pittsburgh, PA, PA
Editors Note: We ProntoPass our emphasis is on proactive study. Proactive study stays with you on that very important day. It worked for David and it can work for you!

I got a 78 on the NAPLEX - not a stellar score, but a passing one, nonetheless. I studied the material for just over three weeks while working, so it did not come as a surprise to me that I didn't get a great score. I really liked the material you sent, especially the way it is organized and the helpful hints along the way. Thank you,
S A, Gainesville, , FL
Editors Note: This is not the way to study for Naplex. Nevertheless, we congratulate Sophia on her success.

Hi Colin, I just wanted to give you a quick update. I received the ProntoPass cards and studied them for about 4 days. I passed the SC MPJE with a score of 83. Thanks for the help! Sincerely,
S D, Savannah, , GA

I passed my test. I took it on July 2nd and got an 83 [MPJE NH]. I think pronto pass was well worth the price. Would have hated having nothing but the statutes to study. I followed the study advice pretty much to a T. Thanks for the help.
J M, Skowhegan, , ME

I Passed with an 80 [MPJE TX] Thank you so much!
N P, San antonio, , TX

i received 86 on mpje NY. thanks
M C, Harriman, , NY

I passed my MPJE with an 84. Thanks!
J C, Logan, , WV

Kicked butt on my Naplex - 107!! Thanks again for the study materials!
A W, Tiffin, , IA

Thank you! I am very thankful to prontopass solutions for helping me score a 115 on my NAPLEX! You provided all of the information I needed and more. I really enjoyed your program! Thanks again!!
J L, Castlewood, , VA
Editors Note: Julie has been invited to join our Hall of Fame.

Good evening Colin, I wanted to post a review. I passed the DE law MPJE with the assistance of Pronto Pass. It helped tremendously. I passed with 79, a bit less than I should have gotten- I was pretty nervous about passing the exam. thanks for all of the help with Pronto Pass - I would recommend this study aid to others
M B, Philadelphia, , PA

Hi, this is Kyle and I was just writing to let you know that I have successfully passed the Utah MPJE. Thank you very much for your quick service!
K C, West Jordan, , UT

Hi, I passed the boards and thought your study materials were very helpful. I used them as well as the APHA book. Thanks.
K P, Dublin, , OH

Thanks for the help! I passed Kansas with an 85 and Missouri with an 83
T C, Merriam, , KS

Enclosed in the package of returned study material that was on loan, there was an enclosed note: Great study materials! Thanks so much. Kelly
K R, Canfield, , OH

I received a call yesterday from a student who called to thank us. She had just received her Naplex score of 108. Her comments were "The ProntoPass Posters were amazing!"
unknown, unknown, unknown

I received the following note: Dear ProntoPass Thank you very much for helping me pass my Naplex. I ran out of time to study and I was not able to call for any last minute materials - however, I still was able to pass my Naplex with a 110 using only the Quickcards and Posters (again, I ran out of time to study any of the other materials). Thank you again for everything! Also, your Facebook question of the day were also very helpful. Please find the Audio Poster Quiz CD enclosed for return. [sent on loan in the original package]. M.A.
M A, Brookline, , MA

I received a comment card that said: Thank you very much for helping me pass my Naplex. I ran out of time to study and I was not able to call for any last minute materials - however, I still was able to pass my Naplex with a 110 using only the Quickcards and Posters and the Poster Quiz CD. Thanks again for everything.
M A, West Islip, , NY

CF sent a note thanking us and saying she scored 118 on Naplex.
CF, Mechanicsburg, , PA

Dear Colin, Just a note to tell you I passed the Ct MJPE with an 89! The test had many off the wall questions, but it turned out ok! Many thanks,
D M, DeWitt, , NY

Hi Colin, I have passed the NAPLEX and think that the cards and poster helped significantly! Thanks!
K A, DuBois, , PA

Dear Colin, I just learned today my results on the MPJE, and it was good!!!!! I made an 81 and am very happy. I used several sources from which to study, but I believe the pronto pass cards I purchased from you helped a lot. Thank you so much! I am going to order your material to study for the NAPLEX, too. Thanks again,
S C, Cordova, , TN

I passed my NC MPJE!! Yay!! Thank you, pronto pass! Have a happy day!
C H, Davidson, , NC

Colin, Just wanted to inform you guys that I did end up passing the Utah MPJE. Thank you for the help! Not sure of the score, I only know I passed because my license is posted on the Utah DOPL website. At this point though I dont think the score matters too much :) Thanks Again, Anthony
A M, Stony Point, NY

Thank you for your help. On June 7, 2013 I took and passed the Texas MPJE exam(83).Your study material was my only guide. My age and years away from the educational arena may have presented some anxiety, but I certainly appreciated your assistance.
R Y, Granville, , OH

I passed! 85 on MPJE and 78 on NAPLEX. I'm not proud of that NAPLEX score, but I'm happy as hell I don't have to go through that again! I appreciate all the effort you put into Prontopass. I know my score doesn't reflect the potential Prontopass has to offer graduates, but I am grateful for opportunity to have studied your material. Being able to refer to the material will continue to aid me as an entry level pharmacist. Thanks again Buzz! Best wishes to you and your business and I will definitely promote Prontopass to future graduates from my end. P.S. Thanks for the prayer. I too believe in that wonderful communion with God. :~)
J G, Albuquerque, , NM

Thank you for your wonderful product! I passed Washington with an 86.
H S, Snohomish, WA

I passed the NAPLEX. Very much enjoyed the posters.
Editors Note: Malarie purchased the speed package....and then upgraded to the Naplex Combo deal. Job well done. Congratulations

Dear Colin, I don't know the actual score, only that I passed! :) The math material really helped me and I went through most of the cards, it was just so much material. I did find some grammatical errors, but no material is ever perfect, even textbooks. Thanks for everything! And, keep up the good work :) Thanks, Kelly~
K M, Biloxi, , MS

I received the following comment card: I feel the entire system is a great learning tool and wish I had been introduced to it before. It would have been nice to have while taking pharmacotherapy. Love how it condensed information and the memoronics helped. Thanks
M B, Blue Springs, , MO

Hi Corey! I got the poster on anemia that you sent to me. I really appreciated your kindness and the way you care for others. Wish you the best all the times
J I, Los Angeles, , CA

Passed my NAPLEX. Thanks!!!! [On 7-12-12 this student had the ah-ha math moment. See her feedback on 7-12-12]
B W, West Bend, , IA
Editors Note: I love it when things fall into place one step at a time.

Hi, I took my naplex a couple weeks ago after having used your program and scored an 83 my first time. The cards and the posters were a lifesaver, b/c I knew I would have no choice but to work 40+ hours weekly as a grad intern before taking my exam. I was able to bring a different set of cards to work with me each day, as well as a poster or two. The company also gave me the last week off before my exam, during which time I did about 30+ hours of math alone. I definitely achieved my "aha" moment regarding calculations that I hadn't been real comfortable with in pharmacy school. Though my score wasn't as high as others, I passed nonetheless and achieved exactly what I set out to achieve: gain enough knowledge to pass the exam the first time, while still fullfilling my other obligations. Lifestyles and study habits differ between different types of people and everyone needs to find what works for them (this is the hardest part, I think!). In my case, the ProntoPass system was just what the doctor ordered. I will be returning your loaner cd promptly. I am now using ProntoPass to study for law exams in VA and WV. Thank you
C B, Stephens City, , VA
Editors Note: Chris ordered our Naplex study material on 6-12-12. Job well done but I would not suggest a goal of simply passing Naplex. It worked for Chris but it won't always work. I would suggest a goal of studying and DOING REALLY WELL on Naplex. Better to be well prepared rather than to take the chance of coming up a little short!

I loved the Poster cd! It was great to listen to in the car. Also pronto pass overall was a great review tool! Thanks for a wonderful product! I passes the naplex the first time I took it.
A A, Pittsburgh, , PA

First of all I will say that ....I passed the NAPLEX (93 if you need to know score for your data)! I am very glad I purchased the Prontopass. I may have not utilized the quizzing and last minute study material (mostly because I was just ready to get the test over with) but, I would use the Prontopass over again in a heart beat. I own three NAPLEX study books. I looked at these books but did not use them to study. I found that while reading them I would zone out staring at the tiny black print on those stark white pages. I would read the words but I wasn't really soaking the material in or learning much and it took way to long to read over multiple times. I absolutely loved the colorful visual and audio material included in the Prontopass. The material was interactive and made studying a lot easier. The posters were awesome because they let you see the whole picture. Because I am a visual learner, I would often condense all my study material for a subject on one page, kind of like an algorithm, in order to get a better understanding. I feel like Prontopass aced this on their posters! The quick cards were genius because the included visuals, explanations, and the capability of folding to self test. The CD of audio quizzes and the pronunciation CD were also fantastic. They helped solidify what you studied and just like I heard many times.."If you cant say it you don't own it." The only thing that I struggled with a little bit was the memoronics. A lot of them were fantastic however, there were a select few that just weren't tied enough to the drugs and/or material that they were associated with, which made it hard for me to recall them. I really have nothing bad to say about your product and will recommend it to many! If you need any other information let me know! Thank You!
K S, Falls Creek, PA, PA

Hello, Just letting you know that I passed the Alabama MPJE with a score of 94. Thanks!
M J, Gainesville, , FL

Hello, Actually, my name is Ryan XXXXX, Trent is the one who paid for the Pronto Pass, but I thought I called to change that. Anyway...I passed the NAPLEX and thought Pronto Pass was a great study tool. I would definitely recommend it to future students. Thanks, Ryan
R B, Coconut Creek, , FL

Hi~ I got a 108 on the NAPLEX. I also used ProntoPass for my MPJE and (barely passed) got a 78. However, I didn't study the suggested 2 weeks for the MPJE, and only studied for one week. I will mail the feedback card to you soon. Thanks!
B W, West Bend, , IA

Just wanted to let u know i passed my mpje with an 84 ...your study material was verrrry helpful and i will recomend it to all i know thanks !
J S, Franklin, , PA

Hello Buzz, I got my Pharmacist license today with NAPLEX and MPJE scores. I got 111 on NAPLEX (86 on MPJE). Even though I am expecting a higher score, but it is a passing score! I just studied for less than two month with ProntoPass before the test. Considering the time spent on the test-prep, I am happy with the score. It is such a fun journey to study all those cards and posters. I will probably remember some of the memoronics for the rest of my life. I still like your cards and posters and will keep them as souvenirs. You are a true artist! I also had so much fun listening to the quiz audioes. Thank you for being so supportive! What I have learned from your ProntoPass is way beyond NAPLEX prep, you prepare your students to be a pharmacist. Thank you again and I wish you continued success !!! Regards,
M D, Mason, , OH

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Alabama MPJE!
K E, Poland, , OH

Passed MD MPJE - score of 83. Thank you!!
M J, Baltimore, , MD

Hi, I got 122 in my Naplex. The quiz CD and the posters really helped me a lot. The Maths cards are very good too. I studied for a total of 2 months, while the first 2 weeks I used the APhA review book and after I ordered the prontopass, I solely focus on the study materials in the package. Glad that I can pass it in the first trial. Thanks for the great study materials.
D W, Warren, , MI
Editors Note: Doreen has been invited to join our Hall of Fame!

Hi coming out of the exam I thought I bum it, I had exactly 45 second left when i finished. However thank Go-d I got a passed score I do not know what is good score so I do not comment on that. The last minute study materials are huge plus, summary flash card are awesome, and final quizzes acted liked a stimulation at least for me which were getting very unmotivated. your math is 99.5% all one person need so thank you for all of it. Again, getting and learning from your study materials made me learn what I need to know from a new dimension which is more meaningful and I think will remain with me during my practices. I think that was more than any thank you. Best regards. Rxxxx
R E, Los Angeles, , CA

Hello, Just thought a would send a quick message of my success story with Pronto Pass. I purchased the Combo Package, because I was overwhelmed as a new grad, trying to know where to even begin. You guaranteeing that I would do well made me very confident in using soley your materail. I got through *most* of the flash cards and all of the posters. They are absolutely fantastic!!! I will definitely recommend these materials to anyone looking for focused material. Most of all, I loved the Math Cards. I felt like I put a ton of faith in you, using ONLY your math review. However, it was fantastic. I was totally prepared on the exam for all of the math questions. Although I didn't completely follow your recommendations, not getting through all the flash cards, and not giving myself enough time for the last minute quizzing, the investment was well-worth it. I was comfortable and felt ready for the exam. I recieved a score of 98. Thanks!!
K S, Belle Vernon, , PA

The material was great. I really liked that the information was reiterated on the poster and the cards anytime the drug or disease state was relevant. The calculations portion was amazing. I felt comfortable with every calculation problem that I had on the naplex which was about 30% of the exam. Thanks,
M P, Wilmington, , NC

Dear Colin E. Bayliss Thank you Thank you Thank you very much for your reply & advice....... Sincerely,
A S, Belleville, , MI

Colin, I just wanted to let you know that I got an 89 on my IL MPJE. I thought your program was very helpful. Thanks a bunch!
I R, Jonesboro, , IL

Hi, I wanted to deliver the good news that I passed the MPJE (AZ) and became a RPh!! Thank you ProntoPass!!
K J, Scottsdale, , AZ

Don't know how....when I left exam I thought I did not pass. I had done a few days of studying (struggling) with the state law book itself when I decided to try pronto pass. I ordered pronto pass and immediately scheduled the exam for exactly two weeks later. I graduated pharmacy school in 1991 and let my license for this state go ( I was licensed in 4 states at that time and renewing was just too expensive). My husband has taken a more lucrative and stable position back here in this state and I had to reinstate and re-challenge the MPJE. Well it re-challenged me, but thanks to prontopass I passed with a 90!
M D, Ellicott City, , MD

I received a comment card: I took your course ProntoPass. I went out of the country for six months because of a family emergency. I just came back and I am returning your CD. I apologize for the delay. Your CD helped me a lot. It increased my knowledge a lot. It is a very good product and I will recommend ithis wonderful product to all my friends. Thanks
A G, Knoxville, , TN

I passed the Naplex first try back in June but have been super busy with wedding plans and other things and just haven't been able to leave any feedback. I apologize for the late return as well. Prontopass is a great product and did a great job preparing me. I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks again, Isaac
I B, Eureka, , KS

Dear Colin: Thank you for your email. My experience with Prontopass was great. Although i had a limited time to study each day, i was able to pass Naplex on my first time around. The prontopass posters, summary card, drug card, and math portion prepared me well for the exam. Thanks again for your guidance and follow ups. Sincerely,
F S, New York, , NY

Hi Colin, I passed [MPJE- IL] --88. Thanks for the help!
S D, Chicago, , IL

I did not have a lot of time to study [for Naplex] but had no problem passing thanks to your cards and audio CD. Thanks.
B H, Wilmington, NC, NC
Editors Note: Congratulations. There is seldom a problem when you study hard for 3 months!

I passed with a 98!!!! [MPJE MO]
V J, Waynesville, , MO
Dear Colin Bayliss, It took me roughly an hour [MPJE-OK] to complete and I scored an 80. I had already taken the NAPLEX; so , in a week or so – I will be a Registered Pharmacist. The study material was very helpful in obtaining that score. Thanks again. Sincerely,
E C, El Reno, , OK

Passed Naplex on my first try. Excellent study material. Will recommend product to others! Thank you
J L, Columbia, , SC






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